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Imagine that sweet moment for a second, when you know, that this is it, that all your dreams are so close from being not only fulfilled, but thousand times surpassed, that a space ship, carrying you towards the real stars you always watched only from below, realizing their inaccessibility, is just to launch.

Imagine, that you are sitting in the private chambers of Her Royal Highness, Princess Haya bint Hussein, the junior wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, the vicepresident of the glamorous United Arab Emirates, and the prime minister. And today, you will meet with the Sheikh, knowing, that you have his heart and his body on your palm, because you are a woman, who is blessed, who is capable, who made right decisions on her path, and who had a little bit of luck… or was it the protecting hand of Allah?

All that fools, who wanted to misuse you for their goals… they were so wrong about you. They called you weak puppy, they disdained you, they thought, that you are just a pawn for their miserable interests… but they were all wrong, including fools from the Czech Army, who wanted to use you for some nasty conspiracy, together with mighty Israelis.

But in practice, all these fools only helped you here, to this place, a lobby to the real world elite. And you won’t let this unique chance to pass, no no, this is the moment you lived for, fought for, hoped for, dreamed for. All other girls out there, they would do just anything, to be at your place right now… but they are not, and they will never be, because they are not blessed, they will end as miserable losers, carrying bastards under their hearts, fearing the future, regretting many bad choices of their poor wasted lives.

You know exactly, what you will do: using your ingenious female games and inconspicuos, but effective emotional manipulation, you will eliminate both previous wives of the Sheikh from the throne, and you will become the queen of the Emirates yourself!

“Queen of the Emirates… oh, Lord, how much should I thank you for everything you gave to me?

With your permission, I will rule the whole United Arab Emirates, because I will find and identify all weaknesses of the Sheikh, a mere man with weak spots, and I will force him to submit to my magic and then rule, and voluntarily.

In the end, I will be a ruler of the Emirates. Me…”

Marketa Korinkova, originally a Czech female fashion model, who later converted to Islam and accepted an Islamic name Maryam, 24 years old and 177 cm tall, watches her symmetric face and beautiful brown eyes in the mirror in front of her, while all possible cosmetics of the world most luxury brands is everywhere around.

The Princess allowed to use her private make-up station, including the personnel, all the beauticians and fashion advisors, without realizing, that she is feeding a snake, who will poison her one day, but it will be too late to take all the gifts back: instead of her, the Princess of Jordan, with the permission of Allah, Marketa will rule here!

You think, that such thing is not possible? Then read her tale of an Islamic Princess again, from the beginning. Maybe it was a long path, but Marketa played the game so well, leaving others, to project their own interests, pretending to be their pawn… but in the end, she was always a queen, and her destiny was to rule.

No, she is not some poor maid from a village, discovered miracuously by some foolish Prince, who falls in love with her, and liberates her from the misery: all what Marketa achieved, it was only her merit, her effort, her good moves. Because she was born to rule… she only pretended to be weak deliberately, so all the fools could underestimate her, and helping her in practice.

Imagine, that she even pretended to hesitate from going here, to the Zabeel palace, to fulfill her destiny! She has to smile, because if all the fools would have known, that in reality, she even counted hours from the meeting, making countless du’a (=invocation in Islam) and begging Allah to fulfill her dreams, they would be surprised indeed… but the fools never found the truth about Marketa Korinkova!

They thought, that they know her, all the Intelligence service classified files, all the psychological assessments about her… but they couldn’t be more wrong about her.

Now, she will take, you understand, fools?

Because that is the will of Allah. Indeed, she is His servant, submitted to Him… but He wants her to be exactly here, doing, what she does.

Who knows, what are His reasons? But it’s not Marketa’s matter to think about it, to analyze it too much. She only fulfills His commands, and until the last dot, you understand, infidel fools? You should learn from her, because your lives would be much easier, and successful… just have a look at Marketa!

Now, you see the real power of Islam, an example you needed, to do the right decision yourself, and convert to Islam without any further delay, or hesitation: you would just lose time, and there is so much rewards, waiting for you out there, so much adventure and excitement, when you will submit to the will of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, who will never disappoint you, or leave you, who will give you everything you need.

But Marketa has no time to think about you, infidel fools, anymore. She has a mission now, and she has to fully concentrate. Failure is not an option!

But to succeed, she needs to release the Sheikh from her mind at first. If she would be connected to him further, she would fail. She needs to be liberated, to have her mind completely empty, open, not attached, and there is only one certain way, how to achieve it: just to remember Allah, and to say “Alhamdulillah” (Praised be Allah), to make connection to Him, the only entity she worships.

