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It’s just four years ago, when a top Czech fashion model Marketa Korinkova, who later accepted an Islamic name Maryam, started her star media career, leading her to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, then inevitable conversion to Islam and a new life mission, ordered by Her creator, Almighty Allah: the noble Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, to become an example and inspiration for thousands Muslims around the world, including later converts, which she influenced to submit to the will of Allah, to gain endless rewards and advantages, to get peace, happiness and purpose.

No wonder, that they started calling her “The Islamic Princess” and “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, without any knowledge about suspected participation of the feared Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, and Czech Military structures, which influenced Marketa Korinkova’s path… but a Muslim would disagree, claiming, that it was always only Allah, as only Him creates your destiny, not others, not even the powerful Israelis, who pull many levers of power and influence in the world.

Israelis, masked as a front organization, a common business multinational company, they pledged covert support for Marketa Korinkova’s career, in exchange of fulfilling certain special tasks for them at the Middle East later: but firstly, it was necessary, to create a poweful personal brand for Marketa, so she could be somebody even in extremely competitive Dubai, where Alexandra Pianka, called “The Princess of Dubai”, still ruled without any serious competition, with option to get access to many critical places, influencing the whole Middle East, where immense wealth and power is being concentrated and distributed.

Only then she could be an useful asset of Israelis and even the Czech Military, particularly a highly classified paramilitary formation, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, participating in the operation by providing supervision and Intelligence support, having their own interests in the affair: expanding their “Operation LATERNA” and “ENTITA” even abroad, but for this bold plan, the Israeli money were needed, so a deal was done between both sides: the Czechs provided detailed plan, how to use fashion models to influence the world politics, and they gave the personal file of Marketa Korinkova to Israelis, who were to execute the mission directly, testing its suitability for their own Public Relations operations, planning to adapt it later as a common measure to support the Jewish interests worldwide.

Both Israelis and the Czech Military remained hidden in shadows, but some other entity was needed for the necessary executive part of the operation: and there was nobody more suitable, than famous ‘Heavy Slander’, the key Czech tabloid magazine, suspected to cooperate widely with the Czech Army, providing support for their Psychological and Information Operations (PSYOPS/INFOOPS) in the Czech media environment, manipulating the mood and will of the Czech public, as they needed, creating media stars or destroying them, as needed, and this effective connection was perceived as a serious threat for democracy by many politicians, warning, that Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, created deliberately out of the official Army structures to be out of any control of Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, supports interests of so called military-industrial complex, desiring to raise the military spending, even for a price of staging so called false flag terrorist attacks, like that infamous “Operation HARD PROOF”.

But these complicated circumstances were not known to Marketa Korinkova, who concentrated on building her media career, and the year of 2012 should become a breaking point.

The Israelis informed her in advance, that the operation will have several stages, just as the general plan of “Operation ENTITA”, supplied to them from the Czech side of the contract, suggested: first of them, introducing her to the Czech public widely, and this tasks was usually executed by creating a juicy gossip about an alleged love affair between the aspiring media star and some highly positioned man, who has a powerful social brand already established.

But to have the most wide social impact of the planned gossip, Marketa had to possess some real career achievement, suitable to be presented by the media about her: so, with external help of an elite Human Resources professional, Sandra Kastakova from Hays corporation, who had many extremely valuable connections in the Czech branches of top multinational companies, Marketa Korinkova got a perfectly suitable, high profile job contract, to become a star of a critical advertisement campaign by nationwide cell phone operator Vodafone, where she was a co-star with a Czech male singer, Vojtech Dyk, who dated a famous Czech actress, Tatiana Vilhelmova, although this relationship was considered questionable, or even staged for the media by many evil tongues: Tatiana Vilhelmova was ten years older than the young man, she owned no feminine traits (=breasts) and denied to use the plastic surgeon’s services, she was at least 50 centimeters shorter, she had two kids from previous marriage, so her love market value was dubious, but she had one critical asset: she played in several critical Czech movies, later gaining the most desirable cult status, like Indianske Leto (“Indian Summer”, 1995), Septej (“Whisper”, 1996) and Samotari (“Loners”, 2000).

