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It could seem, that Marketa Korinkova, a Czech top fashion model, who converted to Islam in the United Arab Emirates, and later accepted a new Islamic name Maryam, to change the world and to inspire thousands to follow Islam, couldn’t be stopped by anybody or anything, since October 2012, when she established close contacts with the ruling Al Maktoum family, yet if she acquired the most powerful guidance and protection by Almighty Allah, submitting to His will.

But this shining career and apparent stability was still under firm influence of Israelis, masked as a business company, connected to feared Mossad Intelligence agency, who backed and sponsored Marketa Korinkova’s way up here, with secret effort to get their fully controlled human asset into the closest vicinity of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the Emirates, to promote Israeli interests in the region, where much of the world power and wealth was distributed.

And the highly experienced Israelis knew, how to force their human assets to cooperate, to maintain control over them. It could seem, that Marketa, now under influence of Islam, slipped out of their ruthless grasp: but the Jewish operatives still had highly effective means to disrupt her new way of life, or, from Marketa Korinkova’s own angle of view, to test the depth of her new faith very extensively.

It was enough simply to stop providing covert support for the young woman, to cease sending money and opening many doors for her: and the consequences could be felt almost immediately, with direct and most painful influence on Marketa’s personal interests, not speaking about limiting the further growth of her professional career.

All the tabloid media support, all the fashion modeling jobs were gone suddenly, the well of live water simply dried unexpectedly, as someone gave an order to stop all support operations in favor of Marketa. Now, she was alone at the Emirates, 6.000 kilometers from home, without any stable job or income, and she realized soon, that something is wrong, when her momentum started to disappear quickly. And this situation put Marketa on a crossroads, where she had to make very difficult and unpleasant decision, to keep the desirable flow of her career.

At first, she considered the new, worsened personal situation as some occasional mistake, or misunderstanding, so she contacted her Czech liaison, the representative of the Israeli business corporation, which supported her in general sense. But David couldn’t be reached: Marketa was informed by his colleagues coldly, that he had to leave the country temporarily, to arrange important business affairs in Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, and all his agenda was put on hold, until his return.

The decision to ask for such help at home had another consequences, as Marketa was under heavy surveillance of the local Intelligence agency NESA, supervising her electronic communication, to discover her real background, activities and connections, to determine, whether Marketa can be a threat for the Sheikh, for Al Maktoum family, or the general state interests of the Emirates.

When the Emirates Counterintelligence found, who her Czech contact was, they warned Sheikh immediately, that the Czech fashion model can be connected with Israelis, who are not exactly favoured in the Arabic world, and he should limit contacts with her immediately, although their mutual attraction was out of question: she was searching for a paternal figure, and she was playing a lost cute sheep well, which can be rescued by the mighty sheikh, to be adopted as his daugher, or even wife.

And now, all plans seemed to be spoiled, like if Israelis would throw Marketa over the board, although she followed the general mission plan, created by their Czech collaborators, an elite paramilitary unit of the Czech Army, specialized in Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), which supplied the Israeli side of deal with Marketa’s complete personal file, including her deep psychological assessment, indicating her high suitability for the infiltration mission.

But Israelis simply needed to push Marketa against the wall, so she will realize, that without them, she is lost, and she will fall down very quickly, even humiliated by the Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach, who promised her the main female role in his critical video clip “Majnoun”, which could push her career really forward, but in the end, he selected Alexandra Pianka instead, the supermodel, who was considered for the part from the beginning.

Although Marketa Korinkova had Islam and Allah now, in real life, everything seemed to be turning against her, and after checking her media picture back home, she found, that all the news and articles about her, very frequent lately, simply disappeared from all the media. And she needed the publicity necessarily, because without it, there will be no jobs for her, and without jobs, you are lost in the highly expensive Dubai. And it was happening right now.

She was thinking, what could have happened? The Israelis invested so much money into her before, pampering her as a princess, cleaning her way from various obstacles, allowing her to win a high-profile beauty contest, Miss Motors International 2012. And now, everything is gone? Just like that? Without a single word of explanation? Maybe they didn’t like her conversion to Islam, perceiving her as an enemy of Israel now, and making the proper arrangements, not willing to support her anymore.

But could this theory be true? They indicated her in advance, and openly, that they consider her religious conversion as desirable, it was even a part of the planned operation, as it would be much easier for her, to infiltrate the highest levels of the Dubai’s VIP social circles, particularly the Al Maktoum family…

So, was it all a coincidence, a mistake, or did Dubai started to show the dark side to Marketa, the most ruthless one, where only a few blessed, lucky ones can succeed, and others, who failed, will pay the bills for them?

Anyway, Marketa had to make a quick and substantial decision, what to do next. To return to Prague, to leave the Emirates temporarily, to gain a stability in life again, to pull out into safety, to reconsider calmly, without this existential stress? At home, she could feel safe, able to make many social and business moves, finding alternative routes and shortcuts. But here? Without support and friends?

