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How long it seems today, since a Czech female top fashion model, who later converted to Islam and changed the world, Marketa Korinkova, was sitting with her Israeli contact in a fancy restaurant in Prague, called “The Yellow Spa”, located just at left bank of Vltava river, literally behind the Czech Government building, so you could feel as somebody, sitting there almost alone, as the place never became a trendy destination for local VIPs or hipsters: it was simply too distant from the city center, it was hard to get there by public transport, and although the owners tried to attract people by organizing various parties and inviting many social big shots, the restaurant as a business project simply failed, as it happens in the gastro industry often.

So, the establishment changed owners several times through years, until an alleged Israeli corporation stepped in. But in that time, no one cared about the place anymore, it had no value or importance for the social life of Prague, ruled by socialites, hipsters, celebrities, artists and “golden youth”: so the citizens completely ignored a bold suspicion, brought by a key Czech tabloid media, called ‘Heavy Slander’, that “The Yellow Spa” could be allegedly used as a front for Israeli Intelligence activities, laundering money there, used for black counter-terrorism operations worldwide, including very questionable ones, like kidnappings and alleged targeted assassinations of designated archenemies of the state of Israel, never punished by any international court.

But who of the Czechs would care too much? The “War On Terror”, declared long 15 years ago and never won, had to be ruthless, the terrorists were persistent and omnipresent, clear and present danger to the free world, as the statewide media explained to the dumb sheep patiently, using soft propaganda, like always, and the Czech Republic had very good historical and present relationships with Israel.

The Jews were even admired by local politicians and social elite, as everybody was impressed by Jewish might and toughness, their immense wealth and valor, as they were standing alone against the whole Arabic world, who desired to destroy them, but capable Israelis managed not only to survive, against all odds, but also to prevail, becoming a firm wall against massive spread of Islam, changing the world, and particularly Europe, once and forever, as mosques were growing everywhere, whereas the Christian religion was in deep decline, and Pope Francis kissed the feet of illegal African immingrants at the Mediterranean, proving, that the Catholic Church lives in its own reality, far distant from the will of people.

And this feature was highly appreciated by majority of Czechs, who opposed Islam massively, promising, that their country will never become Islamized, even if they should defend their homeland with arms, against all leftist, neomarxist traitors, babbling about “multicultural enhancement”, “improving society by immigration and beneficial race mixing” and “peaceful coexistence of all religions” in their multiculturalist fever, perceived by many local patriots as a mortal threat to Western civilization, so Israel, standing firmly and prospering, having definitely a sustainable future, fighting with Islamic enemies ruhtlessly and apparently winning, was more than natural ally in this effort.

When asked about their opinion about the criticial humanitarian situation in Gaza, Palestinian territories, becoming the world biggest ghetto, with 3.5 million people trapped on a small piece of soil, with almost all access routes cut off and without option to leave freely, the Czech pub plebs marked all Palestinians as “terrorists”, showing no mercy or compassion towards them, standing firmly behind the interests of Israel, who “…definitely has a good reason to keep the Palestinians in cage, until they will stop with their treacherous rocket attacks against peaceful Israeli cities”.

The United States of America was once the most favoured ally by the Czechs, but after that costly military fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq, and disappointment by the chic President Barack Obama, who was welcomed at Prague in 2008 as a national hero by the fools, and the same fools celebrated, when Colonel Gaddafi was murdered in Lybia in 2011, and the whole North Africa was destabilized by the series of “revolutions”, even the completely foolish former Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg commented the situation in Libya in 2011, saying “…now the freedom and democracy will be imported there, and bright, stable future is expecting Libya”.

But everything ended differently, than the fools anticipated, like it always is: now, Libya is becoming an ultimate threat for Europe, swarming with Islamic State terrorists, who watch distant European shores with very questionable desires in their jihadi hearts, like waving the Black Flag over Rome, and allowing millions of refugees from drying Africa, suffering from famine, to flow freely into Europe, to search survival and a better future. The Czech fools will never learn, and then they always wonder, why they lost their state and freedom, like in 1938 (to Nazi Germany), 1948 (to Communists, elected in last democratic elections 1946), 1968 (to Communists again, who organized “international help” to stop reactionary domestic forces).

