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If you are approached by the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, specialized in so called Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), established deliberately out of official and accountable Military structures and public control, to execute the most sensitive clandestine operations of highest state importance, you can be sure, that you are a person of high value, and you are challenged to give something back to the community, and to the Czech state.

You can resist, you can protest, you can dodge: but these people, with unlimited access to various Intelligence databases, they know, how to push you against the wall, threatening to reveal your dirty laundry publicly. They have no fear, no remorse, no emotions, they simply don’t care, and there is no responsibility, no court you can appeal at: so submit, in your own interest, and you will be generously rewarded, with money, career opportunities, perks, you name it.

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWith Nikola Dotkova, a Czech female fashion model, the recruitment job was much easier. After she was presented with 2000 USD gift of initial money offer, she was willing to listen to the pair of operatives, sent to acquire her for special tasks of FEMWAR (Female Warfare) department of the Unit, particularly for executing so called honey traps, seducing men or women for various purposes, with the intention, to deploy the new asset in the Islamic world, beginning with Operation SKINNY PUPPY at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, together with the feared Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, the Mossad.

But to this goal, there was still a long road remaining: it was necessary to create an operative from Nikola Dotkova, a 24 years old fashion model, who had no previous Intelligence or military training. For this purpose, the cooperation with mighty Israelis was the most beneficial, as they had the personnel and training grounds, suitable to introduce Nikola to the new world.

However, the initial tests indicated, that the young woman is the most suitable for such demanding missions. Having perfect health status, “A”, eligible even for the Paratrooper training, and unlike other women, high emotional stability and resistance, she was a promising asset indeed, worthy of investing money and time into her, so the high command didn’t hesitate to send her to a two weaks training course, taking place in an IDF (=Israeli Defence Forces) military installation near Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

Here, Nikola’s abilities and talents could be tested by the experienced Mossad operatives widely, and she could be observed, how she copes with a foreign and demanding environment, without any emotional or material support of her family and beloved ones.

The time was precious, as the media influence of Marketa Korinkova, another Czech female fashion model, converted to Islam, who was sent to infiltrate the closest vicinity of Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was rising steadily, but still, there had to be an insurance policy created, an alternative operative in backup, because the planned affair between the Sheikh and Marketa, which could tremble the whole Middle East, as there should be a child conceived from the affair and the Sheikh forced to resignate using a ruthless campaign of the tabloid media, creating maybe even a civic revolution in the end, was getting closer, day by day, with the date of the initial sexual intercourse estimated to the end of January 2013.

Indeed, the Israelis could have the utmost interest in destabilizing the whole Middle East, if the swift wave of the possible Emirates revolution would spill into adjacent countries of the Persian Gulf, like Oman, Kuwait, and particularly the archenemy of Israel, Saudi Arabia, promoting the ultraorthodox version of Islam, called wahhabism, and rumored to support many insurgents, guerillas and terrorists, jeopardizing the national security of Israel from all sides.

So, in the beginning of December 2012, Nikola Dotkova was bribed, to cancel all stipulated modeling contracts immediately, to announce publicly, that she is leaving for a perfectly paid Winter photoshoot into the sunny and warm Miami, Florida, United States, but she will be back to spend Christmas with her family, and to take the nearest plane, heading for Tel Aviv, Israel.

As soon as the girl reached the Israeli territory, she was welcomed by the local assets of Mossad, tasked with taking care of the girl of all senses, including accomodation, allowing to supervise and control of her behavior, contacts and overall impression, so the precise personal file and Nikola’s extensive psychological assessment could be created later.

But there was yet more than single surveillance from this side: as a part of a secret deal between Mossad and the Czech Army, it was promised by the Czechs, to allow Israelis to use their pampered tabloid media assets, to promote the state of Israel in the European media space, as a successor of the principal ally of Western Europe, the United States, now crumbling, retreating from lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect their own borders against Islamic State terrorists, and the occuring power vacuum was more than beneficial for the geopolitical interests of the Jewish state.

It was well known, that the basic media asset of the Unit, Pavel Novotny, the Chief Reporter of the key Czech gossip magazine “Heavy Slander”, had the Jewish ancestry, but it would be unwise, to use him personally for such a task, as the connection would be too obvious. So, the alternative way was searched for, and a good way for promoting Israel in the Czech media, with millions of viewers and extreme public reach, was found, not to raise a public outrage, caused by the Czech enemies of Israel: simply by inviting all reputated Czech journalists and bloggers to visit the country, free of charge, and to “make their own opinion”.

So, it was planned to avoid politics from the campaign completely, to use women instead, particularly sexy female members of the IDF, the Israeli Military, because men are generally obsessed with sexuality and known to ignore everything, if a seductive woman is shown to them. The theory, confirmed by the psychologists of the Unit, was, that if the Czech public will be under the influence of single but effective and persistent propaganda, putting an equals sign between the Jewish state and sexy women, the hard core of the enemies, including Czech right-wing extremists, will change the perception of the Jewish state as a whole.