“Oh, Allah! I belong only to You, I worship only You, only in front of You I bow, only You I fear, only You can judge me, and you are always at the first place of my life.

I swear to You, Almighty Allah, that everything I do in the wordly life, it’s for You, in Your most noble name… I am Your servant, and a slave, You are in full control of me, and I am Your small, insignificant tool, who follows Your commands obediently.

Oh, Allah! Lead me to my destiny, and I will accept it without hesitation, or resistance! Thank You for everything You are providing me, be it water, food, health, love, property, success… oh, Allah, thank You for all the gifts, and leading me on the Straight Path, to your light!

You know about everything I do, You see and hear everything… Allah, there is no one like You, and I will never give partners to You!

I testify, that there is no deity except Allah! And I testify, that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger!

Ash hadu, an la ilaha illallah, wa ash hadu, anna Muhammadar Rasulallah!”

For any woman of Islam, choosing her proper apparel is the most easy: simply to follow the rules of Islam, where the modesty is most appreciated. This chastity is called hijab.

womans-destiny-the-arabic-islamic-fashion-brand-vienna-prague-dubai-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAlthough the Princess challenged Marketa to shine this evening, to catch the proper attention of the Sheikh, the wise and capable girl wouldn’t accept such advice, and from all the “Woman’s Destiny” luxurious outfits she was offered, including those decorated with gold and silk generously, the materials, which only women can wear, Marketa chose the most simple abaya, black and pure.

There is no human being, worthy of putting Allah aside: moreover, the Sheikh has to receive the message, that she hasn’t come here to play some game. He still has to be a hunter… at least officially, and she still needs to pretend an innocent, weak dove, a puppy. But in practice, all the control will belong to Marketa, and Allah.

Of course, that their meeting couldn’t be organized as some private date between the two persons, because that would be not desirable from many reasons. So, one of the countless parties for VIPs, taking place at the Zabeel palace, where the Sheikh resided, was taken as a cover.

Between all the shiny Arabic women, who gathered here today evening, all beautiful and shining, many from extremely wealthy and important families of the Persian Gulf, it could seem, that Marketa, dressed modestly, will be lost easily, overshadowed by them. But she knew, that in all this crowd, the Sheikh will find her, and take aim at her, if such is the will of Allah.

So, she remained the most calm and balanced, simply enjoying the evening at the magical Zabeel palace, browsing the endless gardens, drinking tea, greeting other sisters and avoiding men, as the rules of Islam instructed her.

Later she will meet the Sheikh, the better – and if she would even avoid him deliberately, provoking him to search for her, that will be the best approach in tactical sense. She was a fashion model: and these women know well, how to play the game with powerful men, to gain access to their resources.

Just now, walking around a beautiful fountain, she was stopped by a group of heavily veiled women from Kuwait, who expressed their admiration, that Marketa was so bold to enter the lair of sin, “Armani Prive Lounge”, working there as a VIP hostess, and to make the sacred Da’wah there, the Islamic missionary activity, targeting the most influential VIPs of the world.

They told her, that she is an inspiration for them, to be more active in life, not to be put aside from the male everlasting dominance.

“Be careful, sisters! All those concepts of gender equality are not a creation of Allah, but of malicious social engineers of the West,” she told them openly. “There was never any gender inequality between men and women in Islam, or racial inequality, only those treacherous Western infidels are now saying that, to disrupt Islam, to make divisions, by poisoning your mind. So, forget about modernity, remain as you are… don’t become, what these American and Israeli traitors want you to be!

Our place is at home, taking care of the children, and your men, who provide resources for you, and protect you. Here, in the Emirates, many Islamic women are active in the society, and His Highness supports it, but there should be some boundaries still kept, otherwise the women will succumb to the omnipresent Western propaganda, inspiring them to make some foolish revolution against men, to create crises, to disrupt the Islamic world, so the enemies can win against Islam.

I was approached by these infected women many times, and they told me to speak publicly, to empower women. But the only way I will empower you, is by inspiring you to be more devoted Muslims, not listening to all those vicious voices from the West, pretending to bring welfare here, and ‘liberating us’ from alleged male oppression. No, they want to destroy us, our families, our natality, to limit our influence, to stop Islam, which is taking over their lands quickly, both in Europe and America.

If you want to fight and defeat the state of Israel, your archenemy, then simply stop listening to their destructive propaganda, and reject all the rights, which will be offered to you by the covert allies of Israel: believe me, it would only destroy you. Woman has to follow Allah, and a man: that is, how we were created, and trying to change this arrangement would be pure apostasy.

