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Today, many people are asking: how did it all happen? How is it possible, that a common Czech girl, a fashion model called Marketa Korinkova, later accepting an Islamic first name Maryam and called “The Islamic Princess” or even “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, could become the ultimate tool of Allah for promoting Islam worldwide, and bringing feared Islamization as an inevitable process back to the Czech Republic from United Arab Emirates, where she lived, and when she found her destiny, converting to Islam at famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located at Abu Dhabi?

It’s the end of September 2012, and the whole Prague had to realize, that the summer is gone, and the sad, rainy autumn is coming. The days are colder and shorter, but the social life of the Czech capital is getting to its top, as all people returned from holidays back home, willing to enjoy the remaining few pleasant and sunny days, tempting to fall in love again.

Marketa Korinkova, a reputated Czech fashion model, just returned home after a lot of demanding travelling. At first, she had to travel to Italy, where she won the famous “Miss Motors International 2012” contest at the city of Riccione, gaining much fame and public recognition in her homeland with the wide help of the tabloid media, exactly what the Israelis, backing her career for future operative use, needed, planned and manufactured, together with the most unexpected benefactor of Marketa’s surprisingly quick rise to the media stardom: the Czech Military, particularly a highly classified paramilitary Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) unit, created deliberately out of official Army structures, for achieving “special tasks of highest state interest in the civilian enviroment”, which could be translated as using ruthless and mastered propaganda on the innocent Czech citizens.

Then, the Israelis, allegedly a front organization of the feared Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, the Mossad, sent Marketa to Israel, so she could learn more about her new benefactors, adopting their stances and values, with effective help of an alleged Jewish Czech actress Nela Boudova, who was assigned to be a “mother” of Marketa during the trip to Tel Aviv and the holy sites, explaining the situation with Palestine, and deliberately exposing scared Marketa to a Palestinian rocket attack on the Israeli capital, contained by the Israeli anti-air defensive system, the “Iron Dome”, while the women were hidden in a bunker, together with Israeli civilians.

Now, the aspiring media star returned back home, tired, but happy, that all her girlish dreams are becoming true, and she is blessed to live her dreams.

But there is no time to rest, no time to lose, as “Hora Ruit”, or the hour is running, as the ancient Latin philosophers liked to say: the airplane to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an impressive Airbus A380 of the reputated “Emirates” flight operator, is leaving just tomorrow from Prague inernational airport, so Marketa has only one single afternoon and evening to arrange all the necessary affairs in Prague, to wash her apparel and to prepare for an ultimate trip 6.000 kilometers far away.

She knows, that something big will happen there: she has the feeling, and her instincts never failed her. She believes them, and she goes forward without a slightest doubt in her heart.

zuzana-jandova-miss-czech-beauty-fashion-model-woman-female-prague-teplice-marketa-korinkova-maryam-dubai-vip-celebrity-illuminati-islam-muslim-allah-hijab-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThere is not enough time to meet with all of her friends, eager to see her and to congratulate her to achieved international success, still, Marketa decided to see another female fashion model, a Miss Czech 2008, called Zuzana Jandova, to have a coffee together at the most glamorous VIP place of Prague, called Café-Café, where all celebrities and VIPs like to gather every day. There, no one is ignored, and everybody is seen, as the media players want and need: because only then, the necessary media attention follows, and without publicity, or a rich husband/wife, you are dead, at least in social sense, and you just have to find another job.

Marketa Korinkova doesn’t have to pursue journalists anymore, persuading them to write about her. On the contrary, the avalanche of articles is published about her every single day, particularly in the key Czech tabloid and gossip magazine, called “Heavy Slander”, allegedly om the payroll of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, who “borrowed” their most precious media assets, like Pavel Novotny, for the Israeli use, in order to expand their clandestine “Operation LATERNA” and “Operation ENTITA” even abroad.

But common people, or plebs, as called by the powerful and ruthless tabloid media rats, they don’t know such sensitive and insider details. Even for Marketa, the truth is dosed slowly, and gradually: but while she is walking on the central Venceslas Square, the most impressive woman with her slim body and 176 cm of height, emphasized by high heels, people are recognizing her, remembering the latest news articles about her:

Famous fashion model Marketa Korinkova is moving to Dubai

sheikh-mohammed-bin-rashid-al-maktoum-united-arab-emirates-uae-middle-east-persian-gulf-islam-muslim-allah-wife-princess-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFollowing the personal invitation of the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a well reputated Czech female fashion model Marketa Korinkova decided to accept the unique offer, and to start a new career in glamorous Dubai, where a lot of companies is highly interested in her professional services, persuading her to become their media face, including the famous luxury fashion industry multinational corporations, like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, who supplied Marketa with gala robes for the final evening of Miss Motors International, where she won, making all Czechs proud again.

