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It’s only Almighty Allah who has control of everything, what happens in the whole world: and it was His will to send His beautiful creation, a young dove and messenger of Islam, Marketa Korinkova, originally a Czech top female fashion model, with a slim, 177 cm tall seducing body, who submitted to His will in the United Arab Emirates, and accepted a new Islamic name, Maryam, to spread the word of truth, to invite thousands of new followers to Islam, to find peace, freedom, morality, purity, protection, purpose and destiny.

Upon her conversion, the Imam of the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, recommended her particularly this name of Mother of Jesus, one of the key prophets of Allah, like if he would realize in advance, how important this new female servant of Allah will be for the future of the Emirates, and the world.

Originally, Marketa Korinkova, an innocent young woman, was a part of a nasty conspiracy of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, and the omnipresent Israelis, who wanted to project their interests in the Middle East, using this single woman as their battering ram. Her mission: to seduce the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum himself, and this planned love affair will be misused by the lurking tabloid media to disrupt the Sheikh’s rule, possibly starting a chain of revolutions across the whole Persian Gulf, like it happened during so called Arab Spring in 2011, and the result was the most devastating: the whole axis of Islamic power in the region was disrupted, and endless wars started there, like in Syria.

The main goal: limiting the influence of Saudi Arabia in the world matters, as the Saudis were rumored to support ultraorthodox version of Islam in the world, called wahhabism, and various guerillas, insurgents and allegedly even terrorists, threatening the Jewish state. But the Saudis will be damaged heavily, when the Israelis will widen the operation yet further, spreading a highly explosive rumor about their archenemy, using bribed tabloid media, that their oil supplies are becoming critically low, and then, the Saudi power in the world could crumble almost instantly.

But Marketa was only a fashion model, she knew nothing about these extremely complicated relationships and interests. She was ambitious maybe, but there was thousands young women like her, who wanted to use the gifts of Allah to prevail in the world.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHowever, the attentive operatives from an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Military, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, they discovered certain special personal qualities inside Marketa, the only asset, pefectly suitable for the demanding mission: not she will seduce the Sheikh, she will let to be seduced, and she will persuade him to “save” her, as she was a vulnerable puppy inside: hence her code name, SKINNY PUPPY, and the name of clandestine operation.

Fortunately for the woman, she managed to liberate from the oppression of the masterminds of the treacherous plan, at least partially, by finding a new job, when she became a VIP hostess at “Armani Prive Lounge”, the most luxurious night club in the world, located at the 144th floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, where she invited others to Islam, as a special messenger of Allah, and this bold move brought her wide publicity, including the interview with famous Al Jazeera television from Qatar.

But she was still a part of the high game, and its great finale was approaching: only hours remained, till she will meet the Sheikh again, this time not publicly, like the last time, during “Safe Driving International Conference” in Dubai, where she attended as a special delegate of the Czech Republic.

He invited her to his personal mansion, Zabeel palace. This was the moment that many parties were awaiting impatiently, and the moment of victory was so close. In this moment, no one could count all the participating players anymore, including several Intelligence services: but above all of them, there was still Allah, and He could only laugh to their miserable intentions of mortals. How He will decide in this particular affair?

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo much was in stake here: influence, power and even money, that the masterminds even got nervous too soon, and they decided to make sure, that the operation will succeed. So they sent additional human assets, to influence Marketa, to do, what she is expected to do, to push her against the wall: but from some unknown reason, a failure occured, although  a fashion model and their FEMWAR operative, specialized in honey traps, Nikola Dotkova, made everything correctly, including deployment of a special chemical substance towards Marketa, called PHE-X, an artificial female pheromone, which should force the targets to submit, when their nasal sensors were hit.

It was the Israelis, who sponsored development of this extremely dangerous substance, which could be classified as a Chemical Warfare means. They believed, that if the endless war with Muslims has still no end, a change of approach is necessary, and they planned to block Allah in the minds of Muslims, by using advanced chemistry. But it was still an experimental product, and at least this time, it failed.

However, Nikola Dotkova knew, that it makes no sense for her personally, to report her failure. She will simply announce to her Military superiors, that everything went smoothly: and then, there can be thousands of other reasons to blame, if the plan will fail: not her at the first place. Why should she damage her promising career in the Czech Army?

Princess Haya bint Hussein United Arab Emirates UAE Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum wife Islam Jordan 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnyway, in the end, Nikola’s effort made the difference indeed: because an argument between the women was so loud, that the surveillance bugs of the Emirates Counterintelligence caught its disturbing content, and yet another player stepped in: the Princess Haya bint Hussein, the Sheikh’s junior wife, still quite young and beautiful, originating from Jordan, who perceived the affair as an opportunity for her own interest, so she made necessary arrangements, deleting the particular surveillance record, and she moved to Marketa’s residential suite immediately, to make sure, that Marketa will come this evening into the Zabeel palace.

