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It was January 2013, when all reputated Arabic TV stations with worldwide coverage, Al Jazeera, ARC News and Al Arabiya, received a tip-off from an unknown informant, revealing the shocking news, that something most serious is happening in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, and this affair could affect the local politics massively, with possible consequences for the whole Middle East, jeopardizing stability and sustainable development of the region.

The identity of the informant was never discovered, as it could be literally anybody: but without any doubt, this entity must have certain connection with Marketa Korinkova, a Czech top female fashion model, who moved to Dubai, converted to Islam there, at the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, accepted an Islamic first name Maryam, and became a woman leader, who inspired thousands, including VIPs, to follow Islam.

Her personal influence could reach even the ruling family Al Maktoum of Dubai, and this was exactly what the joint operation, orchestrated by the omnipresent, mighty and wealthy Israelis, together with the Czech Military, who delivered Marketa’s comprehensive personal file, including deep psychological assessment, planned to achieve.

But later, things got complicated apparently: as Marketa Korinkova accepted Islam, she had a new master suddenly, she submitted and self-surrendered to Allah, so it could affect the whole plan – or was this change a part of it, even a necessary part?

The Israelis, a front business organization of the feared Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, they briefed Marketa about this desirable development yet before her arrival into the Emirates, and they knew many ruthless ways, how to keep their operatives on a short chain, as they demonstrated by cutting off her vital supply of money, critically important tabloid media support and fashion modeling jobs suddenly, leaving her in a very vulnerable position, 6.000 kilometers from home, to persuade her, that without them, she is nobody, lost and weak in the VIP world.

But listening to the advice of Almighty Allah, an ultimate guide and patron, known as remover of obstacles, Marketa Korinkova found a perfect way, how to liberate herself from the Israeli oppression, and how to do a lot of good things for the others: she applied for the employment at the most famous night club of the world, Armani Prive Lounge, located at 144th floor of Burj Khalifa skycraper, the tallest building of the world, and operated by the reputated Italian fashion brand of the same name.

This step meant vast breakthrough not only for her professional future, but it also brought her wide opportunities, how to build her personal brand, and how to get a leading position in the VIP society of Dubai, using wide Armani support, as the brand needed to improve the public perception of their club, suspected from providing sexual services, using cheap fashion models from the Eastern Europe, particularly Russia, willing to do just anything, to escape from their depressive homeland.

But Marketa Korinkova started providing completely differerent services there, with her immense beauty covered in hijab, and impressing the world news: it was the Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, introducing the most powerful VIPs of the world to the vast and endless advantages of Islam, and inviting them to follow Allah, losing fear and doubts, gaining peace, freedom and real purpose of life.

When Giorgio Armani considered employing Marketa as their top VIP hostess, they realized, that the young fashion model with the very social special position can bring them wide advantages, regarding building their own brand and Public Relations not only at Dubai, but worldwide, so they took care of the desirable publicity, using the attractive controversy of Islam, combined with night club environment and Marketa’s female beauty, and the inevitable result was, that many extremely powerful entities noticed Marketa, so her rise on the VIP ranks of Dubai was very quick, using her previous international success, winning the reputated Miss Motors International 2012 beauty contest, as a suitable background.

Sooner or later, the news simply had to reach even the ruler of Dubai, and UAE’s Vice Minister and Vice President: His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who met Marketa previously, when she attended, as a special Czech delegate, the international conference “Safer Driving”, taking place in Dubai, in October 2012.

They even talked in private, and the Sheikh was impressed by the bright and beautiful young woman, who had certain psychological features, revealed ruthlessly by her covert Czech supervisors: a highly classified paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, called Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, who delivered Marketa’s deep psychological assessment to the Israelis, indicating, that she is the right person, who could influence the Sheikh, because she desperately searches for a paternal figure in life, willing to become his adoptive “daughter”, or even wife, for gaining mutual advantages, finding security in the world, under his manly embrace.

And this is exactly, what her benefactors intended: to use Marketa Korinkova as an offensive human asset, able to widen their factual influence at the Middle East, simply by infiltrating the Al Maktoum family, and very thorougly, very deeply, gaining influence directly at the middle, using female secret weapons, as empathy, sensitivity, sexuality, and soft touch.

