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The immense power of modern mass media can be devastating. Pavel Novotny, the ruthless Chief Reporter and CEO of highly reputated Czech tabloid magazine ‘Heavy Slander’, knows this fact well, he uses it to his own welfare widely, but also for the state defence interests of his covert benefactors, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, called Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, specialized in so called Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), backing his questionable efforts with money, Intelligence data and complex protection.

Designated internally as Asset A17 and using codename ZORAN, the man is untouchable in practice, as the Unit is created deliberately out of the official Army structures, to lose any possible accountability and responsibility, financed by purely black funds, and acting as an inconspicuous business company, a front organization of the Special Forces of the Czech Army.

This man can destroy you, literally, or to rise up to the piedestal of social and political stardom, as he likes, or as he is instructed by his Military superiors. Although the basic rule of modern Public Relations says, that publicity is always good, regardless of content, whether good or bad for you, in practice, if the matter is executed correctly and maliciously, you will have a really hard time to survive, after your dirty laundry is published, and your perfect professional career can be ended in one single moment, as the newest “Special Issue” of the magazine, dedicated to you, floods the streets like a tsunami, sweeping your dreams and achieved social position.

As the Heavy Slander magazine is covertly supported by the state defence structures with literally unlimited budget, they can allow to distribute their critical issues freely, without charge, offered by hired collaborators in the streets, to widen the social impact extremely, and they are even expanding abroad, as the Unit grows in strength, now divided into various Departments, each with special assigned tasks of highest state importance.

A large city in Austria was hit at first, they called it “Islamic Revolution Under the Alps”, where the town mayor was forced to resignate and local Muslim community gained suitable political power for Islamization of the country, and now it’s time for the United Arab Emirates, with perspective of destabilizing the whole Persian Gulf and Middle East, as the bold planners of Operation SKINNY PUPPY, a joint project of the Czech Army and Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, are intending.

In the center of all efforts, there is a single young woman: a Czech fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, later accepting a new Islamic name Maryam, called “Islamic Princess” by many, sent into Dubai to infiltrate the ruling Al Maktoum family, and to have a love affair with the Sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, preferably even conceiving a child with him, as this fact would literally create a revolution against the corrupted ruler, with hope of spilling into the adjacent countries, like Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, destroying the axis of Islamic power in the world, and securing the sustainable future of the Jewish state.

Indeed, the modern world is one big battleground for power, influence and territory, plus critically important raw resources: some players are getting weak, like the United States, who lost their former power in cursed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which could be never won, and some players are getting strong, as China, using the world instability and conflicts to raise their power in the world affairs silently, avoiding any armed interventions.

Can one single woman change the history of the world? Will her own struggle for happiness, success and admiration affect thousands, even millions?

To be a fashion model, it’s rather a psychological diagnose, than a mere social and professional status. These women are simply obsessed with getting attention, they are sick with a disease that can be cured only with sufficient doses of public admiration, and more fashion modeling contracts, for the most reputated multinational companies.

And Marketa Korinkova is even not one of those fake liars, who pretend to be modern Madonnas, talking about “helping people” and “making the world better”, when they are coronated as beauty queens. She will do literally anything to prevail in the highly competitive Emirates, including the (alleged) coversion to Islam, which will be soon questioned by Heavy Slander largely.

It’s still the working concept of the latest Special Issue, called “Sex, Lies, Emirates: Marketa Korinkova”, but without any doubt, the girl will be hit hard, immediately searching for protection… in the Sheikh’s embrace, as the masterminds of the operation are planning, so they are timing the events properly: the critical meeting between the Sheikh and Marketa should happen on the day after tomorrow, as her social position has arisen widely in the Emirates, following her employment in the most luxurious night club of the world, “Armani Prive Lounge”, located at 144th floor of the famous Burj Khalifa skycraper, tallest of the world, where she doesn’t provide sexual services, as expected, but Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, bringing the VIPs of the world back to Islam, under the command and wise guidance of Allah.

