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Who will ever know, where the silly and highly questionable decision was made, that the graduation mission of a new female FEMWAR member of an elite paramilitary unit of the Czech Army for clandestine special operations, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, will take place at Palestinian territories, particularly at Gaza Strip, the world’s largest ghetto, where people have nothing to lose, oppressed and pushed by all sides, desperately fighting for their freedom and future with everything they have, from explosives to knives, not afraid to die for their cause and destiny, men and women alike.

Even the experienced, bold and capable Israelis from Mossad Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, presented their sincere wonder, that such dangerous venture will be taken, and they expressively declared, that no rescue military operation from their side will be executed in a case of emergency, so the operative, sent there for an Intelligence mission, will be totally on her own, and if her cover will be blown, if it will be found, that she is in fact an attendee of a specialized Israeli training course for foreign operatives, who are chosen to participate in various operations in the interest of the Jewish state, she will be most likely killed without any mercy, and before that, tortured and mutilated, as there is an endless ruthless war still going on between Palestinians and Israelis, Muslims and Jews, where the People of the Book are slaughtering each other daily, fighting for power, territory and sustainable future.

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWho is the kind of person, willing to undertake such an extreme risk? Just several weeks ago, Nikola Dotkova, or rather Asset A55 now, was a Czech fashion model, shining with her tall, slim body and pretty young face on the catwalks of Czech fashion shows, and now she is here, in hell, approaching the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, where heavily armed guards have their fingers on triggers of their assault rifles, and there is no backup or a miraculous button, which can be pushed, and you will awake from the nasty dream, safe and sound.

Here and now, no one will hear your desperate voice, that you want out of the deadly mess, back to the beautiful, romantic Prague, where you had your young girlish life, full of dreams and plans.

Never in their history, did the Czech Army undertake an operation like this, considering all conditions, but the times are changing quickly, and new methods and procedures have to be mastered, as the aircraft and tanks are becoming critically obsolete, and so called Unconventional Warfare is gaining critical importance for the future.

For the strong NATO, led by the mighty American Military, it’s not a problem to defeat an enemy regular army, to defeat a whole hostile state: but the problems are just starting, once the famous victory is announced festively, and Western fools are babbling about giving the local people the precious gift of democracy and freedom, whereas countless guerillas, insurgents and terrorists are hidden in the civilian population, executing irregular warfare against the occupation forces, planting explosive traps (IEDs) everywhere, preparing treacherous ambushes on roads, spreading fear, and in the sensitive postmodern Western society, any fallen soldier looks bad for the media.

islamic-state-march-against-europe-is-isis-isil-terrorist-terrorism-conspiracy-assault-iraq-syria-libya-caliphate-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIndeed, the NATO lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, parts of their endless “War On Terror” campaign, still, they pretend to be reliable guarding dogs of world freedom, stability and security, who won’t allow the terrorist enemy to win: but the Islamic State, the nightmare for peace, is just born in the towns and deserts of Iraq and Syria, rising to be an ultimate terrorist organization of human history, impossible to be contained by military means, hitting their enemies on their own territory in surprising ambushes, gaining countless recruits, willing to fight and die for the cause.

And there are still North Korea, Russia and China, who have their own agenda, whereas the weakened United States of America are retreating, to protect their own borders, to limit their geopolitical ambitions. What can you do, if your principal ally is losing power and positions?

You have to find a new one. So the Czechs are heading East, towards China, and they are strengthening their long historical ties with Israel, who stands as a firm wall against the expansive Arabic world, ruled by the religion of Islam, which is perceived as a threat to the future of Europe, so both parties have a common interest.

This operation in Gaza is a milestone for the history of Czech Special Forces, currently undergoing wide reorganization to be able to manage the new combat tasks: and Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, rumored to be a clandestine part of the official 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, but established deliberately out of Army structures, to disappear from the public and Parliamentary control and execute the most sensitive covert operations of higher interests in the civilian environment, gains new strength, extended budget, and it’s divided into several departments, like Information Warfare, Political Warfare, but also unusual ones, like Asian WarfareFemale Warfare (FEMWAR), even Sectarian Warfare (SECWAR) and others, including Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), to take care of the Czech nuclear armament.

