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In these days, two billions of proud Muslims around the world, all that brothers and sisters, standing up for each other in unity, living the only perfect and complete religion called Islam, celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, attaching to their faith more by fasting, disconnecting from the worldly affairs, doing yet more good deeds, spending time with others and family, thanking Allah for all blessings, contemplating about their personal mission and purpose.

At the evenings, when loud bangs and special lights on minarets of all mosques signalize, that it’s time to break fasting, all Muslims gather for a joyful and relaxed dinner together, enjoying the food and water after many hours of fasting, discovering, how precious things those really are, if you can experience their scarcity.

Between them, there is a young beautiful woman, who was chosen to achieve great things, in the interest of the whole Ummah, the Islamic community. Coming from a small country in Europe, called Czech republic, she was created and called by Allah to become the person, who will provide a good example and inspiration for others, fulfilling a basic mission of any Muslim, inspiring thousands people around the world to accept Islam, to find their peace and freedom, so the world can be a better place.

They call her “The Islamic Princess” or even “The Mother of All Czech Muslims”, and she is highly admired and followed by many, including Arabic women, living in Czech Republic, like Eman Ghaleb or Albatool Jahaf, the hopes of a new Islamic generation. But her fame and importance goes far beyond the national borders: from Morocco to Indonesia, wide rumors are surfacing, that she will bring thousands of other people from all over the world to Islam, or she will allow them to discover their faith again, becoming active believers from passive, who don’t pray, who don’t fast during Ramadan, who succumbed to the worldly affairs too much, getting far from Allah.

Her name was once Marketa Korinkova, she was originally a top Czech fashion model, who enchanted the world with her beauty, style, positivity and modesty, but according to her own tale, then she discovered the unique world of the Middle East, its magical culture and religion, being disappointed with so called Western ‘freedom’, so, without a slightest doubt in her heart, she converted to Islam at famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located at Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, where she decided to live, and when she discovered her destiny.

(however, the truth was more complicated, and more circumstances of her conversion will be revealed in this special series, including participation of Israeli Intelligence assets, and also the Czech Military Counterintelligence, and the Czech Army)

After the conversion, when Marketa Korinkova executed the obligatory ghusl (=complete washing of body), she returned to the mosque, she shared her first feelings of a new Muslim, and she was challenged to adapt a new first Islamic name by the local Imam, who recommended her the name of Maryam, the mother of Prophet Jesus (Isa), peace be upon him, one of the most favored and also important prophets of Allah Almighty.

When the meaning and importance of this name was explained to her, Marketa Korinkova was a little bit hesitant, doubting, whether she, feeling like just a common girl from Prague, only granted with immense physical and inner beauty by Allah, is worth of wearing such ultimate name.

“Every man or woman has a mission, and you were created by Allah to achieve great things,” the Imam told her with absolute certainty. “Not only me, but also other Muslims, the witnesses of your Shahadah (=declaration of faith), were unanimous in such bold choice of your new name, a symbol of a new start, when all your sins were forgiven, and you started walking on the Straight Path: it’s the will of Allah.

Maybe you can feel overwhelmed right now, uncertain, whether you are able to sustain such demanding challenge, not living only for yourself and your interests, like you expected, collecting rewards by Allah, but also for the community, which needs you, your good example, inspiration and leadership. People from all over the world are waiting, so you can show them the way. And you can manage it.

If Allah blessed you with such gifts, and you found Him, as He has full control of you… then He has an intention with you.”

“But… what kind of mission could it be?” Marketa Korinkova wondered. “Here, in the Emirates, I am nobody, struggling just to make a living as a B-class fashion model, and the female competition is crushing me, like that Alexandra Pianka, who even got a main role in a high-profile video clip, allegedly backed by Saudis.

I confess to you, Imam, that one of the reasons, why I decided to become a Muslim, to do this vast step, was my feeling, or rational assumption, that I will get closer to professional and social opportunities here, in the country, where I want to stay, as I feel, that this is exactly the place I should be, to find and fulfill my destiny.

I don’t plan to return home: I burned many of the bridges behind me, and others will do the same, when they will find about my conversion. This is for life, there is no way back, I am well aware of that: still, I had no doubt, to become a Muslim, to be a servant of Allah.

Then I saw all the other people from the West here, particularly women, wearing short skirts and tank tops instead of hijabs and abayas, thinking: they are insulting their hosts! This is what I don’t want to be: I have respect, I want to stay here, I fell in love with this place, so it’s completely natural for me, to adapt, to accept the local rules, and even to go beyond them: to accept the religion of Islam, to submit myself to the will of Allah completely.”

“Remember, that Allah is All-Aware, All-Seeing, All-Knowing,” the Imam said with satisfaction, when he heard, how devoted believer the girl is. “Indeed, that people you mentioned, non-believers without respect, they play some silly game, and instead of being grateful, that they can live and work here, make a good fortune and future here, they pretend, that their freedom can’t be taken from them, at any price, even as a token of respect for the opportunities we offered to them generously.

No one forced them openly, to change their customs, in order to test them, whether they will realize themselves, what would be an appropriate way of behavior. But most of the Western females, yes, they ignore it, feeling like some superior women, feeling a secret disdain towards all Muslims, maybe even planning to ‘liberate local women’, just by showing them, that it’s fully correct and healthy to show your skin to anybody, and if Islam teaches and recommends women to be veiled, then, according to these ‘modern free women’, under the malicious influence of social engineering, who came here to ‘teach us about real values’, it’s a matter of reactionary thinking and male oppression, which should be removed from rule.

