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If you would spend one single evening at the most reputated and luxurious night club of the world, called “Armani Private Lounge”, located at 144th floor of famous Burj Khalifa skycraper, the tallest building of the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this experience could change your life indeed, if you would meet the key VIP hostess there, called Marketa Korinkova, originally a Czech female fashion model, later adding a first Islamic first name Maryam, when she converted to Islam in the Emirates, submitting to Almighty Allah, and accepting His wise guidance, the destiny He prepared for her: to execute the Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, to spread the word about immense advantages and rewards of Islam for every human being, who can find peace by self-surrendering to the will of Allah, walking on the Straight Path.

Here, she has full, unlimited access to the most powerful VIPs of the world, and as her social reputation has arisen rapidly, following the famous interview with critical Al Jazeera television, it seems, that nothing can stop the young beautiful woman on her journey to the stars, not only in social sense, but also to gain Paradise, when the world will come to an end one day, Allah will resurrect all His creations, and He will decide, whether they will be rewarded by eternal Paradise, or punished by Hell.

But in the modern society, regardless of your religion and beliefs, you are never alone, you are a part of a big eternal game for power and influence: and there will always be various rats, wolves and vultures, trying to take you down, to (mis)use you, to defeat you, to humiliate you, to revenge your alleged wrong deeds.

Who knows, what the real agenda of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary unit of the Czech Army for executing the most sensitive clandestine operations in the name of higher interest, is: there is no official control or supervision possible, as the Unit is deliberately created out of regular Military structures, its existence was never confirmed by the Ministry of Defence, but various public rumors and scarce reports of the sniffing tabloid media indicate, that this formation really influences the Czech society, by (mis)using VIPs and fashion models, to promote Military interests.

And now, they are even expanding abroad boldly, in close cooperation with “Heavy Slander”, the key Czech tabloid magazine, which supports the Psychological and Information Operations (PSYOPS, INFOOPS) of the Unit, by providing necessary media cover, as its Chief Reporter, Pavel Novotny, Asset A17, codename ZORAN, was bribed and extorted to cooperate with the Czech Military, but not for free: he has now access to extremely valuable information from various Intelligence databases, so no media competitor can get even close, and he reaps immense social and business success, thus yet improving his importance and usefulness in the attentive eyes of the Military masterminds, using him as their pawn.

Even Marketa Korinkova, now an Islamic Princess, was once deployed as a pawn, in a complex clandestine operation of the Czech Army and formidable Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, called Operation SKINNY PUPPY, to destabilize the whole Middle East by disrupting the rule of Al Maktoum family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after Marketa will have a passionate love affair with the Sheikh Al Maktoum, and a child will be conceived from this event, well covered by the tabloid media, waiting for an order to launch an avalanche of deadly ingenious gossip and poisonous slanders, resulting in civic revolution.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd it will happen soon, it seems: it’s Thursday, 31st January 2013, and the fateful meeting between Marketa Korinkova and the Sheikh should happen just tomorrow, so the support team of the Unit is present directly at the site, pretending to be innocent tourists in Dubai, living in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, but finalizing the final part of the plan: to push Marketa against the wall, to literally hunt her into the Sheikh’s embrace, by extorting her about her alleged controversial past, which will be published in the newest Special Issue of the Heavy Slander, called expressively “Sex, Lies, Emirates”, and distributed even abroad, here, in the Emirates, to destroy her personal brand deliberately, to suspect her from prostitution and faked conversion to Islam, to force her to make desperate moves to save her career and life.

Two fully qualified men and one woman were sent into Dubai to make sure, that the operation with vast possible consequences for the future of the world will be successful, and sustainable future of the state of Israel will be preserved, as the axis of their Islamic enemies will be disrupted and stripped from power.

The affair won’t end just by removing the corrupted ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, when the Emirates people will rise against him: the Information Operation will continue, and Israelis plan to spread a highly explosive rumor, that the oil supplies of Saudi Arabia, generating immense power for supporting ultraorthodox version of Islam, called wahhabism, are effectively exhausted: then, the whole Middle East could crumble like a house of cards.

