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It was the morning of 1st February 2013, and the everlasting sun of Dubai could be felt behind the large marquees of a large residential suite, located at 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world.

Equipped with many rooms, a vast terrace with breathtaking view of Dubai and adjacent endless deserts, even with an integrated swimming pool, living here, it was like to have all your dreams fulfilled, and even surpassed: sometimes, you even couldn’t recognize, whether you are still a physical entity, or you just live a dream, which is hardly possible to reach in this world, in just one human life, where the competition is omnipresent and ruthless, and only the best of the best can prevail in their bold plans and dreams, to conquer the world.

Indeed, the United Arab Emirates, ruled by Al Maktoum family, were the right place for anyone, who wanted to touch the stars: but once you got up, above everybody else, you had to watch your back: there was always someone, who wanted to use you for some dark purposes, or to remove you from his or her path.

Sometimes, you had your fame, success, money and public admiration only in rent, secured by an entity with power, willing to sponsor your career: but when the time come, everything could be taken from you, if you refused to comply with their demands, how to repay your debts, alleged or real.

Only one person was living in the luxurious appartment: Marketa Korinkova, originally a Czech top female fashion model, who converted to Islam here in the UAE, at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, accepting a new Islamic name Maryam, starting to walk on the Straight Path of Islam, when you surrender to the will of Allah, submitting to Him, becoming His servant and slave, gaining peace, freedom, happiness, purpose and many rewards in the process.

She lived her dream for several months, since her famous victory at Miss Motors International beauty contest in Italy, but her personal empire of power and influence just started to crumble, when her old Czech and Israeli benefactors reminded her, that she is just their pawn, and she will do, what they want for their geopolitical plans with the Middle East and Persian Gulf: or she will be literally destroyed as a celebrity, using ruthless campaign of the powerful and dangerous tabloid media, who could make you a star instantly, or to spread so devastating slanders and “dirty laundry” about you, that you will lose all the reputation you once had, and your public career is effectively over.

Marketa Korinkova tried to liberate from the dependence on them, from the malicious plans they had with her, to infiltrate the ruling Al Maktoum family, to launch a civic revolution by seducing the Sheikh, and she managed to liberate herself, at least partially: accepting Allah as the only master, and under His wise guidance, she made perfect moves, how to get a strong personal position in the elite social structure of the Emirates, using Islam and Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, as her battering rams, working in “Armani Prive Lounge”, tbe most luxurious night club of the world, where only the ultimate VIPs could be met, as a special hostess.

But those people, Czech and Israeli masterminds of the operation, standing behind, hidden perfectly, they invested too much into her, in all senses, and she offered them too many opportunities and achievements. They wanted to make sure, that she will go, where they needed her: into the Sheikh’s embrace, conceiving a child with him, with clear perspective, that no Islamic ruler can survive such nasty affair, as Islam forbids any extramarital sexual relationships, and all the vicious art of the mass tabloid media will be deployed appropriately.

The planners of this Operation SKINNY PUPPY (Marketa’s internal code name) were ruthless indeed, calculating their moves without any emotions, regrets and remorses, removing obstacles from their path systematically, using any means necessary, perceiving people as mere items: they controlled her life, and the girl recognized correctly, that under their rule, she won’t be free, ever, she won’t be able to live her chosen life, submitted only to Allah, who provided her the complete and perfected religion, and the way of life, which could satisfy all human needs, solve all problems and challenges in life.

But it seemed, that those capable masterminds anticipated even this move of her, they even suggested her to do it… and they were not afraid of losing her from their firm grasp.

When the fateful meeting between the Sheikh and Marketa was finally set, as he really admired her, they sent additional operatives into Dubai, to make sure, that Marketa will be pushed against the wall from various sides, and she will understand, that there is only way out of this dangerous mess, jeopardizing her whole professional career, and life: to go into the Zabeel palace, the Sheikh’s residence, and to make her way into the Sheikh’s bed.