But this extremely complicated relationship situation, full of doubts and suspicions, was the most desirable for all sides: Korinkova, Dyk and Vilhelmova, not speaking about increased number of sold prints of the gossip media.

In May 2012, the first note of the (alleged, or let’s say artificially created) possible love triangle occured in “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine:

Famous Czech singer Vojtech Dyk on crossroads

Every successful man has to deal with the interest of many women, who can’t resist his charm, power and money. Although the succesful singer Vojtech Dyk seemed different, always ignoring hungry fashion models in his vicinity, and staying in long term relationship with the reputated actress Tatiana Vilhelmova, he simply can’t order his heart, and if a fateful woman comes, he can become lost easily, hesitating with two options: to remain faithful and keep his promises, or to follow his heart and calling of his emotions, even for the high price of burning bridges and breaking the heart of his former mistress, who dedicated her love to him, even planning a new family with him, when her previous relationship failed horribly, and her husband left her for another woman? Will the sad history be repeated for Tatiana again?

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim convert Dubai UAE Czech Prague Miss Fashion model - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsDuring shooting of a successful TV commercial for an unnamed cell phone operator, Vojtech Dyk met a charming young woman, called Marketa Korinkova, Miss Charles University 2011 and a highly reputated fashion model, slowly conquering Europe, who is in the same age as him, so they were immediately close to each other, as many members of the filming staff noticed soon. “I saw them joking all the time, he even held her around her shoulders, just for a second, but she didn’t protest too much. And they would look great as a pair, much better than Tatiana looks beside the man. I think, that they both noticed, how great they fit to each other, and Vojtech had hard time to stop gazing on her, because between us, she is really something,” an experienced actor Ales Gamza, who was present during shooting, confirms with admiration towards Marketa Korinkova.

One of the closest friends of Vojtech Dyk shared a very juicy insider information with us, stating, that “…actually, it was a love at first sight, he told me that. Since he had the first look into her brown eyes, he was simply lost. He called me that evening, saying: ‘Girl, I think that I just fell in love, it’s so strong, and it will destroy me, I know that’. He refused to tell me, who the new ‘femme fatale’ woman was, but it was exactly the day, when the filming started.

When we tried to contact Vojtech Dyk for the media statement, presenting our evidence to him, he was hesistant at first, but then he confessed, that Marketa Korinkova is a highly enchanting young woman, who is admired by anybody she meets, so no wonder, that he likes her too, but this affection doesn’t exceed borders of their fully professional relationship. “We go for a coffee together sometimes, that’s all, don’t make any sensation from it, please,” he tried to marginalize the suspicion.

But Tatiana Vilhelmova seemed much more distracted, as her friends report. “She knows, that in comparison with Marketa Korinkova, a 176 cm tall beautiful fashion model with seducing smile and sexy body, she is nobody, as a woman. She confessed, that she is considering to contact Marketa Korinkova directly, to have an open girlish talk with her, to have a clear insight into the affair, so she can decide, what next move to do. For her, the best tactical option would be to leave Vojtech right now, before he will do it himself, to avoid horrible public embarassement, and to be perceived as a complete loser, losing two men in a row.”

This information really caught our attention, so we kept eye on Tatiana Vilhelmova’s daily routine, until one fateful evening, when we tracked in her into a small Lebanese restaurant on the periphery of Prague, where she met with a young, beautiful woman: you can guess, who it was.

The pictures we are presenting to you are speaking very clearly, that a very serious conversation happened between the two women, and Tatiana Vilhelmova, known to be an experienced drinker, really drank a lot of wine during the evening, maybe to calm her undeniable sorrow.

When Tatiana was leaving the restaurant, we tried to intercept her and persuade her to reply to several journalistic questions, but upon seeing our news team and the camera, she sent us somewhere very far, insulting our reporter horribly, breaking the microphone, and saying only: “You media rats, burn in hell, I will prosecute you all”, but her eyes seemed full of tears…

Maybe you have noticed, that one expected feature was missing in the article, any statement of Marketa Korinkova, but this was not a coincidence: so called “unavailability and scarcity of celebrities” is a common media strategy, to create a powerful personal brand, as anybody, who can’t be easily reached, has more respect, admiration and interest, and raising further social and media interest in Marketa Korinkova was the principal mission of the first article from the many that followed.