But Israelis are clever, and they are not entering the affair themselves directly, so they can’t be suspected from a hostile action, which could result in a diplomatic conflict: they are using the Czech Army and Czech tabloid media as cat’s pawns, as these entities have their own interests in the Persian Gulf region: to spread the influence of the Czech state in the world, and to acquire a new powerful ally for the future, as the United States are crumbling after lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and under the ruthless pressure of Islamic State, they need to concentrate at protecting their own borders, leaving many geopolitical positions in the world open, and the power vacuum will be filled soon: either by Israelis, or the omnipresent Chinese.

And on the beginning of this massive and dangerous plan, where many innocent people could suffer in potential armed revolutions and civil wars, there is a single young girl, a fashion model with brown innocent eyes, looking firm and decisive, but who has her own deep vulnerabilities she tries to hide, however, these were discovered by the Unit, who made a thorough psychological assessment of her personality, indicating, that only she can make it as far as into the Sheikh’s soft bed: she desperately needs a paternal figure, and the Sheikh will react, he won’t let this beautiful, but vulnerable puppy to suffer more, he will take care of her, because she is something as his fragile sweet daughter, they are connected.

Whether he will make a daughter or his third wife from her, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is, that Marketa Korinkova will have unlimited access into his closest social vicinity, and as she struggles with love in life, not understood and accepted by males, she will naturally use her female weapons, to seduce the Sheikh, to became his partner, eliminating the other two wives, her competitors.

The Unit’s experienced analysts know, that Marketa is something like an unstable demon in an 177 cm tall, slim body of a sexy fashion model. She has several faces: the first, smiling and positive, is public. The second, hidden deeply, is troubled, dark and melancholic. And the third is an obsession to prove her own value, simply by stealing powerful men from other women.

How couldn’t Marketa Korinkova accept such interesting, even ultimate female challenge, if there is just a few yet more powerful men in the whole world, than Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Sheikh of Dubai?

And to defeat his two original wives, including Princess Haya bint al Hussein from Jordan… wouldn’t this achievement please any modern, highly ambitious woman, who decided to touch the stars?

Marketa Korinkova is extremely ambitious, as any fashion model. It’s even unhealthy degree, however, to be a fashion model, it’s rather a psychological diagnose, than a mere social status and profession… and you are young and beautiful only once, for a few years your beauty can open all doors of the world, before you will succumb to your biological weakness and you let some loser fool to impregnate you, burning your bold girlish dreams to dust.

Still, one more piece is needed, so the puzzle will be completed: another woman, who will direct Marketa, where she is needed.

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsNikola Dotkova, another Czech fashion model, designated as Asset A55, codename CAT’S PAWN, is a fully recognized member of the Unit, filed under Female Warfare (FEMWAR) department, and specialized in so called honey traps, seducing men and women alike for various purposes, and she went through highly demanding training in Israel, orientated at basic Military and Intelligence skills, plus seductive dancing, so the master belly dancer, a female collaborator of Mossad and captain of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Nataly Hay, was her most qualified instructor.

Nikola’s graduation mission was extremely dangerous, literally playing with death: to infiltrate Gaza, Palestinian territories, the world’s largest ghetto, where people have nothing to lose, and to fulfill three tasks, associated with a bodily access to a designated man.

No one knows, how the mission went exactly, and how it ended actually: the Israelis never released any details, however, their final report about Nikola, made by Mossad instructors and psychologists, speaks about Nikola in superlatives: her unseen emotional stability, resistance and ability to execute her Intelligence tasks under pressure makes her a perfect asset for special operations.

But here, in Dubai, she is masked as a young girl, who struggled to get a job at home, so she took an opportunity, to become a foreign reporter of Heavy Slander gossip magazine, with mission to prepare the Special Issue about Marketa Korinkova, who gained the celebrity status in the Czech Republic, following her (manipulated) victory at the highly prestigious Miss Motors International 2012 beauty contest, taking place at Riccione, Italy, and related wide media campagin, sponsored secretly by the Unit, and the Israelis.