To save money, Marketa lived with a young Czech couple in their flat, located advantageously at the Dubai center. An old fashion model colleague from Czechoslovak Models agency offered her to share the living quarters temporarily, as the ambitious woman hoped to use Marketa’s rising career for her own future job opportunities, but now, when Marketa Korinkova’s media star was fading quickly, they will most likely ask her to leave, to find her own flat. They were too generous anyway, to let her live there for many weeks… but how long will this support last?

If she will lose the refuge, all matters will be yet complicated. A hotel would be costly… indeed, the best option would be to return home without further delay, but what would happen, when she will occur in Prague again? Wouldn’t the ruthless, omnipresent tabloid media destroy her with joy, announcing the shocking news loudly, that she failed in the Emirates?

The destruction of her Czech media picture could be irreversible… no, she has to stay here, until the situation will be resolved somehow. But how to survive here, if you have no job? Where to get the money?

The logical and natural choice would be to use her charm, beauty and sexy body, which got her so far, of course. But as a common fashion model, she would be now ignored by the agencies of Dubai, as she had no more of the critical media support, and going to the managers of such agencies, making the active move towards them herself, they could feel weakness and uncertain position from her, rejecting her without any doubt, as a person without importance, or offering her only marginal work.

No, she can’t start begging for low-grade modeling jobs, furthermore, the news would leak into the media, that she sells herself suspiciously cheap in the Emirates, maybe they would even suspect her of participating at local infamous sexual business, like many B-class Eastern European fashion models there, and again, her public picture would be horribly damaged: once such serious allegation is adopted by the media widely, you can never get it out of general public opinion about you, regardless how many times you will try to deny it.

Marketa Korinkova played too high game, and now, it was hard to return to the normal surface of the society, if things “upstairs” weren’t working well.

Now she could see, how critically dependent she was on the Israelis. She got the message they sent to her: and she started suspecting them, that they created the current situation with purpose, deliberately, to humiliate her, to have better control over her, expecting her to lick their shoes, if they will keep her career going.

But how to liberate from this unpleasant addiction? Marketa saw herself as a slave of the Israelis, who could send the ruthless tabloid media against her, as they liked, if she would be a “bad girl”. This way, they could create a star, or to destroy her: but now, they simply ignored her, and for any showbusiness asset, this situation is equal to social death. If the media write about you, regardless whether good or bad things, you have the critically important publicity, you are somebody, you ride on a black horse, many doors are opened for you: but when the media start to ignore you, then you lose.

Marketa decided to ask Allah for advice, making trips to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi, where she converted, praying and making du’a (=wishing prayer). But no particular advice was still revealed, and the situation yet worsened, when she felt, that the owners of the flat, where she lived, expect her to leave really soon, in the matter of days.

“Oh, Allah, are you testing the depth of my new faith?” Marketa asked, sitting on her favorite bench, in a beautiful park near the Grand Mosque, and thinking about her options and possible moves.

Is she allowed to be ruthless? To hurt others, in order to save herself, to be able to serve to Allah well? Would such sin be forgiven?

What does Allah want from her? To keep waiting for a miracle passively, or to show her female skills, how to survive in any conditions?

“Oh, Allah, you sent me on the Straight Path, I am giving you prayers, submission and love, but it’s not enough to survive in the jungle of Dubai, full of wolves and vultures,” Marketa whispered. “I have no friend here, except you, and everybody seems to stand against me right now. Is it allowed in Islam, to cry?”

“But maybe this is exactly what Allah wants, to make me free from the Israeli dependence and oppression,” she thought. What they did to her, it was unfair, it was a pure backstabbing, a treason: and she doesn’t have to feel obliged to them anyhow anymore. So she gained something good from this situation: she is free.

Regarding money, and sustainable future… if you are free, you can do, what you want. And Marketa had a perfect idea, how to get money and her own publicity, directing her media picture as she will like, not depending on favors of some bribed chief reporter fool from ‘Heavy Slander’ gossip magazine.

“Oh, thank you, Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful,” Marketa was grateful, and because it was the time for an Asr prayer, she hurried back to mosque, to make wudu (=ablution), while a muezzin called to prayer from the minarets, and Marketa felt pride, that she is calling her too, a sister in Islam.

Since she started with five daily prayers, obligatory for any Muslim, her body became more flexible, from all that bowing and prostrating. Although Marketa was always loving and practising sports, now, she felt, that she is in the best shape of her life, her long slim legs becoming better yet defined with muscles.

Although she had to hide her beauty under hijab and abaya now, not able and willing to show it to any man, she was absolutely certain, that she is going on the right way, and she never regretted her decision to submit to the will of Allah, not for a second.

And the temporary setback she had, it was a hidden blessing by Allah, how to get rid of any external control in her life, except her new master, who always had to be at the first place, in front of anybody and anything. Then, what would some Israelis mean for her? She didn’t need them, she needed only Allah, proving the ultimate guidance, and good advices, like now.