These women will be presented as future loving mothers, willing to love from all their heart, fulfilling dreams of all men, standing firm on guard for the security of their country, to show a mirror to the miserable and indifferent Czech women, who didn’t give a damn about defending their lands. Indeed, in the end, even the hardcore Neonazis will dream about a Jewish girl, an ultimate female creation… such is the power of the modern mass media, and propaganda.

But this was just a beginning. Then, a soft inspiration to change their perception of Jews and their state will be added, as a spice: explaining the Israeli history from a suitable angle of view, explaining, that Israel is not an enemy, on the contrary, a perfect ally for the unstable future, reminding the deep relations of both states, beginning at 1948 Israeli War for Independence, when the Czech state delivered them the critical military arsenal to defeat Arabic enemies… next, showing tales of innocent Israeli civilians, deliberately only pretty single women and cute school children, shelled ruthlessly by Palestinian terrorists with rockets… next, introducing Israeli politicians, wise, understanding and tolerant men, willing to listen to the Palestinian demands, to avoid another bloodshed, as they want peace for the people, but the opposite side always breaks all deals and misuses all concessions of Israel… simply presenting Israel as a beautiful, peaceful land, taking care only for their matters, if there wouldn’t be all that countless terrorists and enemies, willing to destroy the Jewish state.

And in the end, the anger and denial will be inconspicuosly redirected at Muslims, using the current refugee crisis in Europe, causing wide fear of so called Islamization in all European countries, and indicating clearly, that admiration and appreciation of Israel, affection to Israel, is completely natural, correct and trendy stance, when the social leaders, celebrities, will present their positive opinion about Israel, starting with a key Mossad operative in the Czech republic, Nela Boudova (*1967), also used in the Operation SKINNY PUPPY, to brainwash Marketa Korinkova during her obligatory “tourist” visit of Israel, plus, Marketa’s contraceptive patches were exchanged for placebo by Nela, so the planned child of the young woman and the Sheikh Al Maktoum of Dubai can be conceived.

Anyway, Nikola Dotkova’s training course was complex, demanding and ruthless. With her, other four women were attending: an ex-member of FARC (Colombian guerilla), a Kurdish woman from Syria (for deployment against the Islamic State), a Japanese girl (probably for an operation against China), and a Russian speaking woman, who had her face covered with a balaclava for the whole time, so she had to be someone extremely important, and most likely even widely publicly known.

The course was a strange, hybrid combination of basic military training, like handling weapons, shooting practice and CQB (=close quarter battle), with added executive action and Intelligence part, like Intelligence analysis and gathering, using both electronics, surveillance and HUMINT (=human intelligence), and special preparation of the operatives, to be the most attractive, interesting and sexy women possible, because this particular course was specialized in so called honey traps, seducing other people by the operatives, deployed in the Islamic environment.


Nataly Hay

For this special purpose, even so bizarre lessons, as learning of various styles of seducing dance, were introduced during the course, teached by the two principal trainers: Nataly Hay, the most reputated belly dancer of the whole Middle East, used by Mossad for extending the Israeli influence in the hostile Arabic cultural environment, and Zola Dubnikova, appraised as an universal dance master, knowing maybe all possible modern female dance styles, including Dervish dance (originating from Sufism, a mystical movement of Islam), and belly dancing too, but rather free style, suitable for the slim fashion models, not confined with Arabic traditions, unlike the classic style of Nataly Hay.

Three days before the end of the course, it was announced, that there will be a final graduation mission, which will be taking place directly in a high-risk Islamic environment, so the skills of the operatives can be tested completely.

“To prove yourself, four of you will be sent as dancers into several night clubs, located in Beirut, Lebanon,” Nataly Hay announced, rather a small woman with long curly hair, shining white teeth and nicely defined muscles, wearing an IDF uniform without unit designation, with the rank of a Captain. “The fifth of you, according to the expressive request of her maternal organization, will execute the mission in the extremely dangerous environment, the Gaza Strip, Palestinian territories.

But the mission goal remains the same for all of you. Three tasks have to be accomplished: first, to obtain a sperm sample from the target. Second, to administer a prepared substance into his drink. Third, to download the whole user data content of his smartphone.

Regarding the first task, we don’t care, how you will get the sample, anyway, you don’t need to sleep with the target, just persuade and help him to ejaculate, and save a small sample, in your mouth for example, but don’t forget to transfer it into a suitable material as soon as possible.

The second task is tricky, as we won’t tell you in advance, what is the delivered substance exactly. It can be a laxative, a harmless placebo, or an immediate strong poison: so you will not be aware, what will happen after the substance’s activation inside the target, but you have to be prepared for all possible outcomes, including quick disappearance from the scene, as it would be maybe bad for you, to be caught by the local police with a lifeless body.

