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It’s 29th January 2013, and a new male guest is coming into the overpriced restaurant with “Pilsner Urquell” logo, located at “Terminal One” of Prague international airport, where a top Czech female fashion model, who later converted to Islam, Marketa Korinkova, accepting the new Islamic name Maryam, spent her last remaining minutes several months ago, before her Emirates A380 airplane took off to destination Dubai, United Arab Emirates, towards her Islamic destiny.

But this man, he is not pretty, tall and intelligent, as Marketa, rather dumb, lousy, drunk and overweight, with blonde hair and blue soft eyes, which could indicate an innocent, harmless fatty, but the truth can’t be more distant from this first natural impression.

“Listen, friend,” he speaks to a waiter, servicing the back room of the restaurant, divided from the rest of the space with a glass wall. “I need a little bit of privacy, because I have an important appointment here, and I am sure, that you would appreciate some good tip money. So, what about closing the room from ‘technical reasons’ for half an hour? Do we have a deal?”

“Sorry mister, but this is not possible…” the waiter seems not too prone to bribery and shady business.

“You fool, don’t step on your fortune,” the man offers a 50 USD banknote. “This is a classified military operation. Have you ever been in the Army? If yes, if you ever wore the green camouflage fabric, then you pledged allegiance to the homeland, and you know the basic rule, to support and help your comrades. If you are a scared civilian, never brave enough to raise arms and to defend the homeland, then don’t stand in our way, otherwise you will be eliminated, and ruthlessly. No one can obstruct the highest state defense interests!”

“Well, mister, then please, the room is all yours, we have a problem with air condition there anyway, and it need to be fixed…” the waiter rather submits.

“Good, here is your deserved reward,” the green banknote from taxpayers treasury changed owners quickly. “And remember, that in the Army, everybody can find the bright future, for example, in our highly classified unit… and bring me two beers, as an introducing refreshment before the big trip abroad, which will change the history!”

The man maybe seems like a crazy tourist, but his new companion, arriving after several minutes, is a regular female fashion model, without any doubt. Tall, slim, perfectly dressed and shining, around 24 years old, resembling a Southern European or Latin American dark beauty, carrying a luxurious Prada handbag, she really doesn’t fit into the overweight man’s expected company.

“Just in time, I like it,” the man comments her arrival with appreciation. “You know, girl, in the Army, there has to be order, otherwise all goes to hell, and battles are lost, together with lives of soldiers. So, to keep time table, it’s a basic remedy to win in a war.

In the civilian world, the female unpunctuality is maybe sexy, but not in the military ranks. So be a good girl, otherwise I will reprimand you severely. When I am in the service, I know no brother, sister, or grandpa: everybody will get what they deserve, reward or punishment. The military leadership is a science, don’t doubt about it! But you are still a too small fish to understand that, girl, so watch and learn.”

The young pretty woman only smiles, maybe having her opinion about the man, and not too favorable one.

And here comes the last of the strange trio: another overweight man, with dark hair and pig face, looking dumb as well, but in fact, one of the most reputated Czech tabloid media journalists, a CEO and Chief Reporter of famous “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, called Pavel Novotny. No wonder, that such high-profile meeting needs privacy.

“Good, the team is complete,” the man, who came first, looks satisfied, when another batch of properly chilled Pilsen beers arrives, and the waiter disappears obediently, closing the glass doors.

Before the man starts the meeting, he looks outside, through a large glass window, where a huge Emirates A380 airplane is being refueled: just the same scene which Marketa Korinkova saw, sent to Dubai to infiltrate the ruling Al Maktoum family in a joint operation of the Czech Military and feared Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, the Mossad.

“By the providence of the Special Forces Command of the Czech Army, I was designated to lead and supervise this critical operation of highest state defense interest, serving as a liaison officer,” the overweight man, Joseph Svejk, the grandson of famous First World War hero, who accidentally helped to establish the sovereign Czech state, starts his presentation with very serious voice, so different from his usual pub chatter.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHe is rumored to be the dumbest soldier, ever serving in the Special Forces of the Czech Military, no uniform can fit his distinctive body of a barrel shape, but in fact he doesn’t serve there anyway, at least officially and legally, because the elite paramilitary formation of his, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, nicknamed Estrogen Mafia, is established deliberately out of official Army structures, to get rid of any bothering state control, so various black operations, including assassinations, can be executed without interruption, accountability or undesirable attention of sniffing members of the Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons.

“We received the information from the Czech Foreign Intelligence service, UZSI, that the key meeting we are waiting for, will happen prematurely a little bit, just four days from today, so we have to make all necessary arrangements, to assure ourselves, and our superiors, that the influence operation on our local asset in Dubai will be successful,” Joseph Svejk continues with elevated importance in his voice.

“This is the reason, you fools, why we are leaving to the Emirates, and the generous Czech taxpayers will provide us a great holiday, where Moët champagne will flow, because we are not some marginal tourists, but military VIPs on a ruthless crusade for power and influence, who will overthrow the government there, if our blessed superiors will give an order,” he says with deep satisfaction, finishing another beer, and finally relaxing. “At ease, team!”

