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It’s the afternoon of 30th January 2013, when a beautiful young woman, the only inhabitant of a large residential suite, located at 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest skycraper of the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sits to an expensive design table with a cup of strong Arabic coffee, a glass of Perrier mineral water, and a thin stack of papers.

Her name is Marketa Korinkova, later adding an Islamic first name Maryam, when she converted to Islam here, and she was once a reputated Czech fashion model, who later became a part of a very complex, and dangerous game for power and influence in the Persian Gulf, where also the Czech Military, and the feared Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, plus many other sides with their own interests, are participating.

But now, these several papers could decide her destiny. So, she takes the last deep breath as a free person, and opens the package, as it has no sense to run away, or to close eyes, with hope, that this nightmare will simply disappear, that it’s only a bad dream.

Think positively, and positive things will come to you, she repeats a favorite proverb again.

But as soon as she sees the first paper, an introductory picture for the cover of a planned Special Issue of the Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, all blood in her veins stops circulating. And it’s only the beginning!


Dear readers of our reputated Czech gossip magazine, ‘Heavy Slander’!

It’s your endless support and cordial interest, which keeps us going to the stars, sniffing like the best hunting dogs for sensations without rest, to bring you the best fun, amusement, pleasure, enjoyment and distraction, so you can forget all the brooding misery of your lives.

Be honest, that you failed in life. So many dreams you had, about money, big houses, shiny cars, travelling the world, sleeping with the best sexy bodies, being appreciated and beloved by masses… and how many of these bold plans were fulfilled?

Through time, you became bitter, jealous, and you started wishing others to fail as well, so they can remain on your personal level, making some kind of miserable loser unity between you.

Is this, what you want? To return other people back from the stars, so they will fall back to the surface of the planet Earth, not making clouds of success on your sun of good mood, as the mankind was created to walk, not to fly?

And you don’t mind, if they will fall a little bit hard? A little bit painfully, ruthlessly, and the final landing will be most unpleasant, whereas you will feel so strong satisfaction, smiling like a lottery winner, sitting in your poorly furnished living room with a cheap beer from the supermarket in hand, but still, at your cozy home, safe, in full convenience, protected from all the ruthless media hyenas out there, like me?

To experience such pleasant feelings, then you definitely need to read this Special Issue, dedicated to our famous girl in Dubai, Marketa Korinkova, who “forgot” to inform the Czech public, her devoted friends, neighbors and countrymen, about several important details of her fascinating journey from Prague to the Emirates.

Were you one of those, who admired her? Then today, I am afraid, you will have to reconsider, whether this woman is a good example for you, or your daughter, or our beloved country.

We understand, that maybe she hadn’t other option. We understand, that in the Emirates, it’s hard to prevail. Everybody has always plenty of excuses in their pockets, you know the rules. So we don’t present any clear stance towards Marketa, whether she is bad, or good person: it’s you, readers, who will decide themselves, according to the interesting backstage facts we gathered both in CZ, and the Emirates.

We interrogated all possible witnesses, who allowed us to track Marketa’s exact, provable steps in the last several months of her life completely. We bribed both Czech and Dubai government officials to release restricted information, and we didn’t try to save money for this purpose: you know, that if we start something once, we will never stop, until the work is done, and we can present you our final journalistic product with pride.

Now, at least once in life, your voice can be important, when all that politicians lied to you again, before last elections, like always, and you believed them, again, giving them votes, leading our country astray. But who cares about the past? Let’s read about present, about a person we all know, who was loved and appreciated by many just yesterday, who became even something as national symbol, when the Czech fools and losers discovered their long forgotten national pride again. Will it be the same after today?

So don’t forget to express your updated opinion about Marketa on our Heavy Slander website, and tell the world loudly, what you think about her, and her officially stated plans, that she is not willing to return into the Czech Republic, ever, as the Emirates, an Islamic country, is better than her homeland, according to her opinion!

Isn’t it an insult to us all, who fight hard to make our community better, who pay endless taxes to the Czech state in full? Do you still like her? Well, it doesn’t begin too well for her, does it? Our country likes to wave with flags proudly, at least, when the hockey of football fools representatives are playing some match… can such treacherous opinions be accepted, tolerated, and forgiven?

Vox Populi, Vox Dei! Voice of the people is the voice of the God! The girl will get from her people, what she rightfully deserves, brothers and sisters, our beloved readers!

Your devoted,
Pavel Novotny, the Chief Reporter and CEO

The true background of Marketa Korinkova’s victory at ‘Miss Motors International 2012’ beauty contest: was it genuine?

Are you so naive, that you think, that in such high-profile contest, only female beauty was decisive indicator? Don’t be an outdated, reactionary, dumb fool: it’s all about backstage deals and pulling secret levers, and to assure your victory, you need to have money, connections, or both at best.

