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It’s revealed just now, how complex was a joint clandestine operation between the Czech Military and Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, directed at gaining larger influence at the Middle East, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, where Al Maktoum family ruled unchallenged, but this could change soon.

The key human asset, chosen to infiltrate the Sheikh Mohammed’s closest vicinity, was a Czech top female fashion model, named Marketa Korinkova, later accepting a new Islamic first name Maryam, with her psychological profile just perfect for the special purpose: she was firm on the surface, but fragile and vulnerable inside, prone to be easily influenced, manipulated and controlled by her experienced, capable and ruthless Israeli benefactors, pushing her forward towards the final goal, to have a love affair with the Sheikh, and to force him to abdicate from all official functions, like the Vice President of the UAE, and the Prime minister, when it will be revealed by the connected tabloid media, that Marketa Korinkova is expecting a child with him, so the citizens of the Emirates won’t trust the Sheikh’s integrity anymore, and they will call for his abdication, even creating a revolution to overthrow him, mimicking the events of so called Arabic Spring of 2011, destabilizing the whole Arabic world, a very desirable development for Israeli interests.

And imagine, if this swift wave of public unrest would even spill into the adjacent countries, like Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and particularly Saudi Arabia, damaging the old archenemy of Israel, as Saudis promoted the ultraconservative version of Islam, called wahhabism, using their vast oil money, influencing the whole Islamic world, and rumored to support various insurgents, guerillas and terrorists, particularly the Islamic State.

So, the importance of Marketa Korinkova was critical for the Israeli interests at Persian Gulf, and the Mossad operatives took care of the matter very thoroughfully. For this critically important purpose, the collaborators of the mighty Israelis, placed strategically around the young fashion model, made several important moves to fulfill the goals of the Operation SKINNY PUPPY, including highly questionable ones: for example, exchanging the pack of contraception patches which Marketa used, with a perfect replica, but containing only a placebo, an ineffective substitute of the original chemical substance, preventing pregnancy.

The future child of the young woman with the Sheikh could become literally a battering ram for the Israeli interests at the Arabic world, so the Mossad tried to make sure in all senses, that it will be actually conceived, both on biological and psychological level of Marketa Korinkova’s existence.

Naturally, the Israeli masterminds never told her such sensitive and disturbing details of the operation. They simply approached her, masked as an inconspicuous business company, and offered her a shining career of an internationally recognized and successful fashion model, who will be firstly introduced to public, using media gossip, then she will win an international beauty contest, and then, she will be sent to the glamorous Dubai, to get connections with the rulers, like the mentioned Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (*1949), and his daughter, a Dubai socialite, Shaikha bint Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum (*1992).

As expected, Marketa Korinkova said ‘yes’, as for any aspiring fashion model, the international career is a fulfilled girlish dream… but she never realized, what this decision means for her in practice. The Israelis, to maintain control over their pampered and important human asset, started creating many firm spider nets around the innocent and naive girl, to have her exactly where they wanted and needed her to be.

Nela Boudova Mossad Israel Czech Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe first such net was a ‘tourist’ trip into Israel, where the fashion model was accompanied by Nela Boudova (*1967), a mature Czech actress of Tunisian ancestry, who was used by Israelis as an inconspicuous liaison for the Czech Israeli affairs, never suspected to be connected anyhow with the Jewish state and interests, but in practice, serving them very well.

Here, she ‘played’ a beneficial role of an ‘alternative mother’ of vulnerable Marketa, who had very unbalanced relationships with men, often remaining alone, deserted and isolated, so she really appreciated all tokens of maternal warmth and female understanding, which the men couldn’t provide to her.

The Israelis planned to use this feature of Marketa Korinkova widely: for example, to manipulate her into bisexuality, at least to try, so the additional female assets they will send to intercept Marketa, will be able to get wide control of the girl again: if you control someone’s sexuality, then he or she becomes your slave.

Sharing one hotel room in Tel Aviv was highly beneficial for this purpose: not only could Nela Boudova find and identify the type of contraception Marketa used, so with the help of Mossad’s technical department, she could exchange it with a placebo easily, but she also had a physical access to the girl.