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus considers a state award for Marketa Korinkova

vaclav-klaus-president-czech-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFollowing her famous victory at an international beauty contest in Italy and good presentation of the Czech Republic abroad, the Czech Presidential office released a media statement, that the Czech president Vaclav Klaus invited Marketa Korinkova for an banquet at the Prague Castle, where he wants to meet with the young fashion model personally, to discuss her next life mission in serving her community, and he considers awarding Marketa Korinkova with a state medal, “For Merits”, III. class, which should be bestowed on 28th October 2012, the anniversary of establishing the independent Czech state.

Famous Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach begs Marketa Korinkova to play the main female role in his new music video “Majnoun”

ramy-ayach-singer-male-lebanon-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe latest album “Gharamy” of a highly acclaimed Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach, who gained wide recognition and appreciation through the whole Middle East region, was released previous year, but only now, the most important song, “Majnoun”, is getting a music video, created with wide support of the Dubai municipality and many luxury world brands. There are rumors, that although a top fashion model Alexandra Pianka already got the main female part in an official audition, the singer himself now considers the change of the main actress, and he has a Czech fashion model Marketa Korinkova in mind, as she allegedly perfectly fulfills his vision about his female counterpart, so his agents contacted Marketa and offered her a very advantageous deal, if she will attend to the camera tests, meeting with the reputated singer personally, a very disturbing fact for his fiancée, Dalida Saeed, who is known to be extremely jealous.

The Charles University suggests awarding Marketa Korinkova with a honorary doctorate title

charles-university-insignia-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFor the famous Charles University in Prague, established 1348, one of her most successful students and alumni is without any doubt Marketa Korinkova, a Czech female fashion model, gaining much international fame, and well representing her alma mater abroad, so the University leaders decided to award Marketa with a honorary doctorate title, a very unexpected step, even doubted by many evil tongues, whether such move is formally admissible, if she still haven’t finished her master studies. But both the University students and professors are perceiving Marketa as the symbol of a new generation Millennial students, who are successful both home and abroad, creating good name not only for the country, but also for their school, so the suggestion will be most likely approved.

Confession of a man, who loved Marketa Korinkova

Miroslav Simunek clearly confirming his relations to illuminati

Miroslav Simunek clearly confirming his relations to mystical Illuminati

Miroslav Simunek, perceived as the most beautiful male Czech actor with high professional reputation, and who is also known to remain single, as he is allegedly too picky, even suspected to be a covert homosexual, confessed in the latest edition of the TV magazine “Elite of the Homeland”, that he was really in love only once in his life, and he can’t forget the person, not able to replacing her in his heart with anybody else, so he rathers lives a single life, as there is no one, who could surpass his ‘femme fatale’. At first, he refused to name her directly, but he talked quite openly about this fateful relationship.

“You know that moment, when you fall in love, in the instant, everything changes, and your stomach is full of a strange, deep feeling,” he confessed in front of millions of curious Czech TV viewers. “It happened to me just once in life, and I am so grateful, that I could experience the feeling, as love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I say, keep your houses, shiny cars, impressive bank accounts: just give me love, and I feel blessed, that at least once, I had such precious thing in my heart.”

When asked about circumstances of their meeting, Miroslav Simunek informed the curious host and the audience, that it seemed as another boring VIP party at the famous “Villa Richter” near the Prague Castle, until she showed up.

“I remember that moment, when I was standing there, talking to some friends with a glass of champagne in my hand, when I saw her coming,” Miroslav stated. “She was so beautiful, like an angel… I knew, that she is also so positive, she simply shined with angelic goodness, her inner side yet surpassed her physical appearance, a very unique feature between present selfish, aggressive modern women. I knew, that she stole my heart from me, but I didn’t plan to resist to the ultimate feeling.”

When the TV show was coming to the end, the host asked Miroslav Simunek for the last time, whether he is willing to reveal the identity of his fateful love, reminding him, that truth sets you free.