Anyway, nobody likes losers, so the U.S. lost the general Czech trust, and Israel took America’s original place. The reason was, that nobody was interested in the U.S. geopolitical interests anymore, no one believed to bold proclamations of the Americans anymore, how many countries have to be yet invaded and “bombed for freedom”, but Islam and Muslims were perceived as real and close danger, touching the borders of the country, when the “Welcome Politics” towards refugees in Germany started: and in any war, you need a reliable, powerful ally.

Who could be more suitable for this purpose, than Israel? Even the Czech Military started sending their commandos into Tel Aviv, to learn, how to deal with possible Islamic insurgency and extremism in the future.

But in time, when Marketa Korinkova was sitting at “The Yellow Spa”, negotiating the vast change of her life, she had no thoughts like this, she had no interest in politics and extremely complicated international relations, it was simply another beautiful summer day, when the sky was blue, and you were so tempted to head to the Vaclav Havel international airport at Prague-Ruzyne, to board a plane and to go somewhere far, where is the sea, sun, fresh air and nice atmosphere, where a new life, new opportunities, and maybe a new love is awaiting you, liberating you from the oppression of the past, when you see ghosts and remnants of your past, lost loves and life mistakes everywhere, in the streets of beautiful Prague, where you were born, and you experienced maybe too much there, rises and falls…

She was an experienced fashion model, and the Israeli man, called David, married and in his late 30s, had her full trust, he supplied her with several good modeling jobs previously, and eventually, he offered her to get out of grey and negative Prague, towards the eternal shine of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, where the future of the world is shaped, covered in immense wealth, wrapped in gold and silk, smelling like oil. Wouldn’t you listen carefully, to sit at her place?

“Our corporation has many interests at the rich Middle East, where a lot of world wealth is gathered and distributed, as you know,” David tasted the delicious dessert, brought to them by a smiling waiter. “To achieve them, we need suitable Public Relations assets, it means, people, who can help us to achieve certain goals in the social, business and even political sphere. And who could be better for this task, than fashion models, the social leaders of the West? If a fashion models speaks, everybody is listening.

You are well qualified for this task, Marketa: a beautiful woman, an experienced fashion model, who is studying the Marketing Communication and Public Relations at famous Charles University, who even worked in the media and PR extensively, so you know the rules of the game to some extent, you know, what has to be done, if the public should be successfully influenced.

I am telling you openly, that we considered another female assets before you: and Tereza Lipanova seemed perfect to us, before Alexandra Pianka was highly recommended from our foreign collaborators, as I told you, and we almost made the decision. We need only the best person, and reliable, trustworthy, as we will invest large sum of money into her, to create a perfect personal brand for her.

But you can imagine, that people are difficult to control, to keep their obligations and contracts. We don’t want to experience the undesirable situation, that we will build the media star of someone, and this ungrateful person will tell us, ‘thank you, and goodbye, I have enough of perks, and I am going to meditate in a buddhist temple in Thailand’, in the most critical moment, when the dices will be thrown. What could we do then? The money would be lost, and the person of influence we need for our intentions as well.

I am telling this to you, Marketa, to explain, that this is ruthless business, a lot of money is in stake, and my employer knows the rules well, not underestimating anything. So, if you will accept our work contract, you have to know in advance, that this is not a summer camp, and you are not a free dove anymore, who can fly away anytime she wants, as she is a ‘modern and independent woman, who does, what she likes’.

No no, this contract will be enforced, and my employer knows well, how to keep people on the chain.”

“This is completely natural approach,” Marketa understood, not feeling insulted, or threatened. “Working with people is the most difficult and complicated, they are hard to control indeed, so you need to be ruthless and firm, otherwise they start playing their own game, without any consideration to your merits.