The third task is the most simple: using a special device we will equip you with, you will simply connect it to his smartphone, and the invention will do the rest. You only need to choose the right jack, because different brands are using different connectors, as you know.

Everyone of you will be equipped with a box now, containing all the tools you will and may need: 1000 USD in cash, to cover local expenses, to bribe the police or to get transportation, the map of the target territory, including designated entrance and exit routes, general description of the place and personnel of the club, and most importantly, the detailed personal file of your target, including surveillance photographs. Be advised, however, that like in the real life, the files can be incomplete, corrupted, or containing an outdated information, so you will have to improvise on the spot.

If you will find yourself in a critical situation, where your cover could be blown, I warn you, that if you will indicate any connection with the state of Israel, or your home countries or organizations to your captors, to save your life, this statement will be expressively denied by all parties, and most importantly, you will be most likely tortured, executed and mutilated, as nobody will pay the ransom money for you.

This arrangement was expressively agreed by your benefactors, not to involve the state of Israel into an international incident: there will be no exceptions, so write a paper with a last letter to your beloved ones, and your testament, before going onto the mission. You are forbidden to indicate or reveal anything to the outside world, in the letter, or by contacting your relatives or friends, using cell phone or any means of communication.

I am telling this warning to you, to make things completely clear: the potential interrogation by the enemy will be real, it won’t take place somewhere in Israel, in a hangar, masked as a warehouse in Beirut, with artificially added sounds of muezzins, and Mossad operatives, dressed as Lebanese locals.

All of you signed a complex statement previously, that you are fully aware, that during this specialized course, a serious bodily harm, including death, can be suffered, so do everything to get out of the situation, particularly, cry for help, that you are sexually assaulted. Or, whether you will dial police, or get some local asset for protection and security, it’s up to you: but there will be no rescue ‘Sayeret Matkal’ commando sent to save you, count with that in advance, as all of you mean nothing valuable to Israel, and your home states won’t risk such armed intervention by themselves.

In other words, since the moment you will cross the borders, you are nameless, faceless person, who is to be sacrificed without any hesitation, in order to keep international stability of this fragile world. If you will have to eliminate the target physically, caught in a life threatening situation, this extreme solution is not expressively forbidden, but you will have to explain your decision very thorougly to us, and if you will have to do it, at least arrange it as some common brawl, a rape attempt, don’t use some advanced techniques, indicating a targeted assassination, like strangling wires, better only a kitchen knife.

The four of you, going to Beirut, will be in much safer position, but the last of you, going into Gaza, will be directly threatened on life. I want to assure you, that sending you there was not our idea, we were even against it, as you are only humans, you can make mistakes, and almost no mission goal is worthy of your young life… but there, at Gaza, no mistake is forgiven, you won’t get any second chance, as there is practically a ghetto, where the locals have nothing to lose, so your security can’t be guaranteed anyhow, and again, your retrieval by our security forces is absolutely out of question.

They kill our people, we eliminate theirs: without too much words, negotiations, or too much commotion. This is how the life goes there, every day… so for the last of you, I have only one advice: if you will be losing control of the situation, than rather run away, simply turn back, forget the mission, don’t go past the point of no return.

We feel certain responsibility for you, although strictly limited in practical sense, and it wouldn’t help to the mutual relations with your superiors, if you would return home in a black body bag: moreover, you know the rules of the politics, the blame would fall on us in the end, and we are not willing to play some scapegoats.

And last thing, valid for all of you: only items in the box can be carried in your pockets on the mission. No other objects or equipment are allowed, particularly weapons, otherwise you will be severely reprimanded by your benefactors.”

All girls presumed, that for the Gaza mission, that masked Russian speaking woman will be selected… but to the deepest surprise of Nikola Dotkova, she found a detailed map of the Gaza Strip in her box, so she raised her eyes from the paper, towards the instructor, that a mistake happened. But Nataly Hay’s cold eyes spoke clearly: ‘This is your destiny, set by your superiors.’

Indeed, Nikola Dotkova was a woman of high emotional stability and resistance, unlike most of the women, fragile, unstable, confined inside their fear and overanalyzing… but knowing, where she will go soon, and completely alone, it would let calm only the roughest of people, including male operators with Special Forces background.

Two days later, Nikola Dotkova finds herself in an Egyptian taxi, going to Rafah Border Crossing between the Egypt and Gaza Strip, serving only to pedestrians. Equipped only with a cheap cover tale, and ‘Heavy Slander’ press card she decided to smuggle with her, even against direct orders of Israelis, she is entering the jaw of a lion.

At home, they think jealously, that she is enjoying sunny Miami, but in reality, she becomes a part of single human mass of Palestinian men, moving towards the heavily armed checkpoint, under the grey depressive sky… behind it, she will be as alone, as nobody else, an operative in a hostile territory.

Will she succeed, and survive?

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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