“OK, maybe you are right… you all know her, her name is Marketa,” the actor confessed, running away from the stage, to hide his undesirable male tears.

When Marketa Korinkova enters the premises of Café-Café, located at Rytirska street, perceived as a second home for all Czech VIPs, all the business, artistic and social elite, including fashion models, everybody turns their heads towards her, as she is rarely seen in Prague in person.

It is the owner, Richard Hradek himself, who welcomes her by the entrance.

“Marketa, it’s an honor,” they are shaking hands, and she is introduced to a table in the center of the room, where Zuzana Jandova and another Czech Miss are waiting for their friend.

Zuzana Jandova fashion model Czech - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs“Girl, I congratulate you so much, you made me so proud,” Zuzana says with a sincere wide smile and they embrace each other, kissing on their cheeks, very obviously and conspicuosly, so all VIP persons and fashion models around can see, that Zuzana Jandova is somebody, an undisputable social leader, that she has so extremely high social connections, and she is always present, when much of the power and influence in the society is distributed.

Of course, she could be jealous, that her female competitor succeeded, but if someone made it so far, as Marketa, it’s more wise to keep close to him, or her, as you can also get many opportunities from a powerful personal brand of this valuable person. And the journalists will definitely notice: they are here, and they will take the pictures of both women together, smiling and presenting mutual love and respect to the public, which will be a very beneficial fact for Zuzana’s next career.

When the third woman leaves, to pursue her work duties, both fashion models remain alone by the table, so they can talk in private.

“You are the only person I completely trust, that if I will tell you something serious, you won’t attempt to intervene, as you are known to believe in karma, and you are not willing to enter the other people’s lives,” Marketa confesses openly, why she chose Zuzana as her best friend.

The other woman smiles, but then she makes a serious, mature, trustworthy and balanced face. “You can count, that I will let you go your own way, as everybody else, and the world,” Zuzana promises, planning, how she will use the insider, personal and private information for her personal interests, providing it to her contacts in the tabloid media, a very beneficial allies for a career of any fashion model. You obtain them a good information today, and they will write a very favorable article, full of respect and affection, about you tomorrow.

“As you probably know, I am moving to Dubai,” Marketa starts narrating her plans.

“Of course, girl, and we all wish you luck. And if there would be a also good job for me… I wouldn’t mind, if you would remember me,” Zuzana smiles widely again.

“You see, Zuzana… every dream has a price, and such ultimate achievement… you can imagine, that the price here will be even extreme. Not only in terms of professional demands, that you have to look inhumanly perfect 24/7, but particularly in this affair of mine, there is much more than that,” Marketa just indicated, talking in riddles.

“What are you saying, girl?” Zuzana sat yet closer to her friend, so no one could hear them, and they looked like two conspirators. Tomorrow, some journalistic fool will definitely speculate, that they were discussing some male love interest… and he couldn’t be more wrong, but the public sheep won’t care, for them, the most important value is to be entertained by endless gossip, enabling them to forget their life misery.

“There is no man inside the matter,” Marketa explained. “But the business partner, who supports me… well, officially, it’s a business company, but I am not so dumb. I think, that there is more. Let me give you a little hint: Israel.”

“Israelis are wealthy, and they have a lot of power and influence. They are a good choice of a business partner,” Zuzana presented her opinion.

“Try to think harder a little bit,” Marketa suggested, and called one of the waiters, to have another mojito.

“Girl, you are full of riddles… Israel… I don’t know… maybe some conspiracy theory about Jews? That they rule the world secretly? It’s all I can think of,” Zuzana resignated.

“You are getting closer,” Marketa confirmed. “I have a suspicion, that these people I am negotiating with, and who are backing my career very efficiently, with money and media support, are somehow related with the Jewish state directly, they are not only a mere business company. I have no clear proof, just something as a feeling, that they want to use me for some special tasks at the Middle East. They told me that before, but just now, I am realizing, that their interests couldn’t be only business, also the state ones. And it stinks… it’s a big game, and you are not a big media star there, only a pawn. I learned something at the school indeed.”

Zuzana remained silent for a while, thinking. “It depends, from which angle you look at it. You can make it the farthest from all of us. Maybe it’s a risk, but what could happen to you? Even a negative publicity is good, you know that. You have a momentum now, and you have to use it, girl. Just imagine the titles of the articles: ‘A Czech fashion model is a covert Israeli operative’… that would get you the world recognition, and even protection. No one dares to play with the mighty Israelis!”

