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With the most wise and trustworthy guidance of Almighty Allah, no person is lost in the world, on the contrary: many new doors open, and the world can be changed by even a single individual, as a Czech fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, who later accepted a new Islamic first name Maryam, fully confirms. This young woman used to be just a pawn of others, dependent on their favors and appreciation, including luxury fashion industry corporations, later Israelis and the Czech Military: until that fateful evening at Dubai, near Burj Khalifa skycraper, when she had a clear vision, whom she should be, and only one word could be seen in the orange sun of a beautiful sunset: Allah.

She felt, that something really marvellous is happening, and even without official conversion and studying Qur’an, she started serving to Allah, reminding His name more and more often: He simply started to rule her heart, and her attractive body, which was now dedicated only to Him, not to any man, who would leave her again, another untrustworthy mortal, who can hurt and disappoint you. But Allah? His love, Compassion and Mercy are endless, and you can call Him for help and inspiration any time. Your friends are often busy, but He is always listening, and always accepting your repentance.

Yes, she fell in love with Allah: and it was much more healthy and balanced emotion, than any time before. She always had problems with men, not able to be connected to them properly, not understood by them: they only wanted her body, to serve as a luxurious accessory for them. But who tried to discover, study and love her inner world? All the primitive male fools were only destroying Marketa’s sensitive soul, full of love and predestination, to change fates of thousands of others.

And the best opportunity, how to show, what special qualities can be found inside her, occured during “Safer Driving International Conference”, taking place at Dubai in October 2012, where Marketa was attending as a special ambassador of good will, entitled for this mission by her famous victory at “Miss Motors International 2012” at Riccione, Italy, just one month earlier, the achievement which brought her wide fame and international recognition.

It was the Israelis, a front business corporation of feared Mossad Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, who backed her career with money and media support, in order to create their high operative asset for achieving a special task in Dubai: getting into favor of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and opening a door to assert Israeli interests in the highest level of the Persian Gulf politics, where United Arab Emirates played the key role, opening their country to the world, to secure sustainable future, when the oil supplies will run out.

That was the reason, why many similar social events and conferences were taking place in Dubai, to attract the world elite of many branches, and to persuade them, to work for the Emirates and ruling Al Maktoum family.

Marketa had no Intelligence or Military training, but as her Czech covert benefactors, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, discovered in her psychological profile, she was perfectly qualified for the task: in her life, although she was a beautiful and successful woman, she desperately searched for a paternal figure, and the plan was, that Sheikh himself will become one, and the things will start moving, when he will literally adopt Marketa Korinkova as his new daughter, or even wife, if everything will go yet better, than planned.

And from this most advantageous position, her options to influence the Sheikh would be immense and endless: the only necessary step was to deliver “The Skinny Puppy”, as they called her with a code name, to the Sheikh’s address… and simple human psychology will do the rest.

To infiltrate the Sheikh’s closest vicinity, two options were considered: first, to use his daughter, Shaikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a famous socialite of Dubai, born 1992, so very close to Marketa Korinkova by age, and finding a way, so they can become friends. To achieve this task would be quite easy for the mighty and wealthy Israelis, who could arrange many VIP tickets and human connections, as many people of Dubai were on their payroll, or obligated to them.

The second option was to participate at the social and business events, where the Sheikh will be attending personally, to attract his attention to Marketa: and the Safer Driving Conference was the best present opportunity.

Nobody of the participants expected, that a special delegate of the Czech Republic, Marketa Korinkova, a reputated Western fashion model, will come to the discussion panel dressed in hijab, a fact which excited many VIP persons from Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, who were asking their aides immediately: who is this woman? Is she one of us, or what?

When Marketa got the microphone, she stood up and started talking, everybody had to understand, that this woman is born to achieve great things for the community, influencing lives of thousands. Not speaking about the fact, that many rich sheikhs, present at the meeting, fell in love with the young bright woman immediately…

“The lives we are living in, are quick and often ruthless,” Marketa Korinkova opened her presentation. “We are in eternal rush, in need to be present at many different places every day, so we use our cars to travel from one place to another, being dependent on this kind of transportation, so we can make more, manage more. We live for our work, for our plans, for our dreams, not willing to imagine or admit, that something could happen, and one day, we will never return to our loved ones.