The female operative for Gaza mission is trained for so called honey traps, seducing men and women for various purposes. Indeed, she is well equipped for such a task: she looks as a fashion model, she is a fashion model indeed, and you can hardly resist to her magic.

Just one deep look of her beautiful brown eyes is enough for you to lost control, and to start hunting her presence and favor, like obsessed: but inside her, she is different, quite peaceful and temperate, a young girl, who has her dreams, but also special skills and capabilities: this is the reason, why she was recruited by the Unit, who appreciated her high emotional stability and resistance. But will it be enough, in the dangerous environment of Gaza?

It takes time, to make it through the gates of Rafah border crossing, controlled by the Egyptian Police and Hamas, the local authority. The papers need to be checked thorougly: the Egyptian permission documentation, and the invitation letter from an organization, based in Gaza.

Not often they have such a woman here: she is European, young, beautiful and she doesn’t belong here, so in the mass of Palestinians, she really stood out, on the way here. But her face is indifferent, like if nothing would be happening: indeed, her psychological assessment didn’t lie.

When the Unit discovered her in the Czech fashion world, they noticed a strange difference between her and the rest of fashion models: not only she was extremely beautiful, reminding a Southern or Latina princess, with her legs so long and slim, that you had to wonder, whether such thing is possible, but the most interesting was her faithful affiliation to various MLM (multi-level marketing) business projects, despised by many, like Organo (allegedly a miraculous coffee) or Herbalife (allegedly miraculous food supplements for losing weight and gaining immense health).

Her face and body indicated a bitch, but in reality, she was simply a good innocent girl, and in her life, she wanted to believe in something, to be a part of something big and powerful, and she was willing to serve her masters well: she presented the food supplements with such a faith and passion, that people believed her, and although she was a dental hygienist by profession, she entered the financial sphere, working for “Partners” financial advisory company, with quite a questionable reputation in the business world.

Indeed, it was hard not to fall in love with her in all senses: her appearance, her personality, her tranquil peaceful soul. She hurt nobody: she was unusually good and positive inside, not living only for herself, but also for the others, fulfilling the ideas of MLM, that you will make money, and help people.

The Unit noticed immediately, how special the girl is: and they were willing to acquire her at all costs, but knowing her psychological background, the task was a breeze, in comparison with other recruitment efforts, where also bribery, even extortion had to be used, to force the sturdy human assets to cooperate, to return something back to the state, to the community.

However, this girl… it was, like if she would always belonged here, into a paramilitary organization for special tasks of highest state importance. For her, to be a part of a structure of power and influence was nothing new, she lived such a life, this was exactly the way how MLM worked, and the Unit was known to adopt much inspiration from this particular sphere, how to build controlled social and business structures effectively, so the connection was completely natural.

The girl just wanted respect, appreciation and praise in life, that was her motivation. In MLM, she was appreciated by her superiors, who promised her good career: but the Military could offer yet more, that’s why she agreed to change her life path, and to accept the new challenge.

She did it not for money, not because of her emptiness: she was simply a good servant, and although she seemed as a queen, she always needed to have something stronger than she in her life, as there was some natural need of submission to a superior force inside her, some part of her wanted to serve and remain only a servant, not a queen.

This feature influenced also her relations to men, making it extremely hard to find a right partner, who would respect her, pamper her, but at the same time, rule her as her firm master, who would persuade her to be obedient, according to her nature, to be a good woman, a good wife.

And these men are hard to find these days, as postmodern Western males are soft, lost, wandering, unbalanced and highly addicted to Internet porn, videogames, and they suffer from unbalanced relationships with their selfish, indifferent “modern” mothers, who damaged them during childhood, as their children and family were not at the first place of their values.

But Nikola Dotkova doesn’t give up her search for happiness, and she is willing to go forward to it, visiting many places, even risking, but still hoping, that she will find, what she is looking for, what she needs.

Thus, the fate and the will of Almighty Allah led her into the dangerous Gaza, Palestinian territories, but He also equipped her with special skills. Will it be enough here, to survive?

When Nikola is allowed to enter, she goes through gates, until she reaches a Hamas controlled checkpoint, where her escort is awaiting her: a local family, where the father is a high-ranked Hamas representative, so the girl will come to no harm. Moreover, they need her today: there is a big gathering of young Hamas cadres, who impersonate the future of the territory, and Nikola was invited to inspire them somehow.