Without any doubt, Marketa’s quick rise in the VIP social ranks of Dubai was more than beneficial for this original plan, and the Sheikh couldn’t ignore Marketa for too long, as he was attracted to her, from many reasons, but the Emirates Counterintelligence advised him to stay away from her, as Marketa’s connection with Israeli was discovered by means of heavy surveillance of her electronic communication, when she became a person of interest.

But the matter of inevitable affection between the Sheikh and Marketa was not their private matter, on the contrary: and now, the hidden planners of undetermined identity started a big game with the most influential worldwide media, where both the ruler of Dubai and the young fashion model could be only secondary actors, and the consequences for the world politics could be immense.

The way the used, was to dose the tempting information for the journalists in parts: firstly, they needed to attract the media attention to Marketa, and they used really ingenious procedure, informing both Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya about her and her current special Islamic activities, plus adding a disturbing note, that the other main journalistic competitor plans to make a big interview with Marketa Korinkova, so it’s in their best interest, to rush and to have the interview first, as this woman is a critical personality for the future of the Persian Gulf, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Although both TV stations remained quite cold to the affair at first, considering Marketa Korinkova as only a small fly with marginal importance, a surprising event “motivated” them to reconsider their perception of Marketa, and her potential influence on the future of the Emirates, when it was rumored by the “Emirates 24/7” news server, that the Sheikh considers promoting Marketa to his personal advisor in Foreign Islamic Affairs.

“This young shining woman is returning people back to Islam,” the Sheikh stated after questioned about the issue, during the public presentation of the new Mercedes S-Class luxurious vehicle. “To the only place, where they can find peace, freedom, morality and destiny. She came into the Emirates with a mission, and we should consider as our duty, with the permission of Allah, to support her on her demanding journey, bringing chance for many men and women to liberate themselves, to find themselves, to create themselves, and then to improve the society, as it’s the sacred duty of any Muslim. Yes, she is a gift of Allah, indeed, and we are grateful to have her here.

The Emirates are opened to thousands of people from all over the world, but it seems, that we forgot to cultivate Islam a little bit, we succumbed too much to materialistic seductions, although Islam is what keeps our society together, in our poor past, in the glamorous present, and in the future, when the millions of lights of Dubai will maybe fade one day.

Now, when she came here, we can see the difference, and it’s a shame for us citizens of the Emirates, born here, that a foreigner, a convert and a woman has to remind us, who we are, and that everything we have is a gift of Allah, no one else, and no success happens without His knowledge and permission.

The official decision about Marketa Korinkova’s potential employment has to be yet made, however… she will be offered an important position, concerning Islamic affairs of expats, as Islam is more than all the skycrapers, golden bricks and money. The people are coming here for opportunities: and to deny them the ultimate opportunity to find Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, would be our biggest mistake.”

al-jazeera-television-tv-doha-qatar-arabic-middle-east-islam-news-reporter-presenter-journalist-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn this moment, the news headquarters of Al Jazeera at Doha, Qatar, really caught interest, planning to send one of their best assets, Deborah Davies, a reputated investigative journalist, to find out, what is happening at Dubai, as allowing a foreign advisor in the Sheikh’s staff was something very unusual. Plus, if it’s a woman, and so beautiful woman? What will the Sheikh’s wives, Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum (*1962), and Princess Haya bint Hussein (*1974), think about such step?

Could Marketa Korinkova, a common girl from a small country somewhere in Europe, become a serious competition for them?

Such theory sounded completely unbelievable, but still, the affair had to be investigated: just in case.

Deborah Davies was a highly experienced journalist, following the basic rule of police investigators: never reveal to a subject of interest, what you actually know or think about them. She started with deep research on Marketa immediately, determined to uncover the truth.

However, the matter had to be discussed not only in the circle of the highest management of Al Jazeera, but also in the ruling family of Qatar, House of Thani, funding and covertly owning the TV station, and the Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had to make the final decision.