To be a fashion model, it’s so demanding. The competition is so large… so what could our poor girl do? Of course, to get a powerful ally was the most suitable option. Some fool, who would back her success. The question is: how could and should she repay the favor to him? Or was he so kind benefactor, to give her cca 50.000 USD of bribery money for free?

This man, who owns a big Czech factory for killing poor yellow chickens in millions, so you can buy your delicious KFC menu and consume it with satisfaction and without remorse, is known as a collector of luxurious cars, and he destroys them in various road accidents quite often (note: he asked not to be expressively named, fool, but in this moment, every citizen of CZ knows already).

When the girl approached him, and asked him to sponsor her journey to the fashion modeling stars, the man listened to her quite indifferently at first, as hundreds of people in need are bombing him with heart-breaking letters daily, even visiting him personally, to beg for money, so he experiences the classic fate of all rich people, and believe me, fools, you don’t want to be rich in your next life!

Too much problems: extortion, criminals, terrorists… maybe the only good side is the favor of the fashion models.

Anyway, in the end, the girl was blessed, and she got the money indeed. Why? The millionaire explains himself:

“All the fools, who are coming to the door of my luxurious mansion, are making big sad eyes on me, they cry, they try to extort me emotionally. But this girl, she was different… more she tried to seem firm and decisive, more I felt weakness, vulnerability, instability and fear from failure inside her.

Who knows, what the poor girl had to go through in her life? How many men hurt her heart, disappointed her, deserted her?

Thus, I decided to support her, without any doubt… so I bribed not only Italian organizers of the Miss contest, but also several key reporters of the Czech tabloid media, to write about her favorably… judge me, condemn me, as you like, but I don’t care, I am a millionaire, unlike you, fools, I don’t need you… it was a foul play a little bit, but you have to alter the rules to your favor, otherwise you will lose in life…”

Frustration in the Emirates

Although Marketa Korinkova was studying on the elite Charles University in Prague, particularly ‘Marketing Communication and Public Relations’ course of study, to learn, how to influence masses to buy stuff or to change their stances, we suspect her, that she was sleeping during the lessons, or she was missing there completely.

Indeed, she didn’t represent her school very well in the Emirates, and the honorary doctorate she was awarded after her famous victory in Riccione, Italy, should be returned back to the academic scholars. Why?

When Marketa reached the Emirates, without almost any money in her pocket, although the bribed Czech media falsely informed about her high-profile fashion modeling contracts for Prada, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Dior etc., she realized very quickly, that her sweet imaginations about easy and fast success there are only a girlish dream.

Yeah, Dubai is extremely competitive… in all branches of business, you meet very formidable competitors, and again, without money and connections, but in a little bit larger scale, you are nobody, and you will lose.

To return home broke and failed, it was a nightmare for Marketa… she begged her domestic wealthy sponsor, to send more money, that she will do just anything for him… serving as his housekeeper, cleaner, cook, lover, PR agent, luxurious accessory into his Ferrari, she was even willing to play his fully obedient dog… but the man was really not impressed by the demanded amount, now ten times higher, full 500.000 USD was needed, so Marketa could build ber personal brand and gain necessary publicity… and these serious money could be only the start of overall costs, and thousands of additional cute chickens more would have to be slaughtered!

If the man rejected the immodest request, what else could Marketa do? Indeed, to use her female weapons.

To activate them, she needed to obtain an invitation for a VIP party firstly, either stealing it, or “deserving” it… you know, what it means, and you need not only one pass, but two passes, the another for your female friend, to be your ‘wing woman’, as you can’t go to such VIP places alone, you would look like a desperate prostitute… however, the girl was so persistent, so dedicated to her dreams, that no hesitation and good manners could stop her.

In the end, one October 2012 evening, she dressed her best wardrobe, and she went for a hunt, taking place at that extremely luxurious residential hotel in Dubai, called “The Address Downtown Dubai”, and her female friend from “Czechoslovak Models” agency, who allowed her to live in her appartment for free, at least temporarily, until she will get some job, accompanied her.

(Note: in fact, our girl paid for the flat, in certain kind, by sleeping with her friend’s fiancé repeatedly. After all, how can you say “No” to a sweaty, horny man, who misuses your current vulnerable position, if you have no other roof above your head?)

And believe it or not, on the VIP party, the girl was extremely lucky. Having last 50 USD banknote in her empty pocket, she met with a Lebanese singer of quite a high artistic reputation through the whole Middle East, called Ramy Ayach… unfortunately, the Czech girl was not the only sharp female hawk, encircling the famous artist, so she had to choose another strategy, to infiltrate his vicinity, then his mind, and then certain parts of his masculine Arabic body, so he will share some opportunities with her, either professional, social or financial.