“Man, I was just starting to think, that you will bother us with this green militaristic bullshit all the time… I would have to desert, you fool,” the Chief Reporter Novotny relaxes too.

“I am not doing this show because of you, amigo, but it’s the first assignment of Nikola here,” Svejk explains. “So, it’s necessary, that the girl understands well, that this is no fucking joke, or an exotic holiday for fun. Many lives will be influenced, and we will have to be ruthless, executing our orders without any hesitation, and fuckups.

Are you OK with that, Nikola? Or do you want to resign from the mission, when you still can? To return to a glamorous disco club, a cozy café in the Prague city center, to drink a good mojito with your girl friends, making ‘selfies’ all the time, or to get back in the bed, where your muscular handsome male lover is awaiting you, to use your young bodies for pleasure? We are playing much more serious game here, girl!”

“I am well aware of that,” Nikola Dotkova, an active Czech fashion model, 177 centimeters tall, originating from Havirov, confirms. “And let me remind you, sir, that I was fully briefed and trained for the operation, using support by our Jewish friends.”

“Good, girl, I believe, that you will be a useful part of the team, as Pavel made a guarantee for you, that you are really talented, able to be an Intelligence operative, specialized in so called ‘honey traps’, seducing male and female targets for various purposes, and concurrently, using persuasive cover as a journalist, a curious reporter of Pavel’s famous tabloid magazine, so all loose ends are tightened.

As you can see, we are one big family, standing up for each other, watching each other’s back… and your part of the operation will be the most important, no doubt about it, so you can count with our total support. But there, in the Emirates, you will be on your own, you know what I mean.”

“No worries, I will manage it,” Nikola seemed really self-confident and balanced, even a little bit cold. “I am grateful for this chance for a new star career in the media, so I will do my best. I will keep my part of the deal.”

“Well, I like you more and more, girl, you seem to know well, what is right… or did I drink too much beers already, falling in love with a bad girl, who will seduce me from my military destiny, to start a family, taking a mortgage for a house at the suburbs of Prague?” Svejk looked at the bottom of a glass, a very unpleasant look for him. “Anyway, I was ordered to brief both of you, about the latest developments and intentions of the high command, as you will need this data for your parts of the operation, so listen very carefully.”

After necessary beer refreshment, Svejk said with serious voice: “The situation is, that our collaborating psychologists warned us, that the asset, Marketa Korinkova, although she is so close to the final goal, could dodge. Not because of her new faith in Allah, but she got too isolated from the reality, as Dubai, it’s the most strange world, you can imagine, that many people are completely lost there, in all that extreme wealth and glamour, so they think, that they live in some dream, that it’s simply not real, and they can lose the correct perception of their purpose easily.

In her position, when she raised to the VIP stars too quickly, she could get lost indeed, and there is a possibility, that she will reject the Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai… and this is what we, and the Israelis, can’t afford, as it can be the only shot we will ever have.

So, the command became rather nervous, let me tell you that openly, they deny to have the chance slipped away, so we need to return the poor girl back to the ground, to the reality, so this small support operation was ordered, where both tabloid media, it’s Pavel, and a human asset, it’s Nikola, will be used.

The plan is simple: a ‘Special Issue’ of Pavel’s reputated ‘Heavy Slander’ gossip magazine will be created, a very nasty and ruthless edition, you can imagine that, dedicated solely to Marketa Korinkova, so the name will be something like ‘A Czech Girl in Dubai’.

There, she will be openly suspected from participating in a high profile prostitution case, accused of lies, and most importantly, her conversion to Islam will be questioned, in other words, she will be marked as a fake convert, because she was struggling in the Emirates, without job, so she had the idea, how to create publicity: to announce her conversion to Islam, but we will confute her, that she has lied to the world audience.

A draft copy of this Special Issue will be delivered to Marketa just before the meeting with the Sheikh, making her distracted, vulnerable and obsessed to find immediate protection and support: well, where else, than in the Sheikh’s embrace? Then, the Operation SKINNY PUPPY will be complete, and we can collect our medals, rewards and perks, friends!

But there is yet more. The courier will be Nikola here, who will improvise to maximize the effect of the delivered media explosive, and using her female weapons, plus utilizing the fact, that Marketa Korinkova is suspected to be covertly bisexual, as many women, Nikola will attempt to get control over our asset.

Then, this new hot affair between the two fashion model women will be utilized as well, expanding the ‘Special Edition’ yet further, and releasing it publicly, regardless whether it happened, or not: we will simply create it for the pleasure and enjoyment of Pavel’s readers, both home, and in the UAE, where the edition will be distributed as well, in English, of course, to hit the local audience, and the political scene.