His advisors, mostly with deep Counterintelligence background, warned the Sheikh of Qatar, that so quick rise of power and influence in Marketa’s case is not natural, it’s even suspicious, that somebody has to back her covertly, opening the doors for her, supplying her with precise instructions, and the interest and origin of this clandestine benefactor(s) is unknown, so the reputated Al Jazeera could become a part of a foul media game, creating a star from her, with consequences unknown: for them, for the Emirates, even for the whole Middle East later, and correct foreseeing is the basic way, how to preserve the state, to avoid crises successfully.

Of course, that the easiest solution would be simply to ask their Emirates Counterintelligence colleagues in advance, what kind of information they have on Marketa, and then to make a qualified decision: but in such case, Qatar could be in a vulnerable position, indicating certain interest in the young woman, and thus strengthening her position yet more, maybe even inspiring Dubai to use her for their interests, and concurrently, Qatar would be too dependent on an external source of information, which could be unreliable, even false, deliberately altered, for the interest of the opposite side, be it Emirates, their security forces, Marketa’s benefactor(s), or yet someone else: for example, the state of Israel, sticking Mossad fingers everywhere, not shy to commit sassy murders, as infamous assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in 2010, which happened in a hotel in Dubai, executed by at least 26 suspected Israeli operatives with fraudulently obtained European and Australian passports, clearly confirmed.

Anyway, imagine, that several months ago, Marketa Korinkova was almost nobody: and now, the highest circles of the Emirates and Qatar were discussing her. But the real splinters would start to fly, when Saudi Arabia will step in, and they will come, when they will find, how precious assets she could become, if persuaded to promote their more orthodox and conservative version of Sunni Islam, called wahhabism, widening their influence in the world Islamic community yet more, and directly, using an example, a real human being.

Saudis needed such ultimate human asset ultimately, to launch their “Superior Woman” campaign worldwide. But Alexandra Pianka, considered for the role seriously, was not able to sustain the inevitable media pressure, unlike Marketa Korinkova, who was perfectly prepared for such a demanding mission, studying Marketing Communication and Public Relations at famous Charles University, having deep media and PR experience, very experienced with correct dealing with the mass media.

The truth was, that deeply inside her, Marketa was completely obsessed to be seen, to be heard, to be a leader, who is followed, appreciated and admired, to find that kind of love she always desired about. And this is exactly what the experienced analysts of the Czech Military knew about her, never doubting about her perfect suitability for the task at the distant Middle East.

Without any doubt, many eyes from all over the world will watch the fateful interview.

“The Western media are full of Muslims and Islam today,” the reporter, Deborah Davies, started her introduction. “Does anyone remember yet, that the international coalition, led by the United States, once tried to disrupt the inevitable rise of Islam, by launching military interventions and causing wars and instability in many regions, with questionable effort to export democracy and Western ‘freedom’?

But the result was the contrary than they expected: the Ummah, the Muslim community, is today stronger than ever, and no drone airstrikes, targeted killings, ‘collateral damage’, understand, killing of innocent civilians, and ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, understand, torture of detainees of Guantanamo, held there for years without any court, can change that.

Number of Muslims in the world is expected to be around 2 billion people, and every day, more and more people are discovering Islam, men and women are willing to follow the guidance of Allah, including Europe. Most of them are unknown, hidden in their homes and mosques, reading Quran every day and obeying the will of Allah, but there are exemptions of people, who were chosen to lead others, to become an example for masses.

Marketa Korinkova, a successful Czech fashion model, is one of them. Her conversion to Islam surprised many, and today, she is making a good career at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, rising in the social ranks there, bringing people back to Islam, appreciated even by the ruling Al Maktoum family, who offered her an official function of advisor in Islamic Affairs, as people perceived Marketa as a modern female Muslim, who takes Islam into the public space, into the social sphere, into the media, raising questions of so called ‘Islamization’ of Europe.

Today, I will have a good opportunity to ask Marketa Korinkova about her opinions and stances towards many different issues, and I understand, that this interview can be a key event for the politics and politicians of Europe, who either welcome the Islamic refugees, or deny them, but without any doubt, those thousands of people, coming into the Europe every day, are bringing the utmost change there, replacing original Christian European tradition with rising influence of Islam.

New mosques are built everywhere, but these buildings are rather symbols, whereas people as Marketa Korinkova are representatives of such change. Today, you will have an unique opportunity to listen to her, to see her, and to make your own opinion. Marketa, welcome!”