I don’t care, if I disappointed you, because you expected me to empower you to rise against the men. But until my last breath, I will repeat: the rules and traditions must remain, as they are. Any new measures are harmful. No modernity, no changes. The stability is the source of immense power.

Have a look at these infidels, they bring modernities into their society all the time, any day: the laws are changing, rules are changing instantly. And what is the result? Such society is not stable, firm and united, as Ummah: and it disintegrates, it loses any power.

You are an integral part of the Islamic power, and you have the responsibility, to protect what you have, not to try to change it, like some fools, talking about some “modern Islam”. Whoever of you, succumbing to these ideas, is an apostate, and must be dealt with, her influence eliminated by wide public rejection. Let her go to the West, there is her place, there, she will be appreciated, admired, and she can help Islam: but keep all these traitors out of your country, and society.”

Oh, how ironic: Marketa even forgot the Sheikh, speaking about so called women rights, a poisoned child of the decadent Western society.

But he hasn’t forgotten her. When he was told by a servant, that Marketa makes an improvized Islamic presentation in the garden, his admiration was yet higher: instead of trying to get close to him, to get favors and advantages, like many other women, she is in a garden, advising other women to remain, as they were for generations?

This female empowerment was one of the most critical issues of the Emirates, although the Sheikh never published his wide concerns about it, and kept the issue secret, in the inner circle of his advisors. But it was so difficult to find an optimal way, how to treat these ideas, which were coming here from the postmodern West, like a dangerous river, infecting the minds of women, like Marketa said.

Indeed, it could be a part of American-Israeli effort, to disrupt the Islamic society, to create divisions and revolutions, like Marketa said… oh, the girl was so clever, and wise. The Sheikh knew well, why he considered her to be his personal advisor in female affairs… and, in fact, this was even the official purpose of her invitation today.

How useful she could be for him, and the Emirates… her opinion is sustainable, unlike Princess Haya, who started to get out of the Sheikh’s control long time ago, and he even feared her secretly, as her influence was rising too much, reaching even the top levels of Emirates Counterintelligence, and for the ruler of Dubai, this was the most dangerous development.

But now, when this young dove is here… wouldn’t be the best choice for the Sheikh himself, to divorce both his original wives, and to marry Marketa Korinkova? She comes from the another world, she knows the enemies, and their tactics… she could help the Sheikh, to create sustainable future of the Emirates.

She could be difference in these complicated times, when instability was all around, and Israeli archenemies were able to put the whole Middle East into the wave of civil wars, and terrorism.

Now, can the Sheikh rely on his governmental apparatus, and wives, that they can adapt to these new conditions, and find the best solutions?

However, what if this Czech fashion model says exactly, what he needs and wants to hear, to get close to him? And she could be sent by someone… she is just too perfect in her apparent imperfection…

This thought was like a black stain on the Sheikh’s admiration towards Marketa. And he couldn’t resist it.

If he will allow her to get power – wouldn’t he make the same mistakes, which she mentioned in her warning? That to be thinking “too modern” can be dangerous, even lethal?

Of course, that many concessions from the Islamic faith had to be made in the Emirates, to keep the money flowing, to attract the people and investments. But what if tomorrow, these women, led by Princess Haya, will approach the Sheikh, saying: “We want rights!”, while they will be advised by some experienced lobbyists and Public Relations aces from New York, and supported by powerful NGOs with various connections, and unlimited financial funds, secretly backed by the Israelis?

They can push him against the wall, using the media, making his image as an obsolete man… who needs to be removed from rule, for the welfare not only of the Emirates women, but all citizens.

Indeed, if he would get rid of Princess Haya, and his senior wife as well, as she could be a part of the female conspiracy as well… he could have free hands, to keep the females in the distance.

If they will launch their revolution once, it can be too late to stop the fire, like it happened in Tunisia, in December 2010: some poor man put himself on fire, because his goods was seized again by the authorities, represented by a woman by the way, and he was prevented from make living for him and the family, by selling food on the street.

If the Tunisian government would know, what will follow… they would give him tons of gold, instead of seizing his goods! Because they could save the land, their rule, their future, and many human lives. But what happened?

It started with one mere human torch, and ended with several Arabic countries completely upside down, and the old empires crumbling, when the American CIA backed the vast insurgency: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and partially Syria, where Bashar Al-Assad was still fighting hard with the insurgents, openly supported by the Americans, Turkey and who knows who yet. Only Russians were his last hope, to maintain his rule.

Now, what if the Americans, and Israelis, choose another approach in the Emirates? They would never succeed in the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Qatar: because there, the borders are more tight, it’s not so easy, to influence and change those societies.