I am telling you openly: we can fake the affair between Marketa and Sheikh as well, shaking the whole Emirates and Middle East, but the high command needs everything to be most persuasive, as only then, we have a chance, and now listen closely, you fools… to persuade the Sheikh to resignate voluntarily from all his official functions!

And this is, what Israelis want, to destabilize the Persian Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, and to promote their puppets there, together with the enemies of the Sheikh, both home and abroad, who want to disrupt, or to end the long rule of the Al Maktoum family: we will be glad to help them with this treacherous plan, as we have our own interests there, and it will be beneficial for the future, to have the mighty and wealthy Israel grateful towards us, as they can sponsor and support many of our other operations abroad.

I told you, fools, that this will be big! We will influence the world politics, unbelievable! And I am assuring you: there will be many fucking medals on our proud chests soon, if we will do everything well!

Nikola, now you see, what the Army can make from you, how it can help you, to rise to the stars! Two years ago, I was nobody, a loser, begging for a job at a fucking Labor Office, before they kicked me out, as I was allegedly ‘not cooperating’ and ‘undereducated’… and look at me now! Making big moves, as a powerful king!

Yes, you are different than me, a beautiful woman, but believe me… without us, you would end with some Italian macho loser in his small poor villa at Sicily, pregnant and unhappy, beaten by him daily and hated by his mother, trying to poison you, but with us…you will touch the real stars!

Marketa Korinkova experienced the same, you know that, you studied her personal materials thoroughly. Several months ago, she was like you now, a nobody… and look at her today! But she needs help from you now, because her mission is too demanding. So help her, and we will help you. Understood?”

“Of course, that I will help my new beloved friend,” Nikola promised with malicious smile. “But sir… you speak so nicely, so persuasively, you could be a good salesman! Don’t you think about an alternative career?”

“I was a salesman indeed, before the fate led me to the military ranks, it’s my original professional qualification,” Svejk remembered his younger years, when he was a poor apprentice at a shop, located in Prague-Liben. “I am a skilled seller, and as you can see, even in the Army, you can use such capabilities. Oh, girl: the Army simply helps you to find all the special qualities inside you!

But enough of talk and babbling: you both now, what is expected from you, so let’s all get working, so we can succeed!

By the way… is it possible, to buy rum in the Emirates, or at least a beer? This Islam, forbidding alcohol, is really ruthless against us poor drinkers, curing our low health pressure with a sharp medicine, as recommened by responsible doctors…

Anyway, the last thing, you fools: forget about conversion to Islam, and obtaining a new master, Allah, to get out of the pledge to the homeland, who needs you right now, to win this small war. You know, that ECM (=Extreme Control Measures) are in effect, used solely at commander’s discretion… it means, that I have the fates of both of you in my filthy hands right now, so don’t fuck with me, amigos, otherwise I will be very nasty, I won’t allow you to spoil my big military career, written in my craddle, so your work contract with the Unit will be ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’… not by me, but our Israeli friends can take care of such friendly requests, you can imagine that, not speaking about Marketa Vselichova from our Executive Action department, rumored to be a reputated assassin! You don’t want to be hit with a HE bullet from her Syrian Shark, a high caliber sniper rifle, believe me!

Don’t forget, that this is a joint operation of us and Israelis, so if you will fail, you will damage them, and they have very large interests there. And if there is something they really don’t like, it’s a treason: then, they are really ruthless.

So, forget about Allah, at least until we will finish this job: this is what they expressively said to us, as they consider all converts not reliable, and risky to participate in the mission.

Now, before we will leave to board this beautiful plane, where a pretty smiling stewardess will pamper me, a big military hero, with endless supply of rum… I was ordered to ask you for the last and final time, whether you are Muslims.

Think about your answer well. If you will say ‘yes’, if you will confess, you will be withdrawn from the mission immediately, and remember, that right now, it’s your last chance to get out of the shit alive: if you will continue, lying to me even at this final call, then it will be a high treason, and if we will find about your true religion to be Islam, you will be simply eradicated from the planet Earth. No court, no affair, you will simply disappear.

So, Pavel, my friend, although you have proven Jewish ancestry, I still have to ask you: are you a Muslim? Do you believe, that there is only one God, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is His servant and messenger?”

“No, I am not a Muslim, and I don’t believe in oneness of Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad is his messenger,” Pavel Novotny declared firmly, even with disdain.

“And you, pretty Nikola… are you a Muslim? Do you believe, that Allah is one and unique, and Muhammad is His slave?”

“No, I am not a Muslim, sir, I don’t believe in God, there is no God, and Prophet Muhammad has no importance for me,” the fashion model said with serious face.

“Good, friends, I knew, that you won’t fail me! And now, let’s go already! This big fat ugly Emirates bitch is awaiting us, to conquer Dubai, with our secret weapons, making all the Czech citizens proud… and satisfied, that their taxpayers money were invested well, so I have chosen a full five star hotel for us, to preserve the efficiency of the combat team!”

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Islamic Princess Maryam Affair: Marketa Korinkova
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