She loved Allah even more now, and when she returned to Dubai, she started to make arrangements with wide smile on her face. All worries disappeared: indeed, she knew, what to do, to survive, to be able to worship Allah without outside influences, understanding fully, what freedom in Islam means independence on all mortals, those selfish, unreliable, scared, treacherous fools.

“Miss Korinkova, welcome, it’s an honor,” a well looking businesswoman welcomed Marketa inside a spacious, glamorous and definitely very costly office, located on 144th floor of Burj Khalifa skycraper, providing fascinating view on Dubai, sea and desert around.

The 144th floor was a site of the highest night club in the world: Armani Prive Lounge, run by the famous fashion brand. You could hardly find a more exclusive place in the whole world: so Marketa headed here with certainty, that it’s always good to aim as high as possible.

“My name is Laura Guerrero,” the woman informed Marketa, watching her hijab with surprise. “I am the manager here, responsible for all Human Resources operations of the club. These are my assistants: Irina, and Lea,” she presented other two perfectly dressed women, who accompanied her, sharing the adjacent offices, working as HR assistants.

“So, you offered us your professional services,” the female manager went straight to business. “You are willing to work as a hostess in our club.”

“Yes, I am,” Marketa confirmed her interest without any hesitation. “I insist, that my qualification, education, language skills and overall social position could be very beneficial for the demanding clients of this most impressive place, who ask only for the best, in terms of the environment, and service alike,” she added with utmost self-confidence, and smiled with pride.

“No doubt about it,” Laura agreed. “But let’s start with your motivation to join us. Usually, we don’t have people like you here, I mean, with so powerful personal and media brand established already. It makes me to be curious, and to ask: why? This is a night club, and you are a reputated fashion model, and perhaps even a Muslim, as I can see. It seems as a very rare, even suspicious combination.”

“And this is exactly what your ambitious clients, so hungry for new and deep experiences, will definitely like, I am most certain about it,” Marketa said with persuasion. “They want something special, so they will get it, and much more, than they expected.”

“I am really impressed by your determination,” the manager said with respect. “Still, it’s hard to believe, that it’s all true and genuine, if you allow me to be honest. Is it some kind of your media game, or a way, how to get publicity? We don’t doubt about your qualification, but we have to ask these questions, as this place has to keep decency, and we can’t allow any private games played here.

We need control, and we reject any surprises from our personnel: if any media games will be related to this place, we want to control the way, how the world public is informed about us. Don’t forget, that this is not a local club in Prague, playing a cheap tabloid media game: the real world VIP elite comes here, and it’s a very big obligation for us, to keep the level of our services extremely high… literally.”

“Laura, I am not a cheap fashion model from Eastern Europe, spreading legs for a few bucks, but a real social elite, and only my name, very frequent in the media, speaks sufficiently,” Marketa presented proudly. “You say, that your clients are elite, so they deserve elite, and they will get elite. And what media games? Of course, that you have control, and I am sure, that you, and your superiors, will be able to think about an optimal way, how to present this place in the media, including your human assets.

Just imagine it, some rumors, that on the 144th floor of famous Burj Khalifa, there can be found so unusual people, as a Czech Miss, a top fashion model with high professional reputation, who converted to Islam, and who makes the Da’wah (=Islamic missionary activity) there, instead of providing sexual services!

Don’t you think, that it would raise another wave of literally world interest and even social and political appreciation, washing all suspicions about alleged sexual business from the marquee of Armani Prive Lounge? You know, that Al Maktoum family is really displeased, that Dubai is perceived as a sex tourism destination… but now, the issue will be resolved very originally, and efficiently! Wouldn’t they be grateful to you? It could really help your business interests.

Anyway, as you could read in my CV, I am fully qualified for the media game, but I am also a team player, not a soloist queen. I expect your work support and friendship from my future colleagues, and in exchange, I will play your game, with trust, that you and me will gain additional advantages from our mutual cooperation, including the desirable media interest.

I am also absolutely sure, that this question will be very important, when you will consider my employment here. Yes, the media are part of my life now, in certain sense: but you can benefit from it. We can say, that you offered me an immense amount of money, because you are very rich club for VIPs, employing only the elite, and I will be paid, at least for the media, better than the U.S. supermodels, who will get jealous, coming here and begging you to be employed as well.

In fact, I can be a tool, which will attract many desirable attention here: not only media, but also VIP social leaders, including female supermodels, business tycoons, you name it… and the circle will be closed, to your benefit.

So, I offer you this business: you will employ me, and you will back me with the media support, as my rising brand will help you to rise too. It’s an arrangement, beneficial for both sides, and your business will grow.

This is an Islamic country, I am a woman of Islam indeed, and this fact can be used to numerous advantages: improving the public perception of the club, improving relations with the Al Maktoum family, attracting new VIP visitors, and making something beneficial for Islam as well, reminding the world, that the religion is important here, and beneficial for the women, that even a high-profile female celebrities from the West, like me, are accepting it.

Together, we can live our dreams, Miss Guerrero.”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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