How many times in your life, you have so highly positioned VIP visitor, as a real Princess from Jordan? Although she came absolutely uninvited, nobody would reject her, as she was indeed a key asset in the Emirates, and Marketa, who was a fashion model, and experienced in Public Relations, knew well, how much useful can be this social asset, when she heard the name and title in the phone call from the reception, so she hesistated only seconds, before allowing the Princess Haya to enter her residential suite, located at 102nd floor of Burj Khalifa.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt has to be reminded, that Marketa was indeed cornered at the moment. The reason was, that Nikola delivered her a “working draft” of the newest Special Issue of Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, called “Sex, Lies, Emirates”, dedicated solely to Marketa, and not very favorable towards her, including highly destructive slanders, that Marketa made her living in the Emirates as a VIP prostitute, and most importantly, she allegedly faked her conversion to Islam, to gain more professional opportunities in the extremely competitive Islamic country, UAE.

The Princess let her wide escort, including heavily armed VIP Executive Protection unit, behind the doors, and entered the large appartment alone, only with a pleasant smile on her face, not starting to talk immediately.

Dubai, it was the land of luxury, and the Princess lived above the dreams of everybody, as she could have anything she wanted, and money made absolutely no factor for her: still, she watched the interior of the appartment attentively, to recognize the personal style of the sole inhabitant.

“Salam Alaikum, sister. Oh, how nice place you have here!” the Princess said then, with respect in her voice. “It seems, that you used the chance which we and Allah gave you, just perfectly.”

Marketa still had to understand the surprising meeting and its reason, but she caught the message immediately: the Princess came here to ask her something, as an alleged repayment for Marketa’s achievements in the Emirates. The Princess was a wife of the Sheikh Mohammed: without her covert blessing, or at least tolerance, you had no chance to prevail here. And now, it was clear, that the Princess knows about Marketa personally, and if the fashion model will try to oppose her, she will be hurt in extremely wide array of options.

In the last few days, it was already second such encounter for Marketa. The tabloid media bitches made the same move, when Nikola Dotkova, masked as their foreign reporter, informed Marketa, that they are “taking aim at her”.

And now, the Princess made the same hint: Marketa was a clever girl, she studied at the Charles University, her field of study was Public Relations, so she fully understood, that something big is happening around her, and it’s not about some foolish plan of the tabloid media, to satisfy their miserable Czech readers. It has to be something more indeed… and the Princess has to be involved.

Does it mean, that Marketa’s visit at the Zabeel palace has more importance, than she expected?

It will be best to let the Princess to speak her mind. So, Marketa sat down on the large leather sofa, and watched the Princess without visible emotion, suggesting, that she is not pleased by an unexpected visit, but ready to listen.

The Princess remained standing: she was practically a ruler here, so the superior position was natural for her.

“I heard, that you will meet with my husband today, if Allah will permit it,” the Princess went straight to the matter, and her face seemed concentrated, serious, even ruthless. “I hope, that you understand the importance of this meeting correctly.”

Marketa had to smile, when she heard the word: “correctly”. It reminded her the Israeli asset, who contacted her, and offered her a very beneficial business: the Israelis will sponsor and “help” Marketa’s professional career, including “secured” victory at an international beauty contest, “Miss Motors International” in Italy, and she will get an influence in the Emirates for them, for some still unknown particular purpose. But later, Israelis apparently disappeared from the scene, leaving Marketa in the Emirates alone. Apparently…

“His Highness invited me,” Marketa replied with appropriate respect to the ruler. “I am flattered, of course.”

“And you will come, with the permission of Allah, of course,” the Princess mimicked her.

Marketa just sighed. If the Princess needs something from her, she is important, and she has a good position for any negotiation, so she doesn’t have to be some servant, who says “yes” automatically, never opposing to the will of the ruler.

“It depends on the will of Allah, Your Royal Highness” the fashion model said then, not to be impolite. “I have a tight work schedule, serving to the Lord.”

The Princess was a capable psychologist, who could read people. Observing Marketa, she realized, that this bitch is willing to make problems, because she feels too much certain. Should the Princess be more friendly? Or simply make threats?