To remove the natural rejection of the same sex, the ingenious Israelis arranged a suitable incident, to expose Marketa to a life-threatenting situation, raising fear inside her, and natural need to find a protecting friend and patron immediately: this goal was achieved simply by sending both women to an area, where regular rocket ambushes of Palestinian guerillas were occuring, and following general alarm, running to a nearest underground shelter in the disturbing sound of sirens, and then listening to explosions on the surface, as the counter defensive rockets of Israeli “Iron Dome” anti-air system destroyed the incoming Palestinian ordnance, was enough to push both women ‘together’ in physical sense.

Nela Boudova was instructed not to push things too much, so the asset won’t be distracted… it should be rather a tasting, and of course, testing, opening for future potential use, indicating to Marketa, that women can provide her the kind of support and relief, including physical, that men are not able to, those selfish, primitive fools, only desiring to ejaculate inside a female, and then to lose interest, leaving her aroused, emotional and in need of sharing feelings, but the fools simply are not able, or willing to provide this quality to her… unlike an other woman.

Nela Boudova executed both tasks perfectly, never exceeding from mere friendly warm touches, which were appreciated by Marketa, and also the replacement of contraception patches was successful: it was found, that two more patches were remaining in the pack, so, as the initial exchange happened in October, it was clear, that if the sexual intercourse between Sheikh and Marketa should happen in January, as planned, it will be necessary to execute another replacement, in December.

And this task was yet easier: the Czech fashion model colleague of Marketa, who offered her a free accomodation in Dubai after her arrival for free, was simply bribed to execute the tiny operation.

Naturally, there could be a serious risk, that Marketa will become pregnant too soon, and with a foreign man, because her contraception was deactivated months before, so the unprotected sex could become a very risky business… but from one single reason, it was absolutely sure, that Marketa will abstain from any sexual relations, because the new faith she will soon accept, Islam, will prevent her from any extramarital physical contacts, and she will protect her innocence voluntarily, willingly.

The Israelis needed Marketa Korinkova to convert to Islam, from a simple reason: to have more doors in the Emirates opened, to generate more trust inside the Ummah, the Islamic community.

There was another risk, naturally, that after the conversion, and acceping a new ultimate master, Allah, submitting and self-surrendering to His will completely, the necessary control of the asset will be lost… but Mossad knew their job well, and the operation continued successfully, even better, than planned: it was Marketa herself, who invented a perfect move, to start working as a VIP hostess in the most luxurious night club of the world, “Armani Prive Lounge”, located at 144th floor of famous Burj Khalifa skycraper of Dubai, but she was not willing to provide sexual service there, as a devoted servant of Allah, covering her immense beauty with hijab obediently: she started her Da’wah there, the Islamic missionary activity, simply introducing and inviting the most powerful VIPs of the world to Islam.

And this bold move couldn’t remain unnoticed at many places: Marketa went up in the Giorgio Armani ranks quickly, as the reputated Italian fashion designer himself realized, how valuable she can be for the overall business interests of the corporation, also the media stepped in, including the critical Al Jazeera TV station, located in Doha, Qatar… and naturally, the Sheikh Mohammed heard the attractive news about the special woman, having yet more interest in her.

They were introduced personally before, after the “Safer Driving” international conference, taking place in Dubai, in October 2012, soon after her arrival into the Emirates, after the famous victory at Miss Motors International beauty contest, taking place in Riccione, Italy, secured by Israelis and aimed advantageously at safer driving, so she attended the Dubai conference as a special Czech delegate, and her presentation about new strategies to limit casualties of modern traffic was well noticed… not speaking about her striking beauty, and surprising hijab, the Islamic scarf, as the European expats were generally known to ignore the local Islamic culture, thinking, that they are something better, with their noses up, and no one is allowed to take their ‘freedom’ away from them.

But Marketa was different in many senses, so the Sheikh noticed her easily, and he had interest to know the shining young woman more, before he was warned by the Emirates Counterintelligence, that Marketa could be somehow connected with the state of Israel, so it should be more suitable, to keep sufficient distance from her.