Once their bodies will be connected, once her female body system will receive his male heritage, a swift media avalanche will be launched, to cause a wide civic revolution in the UAE, as the enemies of Al Maktoum family were mobilized in advance, offered help with their cause.

But the bold plan was not finishing here: the chain reaction in adjacent countries, like Kuwait or Qatar, was hoped to reach the Saudi Arabia, the source of wahhabism, the ultraorthodox version of Islam, supporting various guerillas and insurgents with their vast oil money, and the archenemy of Israel.

Not only the mighty Israel had their interests here: the Czech Republic, searching for a new powerful ally, when the United States crumbled after the lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, perceived a closer connection with Israel as a perfect guarantee of the sustainable future. The Israelis were standing like a wall against the Islamic world: they proved their qualities, how to survive and prevail in the extremely dangerous geopolitical environment, surrounded by hostile Arabic countries, who wanted to eradicate the Jewish state, lauching even wars against Israel.

The Israeli money, their Military and Intelligence apparatus, was more than promising ally for the unstable present, and future: you have to choose your ally carefully, and there were even deep historical ties between both countries.

But you had to deserve the favor of picky and careful Israelis: so the Czechs offered them a fine “business” transaction. They will supply a suitable human asset, Marketa Korinkova, able to make it through all defenses into the Sheikh’s heart and bed, and a perfect plan, how to hit the axis of the Islamic adversaries right in the center, with real perspective of stripping the Arabs from their former power… and there was no direct risk for Israel, as the Czechs offered to make all the dirty work for them, so the Jewish state couldn’t refuse such attractive offer of a new, reliable friend, who wanted to prove their own qualities.

In the end, both sides could be highly satisfied: now, it was only necessary to make sure, that the whole operation will work, as planned boldly.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOn the Israeli side, the affair was covered by feared Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, while the Czech Military was represented by their elite paramilitary formation, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, nicknamed “The Estrogen Mafia”, established deliberately out of the official Army structures, for executing special, the most sensitive operations of extremely high state importance.

Their experienced psychologists then found this suitable human asset, using classified information from the databases of the Czech Counterintelligence agency, BIS: and the Unit secured overall support for Marketa Korinkova, who was pushed to the top of fashion models, for establishing a perfect career abroad, which will take her into the Emirates… it was their merit, that she won the key beauty contest in Italy, that she was described by the Czech tabloid media very favorably, so all the doors opened for her, even abroad, because only with a strong personal brand, she could succeed in the extremely competitive Emirates.

And there was yet another strong player, whose participation, although indirect, clearly confirmed, how far are the masterminds of the affair willing to go, without any regards to the international law.

They liked to let themselves called only “The Corporation”, indeed a sinister, intimidating name, but officially, they were called “Wu”, clearly suggesting their connection to China. This multinational company was highly active in the defense industry, developing the new kind of weapons, intended for “fully sustainable warfare”: except the rumored time displacement equipment, they manufactured and supplied particularly so called PSY weapons, for psychological influencing of the enemy, either using the technology, or chemical substances.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS CHEMWAR Chemical Warfare Phe-X substance pheromone female artificial israeli czech industrial conspiracy illuminati dubai austria - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnd deploying Chemical Warfare assets against the civilian targets, it was indeed very questionable move, which wouldn’t be liked by the United Nations’s Security Council, or any international court: but to achieve great things, you have to alter the rules of the game for your favor, not to be afraid of consequences, and complaints of naive politicians from Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry.

When Nikola Dotkova, an active fashion model and a top-tier Female Warfare (FEMWAR) clandestine operative of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, opened her beautiful brown eyes, she found herself in Marketa Korinkova’s vast flat, lying on a large leather sofa: yesterday, she manipulated her Czech colleague to invite her here, to have a small party, in futile effort to extract an useful information from Nikola, who pretended to be a naive reporter of the key Czech Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, threatening Marketa Korinkova to launch a harmful campaign against her in the Emirates.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Convert Allah Dubai Emirates UAE - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsEarlier, Nikola deliberately leaked alleged “working draft” of their “Special Issue”, dedicated solely to Marketa Korinkova, and her alleged lies and frauds, called “Sex, Lies, Emirates”: like, that she faked her conversion to Islam, that she made money, working as a top prostitute for the Arabic clientele, plus countless other highly disturbing facts and filthy slanders.

