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Almost 15 years ago, in Autumn 2001, the United States made the fateful and highly questionable decision, to fight the alleged terrorism all over the world, declaring so called “War On Terror”, launched by bold president G.W. Bush, using their overwhelming military force, without any respect to national borders and international law, in order to revenge 9/11 attacks.

A mere suspicion, acquired from shady sources, or dubious “intel” (=Intelligence item) was enough to invade sovereign countries, like Iraq, suspected of possession of WMDs (=weapons of mass destruction), which were never found, but who would guess, that this war wouldn’t be won at all, on the contrary, even with technological superiority of the Americans.

It seems, that they haven’t learned from the painful Vietnam lesson enough, or they never planned to win, and an endless war was part of their new plan to gain geopolitical power, using alleged terrorism as a universal beneficial pretext, so they can make any move they like, today and tomorrow, anywhere, reasoning, that they are still the necessary policeman of the world, and the terrorists, the common enemy of all peaceful nations, who face them using militarized police, must be eradicated from planet Earth, from all its corners, so humanity can find eternal peace and paradise.

Although the American invaders were able to suppress the open military opposition in Afghanistan (since 10/2001) and Iraq (since 5/2003) quickly, the endless war of attrition was just starting, lasting for long years without any clear outcome, costing billions of USD. In the case of Afghanistan, even after 15 years, the NATO forces are still present there, only to watch, how feared Taliban is getting their territory back, and the state security forces are holding just several cities, as the enemy, highly experienced in guerilla warfare, who defeated British, Soviets and now NATO, rules all remaining areas.

The IEDs (=explosive traps) and ambushes can be waiting anywhere, so you have to hide inside well defended bases, as any attempt to expand your control outside the base perimeter is met with fierce and treacherous resistance, where you can hardly recognize an enemy from an innocent civilian, so such fight is extremely demanging, and risky: any collateral damage (=killing innocent civilians by mistake) has very bad consequences, strenghtening the public opposition against the occupants yet more, so the enemy gets new recurits, not talking about worsened media picture of the war, losing political support at home, which is critically important.

In the case of Iraq, the situation is yet much worse. The power vacuum after the withdrawal of American forces was quickly filled by countless factions, later replaced by infamous Islamic State, jeopardizing even Europe, and the whole Middle East region. The destabilized Libya, also a sad work of NATO military planners, who deployed aistrikes against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces to “protect the civilians” and to “import democracy”, has almost direct approach to the beaches of Europe: and the Western politicians ignored well meant Gaddafi’s warning, that if his Libya will fall, it will release an unprecedented wave of refugees into Europe, not speaking, that the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are occupied by IS forces as well, moving there from Iraq and Syria, to expand their territory further.

All these wars, clashes, invasions and interventions are behind suffering of millions of people, who either died, lost their relatives, or had to leave their destroyed homes, like Syrians, to search for refuge in Europe in masses, in millions, so the whole Europe is scared, what will happen tomorrow, and whether is there a way, how to stop the avalanche, if drought is rumored to force yet other millions of people to flee.

Who knows, what all the brave American soldiers, who returned from the ruthless and deadly battlefields overseas, think about this strange war today. They were bleeding in the deserts and cities of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, fighting for alleged freedom and human rights… and now, all the news are only about growing Islamic State, not about their military heroism, which seems long forgotten, and changing nothing in the end.

The war simply disappeared from the media, and nobody cares anymore, as the America has enough internal problems to solve, plus an extremely powerful competition is coming from the East: the Chinese Dragon, not participating in any exhaustive wars, waiting patiently, to grasp the whole world, but unlike the Americans, without using weapons and violence, rather pulling levers from shades, making business deals, buying everything for money, and finding common interests with their partners, simply relying on so called soft power.

Many issues, related to waging a war at the Middle East, were underestimated or even ignored by the American generals, leading to their defeat: and one of them was, that these countries have Islam as their religion.

Not only the resistance was extremely strong, and insurgents highly motivated, devoted and able: another consequence was, that as American military personnel came into close contact with Islam inevitably, many of the soldiers simply discovered its advantages, becoming followers of Allah openly or secretly, and returning home as a possible ‘fifth column’, adapting the religion of the enemy, which has one special feature: a man or woman is always a Muslim at first, and only then a citizen, or soldier, who pledged allegiance to the homeland.