Originally, the issue should be called “A Czech Girl in Dubai”, but when a German supermodel Alexandra Pianka entered the scene, and asked for the girl to be damaged yet more, to remove a competitor in the luxury fashion industry, the Czech benefactors decided to fulfill this modest wish to her, with perspective of getting an additional operative without any costs.

charles-aznavour-nikola-dotkova-lenka-filipova-special-forces-fashion-model-secret-covert-clandestine-intelligence-operation-czech-army-or-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsEverything goes simply perfectly, but humans are not reliable, they can disappoint… so, to assure the success of the operation, the masterminds decided to send additional assets, not only the tabloid media, but also a human operative, another Czech female fashion model, Nikola Dotkova, the Unit’s member of Female Warfare department, trained by Israelis for so called honey traps, seducing men and women, and using the cover of a reporter of the Heavy Slander.

Together with Novotny and a liasion officer of the Army, called Joseph Svejk, this strange trio travelled here, into the Emirates, as soon as the Czech Foreign Intelligence agency, UZSI, informed them, that Marketa Korinkova was invited to a family dinner at the Za’abeel Palace, inhabited by the ruling family Al Maktoum, including the two wives of the Sheikh, the senior one, Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, and a junior one, Princess Haya bint Hussein.

The team needs to make the latest on-site adjustments before this key dinner: particularly to manipulate Marketa Korinkova, where she needs to be, to do the “right thing”. Her contraceptive patches were deactivated months ago, by Mossad operatives and collaborators, like Czech mature actress Nela Boudova, being exchanged for a placebo substance, so everything is prepared for an affair perfectly.

Nikola Dotkova will have an important task, to deliver the bad news about the planned media campaign against Marketa Korinkova to the girl personally, and make sure, that the impact will be as strong as possible.

This particular female operative, designated as Asset A55, codename CAT’S PAWN, has unlimited trust of the high command: she proved herself indeed, when she was sent into a highly dangerous territory for an Intelligence mission, into the Gaza Strip, Palestinian territories, the world’s largest ghetto, where people have nothing to lose.

She made it back apparently, but the Israelis never released any details about her action there, just making the cordial recommendation, that this woman, highly emotionally stable, is a very promising asset.

Now, it’s the 30th January 2013, and only a little bit of time before the key meeting between Marketa Korinkova and the Sheikh, serving also as the UAE Prime Minister and Vice President, remains.

The team is accomodated in a five star hotel in Dubai, the Ritz-Carlton, nothing too fancy in local terms, and the members splitted: Novotny works hard to finish the Special Issue about Marketa in time, Svejk is spending hours in the hotel bar, well supplied with alcohol, and Nikola Dotkova, as any proper female, enchanted by the endless luxury of Dubai, went shopping, using the generous taxpayers money.

As the Emirates are suffering with the extremely hot temperatures for the most time of the year, the social life is running mostly in various air-conditioned shopping malls, where you can spend countless hours, discovering new attractions, and of course buying new stuff, consuming as a proper modern sheep, supporting various multinational companies in their growth.

But who would care about the fate of the world, if you have to think about yourself and your interests at first? Emirates are still an Islamic country, but open to many decadent influences of the West… but Sheikh knows, what to do, to secure sustainable future for the country, possessing only low oil supplies to export and generate wealth.

When Nikola Dotkova, indeed a very distinctive fashion model, 177 centimeters tall, is walking through endless corridors of “Dubai Mall”, largest shopping mall of the world, located in Downtown Dubai, not far away from Burj Khalifa, carrying several shopping bags of the most reputated luxury brands, just missing the large aquarium, where many fishes including sharks are floating, she meets another woman of European ancestry, with the same height, born in the same year.

The women look at each other curiously, as one of them wears hijab, the Islamic scarf… before Nikola Dotkova recognizes her old fashion model colleague.

“Marketa… is it you?” she asks with wide smile, using the Czech language. “Do you remember me? I am Nikola! We met at a ‘Natali Ruden’ fashion show in Prague, two years ago!”

Marketa Korinkova is not able to remember the new acquaintance immediately, but as she lives quite an isolated life of solitude in the Emirates, thus she is pleasantly surprised, to meet a countrywoman, and a colleague from the business.

“Ah, Nikola… and what are you doing here, in the Emirates? A fashion modeling job?” Marketa is curious, just to be be polite.

