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You could hardly found anyone in the Czech Republic, not knowing the top Czech fashion model, called Marketa Korinkova, later accepting a new first Islamic name Maryam, while she converted to Islam in the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and started walking on the Straight Path, guided by Almighty Allah, to change the world, using her beauty, faith and determination as ultimate arsenal.

The future of Europe is Islam, and Marketa Korinkova became a symbol of the inevitable and beneficial process of so called Islamization, executing her Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, just perfectly, admired even by Saudi Arabia, becoming the main media face of their “Superior Woman” campaign worldwide, and backed generously by immense amounts of money, so Islam could grow further, and new mosques were built everywhere.

But Marketa Korinkova’s way to stardom and Islamic faith was long and complicated. It started much earlier, than in that fateful moment, when she got off the Emirates Airbus A380 airplane at Dubai International Airport, and she was hit by the local hot weather, not ceasing even at the end of September 2012.

The Israelis, a front business company of the feared Intelligence service Mossad, they sent her here, pampering her, investing much money into her, opening many doors for her, including the victory in reputated Miss Motors International 2012 beauty contest, raising the girl’s suspicion, that the mission she should execute here, it must be something very special, and extremely valuable for the Israeli interests at the Middle East. And discussing the matter with her best friend, another Czech fashion model and Miss Czech 2008 called Zuzana Jandova, a simple question was asked: why just her?

The answer was very precisely hidden in Marketa Korinkova’s personal file, managed by Czech domestic Counterintelligence service, BIS, and then handed over to a highly classified paramilitary unit of the Czech Army, specialized at so called Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), whose analysts extended the file with so called PPA, or Personal Psychological Assessment, and then gave all the documentation, related to Marketa Korinkova, to the Israelis, as both sides made an advantageous, but covert and classified deal: the Czechs will deliver general concept and details of so called Operation LATERNA and Operation ENTITA, and Israelis will realize it abroad themselves, using Marketa as the principal asset and backing the operation with sufficient financial resources, testing the idea in the highly demanding international environment, in order to get more power and influence in the highest state levels at the Middle East and Persian Gulf.

All preliminary stages of the operation, like introducing Marketa to the wide public audience, using heavy and effective support of the Czech tabloid media, creating interesting gossip about her, making her a secretive a mysterious, immensely beautiful person, admired by many VIP men, then arranging Marketa famous victory at Italy, where she was crowned as a Miss and the whole Czech nation cheered her, and finally, moving to Dubai, where the final and most important phase should be commenced.

And why was she chosen? Simply because she was the most suitable for achieving final goals: infiltrating the closest vicinity of the Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (*1949), and even gaining key influence on the ruler of Dubai, with personal property estimated at 50 billion USD.

Such extremely demanding task was planned to be achieved using only one human asset: Marketa Korinkova, who never undertook any Intelligence training, but she had her own, special and the most suitable qualification, discovered by the masterminds of the operation, deeply experienced in Psychology and Public Relations, moving people like their pawns on a giant chess board.

The mission plan was split into two parts: first, to gain access into the Sheikh’s direct vicinity, and it could be arranged by acquiring contact with his daughter, Shaikha bint Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum (*1992), a famous socialite of Dubai, almost of the same age as Marketa, making both women potential friends.

Second part could be perceived as totally impossible by all amateurs, pessimists, fools and evil tongues: to force the Sheikh himself, to gain deep emotions and affection towards the girl, or even to fall in love with Marketa, who should be presented to him as a “lost beautiful puppy” and “lost fine daughter”, who needs both love and liberation by Islam, and the Sheikh will become a paternal figure for her, allowing her to find a new stability in life, making her a mature woman, gaining responsibility for her in the process, keeping her close for infinite time, as he will discover her wide personal qualities, suitable for the sustainable development of Dubai. Simply, she will become his daughter: or even wife, with a little bit of luck.

The perfect and foolproof feature of the plan was, that Marketa in fact needed no preparation, training, or even information, who the tango (=target) of the operation is. She could be used immediately, and this is the reason, why Israelis never doubted about her qualification: all what was necessary was simply to know her soul deeply, discover her secrets, and then to send her to an address. Her psychological traits will do the rest, awaking male protective instincts in Sheikh.

As the analysts of Special Unit c102: PSYOPS discovered, Marketa had very serious problems with men and relationships in her life, spending most of life alone, single, even if she had her beauty, intelligence and many other female and general qualities.

But inside her, there was something like bitterness, growing through years, after all that failed relationships, making her feel, that she is “wrong”, while her biological desire to have a family was getting stronger, combined with some unusual kind of extremely powerful maternal aggresivity, and even dumb men recognized it, sooner or later, leaving her, being simply scared, that Marketa is too unstable and inclining to be isolated, not fulfilling their dream about a smiling, positive person. Marketa smiled all the time, but it was only a professional smile, fake smile… not sincere.

And whoever survived this phase, who deserved her love, when she opened to him… he ran away sooner or later, when he discovered, that Marketa desperately needs a fatherly figure in her life, and if she loves you, she can’t control herself, she simply becomes a puppy, fawning to your legs: a very different picture of her, than presented in the media.

She simply moved between two extremes: a small girl, searching for a father desperately, and a mother of the whole nation, predestined to achieve great things for thousands, but still not awoken for such tasks, trying to live a normal life of a modern Millennial woman, trying to suppress her destiny, only enlarging the principal contradiction inside her soul.

But soon after she arrived into Dubai, a breaking point happened…

It’s October 2012, and everything goes well, according to bold Israeli plan.

After Marketa Korinkova arrived, they managed to isolate her from the old world, using the local assets to become her “friends”, and having control over her.

Her working schedule is tight: the momentum has to be used, so step by step, she is getting closer to Al Maktoum ruling family, becoming an unexpected ambassador of safe driving, a serious issue in the Emirates, so it’s inevitable, that Marketa Korinkova’s Public Relations efforts to make the streets of UAE safer will be publicly noticed… with small media help, of course.

This was also the reason, why she won the Miss Motors beauty contest: the mission of Italian organizers was to promote safer driving, so the Marketa’s European background is fully related to this matter, and there is no reason to ask, why she chose this way in the new country. This is the way, how the legend (=cover tale) for the undercover operatives is being built…

One evening, she is to visit a regular networking meeting of Czech business chamber of Dubai, where all Czech expats meet, discuss, share experiences, and help each other to survive and prevail in the most competitive environment of the Emirates.

She doesn’t go there as a lost puppy: she has the strong brand now, she is rather a queen there, as nobody of the other Czechs is so important, as she. Perfectly dressed in a Dior evening cocktail dress, as expected from a top fashion model, she simply shines in a garden, close to Burj Khalifa skycraper, where the social meeting is taking place, smiling nonstop, like a professional.

It’s so beautiful sunset today. While Marketa is leading the conversation between several business persons, she watches the orange sun on the horizon, which attracts her eyes so strongly, like if a picture would be hidden there, an important message.

And then, something happens.

She has a vision of her future. She realizes suddenly, that she doesn’t belong between this people, that she is different, born for great things, not only personal success, living in a house at a VIP suburbs and having dinners at fancy restaurants, like these small loser fools, who don’t know, how to fly, who are too scared for it anyway.

She sees herself veiled in hijab, reading Qur’an. Silent, concentrated, having inner peace.

She sees an endless crowd of people, watching her, in need of liberation.

And then she sees an Arabic word: Allah, shining in the sun.

All the world disappeared for the young woman: only one single word remains.

The moment of her destiny.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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