Indeed, Marketa was scared at first, when she read it: but she decided to let Almighty Allah to decide the affair, and her fate, so she not only invited her potential enemy from the tabloid media, which just “took aim” at her, into her home, she even let her personal belongings in the room with the risky visitor, and went to sleep peacefully.

She was afraid initially, that Nikola will go through her personal possessions, trying to find some other dirty laundry, or she will plant a surveillance bug, or some incriminating evidence against Marketa. But she was wrong.

The Unit never used such basic, outdated means: they had something much more advanced in their arsenal, far beyond the imagination of Marketa Korinkova, who was a mere civilian, not experienced in the latest advancements of modern military and Intelligence technology.

So, when Nikola Dotkova woke up, she completely ignored Marketa’s handbag, lying close: instead, she reached for her own Prada purse, and retrieved a small black box, sized as a cell phone: it was called “Assault Device”, and the purpose of this invention was to influence any target in the vicinity, using PSY powers, manufactured and miniaturized using nanotechnology, particularly for raising fear in the mind of target.

It was a part of “The Device” product line, manufactured by The Corporation: except this small version, there was also medium version offered, for installation on an APC (armored personnel carrier), or a truck, useful for anti-air warfare. The Device was allegedly able to influence the enemy pilots to bail out, or to turn against their original benefactors, delivering their deadly payload back home, with utmost consequences, because the enemy air force would suspect all their pilots as potential traitors, and terrorists. Without any doubt, this fact would disrupt any enemy military the most significantly, and it was exactly the purpose of PSY weapons: to spread fear, to terrorize the enemy.

the-dark-sun-nuclear-retaliation-weapon-of-the-czech-military-icbm-missile-rocket-silo-teplice-specops-base-secret-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThen, there was a macro version, called “The Device”, planned to be built in an underground bunker, together with a missile silo for a nuclear weapon, feared even by Pavel Novotny, called “The Dark Sun”, and both inventions should be located at a secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice, while the The Device was using the clean source energy from hydrogen fuse reactors. Only one specimen of this version was being constructed, with costs over 100 million USD, and there was a highly disturbing rumor in the Intelligence community, that this invention will have time displacement capabilities, or TDE: in other words, allowing time travelling allegedly, but no one knew for sure, whether it’s not rather a dream machine, able to recreate any environment and events you could dream of, using advanced sensors, and so persuading way, that you believed, that it’s all true, that you are moving in the past, and there was no way, how to distinguish a fake dream from reality (see Daniela Kyrova‘s case of another Czech fashion model, who disappeared back in 1996, and The Device was allegedly deployed to find her fate).

The operative watched the large living room, where to install the Assault Device: it was packed in a completely inconspicuous black case, and even if you found it, there was no way to understand its real function: the invention was fully protected against any tampering with, and reverse engineering.

In the end, Nikola Dotkova decided to install it under the sofa, inserting it inside, so no cleaning could discover the Device just like that. But it was just a beginning of her work here.

She took her handbag again, and withdrew a commonly looking deodorant roll-on, even with a reputated cosmetics brand logo on it, and all related texts: it looked exactly as the regular product, sold in all shops. But the alternative content was the most unexpected, most questionable, even dangerous.

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIt was the most ultimate and ingenious creation, ever deployed in the history of the Intelligence and Military operations: the Chinese manufacturer called it PHE-X, and it was an artificially created female pheromone, designed for infuencing the social vicinity, to promote the female assets, who literally persuaded all people around through pressure on their sensitive noses, that they are leaders, and they need to be followed.

During the female menstrual cycle, there is the ovulation phase, when the egg is released, to be impregnated by a male cell: but the female also produces very strong pheromone, which has two purposes: first, to “announce” her readiness to be impregnated to the males in her vicinity, and second, to eliminate other females around, so the particular female individual gets a competitive mating advantage, luring more males for a sexual act, removing other female competitors from the scene.