From this reason, her Czech military benefactors equipped her with a speech she had to memorize, at least partially. During the speech, she will be still far away from her mission goals, and her final male target: but firstly, she will have to persuade not only him, but also another fifty young men, who will participate at the meeting, that she is an inspiring leader, to motivate the men to live, work, fight and die for their homes.

Indeed, she has no time to admire the passing lively streets, when the car is taking her to the final destination. Will she see the Prague yet? Or will these streets be the witnesses of the last chapter of her young life?

To raise a new generation successfully, you need persistence: so Saturdays here in Gaza are not dedicated to fun, relax and domino, but the political and social work is executed by men instead, options for the future are discussed widely, and the weaker are taken care of by Hamas social wing, while the military wing evaluates the recent development of the endless battle with the Jewish state.

When the operative enters the building, when one of such gathering is taking place, she is surrounded by the single mass of men, who are watching her attentively, examining her, and her wide difference from the local women.

In the eyes of many of them, you can see hostility and animosity, as the gender segregation is a good thing in the Islamic society, so the genders are not distracted too much by the opposite one, and they can concentrate on good work for the family, and the society: but today, it’s an exemption.

She walks between them on her immensely long legs, silent and dark, but then, suddenly, her cold face changes, she feels like on a fashion show again, she opens, she starts smiling sincerely, like a professional.

“Brothers, this woman is a harbinger of our new plan, how to break the walls around our land, with the permission and blessing of Allah,” the Hamas guide introduces her, when the big hall, full of men, calms a little bit, and everybody sits down to the large tables, installed for deepening the unity between the men, where no one is alone, isolated and forgotten, where everybody has a chance to be a respected member of the community, contributing to her welfare by good work, and pleasing Allah with good deeds.

“With Allah’s help, we struggle to break these walls from the inside, fighting and dying for our sacred cause for decades, we remember our countless martyrs daily, but it’s the time to improve our strategy, to add pressure from the outside, so the occupation forces will be under much more overall pressure, and one famous day, if Allah will help us, they will crumble, and the enemy state will perish once and forever, making all people of Palestine free,” the Hamas politician speaks.

“Ask yourself, brothers: do you do enough, to liberate yourself, and our land from the endless oppression? Everybody of us is weak sometimes, succumbing to the feeling of helplessness, inability to change the fates of ours, our families, our community. Then, many of you spend your days with passivity, playing domino, chatting with friends, thinking, that there is enough time, and the war can wait, because you are young, and you have other agenda right now,” the speaker said with disdain.

“But you are wrong! This war has to be won, and you are the ones, who have to become the swords of Allah, to bring us the final victory!” he added, and the hall resonated with righteous anger and shouting Allahu Akbar!

“I hereby announce to you, that the Organization has chosen twenty of you, who are most qualified, to be sent abroad, for a special mission,” the politician informed the crowd. “Now, listen to this woman. She will tell you more!”

While the man was speaking, the operative watched the floor with shyness, avoiding to come into the direct eye contact with the single men in the crowd. But when she was called, her behavior changed again, and she watched the men in front of her with self-confidence, and balance.

“The world doesn’t forget the vast suffering of the Palestinian people, who deserves freedom, liberty and peace,” she started with strong Eastern European accent. “But our European politicians are going against the will of people, not willing to recognize the sovereign state of Palestine, and the rights of its citizens.

They are telling us, that Palestine is not our concern, that we have enough of our problems… but Palestine is a concern, because no nation deserves to be oppressed, held in a cage, attacked by ruthless vultures, as they like, stripped of all rights, including free movement out of the country.

I am coming from the outside indeed, and I made this long trip, to tell you, that there is a way for you, how to serve your country well, how to bring the sustainable future for your nation, getting rid of oppression forever. Please, the map,” the only female in the room said decisively, and the hall remained in silence, highly curious and ready to learn.

“This is Europe,” the girl explained, when a large map was installed behind her back. “There are several countries, who are the key factors for promoting the Palestine interests in the EU: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Monaco,” she showed the locations.

“If you need to help your righteous struggle from the outside, you need to gain influence in these countries. However, any negotiation with the treacherous politicians is just losing of time, they only promise, and they lie, you know them. So, another approach is needed.