But I would like to know, what is a way to enforce the contracts? You mean lawyers, or even… violence?”

“No, none of nasty and useless things like that,” the man rejected such questionable, but expected measures. “Lawyers and courts are expensive, lengthy, and useless, we rely rather on a good word between business partners, not on piles of papers with signatures, which are good only for toilet use. And violence? We are businessmen, not thugs, and any violence always means only more violence, turning against you sooner or later.

But they are other ways to persuade and use your assets, if we are talking about celebrities and media. Imagine this as an hourglass: even if you run away with our money, we can still use you to our benefit, simply turning the hourglass upside down. It means, that more sand or gold we inserted previously, more we can still use.

You see, we have a very good access into the media. We can create stars from the people, but we can also use them ‘alternatively’, if we need… but they are destroyed in the process. So we won’t tell the media, like some miserable fools, that you betrayed us, rather, for example, that you are a pawn of a foreign entity, a Chinese Intelligence operative perhaps. Simply, you still can serve us well, although it will be a little bit painful for you, not for us.”

“I see, that you and your employers know this world, full of wolves and vultures, very well,” Marketa expressed her deepest admiration. “You could learn me so much…”

“And we always pay our debts, as I told you,” the Jewish man finished the cake, and ordered coffee. “If you perceive some deep lessons from Public Relations as an additional benefit from the contract, then yet better for you. But you have to be informed about the rules in advance.”

“So, if I understand well… you need a high profile social asset, not only a face or body of a fashion model. To be able to control it, you don’t buy it completed, but you create it yourself, using the media support… and then? What interests will this person promote?” clever Marketa was interested.

“Simply the business interests of our corporation, located at Middle East,” David replied calmly. “Visiting places and events, where we need you, talking to people the way to persuade them, so they will be inclined towards our business interests… remember, we are talking not about small Czech pond, but Middle East, Dubai, where the competition is extreme, and you have to hit the key parts of the structure with everything you have, to succeed, so the doors will open.”

“This is a big game, and me, a little Czech girl, inside it… that would be like living a girlish dream,” Marketa thought loudly, dreaming little bit, who she will be, and soon.

“You simply have special skills we want to use,” the man said. “Do something beneficial for us, and you will make good fortune for yourself.”

Or you will become a pawn, which can be destroyed, if the masters decide…

Here, it has to be reminded, that using female assets for matters of special state importance is a tactics, that has long tradition in Israel. Not only infamous Mossad female operatives, very reputated in executing so called honey traps are used: also rather inconspicuous cultural assets, like a belly dancer, called Nataly Hay, who has a big reputation even at hostile Arabic countries for her belly dancing mastery, or Zola Dubnikova, dancing many different cultural style, so her social reach is yet deeper.

But not only Israelis perceived young beautiful women as useful, searching for advanced measures of their use.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSince Spring 2014, reports were occuring in the Czech tabloid media, and particularly ‘Heavy Slander’, always well informed about the situation and affairs at Ministry of Defence, that a highly classified paramilitary unit exists, a covert part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces), established deliberately out of the official structures of the Czech Army and control of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, financed with black unaccountable funds and covered as a shell business corporation, with mission to influence the civilian world, just by using fashion models and celebrities, executing so called PSYOPS and INFOOPS, or Psychological and Information Operations, including Gender Warfare and FEMWAR (Female Warfare).

Although its mere existence was always denied by the Ministry of Defence and Czech Army alike, later, even the alleged Unit’s insignia and details of two operations leaked, called “Operation LATERNA” and “Operation ENTITA”: first, to get political power by creating their own puppets, recruited from female media VIPs, and latter, to (mis)use a young fashion model to assert Military interests and support military budgets.