“Ah, your busy work schedule… and imagine mine!” she said, making a sad face. “Right now, I should be meeting with an ambassador, to discuss building new wells for the poor refugees in Jordan. Still, I asked Allah to grant me a time to visit you, to talk to you, to meet you in person, while the poor refugees are dying from thirst.”

The Princess then changed her face to a queen, who makes no compromises, and accepts no resistance.

“It would be really nice to listen to me for a moment, otherwise, you don’t have to come to work again. And you could pack your personal stuff as well, and quickly: only one telephone call of mine, and your life and career in the Emirates is over instantly, and you will be glad to make it to the airport and disappear from the country forever, in one piece,” the Princess smiled poisonously.

“As you order, Your Royal Highness,” Marketa said with smile, stood up, and started taking some things from the adjacent kitchen, like if she would be really packing, understanding, that she has to leave, and she lost everything.

“Fine then, you have one hour,” the Princess continued in her strict ruler’s game. “I will wait downstairs, to make sure, that you will leave. We don’t want people like you here: ungrateful, unfriendly bitches, forgive me those dirty words, my Lord, who come here from nowhere… what do you think about yourself? You are nothing, so you will be treated appropriately.”

If the Israelis would hear the Princess right now… they wouldn’t be pleased indeed. Because completely everything could be lost soon, months of preparations, millions USD of investments: and there would be not enough time, to eliminate the Princess somehow, as she was clearly standing in their way now. Even to dispatch a Mossad team of experienced and ruthless assassins takes some time… not speaking about extreme risk of such venture.

The Princess kept her word indeed: she was waiting at the lobby of the Burj Khalifa, and her escort seemed distracted, what can be happening? Such sudden and substantial change of the planned daily routine… the Princess didn’t tell them, why the delay. She simply ordered them, to wait.

After an hour, Marketa came downstairs, wearing a hijab of course, to cover her immense beauty and prove her modesty and obedience to Allah, with only two large suitcases, and a Prada handbag. She had much more property in her flat remaining of course, but she decided simply to leave it, and forget it: she felt much lighter, when not carrying so much burden.

The Princess watched with satisfaction, that the girl obeys her commands. “Thank you for your cooperation, sister. Such is the will of Allah. We will take you to the airport… accept this service it as our goodbye gift,” the Princess smiled, and ordered her security guards to handle the Marketa’s luggage.

“Let’s get into my car,” she invited Marketa quite friendly, and directed her to one of the large white Mercedes SUVs, waiting at the garage.

When all personnel was seated, the armored column of Princess Haya, escorted by the police elements, hit the road.

But instead of the airport, the direction was set to the Zabeel palace, it seemed.

Marketa realized it after a few miles: now, she won’t avoid the meeting with the Sheikh. His powerful junior wife will simply take care of it…

If only Israelis and Czechs would know, who helped them in the end… but it was still unclear, why.

It was a time for a Dhuhr prayer.

All the female personnel from the part of the Zabeel palace, where the Princess lived, gathered together in the attached mosque, without regards of their work position, making a single mass of women, dressed modestly, with their hair covered with hijabs without exception, and bodies hidden in loose abayas.

The Princess led the prayer herself, as a female Imam: there was no men here, so a woman had to take lead, these were the rules of Islam.

“Allahu Akbar,” all women greeted Allah, standing in perfect rows, directed towards Qibla, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the Princess was saying the suras of the Holy Qur’an loudly.

“Allahu Akbar,” they all bowed.

“Allahu Akbar,” they all prostrated, putting their foreheads and noses to the ground, and Marketa Korinkova was between them, her shoulders touching other female colleagues.

This was the Ummah, the Islamic community: this was the way to worship Allah appropriately, together, as one single mass, regardless of age or wealth.

After the prayer, when all the mandatory rakats (=praying cycles) were made, and the women added two more to worship Allah further, each of them single now, the Princess made some arrangements with her closest servants, and approached Marketa, who was sitting alone on the mosque’s thick red carpet, watching the nicely decorated ceiling peacefully.

“I am pleased, that you found a time for me at the end,” the Princess said with total victory in her voice, but not with irony.

“You rule here, Your Royal Highness. I am nobody in comparison with you, as you said, so I have to submit temporarily. But I want to remind you: I still bow only in front of Allah,” Marketa said calmly.

“That is absolutely right statement, to keep Allah at the first place of your life, always,” the Princess agreed, and sat down too, as here, in the sacred mosque, it would be an apostasy, to play some ruler, as only Allah ruled here. “But there is also Ummah… and it has interests here, in the wordly life, which concerns you too. And you are part of it, since the moment you accepted Islam.”