Anyway, the mutual attractivity between the ruler of Dubai and Marketa Korinkova was undeniable, they could be beneficial for each other so widely, as the clever Israelis knew in advance, so they sent exactly her, not another asset, even with better HUMINT and Intelligence training… only Marketa was able to surpass all defences, to reach the target, as her thorough personal file, including deep psychological assessment, delivered by the Czech allies of Israel, a classified paramilitary formation, called Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, indicated.

In the end of January 2013, several months later, everything seemed perfect, going exactly according to the plan. Still, the masterminds of the operation needed to assure the success, so they executed a small additional move, to direct Marketa towards her final destination, located at the Dubai Ruler’s Palace

And it was necessary to send another human assets, so the most bizarre trio, consisting of two overweight men and one slim fashion model, headed towards Dubai, following Marketa’s long faded traces… and new names occured in the classified files of the operation, excluding Marketa herself, designated as “Asset A102”:

Nikola Dotkova fashion model Czech- Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs S2NIKOLA DOTKOVA (*1989), designation: Asset A55
Position: executive asset, specialized in so called ‘honey traps’, seducing men or women for various purposes.
Cover: reporter of Heavy Slander tabloid magazine

– a Czech fashion model, 177 cm tall, measures 89-61-89, weight 55 kg, brown eyes, brown hair

Special features: went through Mossad Intelligence training course in Tel Aviv, perfect health status, “A”, fully eligible for Paratrooper training, high emotional stability and resistance. Rumored to use Assault Chemical Substances against her targets (PHE-X).

Pavel Novotny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsPAVEL NOVOTNY (*1981), designation: Asset A17
Position: a reputated Czech journalist, the Chief Reporter of the key Heavy Slander gossip magazine
Cover: none

Special Features: addiction to cocaine and alcohol, Jewish ancestry, bribed and extorted to cooperate with the Czech Military

Josef Svejk 2bC - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORSJOSEPH SVEJK (*1977), designation: Asset A58
Position: liaison officer of the Special Forces of the Czech Army
Cover: marketing manager at luxury fashion industry (Suzanne’s boutique at famous Parizska street, Prague. Her daughter Anne secretly converted to Islam, after getting pregnant unexpectedly)

– a grandson of famous soldier Svejk from the First World War (who served as a secret diplomatic courier in Russia in 1918, smuggling a critical package for the Czech future sovereignty through the front lines, caught and almost executed, but slipped away and delivered the package, so the independent Czech state could be established)
– one of the Unit’s key operatives, the first civilian member, participated at many Unit’s operations

Special features: consuming rum in elevated amounts, aspiring in military service, but extremely dumb. His service in the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army is considered as a serious mistake, jeopardizing Czech state interests, fortunately, the enemies don’t believe his detailed narrations of Unit’s clandestine operations, usually happening in a pub at Prague-Liben, as he is generally perceived as a harmless, drunk, lousy fool

Katerina Rihova horse rider Microsoft executive aristocrat Czech Europe - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsKATERINA RIHOVA (*1983), designation: Asset A78
Position: Public Relations officer for the Unit
Cover: none

– well connected to the Czech VIP world, because of her immense personal wealth, managerial success (keeping a high executive position at Microsoft multinational corporation)
– suspected to have royal/aristocratic ancestry
– experienced competitive horse rider and breeder, unlimited VIP access to the highest social spheres of Europe, including aristocracy and royalty
– joined the Czech paramilitary ranks in need of complex security protection against criminals and IS terrorists, swarming in Western Europe and targeting VIPs, plus from simple curiosity, particularly interested in FEMWAR (Female Warfare) strategies, deployed by the Special Forces of the Czech Army. Later transferred to Politicial Warfare department, chosen for a mission in Austria (see The Mosque Tales: Islamic Conquest of Austria).

Special features: beautiful blonde, with parameters of a fashion model, ability to make perfect public presentations in combination with modest behavior. Fully suitable for future political career. Due to her extremely high social position, she has problems to get an appropriate male counterpart, thus remaining single for prolonged periods of life.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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