Tereza Lipanova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VFollowing alleged assistance of domestic Counterintelligence service (BIS), a preliminary list of circa 100 suitable assets was created. There, women from 18 to 39 years with different social and professional backgrounds could be found, and their suitability for the operation analyzed thorougly. No wonder, that also Marketa Korinkova was mentioned there, except others, like Martina Gavriely (tabloid media reported, that according to the Unit’s analysts, she was discarded for “being too dumb”, but she made it quite far in the selection), Alena Seredova, Monika Maresova, Lucie Borhyova, Tereza Lipanova and many others.

In the end, a fashion model V.B. from Brunn (Brno) was chosen, as she could be influenced easily, because of her dependence on Unit’s financial support, as she was close to bankruptcy, before the guardian angels, with suspected ties to the Czech Military, stepped in.

She was then pampered in all ways, starting from municipal politics at Brno-Kohoutovice, the place of her residence, but heading ruthlessly for a Parliament seat, the Defence Commission membership, and one day, maybe becoming even a Minister of Defence, as planned, “cordially inclined towards higher interests”.

But the Unit’s plan was allegedly even to extend their influence behind the Czech borders, where Dubai was the most attractive location, However, as the Unit’s budget was too limited, only 500.000 USD a year, such bold plan wouldn’t be possible without a large sum of additional money, acquired secretly from the allies… for example Israel, of course, in exchange for the detailed plans of the operation, to test it, later adapt it and execute themselves. Although the Israeli Intelligence community is perceived as the second most effective in the world – after Chinese, who use soft power instead of open violence – there is always a space to improve your processes.

So, one day, several years later, ‘Heavy Slander’ will publish a theory, that Marketa Korinkova was in fact a “leftover” from the planning phase of Operation ENTITA, offered as a “gift” to Israel for testing purposes, as the Unit could still provide supervision and assistance: Marketa was still a Czech citizen, with all details of her life fully mapped by the state Counterintelligence structures.

So, this is the real background of fulfilling a girlish dream… but the history won’t care, and in the end, everything was different than planned, anyway. Still, Marketa Korinkova dreams will not only be fulfilled one day, but yet far exceeded…

Anyway, the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, which influenced Marketa’s fate covertly, had quite frequent occurence in the Czech tabloid media through years, with the infamous top of their publicity, when they were accused of participation in so called “Operation HARBINGER”, related to emphasizing the terrorist threat of the Islamic State deliberately, in covert effort to support military spending (Operation HARD PROOF, also called as “Czech September 11”).

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt will be a funny coincidence indeed, that an improvised press conference, called by a Parliament deputy Miroslav Kalousek, the Chairman of the mentioned Defence Commission, will be called in front of the Czech Government building, just meters from “The Yellow Spa” restaurant.

“We asked the Minister of Defence for a hearing about the C102 issue countless times,” highly agitated Kalousek will tell to the journalists. “But he always declined, stating, that no such military unit ever existed, although much of the evidence was presented publicly, excluding the possibility, that it can all be some forgery. No: it’s a massive, unprecedented conspiracy, reaching the highest levels of this state!

We warned the public countless times, that this alleged unit can be serving to the interests of military-industrial complex, all that multinational weapon manufacturers, who love all crises, terrorist incidents and instability in the world, so they can sell more of their deadly merchandise.

No one listened to us, calling our reports as mere speculations… and now you see the result: our own Military is possibly cooperating with the terrorists, using them as their cat’s pawn, so in the end, both our brave generals and weapon merchants will be happy, even terrorists will be happy, as they will have their publicity, and you will be happy too, as you will be promised more safety and security, allegedly achieved by new expensive steel toys in the military arsenal, and of course, more surveillance for ‘state security purposes’. Those mad conspirators even want to get nuclear weapons, allegedly to protect us against North Korea!

If this is, what you wanted, if you agree with this way of fighting terrorism by supporting it covertly, so those merry bandits can laugh, then I am not willing to lead the comission anymore, as I refuse to make a fool anymore. But mark my words: one day, you will wake up from your dreams and ignorance, and it will be too late!