“Exept Arabs, who would like to destroy the Jewish state, and all of its collaborators and supporters,” Marketa presented another and much more disturbing view on the issue. “Imagine, that I will be in Dubai, in an Arabic country, in an Islamic country, and such news would leak. What would happen to me? I could be hurt very seriously in all senses, if my current business relations to Israel would be exposed.

This is no virtual media game, like in peaceful Europe… these people, Israelis and Arabs, they are literally killing each others daily, the blood and casualties are completely real in their world, and no one could count, how many people died in the conflict already, millions maybe, and it continues every day, even as we speak.

A human life means practically nothing for them, it’s another culture than ours, where we solve our feuds peacefully, in a pub, drinking beers. But they are fighting for survival, territory and power, and nothing can stop them from using any possible means. They perceive each other as an immense threat, which has to be contained at all costs, and both sides have extremely developed sense of honor, they are willing to fight and die for their countries and interests without any hesitation.

The Palestinians are attacking heavily armed Israeli soldiers with common knives, knowing, that they will be eliminated, men and women alike, even kids. Can I afford such ruthless enemies? I don’t think so,” Marketa expressed her doubts.

“So you are thinking about staying home, because the risks are too high? Maybe it would be better. Or you just stay in Europe, you have plenty of opportunities here,” Zuzana suggested reasonably.

“This was exactly my thought,” Marketa agreed. “But… you are young only once, you want to touch the stars, when you are strong enough to climb to them, and the world gives you an opportunity. I am 24 years old now, hungry… the careful part of me says, ‘stay away from the Israelis and Muslims, their world is dangerous’. Another part of me, the bold and crazy one, says: ‘everybody weak is scared, the correct decision makes difference between losers and winners, and only in the strange world behind the deserts, there are real opportunities to become somebody.’

I know, that maybe I am too hungry, I am losing cautiousness. I know, that everybody would give me the valuable advice, to slow down, that I don’t need Israelis and their money, their support. I was making quite a good career myself… but… it’s so addictive, to see all the news articles, the people, who recognize you, how differently they are treating you, if you are a VIP in their eyes, so many doors opens in front of you… it changes everybody. You know that from you career, when you became a Miss Czech.”

“But this was something different,” Zuzana disagreed. “Both me and the others knew, that behind the borders, I am still nobody, and I will always be. An international career is only for the fragment of us, and even the national Miss title is not enough. So women like me have to lie, to pretend to be recognized abroad, in New York, Milano and Shanghai, even if no one heard about us there, we even have to pay the photographer bitches to confirm the media tales, that you have business there, that the world is interested, inviting you for high profile photo shoots.

We play the game of lies, but we know, that our opportunities and destiny can be found only here, in this damned city, and nowhere else.

Don’t think, girl, that I don’t have some feelings, like that I need more, than this small place, because Prague is really small, in comparison with other world cities, you know that… I was travelling to Dubai too, and knowing, that I am just a fucking tourist there, a nobody, it was painful, believe me… even if I would move there, nobody would be interested, there is too much competition from all over the world and without support and connections, you are simply nobody, and fucking shiny Dubai will suck all your money from your pockets, and then, they will send you home without saying thanks, this is how it works in reality… back home, everybody thinks, that Dubai is a big bitch with an open sack of money in hand, waiting for all fools to find their success and to get rich… in reality, you are a sheep, who returns home without fur, so it’s much safer to remain in this small lake, full of sharks and small fishes…

Now, look at you: you are in a different position, so different. If I would be at your place… I would fucking do it, I would simply have to, because to experience the feeling that you are somebody, only once, it’s a fucking addiction, as you said, and you want more, realizing, how small the world can be, and many dreams can be fulfilled indeed… but you can’t do it alone, you need partners.

Of course, that Americans or Chinese would be safer, but you don’t have them right now. You have only these Israelis. So what should you do? Leave them, until you still have the time, to reconsider, to find safer partners?

The unique opportunity would be gone. If you want to live, although in eternal bitterness, like me, then please, reject your Jewish friends… or just close your eyes, and trust in a good fate that the God created for you.”