Ummah… yes, it was an important part of the Islamic religion. You were not alone in worshipping Allah: it was the power of Ummah, who always offered you a helping hand and wide support in your life, but you had to submit to its will in certain sense, when the circumstance were extraordinary: like today.

“Yes, being a part of the Ummah belongs to my faith, Your Royal Highness,” Marketa pledged allegiance.

“Good. Then let’s talk about Ummah, and the will of Allah. What is needed from you, right now, OK?” she challenged the girl to follow her, while two female bodyguards made supervision from the distance discreetly.

When both women reached the personal chambers of the Princess, a small refreshment was served, and they sat to a large dining table, so the proper distance remained between them.

“You will meet my husband in a few hours,” the Princess stated, because it was completely sure thing now, as Marketa was effectively a prisoner here now. “And it’s very important meeting, believe me! He is really looking forward for you. He watches your photos all the time, he is thinking about you… and I understand him. His years are passing, maybe he sees an alternative daughter inside you, it makes him young again, and he appreciates, what you are doing for Islam, because let’s be honest, here in Dubai, we exchanged some part of our faith for worldly pleasures, to secure the sustainable future of the country.

My husband tries to take care of Dubai the best he can, with the blessing of Allah, but there are still his personal needs… you enchanted him, like no other woman, which he ever met, no doubt about it, and you are a live water for him. Since he met you, he is different, maybe full of life, he seems younger, he has more will to live, and to work for our country.

Yes, without knowing it, you are helping not only him, but also the whole country, indirectly. More satisfied is the ruler, more satisfied are the citizens, and the land grows, if Allah allows it.

So, may I ask you, to meet him, to be nice to him? Of course, remain yourself, but if I was asked by Allah to represent the local Ummah, then the Ummah would be pleased, if you would give to my husband, what he wants, and needs.”

“Even if I mean nothing, as you said, Your Royal Highness?” Marketa pretended to be wondering to such sudden turn in her position.

“Your only value is created by being here,” the Princess explained coldly. “And today. Not only for my husband, for the Ummah as well. Will you become a renegade, or will you follow the will of Allah, and the Ummah? Not speaking about your Israeli benefactors!” she added with open disdain.

“Yes, I know, why you are here, imagine that! They sent you as a kind of battering ram, maybe even as a female ‘bioweapon’, to get to the Sheikh. And I can imagine well, why they want it,” the Princess revealed her knowledge from the Intelligence files. “You don’t need to tell me, what you were asked to do, why they need you here. But we can use you as well, and the Ummah as well. You seem like a good person inside… a young woman, who simply wants to use the opportunity. And can we help you with your dreams? Of course, the Emirates are about selling and fulfilling dreams to the chosen ones. You are blessed by Allah to become one of us, the elite… your chance is here, and today. Whatever was the reason for you to come here, then the treasure you are looking for, can be found here.

You know, I try to take care of my husband, as best I can… or, let’s say, I try to think as a modern woman, unlike his other wife. We, women, we have to take of our men… sometimes rather covertly, to make moves for their welfare.

So, please my husband, and you will please not only him, but also Allah, Ummah and me. You are one of us Muslims… and we are united, everybody has his or her place, set by Allah. Your place is here, today. What is there not to understand yet?”

“If Allah will allow it, it will happen, exactly as you said, Your Royal Highness,” Marketa agreed without any hesitation. “We all have our place and purpose, as you said.”

“I am glad to hear that! Let’s not waste any more time, and make proper preparations for the evening. There will be something like a small party today, and I want you to shine! So, I arranged my personal fashion advisor to take care of your outfit. It needs something special today… hmmm… decent, but sexy, modest, but sophisticated!

You are a fashion model, you have sense for style, so I believe, that you will be a star during the evening. Just surprise him… and be above all others, including me. No one can overshadow you today… show your skills, and be the best woman here, eliminate the competition, and win his favor. Quite a simple rules, no?”

And this was exactly what Marketa Korinkova wanted to hear, to become a female machine: hungry, ambitious, wild, even predatory, ruthless, smiling professionally, but making moves, as a queen.

Now, when she realized, that the Princess gives her opportunity to overshadow even her… it was more than a fulfilled girlish dream. It was like walking on the Moon, and watching the home planet Earth from so much distance, and seeing all the miserable fools, who achieved nothing, who never managed to fly, so they were condemned to remain ground creatures of Allah.

Now, nothing can stop Marketa… she will do, what she has to do, and no one has to push her anymore. The will of Allah will be realized here, today, as she will become His tool.

And what will happen today and tomorrow, only He will decide.

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Islamic Princess Maryam Affair: Marketa Korinkova
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