The colleague before me said already, that you have to go abroad for a special mission. You will be sent into these countries, the most handsome of you, and you will conquer the hearts and minds of twenty young women there, whose names are on this list,” the girl presented a paper, and the hall was one wondering sigh.

“These women, who come from the most influential families, either with open or covert social and financial power, will be your special entry into the structures, where many beneficial decisions can be made, and through these women, you will be able to alter the whole EU policy towards Gaza and Palestine.

The names were acquired from publicly inacessible Intelligence databases, as your sacred cause has many covert allies in the highest ranks of the EU’s security apparatus. Every name comes with a detailed personal file, and a thorough psychological assessment you will use, to break their resistance, to become their rulers, so they will obey you, and they will start serving your homeland as a ‘fifth column’, positioned extremely highly.

Thus, you will be able to extend the scale of EU’s general support towards Palestinian territories, to proclaim various advantageous resolutions and to impose bans towards your archenemy, to weaken him. Also, in the media, the war crimes and violence against civilians by the enemy will be emphasized, plus, other means used against his military force, to disrupt its unity, to limit their willingness to fight.

Be men, go to Europe, find these women, overmaster them, reprogram them for your cause… and then, one day, Palestine will be free,” the girl concluded, and the whole hall resonated with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Many men approached the girl, smiling at her, thanking her without shaking her hand, as they were devoted Muslims, and touching an unrelated woman was forbidden for them. But everybody of them had a good word for her, and she examined all faces around her closely, when her target will occur between them.

His name was Adan, and he was indeed handsome in the general sense of male charm: quite tall, well built, mascular, healthy, used to physical work, dark, but bright, intelligent, studying the Islamic University of Gaza, dedicated to the fight, planned to be trained as an Intelligence asset of the Hamas for the operations abroad. And ironically, now he met his female counterpart: it was not a coincidence, this is exactly what Czechs and Israelis wanted and planned.

When his and her eyes met for the first time, she remained distant, only slightly indicating her interest, but now, she will attempt to isolate him from the crowd, she won’t let him from her grasp, until he will be alone with her, so she will be able to execute her designated tasks, related to him, demanded by the Israelis.

There were three of them: first, the easiest, to download the whole data content of his smartphone. Second, harder, to obtain a sperm sample from him, and deliver it back to Israelis. And third, the most tricky and risky: to put an unknown substance into his drink, and make sure, that he consumes it.

It could be a laxative, a poison, a sleeping drug: the Israelis deliberately kept this exact information from her, so she will be under additional pressure, not knowing in advance, what will happen, when the substance will be delivered. And to be alone in a room in Gaza with a lifeless body of a Hamas promising Intelligence cadre, it could be dangerous for your health indeed…

“One more thing,” the girl remembered, and the Hamas leader calmed the noise.

“I want to tell you yet, that this will be a complex operation, where all of you will have designated tasks, either those abroad or staying here,” the girl explained. “Those of you, who will stay, will use their creative skills for support their comrades abroad. So don’t feel humiliated, that you were not chosen: in fact, maybe your contribution will decide, whether your brothers in foreign lands will succeed.

The support structure of the operation will be wide use of social media, and it means various fake identities and creating extremely powerful personal brands of the deployed assets. We need to make the target women jealous, so they wil recognize the assets as valuable, when admired and desired by other women, worthy of accepting. This is, how female psychology and selection of partners to mate works,” she explained.

Then, all went well. One hour later, the operative moved to a nearby café, together with two daughters of the Hamas politician, and several men, including Adan, who fortunately got the girl’s message.

She started sending him another signals, as only woman can do. No wonder, that another hour later, she was exactly where she needed to be: with Adan alone, in his small apartment.

“You seem to be a good help for our cause,” he told her with respect. “A miracle, sent by Allah, a beautiful creature in all senses.”

She was sitting at the table, drinking a homemade wine, smiling slightly.

“This is the least I can do,” she moved to a sofa, where he was sitting. “And there is one thing, I can give to you, to support you on your path to freedom of Palestine,” she embraced him, thinking, that the small bottle in her pocket will have to be used soon. The question was, when exactly? Before the act, when she will obtain a sperm sample, or after?

If he will pass out, or even die, how can she extract the biological sample from his body, she thought, when their mutual touches become more passionate.

