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During some evenings of January 2013, Marketa Korinkova, a top Czech female fashion model, who moved to Dubai and converted to Islam at famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, accepting the new first Islamic name Maryam, liked to stay at her new home, located at 102nd floor of famous Burj Khalifa skycraper, the tallest building of the world.

It was her respectful employer, Giorgio Armani, a highly reputated Italian luxury fashion brand, who arranged this glamorous, vast residence for her, which included large terrace with breath-taking view of Dubai and surroundings, and even a swimming pool, so Marketa liked to swim every morning and evening, relaxing her body and mind after all the demanding daily activities.

But she was a devoted Muslim, so the largest relief from anything worldly was a prayer to her new master, Almighty Allah, whom she fully trusted, she self-surrendered to Him only, to find peace, freedom, happiness and purpose in life.

To please Him, she started veiling her immense beauty into the cover of hijab, the Islamic scarf, sending the message to all men, that she is under wise guidance and ultimate protection of Allah, and she has to be respected and pampered by all of them, including the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was really impressed by her, and her new job: a VIP hostess in the most luxurious night club of the world, Armani Prive Lounge, located at 144th floor of the Burj Khalifa skycraper. But instead of expected sexual services, she executed the Da’wah there, the Islamic missionary activity, introducing the VIPs to the world to Islam, explaining all vast advantages to them, inviting them to the religion, for their own interest, as almost all of them were stressed, under heavy pressure.

Marketa Korinkova’s personality had two faces: first, the public one, full of artificial shining smiles of her perfect white teeth, being a highly sociable, pleasant and entertaining companion, as it was a key part of her fashion modeling job. But the private part was so different, and well hidden: through her previous life, she lived rather alone, never understood by men, always being deserted by them, when they discovered her critical psychological weaknesses: so she decided, in order to maintain her integrity and peace, to behave like a ruthless fashion model, obsessed with her professional career, despising the weak men and all the people who meant nothing for her, or the society, and to isolate her emotional side from the world, not to be hurt again.

But since she accepted Islam, she was never alone, loving Allah from all of her heart, so He was the one, who finally healed her solitude. Since that fateful moment of her conversion, she became more relaxed, and more indifferent to the mistakes of people around her, as they mean nothing, if you have Allah: they are not entitled to judge you, only He can.

You don’t have to fear them: fear only Him, so walk on the Straight Path, and do what is good or permissible, to please Him, and to deserve His endless Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and Generosity, as He is the only one, ever accepting repentance from your sins.

Still, these evenings, even spent in solitude, were so pleasant. Millions of lights of glamorous Dubai started to shine, behind them, only the dark desert and the sea, full of large freighters, merchant ships and luxurious yachts, because this was Dubai, the most glamorous place in the whole world, where conservative Islam met with immense consuming and materialism, creating the most bizarre world, where golden bricks were sold in street machines, like soda in the rest of the world, and if you desired to ski under the local extremely hot temperature of 45 degrees of Celsius, you could simply break your shopping, and use the indoor ski slope with artificial snow, equipped with a mountain funicular, of course.

Was this kind of life sustainable? All that extreme energy consumption from millions of air condition devices and such useless attractions?

The Sheikh Mohammed knew, that to secure a sustainable future for the country, originally simply a desert, where poor bedouins rode on camels, and having too low deposits of oil, the only way was to create an attraction: so the United Arab Emirates became a destination, impersonating success, wealth, and glamour, attracting people from all over the world, who were coming to find their fortune there, including tourists, using the Emirates airlines, with prices of flight tickets deliberately lowered, to create an assumption, that UAE is an affordable destination, which is worth to give a try, as “anyone has to see the miracle of Dubai at least once in life”.

And who came there, he or she was impressed, and many his or her bad personal features were awoken, like greed, desire for money, desire to be somebody, to have respect, admiration and love.

Marketa Korinkova was not different, so she and Dubai, it was a love at first sight. But originally, she came here not from her free will: it was a joint infiltration operation of the Israeli Intelligence agency for the executive action abroad, the Mossad, and the Czech Army, particularly their elite paramilitary unit, specialized in so called PSYWAR, or Psychological Warfare, with intent to smuggle their fully controlled human asset into the Sheikh’s closest vicinity, in order to influence the politics of the Middle East from below, to force the Sheikh to fall in love with Marketa Korinkova and to adopt her as his new daughter, or even wife, as she was searching for a paternal figure desperately: hence the code name of the operation, SKINNY PUPPY.