“Well, to be honest, I changed my career lately,” Nikola confesses. “Now, I am working in the media, do you know ‘Heavy Slander’, that tabloid magazine? They made me a reporter here. So, in fact, I am in the Emirates for work, but I arrived just yesterday… hey, what about a coffee together?” she suggests, and Marketa agrees, of course. She is in no rush: her work hours begin at the evening, and now it’s only about noon.

When both fashion models sit in a local Starbucks café, drinking delicious latté, it’s rather Nikola, who talks, as Marketa’s personality changed here, in the Emirates. She is not a woman who she used to be, full of aggressivity, obsession… she is rather peaceful now, as she reached for the media and social stars already. Everybody recognizes her, since that fateful interview with Al Jazeera television, the key information channel of the Arabic world, based in Doha, Qatar.

She watches Nikola quite coldly, hardly understanding her… there is a large abyss between them, in many senses. But it’s only a prelude.

“So, as I told you, they are expanding abroad, and they established this Emirates branch, where I am the first employee, and imagine, they tasked me to help with creating a Special Issue, of course dedicated to you, Marketa, as your fame and achievements are representing the Czech Republic here really well,” Nikola continues her narration with excitement.

In this moment, Marketa wakes up slowly. She knows, what the Heavy Slander is: funny to read, but very unpleasant sometimes, if you are an object of their articles.

Should she reject them? She doesn’t care about the Czech public opinion anymore, she doesn’t plan to go back. But Marketa knows, that Novotny is dangerous, as a snake… if you reject him, he can revenge, he will revenge, and very painfully, it’s a generally known fact about him. He feels like a “seventh superpower” indeed, and he likes to prove the might of the press, his own might, even to the highest VIPs… and they can taste a bitter article about them soon. He is always able to find some dirty laundry, about anybody, so the public suspects him to have certain ties with the domestic Counterintelligence service, BIS.

His reputation has arisen lately, and many rumors about him started to surface. People connect him with various shady entities, including the Czech Army, and the omnipresent Chinese… but no one even thinks about prosecuting him anymore. No one can allow to have such a man of influence as an enemy.

Marketa is still rather silent, not reacting to the news anyhow, watching her fashion model counterpart. She is really pretty: they have same height, both have brown hair, both have improved breasts, but this Nikola, she looks like a queen of Tsiganes, or Roma people, rather exotic, dangerous, unlike Marketa, who is simply a peaceful slavic beauty.

“You can write, what you want about me, Nikola,” the local woman offers a friendly, but indifferent face. “Anyway, I am not a part of the Czech media space anymore, and I have many work duties, so I won’t help you with the project. I am also retired in some sense… and another rules are valid here, than home. It’s an Islamic country, and this religion considers spreading gossip as not permissible.”

“I understand you, no problem,” Nikola sighs. “But you know Novotny… he is a fucking monster, and since you are gone from the country, he has grown yet. He even doesn’t invite women to the bed anymore, he simply waits in silence, until you will spread your legs yourself… but I really needed the job… the economic crisis hit us hard, good fashion modeling jobs are not available, wages are low, and how can I pay the rent? How often can you get a well paid job in the media?

I always admired you, Marketa, you are an example for all of us, what can be achieved… I would never hurt you, but him… you know, what I mean, who he is… he perceives people only as material, he doesn’t care, whether they will be damaged after his articles… and now, he decided to take aim at you.”

And in that moment, Marketa is fully awoken. All the warning signs inside her are shining with bright red. What does the bitch say? That Novotny decided to ‘take aim’? It really doesn’t sound like something nice!

“You seem like a good and honest girl, so I take it not personally,” Marketa assures the reporter. “But can you be more specific? What does Novotny plan with me? I have no value for the Czech readers anymore, I disappeared from the news, so why me?”

“Girl, I really shouldn’t tell you this internal information, I could be fired on the spot,” Nikola is hesitant suddenly. “He is like some fucking general, a fat Jewish Napoleon, controlling us… but the money is good, and I need it, I need this job for my future, so allow me not to tell you exactly, what is happening.

But I can only say… yes, he has interest in you, as he plans to expand the Heavy Slander abroad, and exactly here, in the Emirates. So he plans this Special Issue to be distributed freely, in the streets, like during that Austrian affair, you remember it… when the mayor resignated.”