You will live in a militarized society, which is in the endless state of war against an enemy, who is rather a ghost, who is eternal and allegedly omnipresent threat, so your civic liberties have to be further limited, and you, sheep, will agree, like after 9/11: ‘I have nothing to hide, so please, use the most extensive surveillance on me, please, know about everything I do, in the name of higher interests and my protection against terrorists!’

The media and politicians are talking about this enemy all the time, but no one can see it, unless they show it to you, so you can believe it’s real, and you believe them.

I am just a carpenter, and I will be glad to return to my job soon, as this is not what I want to support. And I have to agree, that the West is really decadent and corrupted: those Arabs and Israelis, they fight each other ruthlessly and endlessly, but at least openly, and in certain way, honestly. But this strange ‘War on Terror’ we are waging, for more than 15 years already, led by our American allies and never won, this is something really nasty, and against rational mind: it’s not human, it’s rather a social engineering experiment.”

When they were leaving the “Yellow Spa” restaurant, curious Marketa wanted to know, what exact procedure will follow, if she will make a deal with David’s corporation, with interests at Dubai, for which Marketa should serve in the future.

“I am sure, that you know something about personal branding, particularly celebrity branding,” David opened the doors of his black S-class Mercedes, standing at the courtyard. “It will take several months, until you will leave for Dubai, so the necessary arrangements can be made. Three phases will be realized: first, to get you several high profile jobs, for example advertisement for a statewide cell phone operator, including TV commercials, so your professional reputation will rise, and people will notice you.

Second, introducing you to the Czech public widely, by creating a useful and deliberate gossip, that you date a high-profile male sportsman, artist or politician with a poweful media brand, so he will help your star to rise. Not necessary to mention, that it will be a fake tale for the media, and the man will fully cooperate, as he will be rewarded by us: and our friends in the media will arrange, that the gossip and jealousy will start everywhere.

And you will like the third phase the most: we will let you to win an international beauty contest, so you will gain even an international fame, suitable for infiltration of Dubai, where you have to be somebody. No one would be interested in a small Czech star, not recognized by the world public. And naturally, we will not only fix the contest, but we will secure very wide media coverage from it, making it a very important international event. No one would admire a cheap Miss from a local district contest.”

Hearing this, Marketa froze a little bit. Wouldn’t it all be going too far?

“Such things happen everywhere, including national beauty contests,” the Israeli man turned right, on the main road. “So don’t pretend, that you believe, that nothing is fixed there. The girl who wins is always the one, who can be controlled, to become a part of the game of power and influence. This is the reason, why Alena Seredova lost in Miss Czech in 1998. She was the most pretty, but unsuitable for the interests of promoters.”

This explanation sounded real and genuine, so Marketa was calm again. The whole world is a dream, and you create your own reality anyway…

laura-zuniga-mexico-miss-criminal-mafia-illegal-conspiracy-miss-bala-2011-movie-beauty-contest-fashion-model-court-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThere was a nice movie, called ‘Miss Bala’, from 2011, about a Mexican girl, an aspiring fashion model with silicone filling in her breasts, like Marketa, who got her Miss crown in similar circumstances, like it was mentioned, becoming a pawn of the mafia, who fixed the contest for her. It was inspired by allegedly true events, by a Mexican beauty queen Laura Zuñiga (*1985), busted with several other thugs and a truck, filled with illegal weapons and ammunition, notable amount of cash and drugs.

In the movie, the mafia wanted to use the girl (played by Stephanie Sigman) to orchestrate a big operation in the highest state levels. In the end, the Miss was just a fully expendable asset: she was almost killed in a mafia ambush, when the corrupted Army general made deal with the criminals, that they will remove whole staff of his officers, so he can replace them with more faithful ones.

She survived the ruthless shootout between the Military and criminals, but she made a big mistake: she betrayed, and together with some scapegoats, she was shown in the national TV as a part of criminal structures, “eradicated” by the brave Mexican Army and police.

In reality, no allegations against Laura Zuñiga were successful at the court: after some time, she silently resumed her fashion modeling career.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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