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It’s the beginning of December 2012, the blessed time of all possible social events in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, when the Christmas are slowly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to go out, to be between people, to feel like a proper, successful part of the society, not some aspiring loser on the periphery, only reading passively about star events with star people, where every social “insider” has to be present, and who misses it, feels jealousy and lowered personal value, swearing off, that next time, he or she simply has to be there, smiling on the photos of omnipresent photographers, and sending the message to the world: “Look, who I am!”.

But you? You are not missing it, not losing it, you know, what moves are right: firstly, to finish your University studies, to travel the world, to perfect your English, and then, without any delay, making a perfect career in a multinational company, feeling like somebody, trusting yourself, while you know, that soon, the postmodern Western world will be yours, because you know the way, you were born under a lucky stars.

So, the fashion shows are most common in this time of the year, as all Czech fools want to show themselves, to dress nicely, trendy, with some other fool beside their hip, someone socially acceptable, but temporary and fully replaceable, not belonging into your shining future, because soon, you will be a star, and high profile partners will beg you to be allowed to mate with you, and together, in eternal embrace, you will spend the sleepless nights, to live “here and now”, while the millions of lights of Dubai will shine below you…

Hmmm, so nice dream… but maybe, it’s time to return into the grey reality, where you pay a burdensome mortgage for a modest 2+1 flat, equipped only with mainstream IKEA merchandise, located at a city suburbs, only making a fool for many multinational companies, who use you as a pawn of large business, based on idolatry, worshipping various fake fools, called celebrities, extremely cheap and saleable people, who would do just anything, to have their fifteen minutes of fame, and whenever they read about themselves in the media, it’s like a draught of life water for them… but very soon, they need more, and more, because glamorous fame is a drug that needs high doses to bring desirable effect, and only a few can win their stardom.

Still, any Western country, and the Czech Republic is no exception, simply needs some VIPs, that shiny world, where the rich reckless youngsters, “the golden youth”, are setting the upcoming fashion and social trends, and ambitious losers follow them obediently, as such information can be extremely valuable, to get power in their own social vicinity.

In the end, all of them meet at a fashion show, losers and winners alike, fake and real celebrities… and everybody pretends to be somebody.

Studio Poner, a highly aspiring Czech fashion company, managed by two siblings, Nikola Ponerova and Jakub Poner, secretly owned by a Russian business tycoon, are playing a luxury game, some local version of famous Christian Dior, so they are organizing a large fashion show today evening, and everybody, who means something in Prague, has to be here.

Indeed, the experienced organizers, knowing the rules of the game, they made sure, that all the social VIP elite of Prague will be present, including launching the wide media campaign, announcing it publicly, through all possible information distribution channels, and making it a very trendy place, where you simply have to be, not to miss something important: indeed, this is no childish game, and you need to tighten all loose ends, to win, to grasp a piece of a cake, encircled by countless ruthless vultures and hungry wolves, who use sharp elbows instead of soft words, but smiling at each other, like the best friends, to look good on the photos.

The fashion is a serious business: many young artistic talented girls from high schools can draw beautiful models, but to manufacture it, make it real, and mostly, to sell it to some customers, it’s an advanced art.

You need connections, they are critical, and Poner duo knows well, how to secure them: there are two kinds of basic tools, tabloid media, which can be obtained simply by bribing journalists or their superiors, and VIPs, social leaders, obtained via the magic of so called barter business, like in the medieval age. For example, your female celebrity friend (or rather “friend”) dresses your shining robe at a VIP event, where many media photographers will be present… and if she will make some desirable, deliberate scandal or faux pas, then, you will have the inconspicuous, cheap but effective publicity and advertisement, as a personal recommendation works the best, and the weak always like to follow leaders, and the person, who helped you, will have money, another fashion modeling jobs, a recommendation, or another perk from you: both sides will be fully satisfied in the end.

In other words, when you manage to attract the key media and the key people to your place, you are winning, and many other door will be opened for you… like today, everything is simply perfect: the “Fashion Club”, located at the roof of former famous shopping mall, called “Kotva”, offered their spaces for free, as the visitors will be willing to pay for the overpriced drinks, served there… and the circle will be closed desirably, everybody will be satisfied: Poner, Fashion Club, VIPs, fashion models, and the visitors, who can taste the seducing shine of show business.

Still, the details have to be taken care of, success is no coincidence. If your event should look extremely trendy, you need certain additional, on-site measures: to present many ruthless security personnel in suits and single headphones in their ears, protecting celebrities from unwanted attention of obsessed fans and followers, simply plebs (at least pretending to have such important mission), and to provide VIP seats at the sides of the catwalk, where the fashion models will present your dresses.