Now, Marketa completely freezes, when she realizes the numbers: most certainly, he wants to throw her to the Emirates public, writing some extremely nasty things about her, playing the same game, like in home, same rules, and same outcomes… and this game of his, was known to be really ruthless.

He could damage her, indeed… he is like a wolf, he is tracking you patiently for hours and days, until you will fall down, exhausted, submitted, buying the first flight ticket away from the country, maybe to return, when the things will calm a little bit, but for the public, you are “marked” forever.

Marketa thought, that she escaped him and his malicious influence, by finding a new home in the Emirates, 6000 kilometers far from home… but the asshole decided to follow her here, to misuse the fame she built here, for his own interest and success. Fucking parasite!

But to be completely fair, it was Heavy Slander, who built the media fame of Marketa at the first place, and who knows, where she would be, without them? The problem was, that now, he most likely decided to take everything he gave her in the past back! Together with interests for the “borrowed” fame!

It this a sign, that her girlish dream about millions of lights of the Emirates is ending? Is it the will of Allah, who simply wants her somewhere else?

But this girl, this Nikola… she could be helpful, Marketa thought. She could extract the information from the girl, what is planned… or at least the title of the issue, which could indicate, how exactly Marketa will be described, because the title attracts potential readers the most. The girl seems to be well informed… maybe she will write articles as well, and if Marketa could gain some influence on her, she could turn the tide in her favor.

If Novotny would really plan something big as expanding abroad, would it be enough to send one dumb fashion model without media practice, or professional journalistic education?

Or is the bitch sent to extract secrets from Marketa, playing a sweet friend, smiling at you, and secretly writing nasty lies about you, sticking knives into your back?

Where can be the truth? Marketa definitely needs time to find out. She made it this far… maybe she can make a deal with Novotny, even if she can’t offer him sexual pleasure, as she is a Muslim…

Moment, Marketa thought. Sex and Islam… yeah, that journalistic monster will definitely connect it together, to make a perfect, attractive title for the readers. Maybe he will accuse her of some secret affair? With some VIP? That could be it… Marketa was meeting many of such people in her current job.

Now, Marketa remembered an old proverb: “Keep your friends close… but enemies yet closer.”

So, she smiled at the other woman, like if nothing happened, and she suggested: “Listen, Nikola, I have to go now, but let’s chat more, so if you want, you can visit me at my work. Come after 10PM, and present this business card of mine to the entrance security of ‘Armani Prive Lounge’, they will let you in.”

“Oh, that would be really nice of you!” Nikola was very pleased. “You know, to be a reporter, it’s a hard job, many people are rejecting you, not willing to talk to you… I am not sure, whether I am suitable for the job, but as I told you, I need money, I have some debts back home, so I need a stable job to repay them, to put my life back together… I will definitely come today, thank you very much!”

Before they split ways, Nikola seems to hesitate for a moment, but then she decides, and reaches for her handbag, taking a thin paper file out.

“Look, Marketa… you are a good woman, you are nice to me, so I will give something,” Nikola offers the file to Marketa. “This is a working draft of the Special Issue, so you can have a look, what Novotny is planning… but please, don’t tell anyone, that I gave it to you, I would be fired, and I need these papers to be returned as soon as possible, so you will give it back to me at the evening, OK? Promise?”

“Of course,” Marketa can’t believe her own luck. “See you at the evening! I will have a look at it and anything will be written there, I will keep silent. You can pick it up in the evening… or call me, and I will send a messenger with it to your hotel.”

This is just perfect, she thinks. She will make a good coffee at home, and she will read it calmly, in peace. Maybe it won’t be so bad… you have to think positive, and positive things will happen!

On her way to the parking lot, Marketa meets two policemen, armed with submachine guns. If they would have known, that the destructing power of a paper file in Marketa’s Prada handbag has the yield of a tactical nuclear weapon, they wouldn’t let her go… but the world still doesn’t know, and Marketa will be the first one, who will taste the dark future.

But now, she can enjoy the last peaceful minutes, before the explosion will go off… firstly, at her mind only, and then, the Emirates will be hit as well, including the highest places.

Such is the malicious plan of sharks of Dubai…

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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