But it happens. Every day, several persons don’t return to their homes, where their families are expecting them with a delicious dinner, to share the news of the day, to spend precious time together.

In my life, I perceive the safer driving issue as my personal mission, as I was close to death once, when a drunk truck driver crushed my car, and everything I do now, is dedicated to help other persons to overcome the fate, and to return home again. You can call my effort foolish, as so many people die because of diseases, famine, war, terrorism… but this is simply the place I have chosen, and I am doing my best to change something.

What I perceive the most critical, is to remind every driver, that a car is a weapon, that can kill others easily, including women and children. Many of us perceive a car as a toy, as a way to relax, to release our steam, stepping on the gas, like fools. There is not responsibility, we misuse cars to heal our own bad feelings, and that is the reason, why some tragedy will happen, sooner or later.

Concurrently, there is a multi billion business in the cars, making vast profits and feeding many families and kids, so ironically, the pressures to keep the allowed road speeds high are massive, so people can enjoy the cars, if they pay so much money for them, and the state has profit too, from various taxes and tolls.

You may say, that there is hardly some solution of this issue, but I believe, that at least one exists. Driving car should be perceived as a privilege, and an utmost responsibility. I remember, when I attended a driving school, nobody told me these things, they just learned me, how to understand traffic, how to control the vehicle, but only a few words about providing the first aid, and completely nothing about responsibility for myself, and the others.

So, I propose to all of you, to adopt the following measures: before learning, how to drive, all applicants for driving licenses should be informed very widely, of course, by some interesting and not boring form, that as drivers, they need to be responsible, otherwise they can kill, either themselves, or others, and in any case, they can become a key part of a tragedy.

These lectures should be extensive and psychologically deep, influencing the minds of the future drivers. It should be something deeper, than a boring lecture in the school, making you sleep. It has to influence them, if some change should be realized.

I would like to inform you, that a pattern of such lectures is just created by a NGO, operating here in the Emirates, where I am participating as an advisor, as I am experienced in Marketing and Public Relations. The reason is, that to influence people, you need to sell them the idea, so they adapt it voluntarily, accepting it as natural part of their mindset: and this is, what we need to achieve, so the situation on the roads of the world will be improved.

It’s over fifty participating states here, and all deputies will receive a summary of our strategy, how to influence the future and present drivers, so you can use the concept in your own countries. We are creating it as universal, not depending on culture or religion, so it can be applied successfully anywhere.

In conclusion, there is a way, how to achieve a higher safety on the streets. It’s cheap, you don’t need expensive toys, you just need to understand human psychology, and how to influence it, so the people can become more responsible drivers, saving lives of themselves and the others, saving many costs of health care and insurance, which can be used to improve the quality of roads and traffic signs, making travelling an enjoyable and safe activity.”

When she finished, a massive applause followed, even from the Saudi males, who perceived women as second grade persons, but Marketa Korinkova, her immense charm and devotion, it persuaded them to change their mind, plus, her openly declared respect to the Islamic religion was another reason to listen to her very carefully.

After the presentations, there was a coffee break, and Marketa found herself literally besieged by many Arabic VIPs, who asked her many additional questions, inviting her to speak at their countries, as a special ambassador.

A perfectly dressed man, one of the Sheikh’s aides, approached her, just before the convention resumed.

“Miss Korinkova, His Highness would like to invite you to a private banquet this evening. The official invitation card will be delivered to you in an hour,” he informed her silently, but his firm voice indicated, that Marketa’s presence is expected, if she wants to keep the relationships with the ruling family on an appropriate level of respect.

Marketa had a look of her beautiful brown eyes at him, and then, she nodded slightly, as a queen.

“Dear viewers, ladies and gentlemen, this is another instalment of ‘168 Hours’, a key TV show of the Czech Television, devoted to reveal, show and analyze all covert relations of the Czech politics and VIP social life,” the female host made an introduction, using very serious voice.