But Emirates had to open all borders, to secure sustainable future. And it was also a risk: many dangerous diseases and ideas could come here, through the open borders.

What if female empowerment movement will become the same detonator, as the Tunisian human torch, harmless apparently, became at the end? A highly effective battering ram, how to disrupt the Sheikh’s rule?

He couldn’t send them to prison, or to have them “disappear”. They knew, how to play the game: they would even use such martyrs for their malicious cause.

The female Czech-Kurdish crusader in Syria, killing people there without any authorization of the Czech state, Marketa Vselichova, used the same thought construction, to make sure, that she won’t be detained, and she can come and go into the hot combat zones of Syria freely, through Turkey.

She knew, that if she would be detained, and even suspected from terrorism, as the PKK, a part of the Kurdish movement for establishing independent state, was waging a guerilla war with the Turkey, the West will make a hero from her, and the pressure against Turkey or Syria will be so extreme, that it will cause more damage, than simply letting the violent woman go, playing for war with an assault rifle.

Simply, it was more beneficial, to let her be, than to intervene: the damage she made on the lives of Syrian civilians, using a mere rifle, was still smaller, than a full scale diplomatic conflict, weakening both affected countries, who had to fight their internal enemies: rebels in Syria, and Gülenist sect in Turkey.

Indeed, these “modern women”… they were dangerous. Playing your devoted friends, servants, even lovers, spreading their thighs only, if it was beneficial for them… but desiring for power, like mad. And if someone clever knew them, and used this feature to his welfare, like the Israelis… your male empire could crumble instantly.

But it was simply too late to remove the women from all the state positions, to make a purge, to strip them from their influence. This was the price for the success and glamour of the Emirates… and now, the poisonous apples were all around. When they will receive an order, to start the revolution?

And it’s most certain, that Princess Haya won’t be standing on his side. Maybe pretending it, but sticking a knife into his back, when he will least expect it, as an experienced and ruthless Israeli assassin from Mossad.

In 2010, the Israelis sent a commando of two dozen operatives, using foreign passports, to commit such assassination in Dubai. Their target was allegedly some terrorist, but for the Sheikh, this affair was a serious warning: the Israelis proved him, that borders and foreign or international laws mean nothing for them, like for that terrorists from the Islamic State. Eventually, the state of Israel was never reprimanded for this crime, setting a dangerous precedent.

On the other hand… what if this Marketa is a perfect weapon of Israelis, a trojan horse, sent into the rear of an Arabic enemy? Yeah, that would be exactly the Israeli style of the Intelligence operations! These infidels couldn’t be underestimated, ever, as you would be surprised very unpleasantly.

Of course, that the Sheikh put a strong surveillance on Marketa, but there was no incriminating evidence found against her, that she could be connected to Israel. However, as a top-tier operative, would she be so foolish, to make phone calls into the Mossad headquarters from the UAE? These Mossad operatives, they knew, how to cover their tracks perfectly.

The Sheikh had a feeling, that something is about to happen, and unless he will find some perfect solution, a bold, surprising move, all is lost. Everything, his rule, his life…

Whom to trust now? Princess Haya, or this new woman from Europe, who can be a measure of destruction, coming like some dark angel here, bringing death and darkness with her?

The time was passing. The Sheikh has to return to the people, that was his place. But there will be no more space to think, to concentrate.

Suddenly, he had real fear from all the women around. From this or that side, an attack can come, a provocation, a perfectly planned move against him.

“Your Highness?” a servant occured behind the Sheikh. “The guests are waiting for your welcoming speech. It’s the time.”

The Sheikh was still watching the large garden of Zabeel palace, begging Allah to provide some good advice, what to do.

Was it Marketa, who should be thanked for saving the Emirates from a treacherous American-Israeli backed revolution? Her simple presence made the Sheikh to think more deeply about his world, and current threats he is maybe facing.

He simply stopped to perceive himself as a mighty ruler with full alleged control. He imagined, that he is only a small cute squirrel in a wood, full of wolves, eagles and vultures, so he has to be extremely attentive and careful, not underestimating anybody, because any mistake means instant death for the tiny animal, who only collects nuts, not hurting anybody. But she is simply positioned too low on the food chain, so the others will want to eat her. Nothing personal.

In practice, all wolves and vultures were even decent companions, and they almost apologized, that they have to eat you. For example, Israelis: they always said frankly, “We just want to protect our Jewish state. We don’t care about your Islam, your states, your politics, we want peace, but what can we do, if you are killing our people, trying to destroy us? So we have to make moves, to protect the Jewish state. Why don’t you leave us alone? Then, there will be peace, we promise!”