And now, all loose ends are becoming connected: the Chief Reporter Novotny is present in Dubai as well, spending countless hours in front of his portable computer, working hard to write all the malicious articles about Marketa, so she will be shocked, when she will read a working draft, deliberately provided by Nikola Dotkova, pretending to be a “friend”.

Indeed, when Marketa Korinkova read the draft, she was devastated firstly, as they wanted: but she had the time to think, what to do next, and to remember Allah, who is known as Remover of obstacles.

She decided to keep Nikola close, as the allegedly inexperienced reporter could provide her more information about the whole Special Issue affair, and maybe a secret way, how to stop this nightmare, which could destroy her perfect career in the Emirates once and forever: and this is what she can’t afford, as she never wants to go back into the Czech Republic, her original homeland. She is a Muslim now, and she can’t live without five calls of muezzins to prayer every day, where the minarets of countless mosques are towering towards the clear blue sky.

Now, Marketa Korinkova is a pawn indeed, and she has very formidable enemies around her, sent to break her, to make a puppet from her, who will run for her life into the Za’beel Palace, where the Sheikh Al Maktoum resides, to search for protection, and love…

Still, the girl fights for her life like lion: inviting Nikola Dotkova into her work, into the “Armani Prive Lounge”, where she invites VIPs to Islam…

“Every day, people are coming here, paying immense money to get and enter here, travelling thousands of miles, spending hours in airplanes, and in the end, they receive only a simple advice, instead of endless presentation and brainwashing they expected,” a young pretty woman, with her beauty covered with hijab obediently, speaks calmly to a small circle of well dressed listeners, who gathered around a large table in the “Armani Prive Lounge”, while a pleasant soul music is playing in the background, creating a nice, relaxed atmosphere, together with decent illumination.

“The world of non-believers, it’s an immensely complex thing, getting more and more complicated every day. No wonder, that it’s crushing and devastating people, who search for ways out of endless stress, worries, doubts, fear and uncertain future, so sooner or later, men or women, young or old, poor or rich, they discover Islam, as they are led by Allah to their destiny inevitably.

If you made so long way here, so maybe Islam is your destiny, and it makes no sense to deny it, or to escape from your fate, where you will find peace, freedom and purpose, you will be a good, balanced person, like you always wanted to be.

Once you get too close to Islam, you can’t go back, you will be attracted only more and more, making steps closer and closer, until one fateful day, which you will remember forever, you will simply declare, that ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger and servant’. And that’s it, like if this would be the most natural thing in life!

No demanding preparation, no stress or excessive thinking! Just say it, and you will see! And you will never want to go back… there will be only a way forward in your life anyway, to be a good Muslim, a good caretaker of everything!

Then, how much it costed you? Nothing. What did you have to do? You say thousands of useless words daily, and the shortest version of ‘Shahadah’ (=declaration of Islamic faith) has only five words. It can’t be even easier!

So, I won’t discuss Islam with you, I won’t answer thousands of questions you have in your minds. It makes no sense, as in Islam, many bothering things in life, like losing time with nonsense, will simply disappear!

Now, you live the kind of life, where you have to discuss, where you talk too much, you fight for your voice to be heard, you struggle. And it’s stressing and exhausting, isn’t it?

In Islam, you don’t need others, only Allah. In Islam, you don’t have to fear others, only Allah. In Islam, Allah always listens to you, unlike the others, who are selfish… Allah gives you everything you need, and if He takes from you, He makes it for your own good.

Just put your trust into Him! And you can relax from all the endless choices!

Islam is not only a religion, it’s a perfected way of life, but still extremely simple. You don’t need an IQ or University to understand! You can return to your nature, to your simple side, so you will get the most desirable inner peace. Not to speak about endless rewards and advantages you will gain, if you will do good deeds, to worship Allah, as this is the purpose of your creation…

And don’t forget, that your previous sins in life are forgiven, in the moment you accept Islam.