“This time, we invited the Minister of Defence, Katerina Motovska, into our studio, to discuss the latest, and really nasty affair, literally shaking the Parliament and the government: as the Czech tabloid media informed widely, the Czech Military is suspected to be involved in a covert influence operation abroad, misusing a reputated Czech fashion model, who won’t be named directly, to promote the Military interests.

The question is: are these interests beneficial for the state, taxpayers and citizens, or only for the infamous military-industrial complex, all those multinational corporations, manufacturing and trading weapons, obsessed with endless desire to sell more and more of their deadly arsenal, so all those ‘defensive wars’ can continue?

Isn’t it ironic? Everybody who fights today, says, that they are only defending against alleged aggression of others, nobody declares war anymore. Do you know, that the latest country in history, who declared war towards someone else, was the United States at 1941, when they announced the state of war with Italy?

Since that time, millions of people died in hundreds of wars and violence, but no other official war was declared. It seems, that we live in a very peaceful epoch… excluding the ‘War On Terror’, of course, the only stain on peace. But these terrorists will be eradicated soon, as the U.S. President G.W. Bush promised us in 2001… oh, it’s fifteen years already? And did we win, is it finished?

But let’s start without further delay. Mrs. Minister, may I ask, whether you know a person, named M.G.?”

“Well, I don’t see any relation to the current topic,” the Minister tried to avoid the direct answer.

“You don’t see it? Oh, poor Mister Minister, you are so exhausted from your demanding position, your brain is stopping to work! So let me help you,” the host replied ruthlessly. “M.G. is a female municipal politician from Brno-Kohoutovice, who made a surprising political career lately, and even the sparrows on the roofs are whispering, that acquiring a Parliamentary seat for her during 2018 general elections is inevitable, and she is chosen secretly to become a member of critical National Defence Commission.

But there are several question in this matter. Just two years ago, M.G. was an outdated, used up fashion model from Brno, who struggled with financial problems, considering to leave the country and to wash the dishes in some restaurant in Australia.

But then, a sudden miracle happened, and her star started shining so quickly and strongly, that many asked: how could this happen? Who helped and helps her? Isn’t she just a puppet of somebody? Who had enough money and personnel to back her? Who could be interested, to have their own pawn as the Minister of Defence?

I know, that you were asked about Special Unit C102: PSYOPS thousand times, and you always denied its mere existence. But isn’t it a strange coincidence? One fashion model is achieving the Czech political stars, very suitable for the Military interests. And now, here is another fashion model, this time abroad, making similar quick career, like doped with steroids. Is it just a coincidence, or someone is misusing Czech fashion models systematically, for the defence interests?”

“I would say, it’s really only a coincidence,” the Minister remained calm. “Fashion models are simply well qualified for this kind of social achievements, they look good, they know, how to present themselves and their ideas, they are willing to speak publicly… only the tabloid media fools create some conspiracies, to keep the readers excited and occupied. But what can we do? There is liberty of the press in our country, so we can only say: if you want to read this nonsense, if you want to believe it, that is your decision.”

“So you deny, that there is any systematic strategy, or concept of the Czech Military, regardless whether official or unofficial structures, how to use and exploit fashion models, to promote special state interests in the civilian environment?”

“As far as I know, no such clandestine activity exists, and I am willing to testify in front of any court, as this issue has to be resolved one day already, all these lies have to be refuted. I was advised many times, to take a court action against ‘Heavy Slander’, the tabloid magazine, spreading all these lies and disturbances… but this is exactly, what they want, to have more publicity. So the only thing that we can do, is to repeat again and again: no covert unit of the Czech Army ever existed, designated as ‘C102’ or any other way.

The only such unit the Czech Army has, is fully official, ‘103rd Centre CIMIC/PSYOPS’, residing at Olomouc, fulfilling purely combat tasks, not some foolish games with fashion models, and its members are official, military personnel, dressed in uniforms, as all citizens of Olomouc, who meet them in the streets, can confirm. If you want, even you can apply to serve there, to see the truth yourself.”

“Well, thanks, that is really generous of the Czech Army, to offer me such good opportunity for a next career,” the TV host smiled. “But let’s return to the topic, and let’s speak theoretically, hypothetically.