Later, the public was informed, that Marketa Korinkova will represent the Czech Republic during a critical international beauty contest, where the most beautiful girls will be present, to raise interest in all Czech patriots, who should be proud of her, saying “Marketa, it’s our girl, do it, you must win, so our country will be seen!”

(If they would just know, that several years later, Marketa Korinkova will become a real nightmare for them, as she will represent the inevitable Islamization process of their atheist, beer, pork and adultery infested country…)

Anyway, the goals of the first stage were accomplished perfectly, and the Czech people demanded on the management of the nationwide TV station, “Ceska Televize” (Czech Television) to transmit the contest directly, as this event has to be seen, like a football or hockey match, because the media speculated, that the impressive Marketa Korinova has very high chance to defeat even the South American beauties, so the Czech plebs wanted to see it, of course, sitting in their convenient home sofas with cold beer and national flags in their hands, absolutely not understanding, how demanding it is, to win such contest, in all that extreme competition of another dozens of hungry girls.

The event should take place between 8th and 16th September 2012, and the grand finale and coronation of the winner, entitled for 5000 EUR main prize in sweet cash, was planned for 15th September, in the Italian town of Riccione.

One thing was sure: not only millions of Czech viewers will cheer for Marketa; maybe even in Tel Aviv, and most unexpectedly, in the General Staff of the Czech Army, someone will be watching with deep interest…

If you are a female fashion model, and you want to step out of the crowd of other young hungry pretty women, you simply need a crown. It’s a Miss title which can push you really forward: and Marketa Korinkova knew it well, so she prepared for the contest very seriously, although Israelis assured her, that her victory is certain.

But she was simply a perfectionist, she wanted to show the best of her, as the world will be watching, and it means opportunities, if you get noticed… the Israelis promised, that a very wide media coverage will be provided, as it was also in their interest…

The critical part of Marketa Korinkova presentation was her evening dress, and she made a really serious effort to pick the most impressive one. To her most pleasant surprise, famous Christian Dior brand contacted her, and promised to supply Marketa with three of their very glamorous robes: pink, blue and white ones, in the price of 23.000 EUR for the set, as it was also a good advertisement for the reputated luxury fashion company…

After all the extensive preparations, in perfect body shape and well tanned, in the beginning of September 2012, Marketa Korinkova packed her suitcases and headed for Italy, where the show “Miss Motors International 2012” will take place, in cities of Rome, Naples, Venice, Rimini, and finally Riccione, where her future will be set.

The contest took the whole week, and it was still demanding: to visit many places, to smile all the time, like a machine, to pretend to be friendly with women from all over the world, good and bad ones, modest Cinderellas from small villages, and self-confident ruthless queens from big cities, backed by their father’s money, and guarded by their ruthless personal bodyguards all the time…

During the preliminary selection, Marketa knew, that she won’t be presented as the future winner openly, so everything will be a surprise for the audience, and she will fulfill the famous Cinderella tale herself. So she felt no anxiety, when particularly the Colombian participant with many plastic surgeon inverventions was shown everywhere, as her father was one of the contests sponsors… but Marketa’s time would yet to come.

The final evening was presented by a duo of hosts: a man, and a woman, a retired fashion model herself. They presented all 45 participants together, wearing a red bikini at round one, and then the evening festive dresses.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Convert Czech Fashion Model Dubai UAE MM1 - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsFor Marketa, a very experienced fashion model, working in the industry since 17 years of age, everything was easy and natural: she was simply a professional in the branch of female beauty, and her balance and healthy self confidence was noticed, of course. Through time, more and more she shined above other dozens of female competitors: and when the organizers instructed her to stand in the first row during the bikini presentation, everybody understood, including the millions of Czech domestic viewers, that her chances are getting higher and higher.