Yeah, I could talk hours about this miracle I am living. And I don’t mean Dubai… Islam is the miracle. Of course, it’s nice to live in an Islamic country, if you are a Muslim, but to Allah belongs East and West, and everywhere you turn, there is the presence of Allah, who knows everything you do, who has full control of you, and with Him rests the end of all affairs.

Although there are differences between us, we all need Allah, either we are poor or rich, beautiful or ugly. With Allah, we are liberated from such definitions and evaluation from others: no one is entitled to judge you, only Allah, and if you adopt this rule, you will be free from burden of dependence on others, as today, you seek for their favor and acceptance like some loser pet, and they will misuse you, feeling your weakness and insecurity.

Islam gives you everything you really need: then, nothing can be stolen from you, and you don’t have to deserve for more. Allah will decide: and He knows the best,” the girl finished her speech, and she had a draught of water, to refresh.

“It’s all nice, but there is Islamic terrorism and…” someone from the VIP group said with agitation, and immediately after that, without saying a word or presenting an emotion, Marketa simply stood up and left.

It was her firm rule, and even if you were a president, she wouldn’t make an exception: Islam is the religion of peace, and it teaches people to see preferably the positive things in life, and Muslim is a person, who can afford the luxury of leaving stupid, useless questions without answer.

At the bar, where only non-alcoholic drinks were served recently, as alcohol is haram (=forbidden) in Islam, and the management of the club, and the Giorgio Armani Italian luxury fashion brand, decided to play the Islamic note, to attract publicity by creating controversy, Marketa was joined by Nikola Dotkova, who used her invitation for this evening.

“Here is the file back,” Marketa said without excitement, and she delivered thin stack of papers to Nikola, who tried to estimate, how the other woman feels about the content. But listening to her presentation, she seemed to be too much balanced, Nikola thought.

“What can I say,” Marketa commented the affair. “Your boss, Pavel Novotny, is a miserable clown, nothing else. If he thinks that he means something… only in his imagination. He is pathetic… and I don’t care. He is not the one who will influence my fate: it’s only Allah, it will always be only Allah. Not some sweaty infidel pig.”

“Novotny is not the main problem here,” Nikola replied. “He only fulfills orders of higher places. He is just a pawn. Me and you too.”

“I don’t play your silly game, no more,” Marketa was firm. “You are just treacherous miserable fools, and I have another master now, who will protect me, so I have no fear of you, I fear only Him. I don’t serve you: I serve only Him.”

“Faith is a nice thing,” Nikola sat down on a bar chair slowly, showing her long slim legs. “And what about fear of death?”

“As a Muslim, you have no fear of death, simply because you are submitted to the will of Allah,” Marketa explained without too much emotion. “It’s Him, Allah, who will decide, how long you will live, and when you will die. Only Allah has control over your fate: nothing and no one else. So you can relax.”

Nikola was a clever girl, realizing soon, that she has to change approach and strategy immediately, as Marketa is too strong in such matters today. She needed her to divert her attention, and to distract her.

“Anyway, you are not mad at me? That I am a part of this nasty thing. But I told you, I need money, a career opportunity,” Nikola said with a sweet, innocent smile.

“No money can balance the bad deeds you will do with this sick man Novotny, as your boss, whom you will have to obey voluntarily, becoming a part of his nasty, fithly world,” Marketa said decisively, as she had an extensive media experience herself. “It’s you, who is responsible, sister. No one cares about your excuses. Ask yourself: are you doing good deeds right now?

If you would believe in Allah, you would write something nice about people, supporting them, giving them energy to live, to create, to benefit others, an inspiration. But you want to drag them into a sewer, so Novotny and his sick miserable readers can feel happy for a minute. I think, that you are better than this, sister,” the woman in hijab had a firm look into Nikola’s eyes.

“You are so good to me,” Nikola said with admiration. “Maybe I will tell him, that I won’t do this, because it’s bad. And I will leave the job… it’s not the only one in the world. Maybe I was fixed too much, to this opportunity. But it was just a fake dream, making me a bad person, seduced to a bad way.”