Without Marketa’s knowledge, her detailed personal file, including deep psychological assessment, circulated on many tables both in Prague, and Tel Aviv, the capital of mighty and wealthy Israel, standing as a lone soldier against the whole Arabic world, willing to destroy the Jewish state. But with the utmost irony, as a part of the operation, she had to convert to Islam, so she could gain trust in the Arabia, and more doors will be opened for her, including the Islamic ones: and to raise the interest of the ruler himself, to raise emotions inside him, towards the young, shining, but vulnerable girl, and this feature was some kind of ingenious, treacherous bait for the Sheikh Mohammed.

Now, when she really converted, and gained wide media interest through the whole Persian Gulf, including famous TV station Al-Jazeera, who made an interview with her, it could seem, that she was liberated from all oppression: but Israelis were one of the most experienced and capable Intelligence operatives of the world, after Chinese, extremely bold and ruthless, and they knew, how to influence things, either covertly, pulling levers from behind softly, or using a direct action, brutal assault force, including targeted assassinations (=murders) and kidnappings, executed in foreign countries, without any regard of national borders, or valid international law, but no one would punish these culprits: the israelis were simply too important for the stability of the world, to keep the Arabs and Muslims on a short chain.

But why should the Mossad masterminds intervene here, if everything went exactly according to the original plan? Every day, the young woman was getting close to the Sheikh, and she was even offered an official position of Sheikh’s advisor for Foreign Islamic Affairs, to promote Islam between the expats of Dubai, as the UAE was an Islamic country, and the Sheikh liked, that Marketa cultivates the religion here, attracting interest from all over the VIP world.

Anyway, the young fashion model was an experienced player in the show business, so she deliberately ignored the offer, to seem more valuable and precious, unavailable, having too many offers, including the most famous multinational corporations, and it was true, as Giorgio Armani made her one of their media faces: indeed, a tremendous success for a 24-years old woman, coming from a small country in Europe, the Czech Republic.

Of course, that such step, considering Marketa’s conversion to Islam, was perceived as controversy by the Western media, and Giorgio Armani corporation was recently under heavy journalistic fire, particularly from the tabloid media, as there were many public concerns of so called Islamization of Europe, and Marketa Korinkova, called “The Islamic Princess” and “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, could become a very serious asset in this effort, growing particularly in Austria, where high-profile converts to Islam could change everything, towards the interest of Ummah, th Muslim community.

Whereas Marketa was swimming, and her slim, well built body with long legs, flat stomach and surgically improved breasts enjoyed the chilling blue water, a large TV set, occupying a nearby wall, could be heard. The girl noticed the person on the screen, and she became attentive, listening to the interview for a while: but then, she returned to her sports activity, not willing to let her concentration disrupted.

“… I always denied to combine business and politics,” the depicted person, Giorgio Armani himself, declared in an interview for the nationwide Italian TV station. “Let me remind you, that we are not a local boys club, we are a multinational corporation, having business interests all over the world, including China, including Middle East. And every pupil understands, that to be successful at any of these demanding markets, to prevail, we have to trim the strategy to this particular place, culture, religion.

Don’t forget, that this is no personal game of mine. Me, and the management, we have responsibility for at least ten thousands or our employees around the world, so we have to do just everything possible to succeed in the extremely fierce competition. I challenge any of the critics: instead of cheap talk, try to assert your company in the fashion industry, and you will see!

Anyway, I feel no need to defend my actions, and it was indeed me, who had the last word, when the employment of Marketa Korinkova was considered. And I gave the green light to the proposal, as she impersonates the present, when Islam becomes more and more important everywhere. And fashion always reacted to the most recent events, as you know: but we only react, we don’t create events, or revolutions, it’s your politicians who are ordering airstrikes against civilians, who play with the fate of the world.