A good example of such vast consequences was an American TV series “Homeland”, about a U.S. Marine, who returned home from captivity in Iraq for several years, accepted Islam there, as almost everybody in similar cases, and although he was welcomed home as a hero, at least officially, he could be never trusted anymore, and he was suspected to support the terrorist operations in the States, as he created too deep ties with his captors, he could be even brain-washed by them, so the extensive investigation and surveillance had to be launched.

Another well known incident, related to Military and Islam, happened in Iraq in 2004, near the feared city of Fallujah, during “Operation Phantom Fury”, another fruitless American “pacification” effort of the city, which is ruled by the IS terrorists today, and where many of the U.S. Marines lost not only their blood, but even lives.

During the operation, the weather conditions worsened extremely, when a strong desert storm was approaching, so the critically important air support ceased to be available, and injured Marines had to be transported more risky way, on the ground, using a column of armored vehicles for protection, but an insurgent ambush, IEDs and rockets, could be waiting anywhere.

When the U.S. vehicles moved back to the nearest military base, so the wounded could be taken care of properly, the column was joined yet by a single HMMWV (=terrain vehicle for military purposes), armed with .50 calibre heavy machine gun, belonging to the Czech military contingent in Iraq, transporting five Czech soldiers, an Iraqi translator, and a local captive, who should possess an allegedly critically important information, related to the Czech state interests.

This captive, detained by the Americans during the operation, was handed over to these Czech soldiers, who should transport the man to their own base, but as the weather conditions became unsustainable, and roads stopped to be visible, so the orientation in rather rural area around the city became almost impossible, they decided to search for temporary protection of the American armor, armed with more effective defensive arsenal, 30mm automatic cannons and anti-tank rockets, suitable for countering an assault.

The column had to move as quickly as possible, to avoid possible ambushes of insurgents, who avoided open confronations, but liked malicious tactics, attacking from behind, when the adversary least expected it. From this reason, the distance between single vehicles was expanding gradually, as the visibility was dropping almost to zero, and later, the column disintegrated completely, every vehicle was on its own, because any slowing down or even stopping could be extremely risky.

In the end, only two vehicles remained together, originally the last two of the fleet: an American APC (=armored personnel carrier), heavily armed, but designated with big red cross, and the mentioned HMMWV.

Just when the both vehicles were exiting a village, and the APC accelerated rapidly, one of the windshield wipers of the Czech terrain vehicle malfunctioned suddenly, and the driver was not able to follow the road anymore, or to just follow the tail lights of the APC, which was disappearing quickly, in the fog of sand.

So, around 100 meters from the last house, the commander of the Czech vehicle ordered to stop, as the only way was to search for temporary refuge in the village, until the storm will pass.

At the same moment, a sudden explosion occured in the front: the insurgents blew the APC up, using an IED, a single 155mm artillery round, hidden by the road, and activated remotely.

An ambush followed, as could be expected, but it finished quickly. The machine gunner of the Czech vehicle tried to provide fire support from behind, but the weapon jammed after firing only several short bursts: the sand filled and disabled the sensitive breech mechanism, and any immediate repair in such harsh conditions was out of question.

The crew was ordered to disembark immediately, after the firefight started, and they took the defence positions around the vehicle, expecting the attack: but only the silence and the storm could be heard around, as the insurgents disappeared, like ghosts, when their tactical goals were accomplished.

The Czech commander waited for several minutes, but as the men and their equipment were slowly buried in the sand, he had to make a decision.

So, he ordered two men – including the machine gunner from the roof of the vehicle, now only a foot soldier – to check the location of the explosion, whether someone of the Americans survived, and after the necessary inspection, to join the rest of the group, leaving the vicinity of the vehicle, and taking the prisoner back to the village, to find a shelter in one of the houses.

In the village, the Czech officer made a fatal mistake: although strongly warned by Iraqi interpreter, that every guest is welcomed by the inhabitants, even foreign, and no offensive action will be taken against him during the visit, according to the local cultural rules, the commander ordered his two men, to use the standard breaching procedure, to enter the house: it means, kicking the doors out, and throwing flashbang grenades inside, then storming the house ruthlessly, with weapons ready to fire, fingers on triggers.

Inside the house, at the ground floor, only a scared woman and children were found. But as soon as the soldiers moved to check the top floor, an unknown assailant, probably her husband, attacked them with an AK-74, killing one of them instantly, then throwing a hand grenade downstairs, which killed second soldier, and harmed the commander.