“These people, like him, they are the most experienced manipulators,” Marketa remarked. “They are clever, so they will realize soon, if you are in need, weak, isolated in society, so they fill your eyes and mind with money, dreams and convenience, so you are distracted, and they will play you, they will control your life soon.

To counter these energy suckers, you need Allah, otherwise you will lose, as these bitches know their game indeed. They are testing you permanently, by changing approach to you deliberately: in a minute, they are sweet as cake, then cold and hostile, and if you are distracted by this change, they know, that they have control over you, that you are dependent on their welfare.

Anyway, Nikola… I am finished for today. With you, with him. For me, you are nothing. I have no fear of you, and I feel no anger towards you. I don’t know you, and you are not a part of my life.

Now, I will use the elevator forty floors downstairs, and I will pray at my home to Allah. In comparison with Him, you mean nothing, absolutely nothing.

And if my career will be damaged… you see, I didn’t sleep at the school completely, as the fool Novotny wrote about me. So, I know, that media work as martial arts: you can use the energy of your enemy against him.

In the end, maybe your Special Issue will even help my career, and we will be friends. Of course, sister, that I was clever, and I haven’t spent my earned money only for gold, silk and diamonds! I have some local media assets on my payroll… and I am certain, that there will be a way, how to use your affair to my welfare… inshallah (=with the permission of Allah),” Marketa smiled with satisfaction.

“You said it completely exactly, who he is,” Nikola expressed her sadness. “And I have to live this life now, as he pays me dirty gold, taking me to the glamorous Emirates, but I am not a princess here, I am his stray dog, nobody. Yes, I am his slave… and now I understand more, why Allah means a way out of oppression.”

“If you will accept Islam, then you can even thank him to lead you to Allah, quite ironic,” Marketa pointed out with smile.

“At least I have an option,” Nikola said with gratitude. “Anyway, I have to go too. The man can’t find out, that the file disappeared.”

A good idea occured in Marketa’s mind.

“Let him go from your mind, or he will eat you alive,” she advised well. “More thoughts you dedicate to something, more it grows in power im strength. You create your own demons yourself in the end… you know, I have a good Spanish wine at home, for visits from Europe, so come with me, I will offer you a glass, so you can enjoy yourself a little.

Moreover, he needs to see, that you are a strong independent woman, not his dog, and any queen is defined by her unpunctuality.”

“You are absolutely right,” Nikola smiled. “Let’s go! I won’t say his name not even once today…”

Two hours later, it was four o’clock in the morning, and tired Nikola was sleeping on a large leather couch in Marketa’s borrowed residential appartment, located on the 102nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, with awesome panoramatic view of the whole Dubai, and secured by the club, her grateful employer, appreciating her good professional services, including the executive head, the reputated Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani himself.

Marketa Korinkova watched the other girl quite neutrally. The wine was strong indeed, and now, the Chief Reporter will be mad, if his journalistic dove haven’t returned home, disobeyed commands, simply he lost control of her.

And this is exactly, what Marketa wanted to achieve, to damage and disrupt their malicious tabloid media operation against her, making an ally from an enemy. In the end, two women always make an alliance against a man: now, this pigeon will eat grain from her palm.

Of course, it could still be a foul play from them: the girl could pretend to be sleepy, to steal some sensitive personal documents from Marketa’s home, to plant a surveillance bug there, to take some photos, maybe even to arrange some indecent scene, to damage Marketa yet more, so she will be evicted from her home…

But Allah was protecting Marketa, so she simply left the room silently, heading for the bedroom area, leaving her handbag with all possessions and mobile phone in the living room, simply believing firmly, that Allah knows the best, what should happen next.

Of course, that Nikola was pretending sleeping, at first. But as Marketa still stayed in the room, watching her and thinking, not leaving immediately, she had to keep her eyes closed, and even a female operative can have a moment of temporary failure… she will relax just for a moment, and then, she will continue with her plans, Nikola thought…

But she fell asleep eventually, and after drinking the heavy wine, she had an unpleasant dream.

She was there, back in Gaza, Palestinian territories, living her nightmare again.

Her slim body shook, when she remembered, what happened there…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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