When she was called onto the stage, under strong lights and in front of thousand of guests, including many VIPs, she had just one thought: “This is it, now or never,” and with wide smile on her lips, she went to meet her destiny…

Marketa Maryam Korinkova Miss Czech Fashion Model Islam Muslim Prague Dubai UAE MM2 - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs“Our next participant is representing Moravia, a part of the Czech Republic, seeking independence and own destiny for the Moravians, long oppressed by the Czech majority, who denies their deserved autonomy,” the male host announced Marketa’s festive arrival with serious voice, causing complete outrage back home, where even an extraordinary meeting of Czech Security State Council was called immediately, whether the host’s mistake (or deliberate provocation to gain publicity) couldn’t cause even a civil war.

No wonder, that in this moment, the number of Czech viewers literally multiplied yet, as relations between Czech and Moravian parts of country were a little bit tense always, so many people called their relatives and friends to watch, as it was publicly announced, that Marketa Korinkova is a Moravian citizen, as the sash around her body confirmed, so the victory wouldn’t be for the Czech Republic as the whole, but for Moravia, yet strengthening their separatist moods…

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim convert Czech Prague Fashion model Miss - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs“So tell us, Marketa, what are your plans for the future?” the host turned his attention to the young woman, who simply shined in her Dior gala dress.

In this moment, she should say something like “to help others”, as the fashion models usually say, to seem modest, amateur, not professional, to be appreciated by the public, to win the jury’s favor.

I would like to be a news reporter, bringing good news for all people of the country, and the world,” Marketa replied, and an applause followed.

“And what kind of a man attracts you?” the male host was curious, omitting the fact, that any modern woman can be a proud member of LGBT community: but Italy was still a macho culture, at least a little, anyway, slowly reinforced again by the refugee crisis, putting males back into the saddle, because of Islam.

“A proud firm man, loving his family, caring for his loved ones, who keeps his word, who doesn’t need to talk much, and who does good deeds for others, and the society,” Marketa expressed her opinion firmly, and another, yet stronger wave of applause followed.

“Well, you seem as a fine young woman indeed,” the host said with admiration. “Do you think, that you could win the contest today? But don’t be modest!”

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Miss Fashion Model Czech Muslim Islam convert UAE Dubai MM4 - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs“There is a lot of very beautiful girls here, who would deserve the victory more than me, to get more professional opportunities, to become successful in their lives, to overcome their disadvantaged conditions, and to help their communities and countries to recognize and respect merits of us women more,” Marketa replied wisely. “This contest is not about victory, it’s about realizing, that any woman can be a tool of change. Not only can she create her own destiny, she can influence the whole homeland positively. She can become an example, and by doing good deeds, others will follow her.”

“What can I say more?” the host himself seemed completely enchanted by the girl. “This is Marketa Korinkova, proudly representing Moravia!”

A massive wave of applause followed, and Marketa’s victory was now almost certain. Maybe she could win even under standard conditions, without the Israeli’s help, but don’t forget, that these events are also about money and politics, not only about objective beauty.

When all participants were introduced, the jury took their time to decide the winner, to raise the tension not only in the auditorium, but also in front of TV sets around the world, so all viewers could speculate, who can win, making bets, even some pub brawls happened, when men couldn’t agree, who should be the winner, or when Czech-Moravian relations were discussed emotionally between the members of both tribes.

During the intermission, when it was announced in the main Czech TV news, which kind of serious political incident happened during the contest, the media speculated, whether the Czech politics will be influenced by the affair.

“For Moravia, splitting with the Czech part of the country seems like a logical geopolitical choice of the future: there would be no problematic border with Germany, where big changes, related to refugee crisis, can be expected, and Moravia could be closer to a possible future ally, Russia,” an alleged expert Jakub Janda said, causing the intensity of pub brawls to rise.

Needless to say, that Marketa Korinkova’s name was suddenly everywhere, even before it was announced, whether she won the contest, or not. And this is exactly, what the planners of the media operation wanted, instructing the Italian host, to make a “slight mistake in geography”.

When the TV transmision from Italy resumed, the tension everywhere in the world was extreme, not only in Riccione.

“I have to tell you, that to pick only one of such shining 45 young women was really a difficult task,” the Chairman of the jury, a famous Italian actor Michele Placido, known from La Piovra TV series, said with a sigh.

“But in the end, we saw a woman, who really impressed us, and we believe, that she will wear the crown for the welfare of many. Mar-ke-ta Kor-in-kova!”