Then, you make it to the exclusive level of New York, or Milano… your reputation will rise, you will attract more media attention, more and higher positioned celebrites for sale will be willing to make a deal with you… again, the circle will be closed, until a multinational corporation will come, and they will buy you off, to eliminate the competition peacefully, otherwise more serious measures will be used against you, to coerce you to be a “good part of the team”…

Indeed, there is a long way between a bold sketch in a pink notebook of some talented high school girl, made with pencil, and an event like this, the reality… some paths in life are simply longer and complicated, and many interests will meet there.

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut Katerina Rihova (*1983), an extremely beautiful blonde with parameters of a fashion model, sitting in a front row here, she was literally born under the lucky star: suspected to have aristocratic or even royal ancestry, coming from a wealthy family, riding horses on competitive international level, she has simply everything: perfect education, shining career at the most famous Microsoft multinational corporation, she has money, and still, she is kind, modest, speaking softly and nicely, so everybody accepts her.

Indeed, she would be good for politics, as she has access to the highest VIP levels of Europe, including aristocracy, through her reputated horse riding: and many rats and parasites noticed her ultimate qualities in the past, willing to infiltrate into her vicinity, to gain opportunities, to touch her immense wealth.

Surprisingly, even the Czech Military noticed her, seeing this asset as perfect for current expanding of their elite paramilitary formation, dedicated to gain covert power and influence in the civilian world: Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, newly divided into several departments, including Political Warfare, and a very unique ones: Asian Warfare, Gender Warfare, and FEMWAR (Female Warfare).

But how to persuade the young woman with a stable, successful life, to such crazy step, like joining the Military, if it’s the 21st century out there, and collapsing Western postmodern civilization lives sweet dream of hedonism and consuming, just before the final fall, not willing to stand for any national interests, as the concept of nations was abolished, and state borders removed, so the masses people can flow freely, and everybody can find their paradise of endless human rights in wealthy, tolerating Europe?

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORIf you are specialized at so called Psychological Warfare, you should be able to find the way to achieve your demanding goals: and the operatives of the Unit know their job well, so they most likely succeeded, as beside the shining slim woman, not a top male businessman or sportsman is sitting, as expected, her handsome lover, holding her hand softly, but an overweight man, looking suspiciously dumb, holding only a small bottle of rum in his hand, so this very unbalanced pair attracts a very questionable attention, but Joseph Svejk, or Asset A58, never loses his famed serenity.

“I simply love these moments, just before you will meet the person you know only from personal file and surveillance photos in person, for the first time,” the dumb fool shares his feelings with Katerina, having another long draught of rum secretly. “Who would say, what will happen to me? Two years ago, I was kicked from the Labor office ruthlessly, for ‘not cooperating with the state advisors to find suitable employment’… and now, I am sitting in a VIP row at a fashion show, wearing an Armani suit, waiting for a fateful fashion model woman to come onto the catwalk, sitting beside a pretty and rich blonde… what more could I have?

And all this, the Czech Military made it from me! I continue in the famous family tradition well… my reputated Grandpa, a war hero, would be proud, I am sure! Such pity, that we can’t have a beer together! In our family, the Military is simply a firm tradition… my father was there, my Grandpa, my great grandpa… and I could continue to the ancient times, I am sure! This is a bloodline, that your aristocratic horses could envy, girl!

I am absolutely sure, Katerina, that you will simply like this new way of life! Everybody of us has a path… and when we saw you, we were absolutely sure, that you should be one of us. Everything you have, and still, you speak softly and modestly… so everybody likes you. Indeed, you are a perfect asset for our clandestine operations, changing the world… we are proud to welcome you here, you are rather a dream,” the dumb Svejk opens his heart, just minutes, before the fashion show will start.

“To be honest, I don’t know myself, why I did this,” the beautiful woman confesses. “Sometimes I think, that there had to be some magic, or a crazy coincidence. Me, and the Military? Some secret operations? Political Warfare? Not long time ago, I even didn’t understand, what such nasty thing means!

But fear is powerful, these are unstable times, and the Military can protect you better, than hundred bodyguards, unless you will choose the ultimate protection of Allah, accepting Islam. So I made rather a logical decision: and indeed, I will do something for you, I will give you something from myself, and you will repay me somehow.

So, why not? Life is all about business, and making choices. And I still had no reason to regret, when I was assured, that I won’t be forced to run through a wood with a rifle, dressed in a battledress, like a fool. I would only shot myself!”