“I am really glad, that you are mentioning God,” Marketa appreciated the topic. “You know, I was thinking: why the Israelis want just me, I mean, particularly me? Why don’t they obtain an asset directly at the Middle East, who is established and efficient, easy and immediate to use? Thousands of women would do just anything for the Israelis there, including Alexandra Pianka, the local main star.

So why are the Israelis investing millions into me, why are they pampering me, a B-class fashion model from a small country, who means nothing in fact, who even doesn’t have a national Miss title?

The kind of money we are talking about, is simply too much for just some dumb fashion modeling job. So what more can be there? Why did they chose me? I am not so naive, to dream, that my eyes and legs enchanted them so much, that they lost rational thinking! I was not missing at school, when we learned to count basic numbers, like, one plus one!

I have a suspicion, Zuzana, that they will ask more from me, than from anybody else, and it’s not a matter of money: to become their most effective tool, they will suggest me to convert to Islam, so the Arabs will gain more trust in me, opening more doors for me, providing much more advantages than Alexandra Pianka could ever have for the special interest of the Jewish state.”

“Then, this is the biggest hardcore I have ever heard,” Zuzana said in complete astonishment. “And I thought that nothing can surprise me in this kind of business! So you are saying, that the Israelis are planning to make an Islamic fashion model puppet from you? Well, this is really something, a big game! And did they tell you about it, or is it just a feeling?”

“It seems simply logical for me,” Marketa replied silently, not sure, whether she can and should trust her personal assumptions.

“Now I understand completely, how you feel: that you will have no control, they will play you, use you for a very dangerous endeavor, and they don’t absolutely fucking care, whether you will get hurt, you are just a pawn for them. They are giving you a big chance with big risks: take it, or leave it, we can find someone else, no problem,” Zuzana summarized openly.

“And if you know all the circumstances… what would you do, to be at my place?” Marketa asked.

“I don’t know, girl,” the colleague hesitated. “It’s so complicated… the risks are big, but the rewards can be immense. Isn’t it better to be less hungry and more cautious? Definitely. But the whole life is a risk, and nobody will survive it in the end. We all have to die, sooner or later, poor or rich, failed or successful, everything will turn to dust one day, your dreams and bold plans you never realized from thousand of reasons.

You will demise, and no one will care, the world will run further, with or without you. One individual means nothing, that is the truth.

The question is: what hour on the clock will be your last? Just imagine a clock, there is twelve numbers, and one of them will be yours. You don’t know the value, but it will happen. The number is there, it’s set…

You know, I was thinking about God lately. He is the only one, who could protect you, promising you some hope after the worldly end.

So, if you ask me: I would do it. I would go there, and I would accept Islam, and my fate. You will not only get the perks, money, and career, maybe you will get peace and freedom. So you should maybe perceive this offer as an ultimate additional benefit.

Just look at it positively… it’s another big opportunity for you. Or you don’t trust in God? Many weak lost and wandering persons found their life stability in a religion, only then they are able to continue, to live further, not keeping thinking abour their last hour.

And in Islam, it’s about submitting yourself to the will of Allah, if I understand it correctly. Anyway, it’s a tempting option.

Here, we have no God, you know that: them, the Jews and Muslims, they have God, and they suffer less stress in their lives, even if they die in masses, their families, relatives.

You may ask the world, whether you are blessed, or fucked up? Don’t blame others, it was simply God’s decision, so you can relax, and He knows the best, what is the best for you. Should you die? Don’t fear, God will simply take you into the paradise, and there is after life. So why should you be scared?

Go there, girl… and one day, when you will return, still alive, you will tell me about God, and maybe you will be able to inspire me, how to get a salvation from the life of lies I am living.”

It’s 30th September 2012, before noon, and Marketa Korinova just arrived to the Prague-Ruzyne international airport. A kind taxi driver helped her with the luggage, and now, she is alone in the main hall, between thousands of people from all over the world, watching the big LED board, where her flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where her destiny is awaiting her, is already announced for the check-in.

Everything goes smoothly, she didn’t forget her passport or any otther critical item for travelling, so after the check-in, getting rid of the luggage and necessary security check, she comes into the inner corridors of Terminal One, where the flights outside the EU are dispatched, carrying only her Prada handbag.

She still has an hour of time before boarding, she arrived early here, so she visits one of local overpriced restaurants, positioned near the gate, where an impressive airplane, an Airbus A380 with shining “Emirates” logo, can be seen refueled.