The captive, although with his hands restrained – the handcuffs from his legs had to be removed, so he could walk – used the opportunity, and attacked the Iraqi translator, using a chair, then he disarmed the wounded commander, and using his own combat knife, he cut his throat, eliminating him. The forward team ceased to exist.

The two remaining soldiers, who were sent to inspect the destroyed American APC, found one female medic alive, but no other survivors, only bodies. When one of the soldiers checked one corpse for life signs, and turned the body, it exploded: insurgents booby traped it.

The last remaining soldier, originally the machine gunner, took the surviving American, who was not able to fight, and escorted her into the village. Although the Czech soldier was armed with a M4 carbine and sufficient supply of 5.56mm ammunition, when he found, what happened to rest of the team, he rather left and chose another approach, simply knocking the door of another house, deeper in the village, and simply asked for a doctor for the woman.

It was a strange coincidence, that he picked just a house, where the insurgents gathered, to celebrate the successful attack against the American APC. When the NATO soldier saw, that inside the house, there is too much men of military age, it was too late to escape, or try to eliminate them all, so he decided to risk it, as the woman needed a medical attention immediately, having a large splinter in her hip.

The locals called for an old woman, who took care of the American medic, whereas men, smiling on the soldier, invited him for the tea, considering, whether to get rid of him, so there will be no witnesses, and more invaders will be killed, sending the message to their leaders.

But in the end, when they found, that he is from Czech republic, not an American, they let him alive, thinking, that he can do something good for them in the future, if they show a favorable face this time, and spare him, and the young woman.

In several hours he spent there, the local leader discussed with him, questioning the soldier’s values systematically. The soldier, with full knowledge of his fragile situation, when he was completely dependent on favors of the enemies, had to maneuver wisely in his answers and replies, but promising eventually, that he will visit a mosque, to have a look, how Islam looks like in reality, from the inside, not only reading the media.

In the meantime, the insurgents brought the bodies of all killed enemies from the village back to the vehicle, so the Americans wouldn’t retaliate on the villagers, launching a search-and-destroy operation.

In the morning, when the radio worked again and the sky cleared from dust, the support forces arrived, to transport the woman by a Blackhawk helicopter, and the soldier was asked to provide so called “After action report”, where he stated, that it was the local people, who rescued the medic, an American corporal, omitting many interesting details from the report, to protect the locals, even acting against military honor.

This event was a breaking point of his military career, when he lost all willingness to fight against the local people, meeting them closely, listening to their opinions, being their guest.

Promoted for saving the U.S. medic, he returned to the CZ, without any knowledge of the Czech Military Counterintelligence, what happened back there. But such events were quite common everywhere, when the occupying forces befriended with locals, although it was strictly forbidden by their superiors… but it was simply inevitable, the two worlds meeting: decadent Western democracy, exported by using arms, and Islamic locals, defending their homes, culture, history and religion.

Many people of the West are discovering the advantages of Islam daily, but in case of military personnel, the matter is more serious, than a mere religious freedom. Can such soldiers be trusted yet? Or after they return home, decorated with medals?

Whoever attempts to defeat Islam, becomes defeated in the end. So, the American decision to start this war seems like a big mistake, although nobody seems to be reprimanded, and Hillary Clinton, allegedly standing behind many war crimes of this modern epoch, including the NATO intervention at Libya, is running for the American President, not wearing orange (=being imprisoned).

The U.S. soldiers return home after all wars, battle weary, but proud, bringing many memories with them, sometimes bitterness and injuries, but sometimes, even other things, like the Islamic religion, becoming servants of Allah at the American soil, replacing Christianity with growing Islam, like in Europe.

The crusaders were sent to defeat Islam again, and they rather adapted it for themselves, meaning a big tactical victory for the defenders, and Islam as the whole. Did G.W. Bush anticipate this, when he launched the war against the Muslims?

In the end, everything ends differently, than expected, like in every good tale. What is good, Islam, it grows: what is bad, attacking peaceful countries, breaking international law, it’s punished by losing power, and turning the assets against their original owners.

Islam is simply so powerful, that it marks anyone, who gets into its vicinity, civilians, VIPs and soldiers alike. High profile converts, as Czech singer Daniel Landa, who got himself too deep into the mountains of Afghanistan, or a Czech top fashion model called Marketa Korinkova (Maryam), who succumbed to the glamour of United Arab Emirates, are no exceptions, only examples.

Islam is the future for everybody, saving every single human soul, giving people, what they need… so no wonder, that it prevails in the world.

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