“I shouldn’t tell you, but we ‘helped’ you to decide correctly a little bit, using our secret tool, called USP-PSYOPS,” the idiot Svejk revealed a highly classified information about the Unit’s secret arsenal. “It’s a kind of PSY weapon, where the human psychology is targeted on the deepest level. So, at first, we made your complex and deep personal psychological assessment, searching for your weak spots patiently, and then we started to influence your life inconspicuously, to taste more fear, and to search for protection naturally.

But believe me, better if it was us, than someone else… that terrorists from Islamic State are targeting VIPs these days, so it’s better to be under protection. Now, nobody will dare to touch you… our response would be swift and ruthless. We are the nightmares in the dreams of our enemies, as one of our bold slogans says… and we are not afraid even of executive action against anybody, as our Unit exists deliberately out of official Army structures, to get rid of any accountability and bothering attention from that rats from government and ‘Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons’. But we will rule this commission soon, when one of our assets will be put there, a part of Operation LATERNA, and she will be cordially inclined to the higher interests of the state!

We have free hands, indeed: our existence was never confirmed by the Ministry of Defence, but right now, in connection with current reorganizing of the Special Forces Group, we are getting yet stronger… even expanding abroad, as you know, and this is the reason, why we are here today, sitting between VIPs and watching a fashion show.

Believe me, in our Unit, you are at the right place, where a good future will be shaped for you! We will use your skills and abilities, and you will have friends you can trust. This is a new, other kind of military service… no one has to run through a wood, dressed in uniform, and listen to shouted orders, as we have other, much advanced means, how to direct our people, where we want them. Indeed, you can stay, where you were, and still, you can serve us well… it can’t be easier!

You are a social leader, without any doubt, but these has to be more purpose in life, than to live just for yourself, and your personal happiness: you know, that you should give something back for the community, even for the state. We won’t force you to take care of the poor refugees, or to donate blood… there is much more you can do, so the defense interests of the state can be realized, and asserted in the society, both home and abroad!

To be more particular, you can provide us access to the VIP spheres, so we can persuade other VIPs, to help us with our efforts, both as our operatives, or collaborators. The recruitment process of our Unit works the most straightforward way: we know people, and we know, how to persuade them to cooperate.

If they reject us for the first time, no problem, the matter was simply not well explained to them… and we will continue persistently, until they will understand, that there is no escape from our firm nets. If the state needs something from you, and you are citizen… how could you dare to reject, anyway? We are no Christmas charity, we are securing the sustainable future for the whole state, for you, your family, all the people, so the blessed and chosen ones have to offer a helping hand… and the rest will at least pay the taxes, so we can establish our black financial funds, because war is very expensive.

Still, the best way for recruitment is simply money. We offer not too much, not too low initial amount, just to be allowed to speak to them, to explain them, how much opportunities we can offer to them. Sometimes, you need to use also some kind of soft coercion, even extortion… but who cares? The most important is the result, and I repeat, that sooner or later, everybody understands.

Our cover, an inconspicuous business company, allows us to execute the whole process as a normal business negotiation, so these fashion models, like our girl today, are willing to listen to us, always: they prefer straightforward approach, otherwise they don’t respect you.

If you have their respect, then you can be anybody, overweight, dumb, it doesn’t matter… they simply have to feel, that you are a suitable source of opportunities, and money, of course. Our girl will believe it easily, if exactly you are with me: we always work in pairs, I mean, male and female, like a team of experienced police investigators.

Although you were assigned to the Political Warfare department, designated as ‘Asset A78’, where you will be deployed for a critical mission abroad, the high command believes in universal operators, who acquire their support assets themselves: so don’t be shy! To persuade people is only about confidence, and decisiveness!

Don’t forget, you are not a cheap door-to-door salesman, you are a representative of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, specialized at so called Unconventional Warfare, an elite, who plays a very high game, both home and abroad, where many splinters and heads fall, moving pawns on the chessboard with ruthlessness… and the people out there are just pawns for us, including VIPs, fully replaceable, no one is a star we can’t afford!

Thus, all of them have to bow in front of us, either voluntarily, or forcibly: but you won’t be alone for this task, there is an extensive support apparatus and unlimited access to many Intelligence and surveillance databases, containing interesting and private information about people to use, or to be more exact, you will have to use it, as these people have to know, that you know their dirty laundry, and you won’t be hesitant to use it, in order to reach your objectives, so it will be better for them, not to stay in your way, respectively against the highest interests of the Czech state, to submit, to help you, and to be rewarded: we offer good business, and no one has to be insulted.