She sits there almost alone, drinking a chilled Pilsen beer, without realizing, that this will be the last beer of her life: soon, she will consider all alcohol haram (=forbidden by Allah).

A man approaches her table, and asks, whether there is a free seat.

Marketa is surprised, there is another ten free tables around, and the fool wants to bother just her? Maybe some fan, or a suitor, who decided to use the opportunity, to feel like a decisive man.

“No, sorry,” she says politely, but firmly. Despite the rejection, the man sits down, ignoring her will.

Marketa is considering to call a waiter for assistance, to get her rid of this nuisance, but the bothering man starts talking.

“I see, that you are going to the Emirates,” the middle aged man remarks. “My name is Petr Pelikan (=an Arabist, a veteran of the Gulf War and several years later, a brother of the Czech Minister of Justice), and I am a Muslim convert, so maybe I could tell you something about Islamic religion, if you would be interested. It’s good to be equipped with this information, before going.”

Marketa’s hand, raised to wave at the waiter, to alert him of an unwanted guest at her table, is put back into her lap.

“You should know one important thing: whoever comes there, into any Islamic country, who spends too much time there and allows Islam to get too close, will never return the same,” the man narrates calmly. “It’s simply too powerful to resist, and you will do it voluntarily, no one will persuade or coerce you. It will be your decision to visit a mosque, then you will listen to an Imam, presenting Islam to infidels, and then you will come again, and again… until the day, when you will ask the Imam, to become a witness of your ‘Shahadah’, the proclamation of Islamic faith, making anybody a Muslim.”

“And why are you telling this to me?” Marketa was a little bit offended. “You know nothing about me!”

She was watching the man with her beautiful brown eyes, and he was watching her too, like if he would be a doctor, examining her.

“People are all the same, and Islam is the same,” the stranger remained calm. “You go into Dubai from thousand of reasons, but in the end, there will be only one: to accept Islam, and your destiny. You won’t be the first, or the last, who listened to this Allah’s call. It happens all the time, it’s no coincidence, or surprise. And many people know.”

“I have to go. Thanks for the chat,” Marketa decided to solve the unusual situation the female way, looking at her wrist watch.

“Don’t forget to say goodbye to your homeland,” the man said yet. “We are losing you today. You are leaving as a Czech citizen now, but when you will return next time, the first and only master of yours won’t be the Czech state, government, police, courts and military forces, but Allah.

You will still possess a Czech passport, still able to talk in the Czech language, still able to sing the Czech national anthem maybe, but inside you, everything will be different, and forever. The conversion, it’s for life, remember.

And will the Czech state be able to trust you, ever, since your foot will touch the floor of the Emirates airplane, standing just behind this big window? Definitely not.

In spite of that, we are so generous to let you go, not detaining you, to prevent that to happen. Are we dumb fools? Or don’t we care? Or are you a part of our own plan? Who knows?

Or did you forget, that the state is watching you? Listening to your calls and electronic communications, to protect the Constitution and citizens?

And did you ever read the Penal Code? There is a nice section, called ‘high treason’. Could your future behavior and alliances be perceived as such most serious criminal act?

You should be really careful, and don’t forget: the Czech Penal Code, at least several critical sections, are valid even abroad. What you do in Dubai or anywhere else, it could have deep consequences here, in a country, where you were born. You could easily get a sentence of 25 years of imprisonment. So be careful, don’t trust anybody, and don’t forget: nothing really ends here, it only changes.”

“How do you mean it? What are you accusing me of? I didn’t do anything, I just travel to Dubai!” Marketa froze for a second.

“Very big events will happen, and you are a part of it, Marketa,” the man said, like if he would be an fortune-teller. “The world will be changed soon, like no one would anticipate today, just in several years from now. And you will play one of the important parts. Isn’t it what you wanted? Go to Dubai, you will find your destiny there, and one day, you will change the fate of this country… Inshallah.”

“What are you talking about? And what does ‘Insallah’ mean?” Marketa was wondering. Who wouldn’t like to know the future?

“You will know, soon. You will learn many new words soon. And many things will be changed. When we will meet again, you will wear a hijab, veiling your beauty forever, and we will be a brother and sister in Islam.”

Marketa was leaving, not liking the tone of conversation, and he didn’t follow her. Was he a fool, or a fortune-teller?

Soon, she will know.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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