The Wu Corporation was able to create similar substance, for combat use in the Military and Intelligence operations. It was still rather an experimental product, but the initial results were more than satisfactory: the asset could be an average woman, but using the substance, she became a leader, and she was able to achieve many results, otherwise unavailable for her.

The first field test was executed on a Czech fashion designer, called Tereza Sabackova, as the Unit needed to promote their assets in the structures of Czech social and business elite, and any fashion designer can be more than suitable for this important purpose.

The problem was, that she needs to negotiate with the fashion models, business men, “golden youth”, journalists… and particularly Tereza Sabackova, a small female, too soft, not a strong personality, not a leader by nature, could hardly get a respect from the ruthless fashion models, much taller than she, much sharper.

So, the Unit delivered a suitable “steroid” for her: but it was necessary, to cover the details about the “miracle”, so the assets couldn’t leak the information, that such thing exists: it could spoil the invention, developed with extreme financial costs.

imprivata-impr-health-care-medical-corporation-conspiracy-chinese-world-illuminati-technology-nextgen-us-v2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThis important purpose was achieved either by covert application, when the odorless, tasteless substance was put into the asset’s drink, so she couldn’t notice, that she consumed it, or by an injection, for delayed activation, when the injection was masked as an alternative “medicine”, and applied by a bribed, corrupted, but still official medical personnel during common medical interventions, backed by intimidating Imprivata health care corporation and its “good Samaritan doctors”, rumored to be also owned by the omnipresent Chinese covertly, in their endless effort to rule the world.

Only the most trusted operatives were able to carry the chemical with them, and to protect it from misusing and reverse engineering, a special protection was added: the substance was tailored for particular DNA of an asset, and it could be activated only in her body system: then, the cells immediately disintegrated and vapored, if removed from her body for potential analysis by an enemy.

phe-xx-the-operative-ultimate-parfum-of-your-feminity-taste-the-vip-illuminati-conspiracy-seduce-serve-homeland-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsLater, even a civilian, demilitarized version of the chemical (=with lowered effectivity), was released for limited sale by Woman’s Destiny, a reputated Islamic/Arabic Luxury fashion brand, called PHE-XX, creating wide disturbance in the society, as this move was suspected to be a part of a rumored Illuminati conspiracy, luring rich females to be brainwashed, after promising them to fulfill all their dreams by Caroline Rubesova, Executive Director of The Wu Corporation, and elected as a Woman of the Year.

But all these sensitive details were unknown for Nikola Dotkova, a common field operative: she was only instructed to use it into her arm pits, and her body sweat will do the rest.

So, she started exercising a little, to force her slim body to sweat: it was also a good start of the following phase of the operation, where she needed to be fully concentrated, but also relaxed.

When she finished with her exercise, she felt good, fresh and ready for the most critical part: to persuade Marketa Korinkova, to go into the Zabeel palace today, and to do, what they needed her to do.

Nikola removed her clothes, and she walked to the bedroom, where Marketa Korinkova slept, dressed only in her underwear.

It was indeed a nice look at her, when she walked on her long legs there… this body knew the sport indeed, and she was in the perfect physical shape. She preferred the martial arts for her training, particularly kick-box, even before she started her new, “alternative” career in the Czech Military.

When she reached the bedroom, it was dark inside: but her eyes easily recognized a bed, where her target was sleeping.

Without asking for permission, she lied down, right to the other woman. And very close: the smaller the distance between the asset and her target, the more efficient the substance was.

Marketa Korinkova opened her eyes, to see the other girl just beside her. She was not so surprised: she anticipated some kind of foul play, after all. It was the right time to remember Allah, and ask Him for protection.

“Good morning,” the other girl started speaking with a soft voice, looking directly into the eyes of Marketa, from almost zero distance, that both women could feel the hot breath of the other on her faces.