They forget to realize, that it’s not a matter of our weakness and need, to allow them to behave this way here. If we make certain concessions, we have our particular reasons: for example, to present our country as modern, open-minded and accessible, so the tourists can come in large numbers, to support local industry and people.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum declared, that if our future should be sustainable, we have to think outside the limits of our oil supplies, which won’t last forever: that is the reason, why we provide covert grants for the prices of flight tickets from all world capitals to Dubai, playing the touristy game perfectly, not defining our lands as a place only for the rich VIPs. If common people come here, you win the hearts and minds of millions, so it pays off.

And these half naked, unveiled women, who present themselves as big businesswomen back home, working in highly desirable Dubai, even if their role here is completely marginal in practice?

If they relay the message at their home countries, and they awake jealousy and desire in others, of course, that these people will come in large numbers, to copy the example of their social leaders. So, for your information, sister: this is one of the keys, how we choose our foreign workers. We pretend to need them, but in fact, they are just a tools for our interests.

And did you notice, how all of them say, that we ‘asked’ them to come here, even in reality, they almost begged us on their knees, to give them a second grade job, in order to improve their personal brand at home? Fools… and many of them were exactly the same women, standing with a glass of champagne at a garden near Burj Khalifa right now, where a business networking event is taking place, wearing a short cocktail dresses and high heels, feeling like queens. Fools! Still, they serve us, and it will never be different.

We just let them to live in their illusions: and you know, how easily is to succumb to illusions here, under the million of lights of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We sell them illusions, and they pay us in gold. Business is business.

But forget them! They are lost, and wandering, not willing to repent, to change, to awake to understand, to accept. Not like you, who found the Straight Path, who was blessed and chosen.

Did you know, that it’s Prophet Isa, peace be upon him, who is declaring openly in the holy Qur’an, that he is a servant of Allah, and he challenges others, to follow Him as well? You come from a country, where the Christianity is the main religion, and Isa, called Jesus by Europeans, is a very important person there.”

“He is, indeed,” Marketa Korinkova nodded in full agreement. “Every Czech kid, although almost all of them complete atheists, still loves the Christmas, when the Small Jesus, still only a cute baby in a craddle, brings gifts to them. Then, after the festive dinner, they go to a church, to attend a midnight mess, to experience some spiritual moments, who can hardly liberate them from their curse of technological toys, social media addiction and serving to bad multinational masters, counting only money, obsessed to be socially accepted by trendy hipsters and VIPs, celebrities, Facebook stars, those postmodern fake prophets.

However, they perceive Isa as a very good person, who is innocent, who suffers for the sins of others: so he is crucified at the end, but the parents rather don’t tell this sad part of the tale to small kids, as they would be scared, and the parents would have to explain them all relations and circumstances, making an advertisement for the Christian faith, which is in large decline, even public disdain and general hatred, as the catholic Church is known only by gathering property, and supporting refugees, who are perceived as a threat for the West by the most of the Czechs, a very faithless nation, who had some very bd experience with occupants and oppression.”

“I see, that you remember it still well, sister,” the Imam appreciated her knowledge. “This is the environment you are coming from, and even although it’s the distant past for you, still, it’s a part of you, of your personal journey. The God of Christians and Allah are the same entity, and the Prophet Isa has a very important role in both religions: but one of them is complete and perfected, and the other deviated.

One allows a believer to be connected to Allah directly, the other forces to use the middle men, the corrupted clergy, the priests, who promise to provide forgiveness, even for money. But in Islam, only Allah can forgive you, so ask only Him for His endless mercy, as He always listens.

Now, what do you think, that your life will be about? A common happiness, maybe a family through time, spending Sundays in the large circle of relatives, and week days hard working, so you can pay the bills?

Islam is more than that. It’s Allah who provides immense opportunities, not those people out there, who decide, whether to accept you for a modeling or filming job, or not. You don’t need them, you need only Allah: with His help on your side, all the doors of the world will be widely opened for you.

And some of us are called by Allah not to live only for ourselves, but to serve others, to change the world, to make the difference. You are one of them, and it’s the will of Allah, so submit to it, and follow your destiny without any doubt. You will know soon, you will get signs and instructions. Just open your mind and listen: Allah knows the best, whether and when the things should happen.

Now, I am asking you: will you accept the name ‘Maryam’, the same as the mother of Prophet Isa was wearing, offered to you, by the endless generosity and love of Allah? Will you accept this change as a starting point of your new life, which will be demanding maybe, testing your faith daily, but in the end, you will become a leader, who will create a difference in the world, who will liberate many from their misfortunes, bad feelings, doubts, self-hatred, and following bad examples, living empty lives of endless, mindless consuming the worldly pleasures?”

“I will accept it,” Maryam looked at the carpet under her feet, feeling ashamed a little, that she was weak and hesitated. “But first, I have to make a confession, Imam. If Allah will accept it, not rejecting me or even cursing me because of my previous sins, then I will follow my destiny. However, you should know, that it was a long and complicated way, which lead me here, even some bad people, bad intentions and mistakes could be found there.”

“It doesn’t matter now,” the Imam assured Maryam, to remain in peace. “The most important thing is, that you are at a place, where you are destined to be, sister. However, if you feel, that something has to be said, and your tale should be shared with others… then do it. The world will listen, but it has no right to judge you. Only Allah has such right: and He hears everything.

So put away your shyness, and start. Tell people, who you are, and what you have experienced…”

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova Fashion Model Dubai Emirates Abu Dhabi Hijab Allah Islam Muslim Amwaj Jewellery
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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