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Ask yourself, how many times in life, does anyone give you a second chance, when all your sins are forgiven, and you are granted a fresh start, a new book? No such events happen, and you betray yourself every day, promising falsely, to change your life from tomorrow, to turn your life, when you are still young and you have the might, to become somebody, to be the man or woman you always wanted to be, fulfilling an old vision of you, inspired by the seducing, but fake movies, and examples of social leaders, who present their completely false image to the public, to be recognized and admired by masses of Western sheep, to become tools of hungry multinational companies, influencing the society for higher consumption of the mass produced goods.

But conversion to Islam… man, it’s something, it’s like peeling your skin, layers of weakness, fear, emptiness, loneliness and doubts disappear, hour after hour, and you are reborn, you get the second chance in life, exactly what you needed so much, and you know, that since the fateful moment, when you surrender your will to Allah, you will be never alone, weak, isolated, and lost in the world: if Allah is present in your life, then absolutely everything is all right, you can lose anybody and anything, still, you have the most precious value: His ultimate love, as He is your creator, providing trustworthy guidance and invincible protection.

No one can hurt you anymore, no one creates your fate anymore, no one is entitled to judge you, no one can scare you… except Him, your new master for life, Allah. It was your choice to come back to Him, and you will be granted countless of rewards and advantages, which you will discover every day, so life becomes an exciting adventure. Do good deeds, love and worship Allah: and you have just everything you really need in life, and the rest will come too, but Allah always has to be at the first place of your values, creating an island of stability inside your restless heart and mind. Then, you will be balanced, then you will be healthy, and desirable peace will fill your body and soul.

Marketa Korinkova, a Czech top fashion model, who converted to Islam, adopted a new Islamic first name Maryam and later changed the world, called “The Islamic Princess” and “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, she knows the feeling very well. Her visit at famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi was unique, as it was the only moment in her life, when she entered a mosque, using the tourist entrance: next time, as a Muslim, who declared the faith by reciting Shahadah in front of several witnesses, she will be able to come, as she likes, using the main entrance, to worship Allah by praying, bowing and prostrating only in front of Him, as any Muslim has only one real servant in his or her life.

Following her private conversation with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and UAE’s Vice President, during a banquet after “Safer Driving International Conference”, which took place at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in October 2012, the fine young woman, who was a special Czech delegate there, was put under heavy surveillance from NESA (=National Electronic Security Authority), the UAE’s cyber Intelligence agency, as Marketa Korinkova’s intentions, background and activities had to be monitored closely, so the Sheikh and his staff could understand, who she was in reality, for further consideration of using this generally interesting asset, created by a joint infiltration operation by an Israeli Intelligence service Mossad and a highly classified PSYWAR unit of the Czech Military to promote Israeli interests in the key Persian Gulf region.

The goal of the clandestione operation was clear: to insert Marketa Korinova as an Israeli Intelligence asset into the Sheikh’s closest vicinity, to persuade him to adopt her as his new daughter, or even to accept her as a new wife, because her psychological profile indicated, that this woman has extremely powerful desire to be submitted to a paternal figure, missed painfully and needed desperately in her life, and she has wide skills and abilities to achieve the desirable connection, if she feels, that such figure occured in her vicinity.

Then, the opportunities to influence the wealthy ruler of Dubai would be literally limitless, and the Jewish state would benefit widely, so the Israelis invested millions into the professional career of one female asset, recommended by their Czech collaborators, who supplied Marketa Korinkova’s detailed personal file to them, including deep and thorough psychological assessment, discovering her real, carefully hidden nature, including secret weaknesses and obsessions.

The question is: did the Israeli and Czech planners calculate, that Marketa can substitute any human paternal figure with another, ultimately powerful entity, Allah? Would it influence the control of their Intelligence asset?

In any case, soon after the meeting with the Sheikh, Marketa visited the famous Grand Mosque, and her intention and feelings became absolutely clear: now directed at Kaaba, a black cube, the spiritual centre of Earth, located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. She was ready to submit to the will of Allah without any doubt, to surrender herself: and Allah loves all His sons and daughters, as no one else, He never misuses your devotion and faith, as humans, so it’s much more wise to submit to Him, than to any weak and unreliable human.

But she was still a fashion model, and she knew her basic mission: to achieve sustainable future for her, to have her girlish dreams fulfilled, to succeed in the extremely competitive Emirates, she needed the Al Maktoum family, as all others were just a pawns, and experienced Marketa Korinkova knew well, that the most of power and influence is distributed at the highest levels of the society, so she used her professional achievements, like wide tabloid media campaign in her favor, following her famous victory at Miss Motors International 2012 beauty contest, to rise rapidly on the social ladder, using her present momentum, a set of perfect conditions, maybe never to be repeated again.

But even with deep faith, you still need the money to pay the generous bills, as the Emirates can be really costly, if you want to participate in the game for power. In any case, Marketa rejected to be another fool, who comes into Dubai with big eyes and big plans, but returns completely broke, as the country knows well, how to attract people to countless trinkets, and then to take all money from them, as someone has to pay the paradise in the middle of endless desert, shining with millions of lights during the night, and the sustainable future of the state.