“I don’t want to be alone,” the operative still pretended to be a weak, soft girl, who is simply caught in the avalanche of circumstances, in need of a human touch, in the middle of this foreign Islamic land, 6000 kilometers from home, from her life, friends, and dreams.

Marketa said nothing, only watching the eyes, like hypnotized. She couldn’t say “no” in that moment, even if she wanted to… the chemical was now in full effect, hitting her nasal sensors, forcing her to submit.

The manufacturer and the operators knew well, that this substance is the only way, how to eliminate the utmost influence of Allah on targets: and as the influence of the Islamic community in the world was growing rapidly, this seemed as the only way, how to promote the defence interests on Muslims.

“Listen, I told you, that Novotny is your least concern,” Nikola changed her tone significantly, her voice became serious, urgent, and mentioned the ruthless chief reported of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, who wrote all the terrible articles about Marketa, and he had the most terrible reputation back home. “There are other masterminds of this game, and they really need you to go into the Zabeel palace today, and to seduce the Sheikh. Is it too enough to ask, if they made so much for you, for your career, which shines right now? You are a woman, you can do it, easily, like a breeze.

Just look at your current position. They cornered you, but Novotny, and I, we are just their pawns, like you. You can say again, that Allah will protect you, that Allah will decide… but what if exactly this is the will of Allah?

You are alone now, and no one will help you… if you want to keep your treasures, then you will do this, because the Sheikh is your only option now. What else would Allah advise you?

To escape?

We have nothing against your new religion and beliefs, you see, on the contrary. You remember, when David, the Israeli man, indicated you, that your conversion is more than desirable, otherwise you would never get too close to the Sheikh, as an infidel, a non-believer, not sharing his faith?

Why shouldn’t we, and your Allah, have the common interest? If He wants the best for you, as you say… where else you could find it, than in the Zabeel palace?

You wanted to touch the stars… and you are so close!

Imagine, that today, all your dreams can be fulfilled… once you will grasp the Sheikh, as a woman, once he will submit to you, you will be a lottery winner!

There is maybe one thousand of such extremely powerful, successful women in the whole world, like you can become today… is it enough, for you?

All the women out there… they would literally kill, to get kilometers from your current position! What else can you demand from life?

Will you try to explain to me, that you want a real love? A genuine love?

Look at yourself! You know, that you are different, than others, you are deviated, you are not able to have such a ‘normal’ relationship… accept the truth! The Sheikh is the only love you can find in the world, otherwise you will be deserted and disappointed, like always before!

But you, and him… you belong together! You need him… and he needs you! Do you know, who sent you that bouquet of flowers, and the love message without name? It was him, you know that!

What will happen between you two… it’s simply inevitable, from many reasons. Isn’t it the will of Allah, then, if there are simply no other choices?

If you will try to resist… you will really suffer, and no one will help you. Remember the friends home… Zuzana Jandova for example… will she care for you, if you will come back home, as nobody, as a failed princess, and everybody will despise you, even the last loser?

Who could help you, then? No one, in the whole world.

And Allah?

He is ever accepting repentance, He is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful… He will forgive you, maybe… but you are responsible to execute His commands.

He led you this far, through all the obstacles… you can say, that we became His tool, to support you from all sides, so your path was smooth… and now, the great finale is coming!

But if it’s your destiny… why don’t you accept it?”

The operative moved yet closer, so both young, slim bodies touched.

“You can’t imagine, how many fates are now dependent on you,” Nikola caressed the long brown hair of the other girl. “And not only people, also the country, where you were born, so you have responsibity to your homeland. Imagine, that if you will do it, you will help the future of us all. This game is far more important, than some chess of some fools.

You will get everything you could ever dream of, and much more. Will you still reject your homeland, if she needs you in this complicated times, when the world is the most unstable, jeopardizing the future of us all?

Now you can understand, how much is in stake. It’s not about Novotny, about some new media affair, about money. You can decide the fate of our country. And I know, that you will decide correctly.”

“Who… who are you?” Marketa asked. “You are not some reporter.”

