The Prisoner’s Islam: With Allah, You Will Survive

One of the most feared life situations of any adult modern citizen is receiving a prison sentence, or simply being jailed, losing the personal freedom even for long years, maybe missing the best life time because of some slight mistake with vast consequences, and becoming a condemned criminal, who has to live in a hostile environment with its own distinctive rules, with frequent occurence of violence against weaker and atomized individuals.

In prison, everybody has to learn quickly: and there are several ways, how to get protection, more or less easy, pleasant or desirable, but in the matter of survival of a human individual, all doubts and shyness have to go away.

Being jailed is the situation where a human is stripped of everything, only his or her physical body remains, as any support from the outside and lawyer’s effort is only secondary. In such critical situation, having the faith in Allah is the ultimate protection, instead of crafting home-made knives.

All persons who are accompanied with Allah’s guidance and Islamic protection in these walls, only they have chance not only for survival, but also using this time to improve themselves, to contemplate their past sins and living full life, even there, preparing themselves to prevail back in the world.

offender-2012-movie-film-revenge-islam-islamic-brother-muslim-convert-prison-british-girfriend-assault-jail-allah-violence-pregnant-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsYoung people see the world differently in many ways, even desiring to be jailed voluntarily, in order to execute their personal mission of revenge, like the main protagonist of a British movie “Offender” (2012), called Tom, who deliberately assaulted two police officers, in order to be confined into a correctional facility for young offenders, where he wanted to “visit” four his archenemies, who assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, working as a probation officer. But it was not a first time when one of her “clients” hit her, as her job was substantially dangerous for her personal safety, only the consequences were much serious this time.

This group of suspects were afraid of leaking their past criminal activity and commiting murder, when they robbed a jewellry store during so called London Riots (2005), and the owner of the store was shot and executed, to get rid of an inconvenient witness, although the culprits originally planned to avoid using violence. And the woman became a threat too, as she noticed a distinctive wrist watch from the heist in possession of the gang leader, so he ordered to “silence” her.

The beloved woman of Tom’s life lost the child after being ruthlessly punched in the face by an unknown masked assailant, and later she ended the relationship, as she was told by the medical personnel, that she can’t conceive children anymore, so she felt like a woman without value, not able to love anymore. This disaster forced the young man to seek revenge, to start his personal crusade without perceiving and evaluating consequences, or seeking advice, how to cope with such loss and misery.

His plan worked well in the beginning. He entered the confined walls fully devoted to his questionable mission, in perfect physical shape, ready to take what they allegedly took from him, starting his big ruthless game, investigating, trying to find the exact culprit. He didn’t mind the humiliating entry procedures, connected to prison life, or being repeatedly beaten, and his suspicious smile should warn everybody, that problems are coming.

But his designated “targets” were positioned in the prison social hierarchy dangerously highly. The gang leader was widely participating in the prison black market, including business with illegal drugs, and such criminal kingpin can’t be underestimated, as he is always massively protected, even from prison personnel, who were on his payroll, making many useful “favors” and concessions for him, removing all possible enemies from his malicious route. To eliminate an adversary, it’s enough to send him into an empty bathroom, where an ambush can be waiting.

And there was another problem for the young man. One of the intended targets, a black man called Mason, maybe feeling desperate inside these sad walls, decided to leave the group and to convert to Islam, and thus receiving desirable protection from all Muslims, his brothers in Islam.

It’s well known fact, that in prisons everywhere, Islam prevails like nowhere else. The reasons are complex, but quite easy to understand, as any prisoner desires to have his guilt forgiven, and Allah offers forgiving all previous worldly sins upon accepting Islam. And people need to fill the inner void and doubts, to feel some purpose again, plus to get powerful support and protection from Allah and another Muslim brothers, standing up for each other under all conditions and situations. This protection can be even a difference between life and death.

In the end, this fact was fully confirmed, as the new Muslim was the only man, spared by the crusader, even without necessity of intervention of his brothers. The reason was not only his factual innocence in the case, but also his willingness to realize his past sins and mistakes, to repent them, making progress from empty life of a small criminal with the future more than unclear.


“This is for life,” the Muslim leader informed and warned the potential convert before his reciting of Shahadah, when the whole group of witnesses gathered. “Do you hear me, brother?”

“Let’s do this,” the black man replied with decisiveness.

“Repeat after me: Ashadu an la ilaha illa’llah. Ashadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah.” (translated as: ‘I testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’)

When the new convert recited the Shahadah, the leader Muslim called for takbir: “Allahu Akbar!” all shouted.

“You are now Muslim,” he welcomed the black convict into the family of Islam and embraced him cordially. Brother, your sins have been forgiven! This is a fresh start. A new book! Embrace the brothers! You are a part of the family now!

However, the new convert had to deserve the protection by joining other Muslims in regular prayers (salat), five times a day. Gaining so vast advantages just by reciting Shahadah would be too easy, but Allah demands His followers to worship Him by keeping Five Pillars of Islam: Shahadah is only the first of them.

warning-from-muslim-leader-islam-allah-prison-jail-revenge-crusader-fool-british-pregnant-girlfriend-assault-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“After a moment of anger, follows a thousand nights of sorrow. The best sinners are the ones who repent. The doors to repentance will be always open for you. Brother Mason just found the Path,” one of the Muslims tried to persuade the crusader to reevaluate his plans in good faith, although it was too late, and the prison tale ended later with another murder, as expected. And sharp look of his eyes made it completely clear, that Muslims will defend themselves, and their new brother, if Tom will approach them with violent intentions, as they are afraid of nobody and nothing, except Allah.

If Tom would believe in Islam, he would choose a different way, a way of mercy and forgiveness towards his former girlfriend and also towards his enemies, avoiding many problems and violence in progress. In Islam, Allah and Islamic values of peace and morality are always the most imporant, the priority: only then, all humans and their worldly matters and mistakes follow, including family and spouses.

pregnant-infidel-woman-probation-officer-offender-2012-movie-film-british-jail-prison-violence-allah-muslim-islam-islamic-convert-revenge-assault-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe truth is, that Tom’s girlfriend chose her own path, by working at such risky place, not alerting the police immediately, when she understood, that the gang leader knows. Therefore, Tom’s revenge was futile from the start, not able to solve anything, not able to return the time and get back what was lost, only bringing more violence into this world, full of terrorism. But after submitting to Allah, the life becomes clear, and chaos is replaced by order.

In fact, it was the infidel woman, who caused all the bloodshed, making mistakes and bad choices, because she was ignorant, dumb, passive and weak non-believer. Like always: if your worship a woman, instead of Allah, like Tom, you will be led astray. Indeed, Allah is much more wise guidance, for your own welfare.

Don’t Worship a Woman: Worship Only Allah
Dont worship a woman only Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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