If that unnamed fashion model, currently residing abroad, would be able to get into the sphere, beneficial for the Czech defence and Military interests, would you, the Army, consider activating or using it? Isn’t it even your basic duty, to take care of the Czech defense interests, even during peace times?”

“Anything I will answer, you will make a media affair from it, I can see it in your evil eyes,” the Minister said with disdain. “It seems, that you, the statewide television, paid from taxpayers money, are not much better, than the tabloid media. So I refuse to answer, unless you will ask differently.”

“OK, as you wish: was the name of the particular fashion model used in relations of any Military operations, plans, concepts, reports or suggestions?”

“I am saying openly, that I haven’t seen any such document. And even if I would, such information would be strictly classified, and I am bound to keep the state secrets, as a servant of the state, who pledged allegiance to the homeland. Or do you think, that any government would describe the details of their covert operations in the media?

I would like to appeal to the Czech public, to stop listening to all this tabloid trash, only occupying their attention uselessly, and to do something good for the community. Does this gossip help the Czech state anyhow? It only creates divisions, and who can have such interests? Yes, the terrorists from the Islamic State, who want to provoke civil wars in Europe, to misuse the unstable times, influenced by the refugee crisis, to expand their influence further, to spread terror into the hearts of our people.

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTherefore, I am announcing you, that several Parliamentary deputies of our political party, ANO 2011, members of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, will suggest a new statewide law, concerning any information, published in the media, related anyhow to the interests of state defense. Any person, publishing it, will be called for responsibility, challenged to prove the reliability of the information immediately, otherwise he or she will be detained and investigated from possible high treason and support of a terrorist organization.

I want to ask you, to support this new law, citizens. If our country should remain strong during all these world challenges, jeopardizing our safety, we have to stand united, and all the subversions should be contained. Is it you, who will decide the future of the country… or them, that chief reporters, writing lies, and spending events in the company of champagne, coke and half naked women, bribed by some foreign entities, perhaps even by the terrorists?

This endless flow of lies and false allegations simply has to stop.”

“Your Highness, I would like to introduce you a Czech special delegate, Marketa Korinkova,” an aide of the Sheikh Al Maktoum said with a festive voice, and Marketa bowed slightly, keeping her dignity.

“Nice to meet you,” the Sheikh smiled at Marketa. “I was really impressed by your speech, as the safety of the Dubai roads is my highest concern. And your concept seems promising, to improve the situation, so accept our gratitude, that you informed us about a new, beneficial and effective approach to the matter.”

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Marketa replied modestly. “I am glad to be here, where the wise leaders listen to the voice of people, making the future sustainable.”

“This is exactly what I want to achieve,” the Sheikh agreed. “And people like you help me to realize this demanding goal. Tell me, are you planning to stay at the Emirates, or did you come just for a modeling job?”

“Well, I like it there, I mean, the culture, the people, the religion… I will stay for a while, if you will agree,” Marketa expressed her feelings and plans.

“What really surprised me, that unlike your female European colleagues, you are wearing a hijab. Are you a Muslim, or is it just a matter of respect to your host?” the Sheikhk was naturally curious.

“Actually, I am not a Muslim. But here, in the Emirates, I realized, that many people have no respect to the local customs, dressing like in Europe, and I feel as completely natural, to adapt to the different culture. So I obtained a hijab… and I must say, that I feel better somehow, protected, having more respect by males,” the shining young woman confessed.

“And did you ever visit a masjid (=mosque)?” the Dubai ruler wanted to know yet.

“Not yet, but I am planning to go to the ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’ soon, to learn more about Islam. Although my work schedule is really tight these days, this visit is something I perceive as a priority, to understand the country where I am considering to stay longer.”

“What can I say,” the Sheikh hardly concealed his surprise. “You are fine young woman, and we are glad to have you here. I hope, that we will be meet again, and you can tell me next time, what discoveries about Islam you made. Do you agree?”

“I will be honored to share my feelings about Islam with you, Your Highness.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam Affair: Marketa Korinkova
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