So, the clever Marketa had an immediate plan, but she needed money for a bold action like that.

Thinking, that this could be her last chance to prevail in the Emirates, otherwise she will have to return home empty-handed, whereas the ruthless Czech tabloid media would definitely notice her failure, destroying her media picture inevitably and with pleasure (you know us), she had to leave all excessive regards aside, and to risk a little bit.

Stealing 1000 USD of cash money from the handbag of her female friend, the bold girl ran to one of the organizers of the party, asked him for a favor, and bribed him, plus she promised him a ‘physical relaxation’, if he will feel lonely sometimes.

And this good man helped her very effectively, indeed: interrupting the party music, and annoucing loudly the arrival of a famous Czech media star and internationally recognized fashion model, called Marketa Korinkova. How could Ramy not notice, including all other VIP guests of the party?

But fashion models, the ultimate women, the social leaders, they know their job well. They know, how to influence and manipulate powerful men, using the basic rule: “Feed a wolf, and then let him starve, he will come to you, willing to be submitted!”

So, she totally ignored Ramy, and she talked with all other men, mostly with a black French rapper, called TLF, who was incarcerated for an armed robbery of a Cartier store in Paris in the past, converted to Islam in prison, but now, he is allegedly making his bucks only by selling decent music tapes and making good hiphop, cooperating with a French female singer Indila, and part of his fortune are allegedly two full floors of Burj Khalifa skycraper, and a whole city quarter of Marrakesh, Morocco, including a former palace of a local warlord.

Clever Marketa smiled at him, she let him to touch her at her sexy hips, shoulders and hands, not promising anything expressively, but not protesting openly about potential sexual intercourse between the Slavic beauty and North African king, of course unprotected, as TLF is known to be a man, who has no fear of anybody, anything, except Allah.

Seeing the scene, Ramy considered Marketa as an extremely valuable piece to decorate his extensive love collection with, and followed by his suite of ruthless muscular and armed bodyguards, he went into an open brawl with TLF and his plentiful suite of dope dealers and whores, to attract Marketa’s attention to him, and to show him his own bravery, not knowing, that this is exactly what Marketa wants and needs, so she provoked and humiliated him deliberately.

(Note: Do our male readers recognize women in their own vicinity now? As you can see, VIP females are not so different from your beloved mothers and/or sisters)

We don’t know, where Marketa slept in the end, whether in Ramy’s residence, or TLF’s, as nobody of the two singers was willing to talk about the night, because they would confess to break the strict Islamic rules, forbidding extramarital sex, but it’s a proven fact, that she never arrived back home that night, as her female friend testifies.

She returned at 2PM next day, wearing a brand new Dior outfit and expensive Cartier watch, decorated with diamonds, and she was really tired, sleeping for the whole day, whereas her cell phone ringed and beeped at least fifty times.

Anyway, they made contact with Ramy eventually, and there was a perfect media opportunity for her: the singer was just searching for a main female role of his upcoming music video, called “Majnoun” (Fool), suitable for Marketa’s type perfectly… but there was a “small” problem, an obstacle, called Alexandra Pianka, a German supermodel with extremely high reputation in the Emirates, called “Princess of Dubai” by the local media, threatenting Marketa to steal the role…

We all know, how this affair ended: Alexandra got the role eventually, as she was simply better, and angry Marketa could make only a quite cheap gesture, claiming for the media, that she “let” the part for the competitor deliberately, as she has better contracts.

Well, except a new lover… she had nothing in fact, only lies, which she distributed back into CZ, to fool you, dear readers. Was it nice from the girl? But she had to do it, to survive, so forgive her, please.

Anyway, this brave lioness continued to search for a way into the VIP social elite of Dubai… and then she discovered immense opportunity in Islam.

Yeah, you hear well, inside that religion, feared by many. Now you can see, that she was willing to do absolutely anything for the success, including accepting the faith of archenemies of the free Western world, the terrorists, oppressing us, threatening to steal our liberties, freedom and consuming way of life from us.

Wouldn’t be the price of such success too high?

But firstly, Marketa had to pay the bills. So she had to find a real work…

The shady Russian night club

Indeed, Marketa was not the first or last woman in the history of mankind, who realized, that the easiest way to get some needed money in a  foreign land, is to use her body as a tool.

In the Emirates, although it’s denied by the official media and the ruling Al Maktoum family, there is a big sexual market, where particularly women and girls from the Eastern Europe are participating, attracting hungry, horny men from all over the world.

Marketa knew some Russian language, so the recruitment process into a covert, shady place, where the drinks are diluted, called “Sailor’s Last Chance”, was quite smooth, and she made friends there soon.

Of course, there was a risk for the girl, human trafficking, deportation by the Emirates police, and so on… but again, the girl was willing to pay the price, and returning home was out of question… furthermore, many women you know from the media as celebrities, they made the same step, for example Martina Gavriely (=allegedly detained in the U.S., working there as a luxurious prostitute).