“I will get more wine,” he told her, and moved to pantry.

He was just few meters away, but he turned his back to the operative. She made just a few quick moves, and inserted the content of the small bottle into his glass of water.

Then, she removed her clothes, until she was dressed only in her underwear.

“The revolutionary struggle needs sacrifices from everybody,” she told him with innocent smile, and resumed their close contact.

He drank it, and she started working on his physical satisfaction immediately, using her mouth. This way, she can keep the sample safely, and maybe she will make it in time, in case that the liquid will disable him.

Indeed, the circumstances made the good girl ruthless and calculating.

When he moved to the shower after the oral act, she connected the Israeli device to his phone, and let it work, while she moved the sample from her mouth into a paper tissue, and kept it in her pocket.

When he returned, she smiled at him, fully satisfied, like him… only differently.

“I don’t know, what to say,” he told her with gratitued. “This whole evening… it’s a miracle. It gives me new strength, energy and willingness to serve my country and the people the best I can… inshallah.”

“We women can be inspiration, or destruction for any man,” she replied with another innocent smile.

But their cordial conversation shouldn’t last for too long: on the street, some shouting could be heard, and Adan’s phone started ringing.

“Come out, and defend your homes!” a clear male voice called local people to defend against an Israeli military incursion, when it was reported by the attentive sentries, that large force of the enemy is crossing the border in helicopters and armored carriers.

In a few seconds, rockets and artillery shells started showering the area.

The Adan’s house got a direct hit from the first volley of fire. The operative waited no more, and ran to the door, to get out of the target zone of the Israeli rocket artillery.

When she got back on the street, it was a mess: before a minute, it was a nice lively place, but now, full of rubble and dead or injured people.

“Sister, come with us,” one of Adan’s friends took the operative’s hand, and Adan himself joined them, carrying a large bag, and an assault rifle with with several magazines.

They got close to the building, where the original gathering took place. It was possible, that Israelis used the meeting for a surprising ambush, to hit as many gathered enemies as possible.

But the shelling stopped suddenly: the strike force was close already, so friendly fire had to be avoided.

The operative, escorted by others, entered the building, where everybody was preparing the defence.

“Brothers,” Adan opened the bag. “Your time has come! Five of you will become martyrs today. Live and die for the free Palestine! This is the moment you have waited for!”

Many hands grasped for explosive vests without hesitation.

“Remember, that martyrdom will take you directly into the Paradise,” Adan told the selected young men, and shook their hands firmly.

“Take the positions around! And wait for a signal to destroy the enemy, to show them, that all of those oppressors and aggressors, who dare to enter our territory to hurt and kill our innocent people, will return to their crying mothers in bodybags,” he gave them the last instructions, when the first Israeli military vehicle occured at the street corner, and two helicopters with commandos started hovering above the roof, for insertion.

“Sister, if your heart is true for our cause, you will help us,” Adan turned to the operative. “When the vehicles will stop, you will create a distraction, and our brothers will do the rest, so don’t forget to get down,” he instructed her yet.

Loud orders could be heard from the outside, when the Israelis called the people inside the building to come out, without weapons, with their hands in the air, to be detained.

“Go, sister!” Adan pushed the girl to the door, and she moved. At least she will get out. But what will wait outside?

Several M113 armored carriers were standing on the street, with the barrels of their heavy machine guns aimed at the doors and windows. But they didn’t fire yet, as the defenders pretended to be unarmed and not willing to fight.

As soon, as the girl got out, two of the Israeli soldiers in green uniforms, with faces covered with balaclavas, knocked her down, to the ground.

“Don’t shoot!” she cried.

And then she saw a shade, moving from the opposite side of the street towards the IDF vehicles.

She could see the face of a young man, who decided to become a martyr.

He moved swiftly, but the Israelis were well trained, and opened fire immediately.

Still, he managed to make it to the nearest vehicle, and released the button of the trigger.

An explosion followed, and from all sides, Palestinians started firing.

But the operative lost consciousness from the blast, and the face of the Palestinian suicide bomber was the last thing she saw in Gaza, before Israelis loaded her body into another vehicle, and extracted her out of the territory.

Fortunately, she suffered only minor lacerations. But a new scar on her hand will always remember her, that it was not a dream…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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