Do you remember, fools, when you celebrated the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011? He always warned you, that he is the only wall against mass immigration from Africa, that only him can guarantee stability in the region, critical for Europe. But then, your elected politicians, in their Messiah fever, said: ‘Let’s give democracy and freedom to the poor, oppressed people of Libya’, in fact well developed country with many unique advantages for the citizens!

So you ordered airstrikes, you removed the Colonel from the rule against international law, and then you arranged his murder. And now, you are scared, as Libya is deeply destabilized, Islamic State terrorists are operating there, and only the Mediterranean sea divides Europe and Africa, where 100 millions of people are willing to start moving north, having nothing to lose, because of climate change and tempting wealth of Europe.

Why should they suffer and starve in some refugee camps for years, if there is so much prosperity in Europe? Why shouldn’t they use the generous European asylum rights you have approved? Why do you wonder, that these people are coming, to taste the tempting sweet cake, and scent of white women?

How is it possible, that you are wondering now, fools? You cry like babies: ‘Who will help us now? Where is America, where is that bold G.W. Bush, who declared an endless war against the whole world?’ Just have a look at the history, and you will have your answer!

So, to reply to your question, Alena: we are just reflecting the events. If Islamic world is rich, yes, we want to sell our merchandise there, as we are a luxury brand, and we have to go forward to these customers. Why did we employ Marketa Korinkova? Because she is simply beneficial for our brand, and to build a successful brand, you need to make moves,” the famous fashion designer concluded with decisiveness.

“Thank you for the extensive answer, Giorgio,” the beautiful female presenter, originally a Czech fashion model Alena Seredova, who made surprising success in the Italian TV world, took the word back. “Anyway, people are accusing you, that you help Marketa Korinkova, a servant of Islam, to grow to the media stars, grasping much of influence and reputation. And what will happen, if she will decide… no, if Allah will decide, that she should return to Europe, executing her missionary activity here, persuading thousands to follow Islam? Wouldn’t you accept as your responsibility, if the European civilization will be replaced with Islam?”

“Oh dear, this is the most foolish question I have ever heard,” Giorgio Armani replied, shaking his head, full of grey hair. “You want to say, that one single woman will turn Europe into the land of Islam? Have a look around you, what is happening here: all that NGOs, all that politicians, who say, that Islam is a part of our culture, and we should be friendly to Muslims, we should welcome them, ‘integrate them’, help them, give them flats and welfare, accept their differences and concessions, although they perceive it as weakness, and they call for more rights, as you guaranteed the religious freedom for everybody. Mosques are build anywhere… for decades already, and number of converts is rising every day.

And you want to say, that if we gave a job to a converted fashion model with only a marginal media influence, located in the UAE, we destroyed the Europe?

Alena, if you will continue this way… I would consider losing my time, to sit here further, and to hurt my health by getting angry.”

“But you agree, that this step can be perceived as controversial by public, exceeding mere business interests of your company?” the presenter tried to be rather soft.

“Yes, and why do you think, that we are doing it, you fools?” the man became a smiling teacher. “This is exactly what we wanted, because gossip and contoversy sells merchandise! This is how the media game works… any fool who is complaining, is helping us to pay a larger dividend to our share holders, so we are grateful for all concerned citizens…”

Then, the voice from the TV set was interrupted by a buzz of a videophone, installed near, so Marketa Korinkova finished her swimming lesson, as it was already a time for the evening Isha prayer anyway, and dressed only in a bathrobe, with her brown hair and neck covered carefully, she called back into the reception, located more than hundred floors downstairs.

“A package for you, Ms. Korinkova,” a female receptionist informed Marketa. “A courier left it here for you, just few minutes ago. It’s a bouquet of flowers.”

“Thank you, I will collect it later,” Marketa promised.

“I don’t understand, how this could happen to me,” the message, enclosed to the bouquet, addressed to Marketa Korinkova, started with passion.

“Maybe because you are so different, but at the same time, you seem so similar. I can’t deny that I feel the utmost attractivity towards you, and you are occupying my mind more and more, every day… because you are simply perfect, you are a vision of a great woman I once had, but no one could fulfill it, only you… yes, I saw you in my dreams, and now, when I am writing you, although anonymously, as my position could be seriously jeopardized by the emotions I carry towards you, at least I can finally express what I feel.