One of her Russian female colleagues confirms, that Marketa still works in the club, only part time, but you know how it goes: once you start with this kind of work, it’s hard to stop, and get used back to a legitimate, but boring and slow job…

Anyway, the girl was clever, and she invented a perfect career combination: night clubs, and Islam…

Alleged conversion to Islam

One day, Marketa read an article about alleged conversion of famous singer Michael Jackson to Islam, shortly before his premature death.

And then, she knew, what to do next, to make a big media breakthrough: she will convert too, at least she will pretend to do it, no one can verify that anyway, she thought, and she will find a new job, in that “Armani Prive Lounge”, located at Burj Khalifa, on the 144th floor, the most luxurious night club of the world.

But she won’t provide sexual services there, it’s forbidden in Islam anyway… still, she could reach the highest social ranks in Dubai, just by being different, special, unavailable for men, inaccesible… she will invite VIP people to Islam there, doing so called Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, but making good VIP contacts for latter career use in the process!

Unfortunately for her, Marketa made a big mistake in this matter: she simply didn’t persuade the Islamic insiders, that she is indeed a convert to Islam. Because she was not…

As the reputated Czech Arabist and an Islamic convert Petr Pelikan confirms, he knew always, that she is not one of them, and he was not the only one with such opinion.

“Although to become a Muslim is arranged factually just by reciting the Shahada, even without witnesses, there is a very simple way, how to recognize a fake convert from a genuine one…”

In this moment, Marketa stopped reading, and she put the poisonous papers away.

She knew, that if this “Special Issue” will get out, into the public, if it will be seen by the primitive masses, always hungry for malicious gossip, she is simply finished, either back home, where she never intended to return, but also here, in the Emirates, because the edition will be distributed here too, as the Heavy Slander wants to expand abroad, using this issue as a battering ram in the Middle East, and in the process, Marketa’s social and professional reputation will be effectively destroyed instantly, and as a result, all sides will turn away from her. She won’t be a reliable business partner, or social leader anymore… and soon, she should meet the Sheikh!

The girl lied on her king size double bed, closing her beautiful brown eyes, thinking: Heavy Slander can publish the first parts of the Special Issue on the Internet almost immediately, to tease readers, to open the way for the real, physical edition. Although this is still a working draft, a layout, where many texts and pictures were still missing, and some sentences were corrected with a pencil, Heavy Slander was well known to make perfect trailers of their most critical materials, and particularly “Special Issues”, because to sell these successfully, it needed more advertisement, than a general issue of the magazine, as not everybody could be interested in a particular personality, whom the edition was dedicated to.

How much time can she have remaining? It can be hours, days at most. Maybe her new friend, who supplied this draft to her, Nikola Dotkova, another Czech fashion model, now working as a Heavy Slander foreign reporter, could tell more to Marketa, provide some time plan… but once it will all start, it will be quick. Only the title page was enough!

And she can’t stop it, anyhow: Novotny, the Chief Reporter, is 6000 kilometers from here, probably, and he was known to be absolutely closed to any persuasion, begging, or threats. He simply didn’t care: he even welcomed such fruitless efforts, as those indicated clearly, that a particular celebrity will be hit extremely hard, and he or she fears the consequences. In that moment, Novotny was known to add the spice yet…

Her last chance, Marketa was thinking, is to utilize the meeting with the Sheikh somehow. Right now, her overall position is still perfect in all senses… but it can change soon, rapidly and completely.

But what good deal can she make with the Sheikh Al Maktoum, if it can be revoked, as soon as the bad news will arrive into his palace, and staff of advisors?

Maybe, if she could get something, to extort him, to threaten him with releasing details of their imaginary love affair? But then, such affair would have to happen physically, it would have to be a reality, a provable fact…

Shouldn’t she inform Nikola about such affair, and deliberately?

The reporter would be eager to know more, most definitely. And couldn’t Novotny even help Marketa, in the end? In some exchange for such explosive information?

Who could be interested in this? Some enemies of the Emirates? But who is it? Maybe the state of Israel? And Novotny was known to have Jewish ancestry!

OK, she will do it this way: she will go to work, as normally, she will return the papers to Nikola… or, moment, there is a better option yet… she could threaten the reporter somehow, that she will show the papers to Novotny, and Nikola will be fired, unless she will cooperate… in what?

Firstly, she will tell Marketa absolutely everything she knows, and she will be asked, if there is way, how to stop all this. Maybe even Novotny has a vulnerability, a dirty laundry, hidden in his wardrobe…

It started to look as a dangerous game, where all regards will have to be put away, indeed. In the end, who knows, whether the articles about Marketa won’t tell a piece of truth…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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