And once you are a top fashion model, you learn a lot about the ways, where the power is flowing in the society, who the people really are, and it changes you: you become ruthless as them, you lose doubts, you concentrate on achieving your life goals, you stop seeing others and their obstacles, when you are still young and beautiful as Marketa, only 24 years old at 2012, who followed her dreams, feeling in advance, that in the Emirates, she will literally find her destiny: and it started by discovering Allah.

Marketa always felt, that she is born to achieve something big, using all her gifts as tools, but to change the world, you need to grasp the power and influence for yourself, otherwise you can hardly promote your ideas: so, the faith of Islam and serving to Allah doesn’t exclude with rising up in the social ranks, and who else could be more beneficial for this demanding task, than the extremely wealthy, powerful family of Dubai’s rulers? Who can stop you on your path to the stars, if you are led, guided and protected by Allah, known as the Remover of Obstacles?

In the UAE, no one expects Westerners to convert to Islam, so when Marketa attended the conference, with her immense female beauty covered in hijab obediently, it surprised many present big shots from Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, including the Sheikh himself… and if she will become one of them, followers of Islam, naturally, they will respect her yet more, not only because of her special skills and abilities, but also for sharing the same values, faith, and becoming brothers and sister.

She was well aware about this interesting and attractive relation between Islam and power: and it only strengthened her willingness to surrender herself to Allah, as the value of so called Western freedom was relative, causing many doubts and fear for all disbelievers. Thus, the choice was simple, and for Marketa Korinkova, with her specific mindset, completely natural: she only discovered her true self, as a creation of Allah. It was like coming home.

When she entered the Grand Mosque for the first time, together with other infidel tourists, she couldn’t resist to kneel down, and to touch the thick red carpet with her long slim fingers. When she felt the soft, pleasant material, she knew in the instant, that this is her new life, and her destiny.

She decided, that since this moment, everything she will ever do in life, will be aimed at worshipping Allah, following the exact beneficial rules He had set for billions of His devoted followers, doing only what is desirable, or permissible, remembering the basic motto: “If you love Allah, follow Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”.

Only a fool would complain then, that Islamic prohibition of drinking alcohol and participating in extramarital sexual encounters is a loss, and five daily obligatory prayers are a limitation: on the contrary, these steps are leading to peace, happiness, balance, health and making good decisions, not clouded by intoxication and sexual desire, making an individual to forget Allah and the purpose of life, being seduced by the demons.

Marketa Korinkova had serious problems with men in her life anyway, and she could hardly talk about satisfaction with them: the fools only hurt her, so when she replaced all the losers with Allah, she found the dignity and peace again, not waiting for another male fool to “rescue her”: from what? Once you submit your will to Allah, there is no need to search for rescue, or salvation, and it’s very calming feeling, that there is the Straigth Path set, and no else road has to be searched for.

Now she saw her position and mission absolutely clearly, not influenced by the social pressure at her home country, a faithless, pork, beer and adultery infested land: only here, in the Emirates, in an Islamic country, she could be the person she wanted, she was free, and her direction towards Allah was inevitable.

Sitting on a bench at a beautiful park, adjacent to the mosque, she was thinking: why is she here? Why was she born? What is her mission? There has to be something more, than mere “enjoying life”, consuming like a mindless, decadent, empty and corrupted Western fool.

And now she could see her mission: it all begins with Allah, and then, everything else is revealed to you. Every man or woman has the importance, and if Allah granted you with gifts, than you have to use them, to worship Him, to deserve His endless Mercy and Compassion.

It was completely clear, how her life can become fulfilled: she will serve for the interests of Ummah, the Muslim community, and she will erase her ego from the decisive process. She is a part of something much bigger now, a small part of two billion community, but everybody can be important, everybody can make the difference, just by making good deeds, worshipping Allah, loving Allah.

She decided to return into the Grand Mosque, and to ask for the Imam, without a slightest doubt in her heart. If she made it this far in life, defeated thousands of jealous competitors, protected by Him, then nothing can stop her from fulfilling her destiny, created by Almighty Allah. It’s just about making correct decision, that’s the whole secret of life.

Now, Marketa Korinkova saw herself at the highest social levels, admired by many, she will make it there, and the whole Al Maktoum family will eat grain from her palm soon: but she won’t be a selfish queen, living for her interests and modest girlish dreams, she will mature, she will be a real woman, but firstly a servant of Allah, His devoted follower and slave, voluntarily submitted to Him.

No man, regardless how rich or pretty, will be able to lead Marketa off the Straight Path, ever, so her eternal source of pain will be finally calmed, and with newly acquired balance, she will be ready to do great things for the others. Who are all mere weak mortals in comparison with Almighty Allah, anyway?

To Allah belongs the East and West, and number of His servants is rising everywhere. But Marketa Korinkova was chosen to become a public inspiration for thousands of others, followed, appreciated and admired. Allah put a lot of responsibility on her shoulders: but this woman was born to be an example, as any right Muslim.

Praised be Allah, for sending great women like her to the world.

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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