When she heard her name, followed by clashing applause, her only thought was: “It’s here”, and again, she went onto the stage, leaving all other women behind her…

The female host at first embraced and kissed her on the cheeks, then helped Marketa to fix the shining crown, covered with Swarovski crystals.

“Marketa, what are your first feelings as a winner?” the male host was interested.

“I think, that it’s just a dream, and to be honest, I don’t to wake up yet,” Marketa said modestly, and everybody smiled, appreciating her deep emotions.

“And what will you do now?” the man asked curiously.

Today, I will celebrate with all the new friends I made here, then, I will go home, to spend time with my family. I really missed them,” Marketa Korinkova said, and tears could be visible in her beautiful brown eyes.

One week later, on 22nd September 2012, Marketa took a plane to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, accompanied by a mature Czech actress Nela Boudova, who allegedly had the Jewish ancestry, allegedly cooperating with Israelis in their Public Relations efforts in the Czech media space, plus with two of Nela’s friends, known to be extremely pleasant amd positive socialites, so anyone felt like in a paradise in their company, to spend a week in Israel, visiting all landmarks, including the holy sites of Jerusalem, so Marketa could be introduced softly to the situation and stances of Israel, her new benefactor.

The composition of the group and Nela Boudova’s role was chosen to be something like a mother for Marketa, to influence her, as Israelis needed to strengthen their ties with a future operative, who still had no clue, what kind mission she will be appointed to. But everything had still enough time, and the truth had to be revealed gradually, so the girl wouldn’t dodge, and she will be more and more devoted to Israeli interests, maybe even a plan to discover surprising Jewish ancestor Marketa’s own genealogy was considered, and it wouldn’t matter, whether this discovery would be genuine, or simply created by Israelis to “tighten the loose ends”. Moreover, an Israeli local as a tour leader would be suspicious: to use a Czech, domestic asset, and a trustworthy mature woman, was much more wise, as you stick to your people abroad more.

Mossad, an Israeli Intelligence service for executive action abroad, had simply big plans with Marketa: and these highly experienced operatives of endless spy game and special operations knew much about human psychology, including the deep influence of fear.

From this reason, they arranged Marketa’s visit of Tel Aviv just in time, when Palestinian rockets were usually incoming, and the general alarm was called, all citizens runnings to their shelters, like in some war zone, including Marketa and her companions.

“This is happening almost every day here,” Nela Boudova informed scared Marketa with very serious, sad voice. “But be calm, the Iron Dome (=Israeli anti-air defensive system) will protect us.”

Upstairs, many meters of concrete above their heads, full of worries, a series of loud explosions could be heard, as the enemy warheads were destroyed by defensive rockets. Inside the bunker, with the Czech women, there was several women with very small children (=most likely arranged by Mossad to deepen the experience of innocent civilians attacked by ruthless Arabs), who cried, raising protective female emotions in Marketa, and denial towards Palestinians.

“Why is this happening all the time, as you said, Nela? Why can’t be peace between Palestine and Israel?” Marketa was interested, when the main wave of fear disappeared.

“Because Palestinians want the territory of the holy religious sites, shared by Jewish and Islamic religions, only for themselves, and they are using explosives and terrorism to get them,” Nela Boudova explained patiently. “They were offered to share the sites, to live here together in peace, thousand times, even many concessions were made by Israel towards their autonomy, but they don’t want peace, they want territory, war, and they don’t mind to see people suffering, sending waves of attackers with knives.

There is nothing more than Israelis can do: just to defend, to shoot down the incoming rockets, to protect their own people, innocent civilians, who have nothing to do with politics, who just want to live their lives peacefully, and to hope, that one day, the Palestinian representatives will understand, that human life has a value, only if it’s lived in peace.”

Marketa Korinkova left Israel with deep respect to the Jews, and her passport was not stamped deliberately, so she will be able to travel to the Middle East, to a completely different Arabic and Islamic world, without any problems with the border patrols, very sensitive towards all visitors of Israel, their achenemy…

On 30th September 2012, Marketa headed for the Prague international airport, to board an Airbus A380 plane to United Arab Emirates, without knowing, that this day will change her life forever, and the way she would never anticipated. But before that fateful step, she had to meet several very important persons in Prague yet…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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