“Thanks for the introduction, Deborah,” Marketa greeted the audience with wide smile, sitting modestly on a very expensive, luxurious sofa, with her long, slim, but well defined legs under her body. “It’s great to be here.”

“Yes, here, on the 102nd floor of famous Burj Khalifa skycraper, where you live and work some forty floors above, where you execute the Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, working in the most reputated night club of the world. Quite an unexpected combination, isn’t it?” the reporter put her first question.

“Every man and woman has his or her place in the world, and purpose, set by Allah,” Marketa replied without hesitation. “When I was asked, to become a part of the team here, I knew, that with the permission of Allah, I can do many good things here, because you know, just by doing good deeds, everybody of us worships Allah, regardless if you are a believer or non-believer, because we all are created by Allah.

In my fashion modeling career, I was meeting with many key people of the society, and I noticed deep stress and insecurity inside them. So, my mission here is quite simple: I just offer them a way out of the bad feelings and doubts, towards their destiny, where they can find everything they ever wanted and needed in life, as the compassion, mercy and generosity of Allah is endless.”

“So, you are actively converting people to Islam?” the reporter was interested.

“I just offer them the way, with the knowledge and permission of Allah. I invite them, but the most imporant thing is, that they can see and hear, that Islam is the only perfected religion, making any person, man or woman, fully complete. You can be anybody, lowly or highly positioned in the society, but with Islam, you become a firm part of the community, you are somebody, as you always wanted, and needed, to respect yourself.

In a mosque, during prayer, you can stand beside a poor person, or a rich person: but you are both brothers or sisters in Islam, and this is also the way, how to remove the inequality of the world, because Islam learns its followers, to take care of those, who are less fortunate, not only sharing the wealth with them, through ‘Zakat’, giving charity, one of the basic pillars of Islam, but also doing good deeds for the community.

So, my primary mission here is not to convert the rich and wealthy VIPs to Islam, but to improve the world through Islam. That is all I am doing here, that is all my politics here: this is what I believe is right, and it was Allah, who guided me here, I mean, into the Emirates, and into this building.”

“You describe Islam as something perfect and marvellous in all senses,” the reporter said with admiration. “But you know, that there are certain controversies, connected to Islam: for example, terrorism and so called Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, now spreading through half of the world, from Libya into Indonesia, threatening the stability and safety in many regions. What is your opinion about these issues? And do you perceive as a part of your mission, to participate on improving the public perception of Islam?”

“When I was still a non-believer, I remember, that I read a nice quote once,” Marketa started her answer unexpectedly. “That you create the world with your own thoughts, so you are advised to think positively, removing all negativity from your mind, as it’s you, who is making the choice, how your world will look like.

And what you are saying right now, sister, it’s a pure negativity, and I am not willing to accept it: the purpose of my creation of Allah was to become a light, not forced to admit with sadness, that there can be even a dark.

It’s Allah who gives us all a choice, an opportunity for liberation from oppression: but many chains are invisible, hidden in our negative thoughts. It’s not the world who is confining and restricting us: we do it ourselves, just by thinking the wrong, negative way.

So, my answer is: I don’t know, what you are talking about. I never heard about the phenomena you are describing, it’s some decadent Western concept anyway, created to damage the purity of Islam, and I am not willing to learn about it, to accept it into my mindset. With Allah, life is perfect… why should I allow you, or anyone else, to disrupt this paradise?

Say, what you want, tell me a million of negative thoughts and disasters and tragedies and warnings and predictions, which are occupying your mind and slowly destroying you, like poison, but I am still following Allah, with all my heart, submitted to Him and Him only, as there is no one like Him, I am walking on the Straight Path without any doubt, even if fireballs would start flying tomorrow, if my own family would despise me, or if a million of worldly courts would like to judge me, or if an explosive would detonate right under my feet.

It’s only Allah, who determines our fate, who can judge us, no one else. No human being can, and this is how you should perceive the world, to be free.”

“So, you consider the West as decadent, as harmful for the world and Islam?” the female reporter tried to provoke Marketa to a harsh reaction.