You see, many people here, they are playing their games, which are nothing in comparison with ours… this is, how you should perceive them. Don’t forget, that you are also a tool… submitted, serving for higher interest, not for your selfish dreams.

But enough of babbling! Think about the woman, who will come now! Soon, she will be walking on this catwalk, just a meter from us, and imagine, that soon, she will be changed into an operative, sent into a distant land, thousands of kilometers from here… and this substantial change of her life will begin just today, with the magical pack of money in my jacket pocket!

Do you believe, that such thing is possible? Right now, she is thinking about her boyfriend, about her family, her career… still, I will persuade her, to leave everything, and to go, where the high command needs her to go. Am I changing her destiny, or is it someone else?

Save such thoughts, or you will start doubting! It really doesn’t mean anything. In the Army, you know, you have only two options as a result: a medal, or a jail, so why to complicate things by thinking too much?

Oh, I am talking too much today, like some fool in love, but it’s hard not to feel alive and vibrant, if anyone is sitting beside so beautiful creature in all senses, as you, girl! So, maybe I afforded a moment of romance today, as you are simply magical human being… how could anybody not to fall in love with you?

And still, we know and you know, that in your extremely high social position, to find a genuine love is extremely hard, so you spent much of your mature life single, and although many hungry men were flying around you, what could they offer you, those losers, willing to improve their miserable life by hunting such a doe?

Maybe the only proper man beside you is a military hero, a man who can be trusted, who is certain of his words, and actions, and you can be too… it won’t be me, because I have another plans for marriage, but maybe we will allow even your love life to be improved. Wouldn’t it be simply beautiful? It’s the mighty Army, who can fulfill all your dreams!

Nikola Dotkova fashion model Czech - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsLook, here she comes! Nikola Dotkova, our future asset! 177 centimeters, 55 kilograms, perfect body measures 89-61-89 centimeters… yeah, she is an ultimate woman, and the state wants her, to serve him, so she will be acquired, at all costs, whether she wants, or not!

How she moves… her face, so stable, so balanced, so cold, so distant, if she wants, or she plays an innocent dove… a proper fashion model indeed, which we need for the Emirates operation, where she will seduce both men and women, creating perfect ‘honey traps’, as ordered by the high command! Sexuality is a weak spot of anybody… and women like her, they are battering rams into apparent invincible fortresses!

Nikola Dotkova 3 fashion model Czech - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYou are a soft bright flower, a cute creature a man wants to protect, but her… we will create a dark witch from her, mastering many secrets and dangerous knowledge of ancient female assassins, her palm won’t be soft and tender as yours, this hand can hold a sharp assault knife, and stick it into the vulnerable kidneys of an unaware enemy without hesitation, or emotion, then kicking the lifeless body away with the raised knee, exactly as the instruction manual says… so, which woman should I choose? You, or her?

For my safety, and sustainable future, I will choose none of you: both of you would lead me astray, but to be here amongst you, feel your energy, be connected to it… it’s an impressive feeling.

You see, when this Unit started, there was a bold plan, that we will be specialized at using unique features of you, females, for the special Military purposes… in that time, there was still a general public vision of the crazy West, that females will get not only gender equality, but they will surpass the weak present men, gaining rule in the society…

And then, all the Islamic refugees started to come in masses, and it was the end of this feminist dream, once and forever… still, we have our own Female Warfare department now, she will be a part of it, but… have a look at her, does she look like someone, who wants to rule the men?

No, she doesn’t care about preposterous social engineering projects and silly dreams about correcting the society into the utmost equality between genders, she simply lives for herself… and she doesn’t know, what she has, what we discovered, and what we will have, as she will share with us… soon.

The current rise of Islam in Europe forced us to adjust our internal values and projects, but in the end, we will use it for our welfare, as everything… that planned Austrian operation, where you will participate, is no coincidence, it’s about Islam, and now, the pretty Nikola here, will assert the Czech national interests in the United Arab Emirates, an Islamic country, where another indirect collaborator of ours, Marketa Korinkova, is rising up in the social ranks, to get to the Sheikh himself. Isn’t it beautiful? No boundaries can stop us!

Today is a big day… you, and her, will mark the new, yet more successful epoch of our Unit, and one day, when we will be old, our proud chests will be full of medals, reminding us our youth, when we did something big!

But now, when we are still young and mighty, we have to grasp all chances firmly… as soon as the fashion show will end, I will be like an eagle, having my sharp eyes only for the girl, and even if I am not handsome and slim, she will listen to my proposal, with you as my perfect wingwoman!

Now, we are creating our destiny!”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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