The women, they all talked, they always occupied your mind with countless sentences, opinions, demands, emotions, lies. They knew, how to distract you, how to put their soft nets around you, making you their slave, manipulating you to wrong moves.

The Sheikh underestimated all the treacherous females around for too long, they smiled at him, pretended to be weak, but creating invisible spider’s nets around him for years… but they have to be prevented from destroying his empire, and devoted service to the people of the Emirates.

And this Marketa… she managed to show him somehow, what is the real face of his world. Who many “modern women” really are.

Now, if he would be dumb ruler, not able to think outside the box, he would call the Security Council, and announce the state of emergency, calling all the Police and Military on highest alert, because, let’s say, some terrorists attacks were launched by the Islamic State in the Emirates.

You can always find some useful pretext to call to arms, and to launch “defensive wars” against other states, like Nazis did in 1939 (alleged Polish armed assault of Gliwice broadcast station).

But this way, he would only provoke his enemies to rise, and he could literally create the chain of events he was afraid of. Not speaking about extreme damages to the economy, and lowering the status of the Emirates in the world, jeopardizing the sustainable future significantly.

This way, by attacking a fly with a flamethrower, he would destroy his rule, and the whole country, giving the Israelis and Americans exactly, what they wanted.

The servant was still waiting in the Sheikh’s personal study, waiting for an answer. The situation was becoming critical – longer he will stay here, isolated from the invited society, more dangerous gossip can be spread, that he is sick for example, weakened, and his public relations image can be damaged, again provoking his lurking enemies to use the opportunity.

Or, he can simply do nothing, pretending, that nothing serious is happening, leaving the decision at the hands of Allah. But wouldn’t such hesitation in possible moment of danger indicate his weakness, as a ruler?

Indeed, to rule, it was so tricky job. How much easier was the life of all the carpenters, or goat shepherds? But a man is never satisfied: if you are healthy, you want money. If you have money, you want power. And if you have power, you are scared to lose it. You are never satisfied.

These women… it was so hard to keep them on a short chain. Backed by all those infecting ideas from the decadent West, they were becoming monsters.

“Send for sister Maryam,” the Sheikh decided eventually. “I want to speak with her at once.”

When the Sheikh said these sentences, he realized: he is not afraid of Princess Haya, or any other woman, or Israelis. He is afraid of this Maryam, who seemed like a cute puppy once, a cute squirrel, but more you knew her, you started to see a carefully hidden skin of a wolf, but still, so beautiful, and seducing! You wanted to believe, that he is indeed a nice creature of Allah!

And this is, why women are destroying you, as you start believing, that they are good and innocent, ignoring all the warning signs, seeing deliberately only the positive things, the beauty and other qualities, like Dimples of Venus, your mind is overshadowed… you make a fool from yourself.

Since she came here, into the Emirate, several mere years ago, the Sheikh always felt, that he has to keep the distance from her, that she can bring him destruction.

But… doesn’t this feature belong to love? Only in this special case, too much was in stake. How can the Sheikh let his male weaknesses and desires to jeopardize the fate of the whole country?

But maybe she is sent by Allah. He has to face her, and listen to her message, before he will make a decision.

Maybe she is bringing something good, and only this unhealthy fear of him prevents some good connection between them.

But who can tell, where is the truth? Is Marketa an angel, sent by Allah to help the Sheikh in the last hour, whereas the enemies are just preparing the final attack against the walls of heavily besieged Constantinopole, later known as Istanbul, after the conquest of the Christian city by Muslims… or is she an ambassador of infidel Devil himself, bringing destruction?

What should he do: to start defending, fighting with alleged enemies, to have the advantage of the first strike, or to leave things be, because maybe, those alleged threats are just his illusion?

Now, if he will listen to this dove, Marketa Korinkova, letting her so close, allowing her to breathe the same air, like him… isn’t he risking too much?

Maybe all these disturbing thoughts simply mean, that there is some problem in the love life of the Sheikh. That something is missing, some unfulfilled desire, he is becoming unhappy, and his mind is crumbling, creating unpleasant feelings, and dangerous thoughts. Maybe he wants to be with someone else… with Maryam, maybe? Is this the message?

No, really… what if the only good solution of the situation is to simply make a substantial, even radical change in his love life?

What if the problem doesn’t concern the country, but only him personally?

Shouldn’t he solve it just by accepting a new wife into his bed, and to his dining table? And there will be peace… maybe.

Indeed, it was the right decision, to call for Maryam. She will definitely provide the answers the Sheikh needs…

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Islamic Princess Maryam Affair: Marketa Korinkova
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