“I don’t know, who I am anymore,” Nikola confessed with a sigh. “I almost died back there, in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, where they sent me, almost without any chance to return… the bitches from the command made me to play with death, allegedly to test me.

And I died there in certain sense, indeed… but by the providence of someone, maybe it was your Allah, I made it back, and now I am here, talking to you, almost begging you, to fulfill your destiny, like I did before.

We all have to make sacrifices: the woman’s life is full of them. This is a train, we are all aboard, and we can’t get out anymore. We all had our reasons to get in, and maybe we knew in advance, that there will be no way back.

But we all are still a part of a community. I know, that you don’t want to return home, you want to stay here… but this new life you want, it has a price. If you will fail us… we won’t let you here, or anywhere. Your life will become a nightmare, can’t you understand? We will take everything from you… you won’t find a peaceful place on the whole planet Earth.

You can have everything, just doing what has to be done… and not only for yourself, as I told you. Not we, but the people will punish you… not the tabloid media, the people will destroy you, simply by rejecting you, as a traitor.

But you are not like that, I know that. You are a good person… and the unique one. Only one of us all could make it so far… no one else would get so close to the Sheikh. They couldn’t send me, or anyone else… only you.

Will you disappoint us, will you betray us? Your land, ten million of people, who can either love you and admire you, or hate you, despise you?

Will you spit into their faces, because you despise them? Will you be so reckless, to do such a foolish act? And do you think, that it will remain unanswered?

Oh, Marketa… I pray for you, to decide the right way. Not for me, for yourself. Do at least one thing in your life right!

Before we started pulling levers in your favor… who were you? A nobody, you know that. Thousands of the girls like you, all that cheap B-class fashion models, and they would defeat you, because they are not sick and psychotic like you, obsessed, deviated, distorted… this special chance you got, is the only one, and the last one.

When you smile, the world still knows the truth about you… that you are deep in your problems, that you live the life of darkness… how could anyone love you? Everybody would run away from you, in the end. No one wants to save you! The fools need to be saved themselves.

But we offer you a cure. Do something good for the community, and you will be healed, by wide public appreciation, admiration. If you want, we will make a new Mother Theresa from you. The crowds will be calling your name in endless love and affection, and one day, when you will die, crying people will bring sea of flowers to your grave, remembering you in their hearts for next hundred of years.

Or we will get you a high state medal, that you found a cure for cancer, saving thousands of innocent children, working as a director of ‘Imprivata’ health care company. The options, how to make a public goddess from you, are limitless! All those fake celebrities out there… there will be absolutely nobody, in comparison with you!

But I understand, how you feel now. There is too much responsibility, for too much people and interests… and you are scared, that you will fail.

If I could, I would go there instead… and many other volunteers… and we would do anything, without any hesitation… but only you are compatible with the Sheikh, his own mind, heart and soul. We couldn’t choose anyone else: there was nobody like you.

It was a risk, indeed, to bet everything on just one card… but that is how the life works.

If you will fail, the world will continue. It won’t crumble. Our country will live further… but what will become of you?

You can’t become a B-class fashion model again, you know that. From now on, you will only fly, and it’s up to you, to choose the direction: up, to the stars, or down, to fall into the ground, destroying yourself and your dreams in the process.

Imagine, that you will run away, and for the rest of your life, you will think: ‘Why didn’t I decide the other way!’

Imagine, living in such regrets until your last breath, and you will die alone, left, deserted, forgotten… always realizing, what you could have, but you were dumb, weak and foolish, and you let it all go!

Yeah, we people make such mistakes… but in situations like this, the winners separate from losers. What side will you choose?”

“Please, stop already,” Marketa interrupted the operative. “I got the message.”

“And?” Nikola asked, full of tension.

“I will fail, it’s my fate, like you said,” Marketa replied sadly, but with reconciliation. “You bet on a bad card! You thought, that with all the pressure from your side, I will go there, obediently, like some machine, I will spread legs peacefully… like you, a monster, willing to obey any command. But it’s not me!

How is it possible, that you didn’t know this in advance, you fools, that I am defective, not suitable for use for such delicate venture?