“You see, before I returned back to Allah, who created me, I lived in a world of endless, mindless Western consuming, and I am willing to admit, that I was not only a victim, I was an active part of it, when I represented various brands as a fashion model, and a social leader, leading the Western sheep like you into the stores, to spend, to buy, to consume the life, the world, the environment, so the multinational corporations could have larger profit.

Fortunately, Allah is ever accepting of Repentance, and I fully realize the sins I had commited. Today, I still buy and wear the luxurious stuff, but I perceive as my duty, to balance the things, to tell people, that they have to know, that their ‘shopping’ has consequences, so they should choose well, which companies they are supporting by the consumption and demand. People have choice to choose their brand: and they should ask the brands, what do they do to make our environment sustainable, for example?

Anyway, for me, the West is the past. Whoever still believes in it, is a fool, just losing time: it’s the time to turn East, and to shun false gods, all those Western ‘celebrities’, like I was one day, playing silly game of my ego.”

“But Giorgio Armani, the owner and the operator of the club, where you work, is also a multionational corporation. Is Armani really so pure? Approved by Islam?” Deborah Davies wanted to know.

“I have respect for Armani,” Marketa confessed. “They live in the present, in the reality, realizing correctly, what is right and what is wrong. And they respect me, providing perfect conditions here for all people of the team: and respect is the basis for good business relationship.”

“OK, let’s move to some personal question: what about your love life, if Islam forbids any extramarital sexual contacts, even not recommending to meet and interact with the opposite gender, except the cases of necessity? Isn’t this rather limiting, when you were used to Western sexual freedom?”

“Allah knows the best, what is right for any man, or woman,” Marketa explained with persuasion. “If He says: ‘This is not permissible’, then you know, that He doesn’t create these rules to limit you, to take something from you, but to protect you, to enhance you, to guide you on the Straight Path.

It’s just about your perception: and as a Muslim, you always have a love life, because you love Allah the most of all, and He loves you. So why should you complain? And how could any mortal replace everything that Allah can give you, as He is the Source of All Kindness and Goodness?

As a Muslim, you simply take the relationships more seriously, meeting only with people you can imagine as your future husband, or wife. And sooner or later, you will start to like this way of life, you will appreciate again, how Allah treates you well in all senses, protecting you from bad men and their bad intentions with you.

Yes, some female Muslims complain, they ask for the Western liberty, they want to sleep with men, like their Western counterparts… but what good would this bring to them? It would only take them farther from Allah. I feel pity for such lost women, and I try to help them, to realize, what is really important in life: not embracing a man during a romantic sunset, not spending hot nights together, but loving Allah the most, as only Him will be there long after all the men will disappear.”

“And hijab is a part of such protection, or a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?” the reported asked curiously.

“Hijab is the best thing any woman can possess, much more precious than all the expensive handbags and luxurious robes,” Marketa said with passion. “Hijab makes us all equal in front of Allah, and it teaches us modesty, not using our beauty as a weapon to promote our selfish interests and animal instincts in life. Hijab reminds us, where we belong, and whom we follow: men are only secondary, but Allah is always the leader, protecting friend, patron and helper.

It’s the hijab that purifies any woman from her excessive sexuality and ego: the veil makes us better people, and better servants of Allah. And again, Allah knows the best, what is beneficial for you: if He advises us to veil our beauty, then He has good reasons, and you will find through time, that hijab is not a symbol of any oppression, on the contrary, the symbol of pure feminity, and obedience towards Allah.

We, female Muslims, have chosen this way of life: this is our style. But Allah knows, that every woman wants to be beautiful, and Islamic fashion provies endless opportunities, how to emphasize your beauty, while remaining modest. I really love the Islamic fashion, not willing to wear the revealing Western dresses again: it’s not the nakedness which can attract a right man to you, believe me.”

“What more I can say,” the reporter concluded the interview, feeling sweat on her back, but absolutely sure, that this interview will be something. “This is Marketa Korinkova, a proud carrier of the Islamic message. Thank you, Marketa!”

“It was my pleasure,” Marketa smiled widely again, having a deep look at the camera, like if she would really send a message to the millions of watchers: Follow Islam, or suffer!

Is this, what you really want from life?

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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