Love is such a beautiful thing, and you have awoken love in me, so deep, so intense… I never thought I will experience such thing again in my life, and for that I am so grateful… but a person needs more, than dreaming, we need reality, so I am dying to meet you again, to feel you again, to look into your beautiful brown eyes again, Marketa… because in that moment, I know, that I will be immensely happy. You are awaking life in my dried mind and heart… and I feel alive again, but is there a possibility, that you could love me, or at least to feel something towards me?

Sometimes, I feel, that I am exactly the man you are looking for, that I can give you something you need so much, but then, I doubt it, thinking, that I am nobody for you, because of all that vast and deep differences between us. Where can be the truth? I would like to know, so much, and I hope, that with the permission of Allah, I will get such opportunity…

Anyway, you are indeed a gift to Allah, sent here, to enlighten us all, to bring us back to Islam… still, I am a selfish person, thinking about my personal interest, and I would like to have your heart beating for me, to know, that you love me, as I love you. Yes, I am foolish, I admit, so please, accept my confession as extenuating circumstances.

But everything in life begins with a thought. Is love natural, or is it related to the effort of people, what do you think? Is it about some pure magnetism and nature, or that people simply have do something to get closer to each other?

I am writing you this message, scared to see you again, as I am afraid, that I will drown in your eyes, that you will steal my soul, but concurrently, I am a man, willing and prepared to fight, to sustain confontation. How will Allah decide, that this clash should end? Or should I find peace inside me, not to fight for my happiness, simply to accept my fate, as Allah determined it, as He knows the best, what is good for me: either to have you, or not?

Still, in the matters of love, you want to fight with all the circumstances, not willing to give up, if you know such a lovely person, which belongs to you somehow, or at least you think so.

I imagine now, when you will read this message, with your pretty face so serious and concentrated, still, with your eyes so beautiful, and I am touching this paper to become a part of it, as you will take it into your hands for sure, caressing it softly. Is this distant touch everything I can get from you, as you will reject my love from thousands of possible reasons?

Love is so beautiful… but no one wants to lose, so next time we will meet, I will deny this letter, never confessing to writing and sending it, I will remain serious, cold, distant, balanced man, exactly as the society wants me to be… but inside me, every vein is alive and in unrest, and I know, that you will reveal my secret, using your sixth female sense…

I feel so weak in comparison with you, persuading myself, that I have lost, even before I started to be your admirer, having a chance for success… so maybe this piece of paper will be everything that will remain after one deep human emotion, but marginal, not decisive for the fate of the world. Or was it all a dream, as you never belonged to me, never intended by Allah to become a part of my life, to create bridges between us? Are you just a shine of a star on the sky, pleasing, but too distant to touch?

How is it possible, that I love and hate you concurrently? You are making me weak, and I can’t afford it, from many reasons… not only because I would be humiliated by you, by your rejection, as women hate weak men, but also, I would lose in the eyes of people who are watching me, waiting for any mistake of mine… indeed, I am not free, you confine me, and they put chains on me too… who can help me? Allah, advising me to let you all mortals go, because you mean nothing, in comparison with Him?

Maybe Allah is testing my faith and integrity, so He sent you, to provoke me, maybe to destroy me. And you are crushing me: at first, you attracted me to you, creating madness and obsession inside my soul, and then, you disappeared, leaving me inside my thoughts and doubts and dreams, which started to destroy me from the inside. How can I afford a thing such luxurious and painful, as love?

If love is a war, then I am losing…”

Marketa stopped reading, putting the paper message aside, and she examined the flowers. It was so nice bouquet, that her heart was pleased…

She was just a woman, prone to be seduced and influenced, she was as weak, as the sender of the message… he thought, that she is strong, but in reality, she was only a phantasy, a firm physical shell, hiding all her weaknesses, fears and unfulfilled dreams.

Then she remembered Allah, and she was strong and balanced again, putting flowers into a vase, to take care of them appropriately, and then forgetting them, as she was a fashion model, living in the ruthless present, where elbows were used as a necessary weapon, otherwise the world and people would crush you…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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