Who is there to blame: me, or you? You took the responsibility, by choosing me, a weak individual, who has issues! Who will fail!

Now, you want me to apologize, to all Czech people? For what? For being, who I am?

Still, who would reject, what Israelis offered me? But I never guaranteed them, that I will succeed… there was even no official contract, you remember?

More you talk to me, more I know, that I won’t go there… I won’t do anything. I will just let the world, to play his foul games… and I will be responsible only to Allah, not to you, or Czech citizens, or Israelis, or anyone else.

No, Nikola – I don’t accept any responsiblity. I refuse it, and your madness!”

There was something wrong, Nikola thought. What happened? The substance was not working? A manufacturing failure? A wrong batch? A placebo? Or even a sabotage from some traitor, working at the manufacturing laboratory?

Something is pretty fucked up here. And will her superiors, and Israelis, accept her excuse, that the damned chemical failed, and the whole plan went to hell… including all the costs, estimated in many millions of USD?

Or did she some serious mistake in her speech? But she had to improvise…

While she was thinking, Nikola became weak, uncertain, she lost her momentum… and Marketa felt it, so she removed her hand from the back decisively, and started to wake up from the bed quickly, to liberate herself from this close position.

All was lost.

“Will you go alone, or should I call a security guard?” Marketa challenged the other girl, and she sounded most serious.

Should Nikola threaten her more? No, it had no use. There is still some twelve hours remaining, before the meeting… but what if the bitch will cancel it immediately? Then, no one can change it!

She needs a consultation with her superiors… but leaving the target alone, that could be the most serious mistake!

“I won’t allow you to use my body for your questionable interests, which could be directed against the Ummah, the Islamic community,” Marketa added without slightest doubt in her voice. “The deal was, to get close to Sheikh, and I kept my part. I don’t owe nothing, to nobody! Tell this to Israelis, who were really harsh to me, leaving me here without money, job, and a single word of explanation!

I swear to Allah, that I did nothing wrong here! And He knows about everything I do… my conscience is clear. One day, when I will face Him, my creator… I will be able to look into His face, unlike you, and your friends, and all the miserable Czech plebs. What did they ever give me? What did they ever do for me? Nothing! Get out!”

There was nothing more, that Nikola could do. So she left, without saying a word.

In the elevator, she thought of many sentences, she should say, to turn the development to her favor. But it was too late…

She will have to lie. She will say to the higher places, that everything went well… that the girl promised to do, what she should do. And there will be nobody to prove, that the negotiation failed.

Maybe, it was the best to remain silent. Maybe Marketa will realize all the consequences, when left alone, during the day.

It would make no sense, to plead, that the miraculous substance failed. Nobody likes excuses… no, Nikola had to believe, that there will be a happy end.

And what you believe, it will happen, they say…

To reach the ground floor took a while… and before the lift got down, Nikola Dotkova realized, what a fatal mistake she made upstairs.

From many reasons, the Emirates Counterintelligence needed to know the most about Marketa Korinkova, at least from security reasons, as she should meet the ruler of Dubai in his private mansion, so they bugged her appartment really thouroughly.

Although Nikola was careful, and she talked very silently, so the surveillance caught nothing from her speech, the final emotional scene of Marketa could be heard too well, and it needed no genius to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

But any Intelligence agency works in the interest of highly positioned people, that is the reality. And Princess Haya, Sheikh Al Maktoum’s junior wife, originating from Jordan, who had her own ambitions of power in the Emirates, and inside the ruling family, as she never lost the connection with her homeland, was the one with very long fingers.

So, she was the first, and eventually the only one, who got the news about the explosive conversation in Burj Khalifa.

And she saw the special advantages from the situation immediately. So, she ordered the tape to be erased, and replaced with silence, like nothing happened in the suite, and she took a place in the long row of people, organizations and even states, which had their interest in the affair.

She cancelled a scheduled charity meeting, apologized for “urgent personal matter”, and ordered her escort to be heading for downtown Dubai immediately… to remedy Nikola’s mistake.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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