The Property of Allah

Inside any man or woman, deeply on the biological and instinctive level, there is a covert, but extremely strong desire and inclination for submission to a superior force, portrayed by a parent, who has absolute control over a child, physical and in terms of providing shelter, food and warm embrace, so for any baby, father or mother is something like a god.

And this psychological feature doesn’t disappear with growing and maturity from a human being, on the contrary, it haunts people through their life, and their fate can be influenced. For example, a female is programmed to submit by nature, at first she resists, to test the might of a conquering knight, but then, after certain period of time, if the man is rigorous enough, she submits, and she reveals her soft and vulnerable side, the symbol of submission.

Of course, that postmodern society and all that deviant social engineering experiments now learn females, to adapt male traits, to be “modern”, “independent” and “powerful”, to concentrate on building a professional career instead of family, not in need of a man to feed them. This way, many wombs are lost, and then, everybody is surprised, that natality in the West is extremely low, and the Western civilization is threatened by extinction, if immigrants from the third world, particularly Muslims, won’t be imported… who will bring their religion of Islam with them, bringing hope of salvation for the decadent, lost and wandering Westerners.

In case of males, submission is perceived as totally negative way of behavior, a symbol of unmanly weakness, and males are resisting for any price, to be openly and involuntarily sumbitted, even temporarily. This is the reason, why they often die from completely unnecessary reasons, for example, resisting arrest from the heavily armed militarized police, as they speak about “honor”, not willing to any concessions, not to “lose themselves”. Still, there is a place, where even males are obsessed to submit, and it’s love, the female power, related to their mother (anima), so even “masculinity” has strong limits.

The history saw many kings, who lost their mind, when a really seducing, powerful woman started to influence them. They gave her everything, just to keep her enchanting company: a man behaves like a complete loser, dependent and dying from desire, like a child, if a woman forces him to submit, “in his own interest”. Because of women, men died, or started wars, where thousands of people suffered. Love is a drug, which inserts madness inside any man: yesterday, he was a king, ruling his empire, and today he is just a pathetic loser, willing to kiss the ground, on which his love interest is walking, with her slim feet. No wonder, that many malicious entities, including state Intelligence services, are using this fact, by sending women, to create “honey traps”. There is even a proverb: “If anything fails, send a woman.”

Fortunately, that there is a way out of this endless circle of weakness of any man or woman: accepting Islam, submitting to Allah, becoming His devoted servant, and receiving countless advantages and rewards in process, like freedom, peace, purpose, and life becomes one big adventure, under His most wise guidance and protection, where is no need for fear, or grieving, as He provides you everything you need in life, including destiny.

Realizing, that you are a creation of Allah, and not of your parents, weak mortals, is so refreshing, erasing all bad memories from the past, and all the regrets for what your parents did wrongly, what mistakes they commited, and you felt hurt, simply disappear, like if they never existed. Now, you have the ultimate hope for erasing the bad memories effectively, becoming a free person, at last.

Allah is so ultimately powerful, that He can not only bring you a sustainable future and present, also, he can heal your past, all the pain you felt, related to your family and relationships, which failed, as the parents and love interests are simply humans, who do mistakes, influenced by their egos and selfishness. But Allah? There is no like Him, so to rely on Him, it means to acquire the most trustworthy guide in life.

Submitting to Allah is the last process of submission you will experience in your life, and the most pleasant and fulfilling one. Since that moment, no man or woman who will come, no parent, nobody will have the absolute power over you anymore, and never ever. She can be a fashion model, tall, beautiful, with big brown eyes and shining dark hair: still, Allah will and must be at first place, in your highest interest, teaching you about honor and integrity, so you won’t ever become her puppet, and women can feel these things from you, they know…

But Allah knows much more, He knows about everything you do, Allah is much more powerful, than any (wo)man, so you are protected from their subversive efforts, when they play cute cats or dogs, in order to persuade you, to become their pawn, dazed by love and attraction, thinking: “This is the (wo)man I was waiting for, and I am willing to give her/him everything”, and putting too much on the altair of love, losing yourself, making sacrifices to your illusions about ultimate love.

But there is only thing ultimate in this world: it’s Allah, and no one, nothing else. No man, no woman, no achievement, no place, or property.

So there is an option, to be sumbmitted the last time, to do the best decision of your life, changing everything. Since then, since Allah will take the most important place inside you, no more parents will ever come, to have absolute control over you again. No more walls will be able to confine you. No more courts can judge you to harsh sentences. No more ruthless policemen can limit your personal freedom: it all means nothing, and your freedom can’t be taken from you, if no one can force you for submission. After all, why they could and should, if they all are nothing and nobody in comparison with Allah? Only He is the one, allowed to give, and to take, to judge your deeds and decisions. Only He is allowed to create your destiny: not humans, their egos, malice, dumbness, weakness and mistakes.

It’s so sweet imagination, to be finally liberated, if you lived in an invisible prison through all your life. But to find the true freedom in this world, the only way is submission to Allah: you can search elsewhere, buy houses, cars and trinkets, travel the world, sleep with many sexy cats or dogs, feel good with the wallet full of money, but these values can’t heal the emptiness and fear inside you.

In the end, you will understand, that submitting and bending your head down, bowing in front of Allah and only Him, is a wise move: you will have only one master, instead of hundreds of them, who have visible and invisible power over you: your family, your love, your employer, your friends, police, courts, aggressive plans of superpowers and their ruthless militaries, starting wars, talking about “higher interests” and “preserving the nation”…

But to accept the fact, that you are a creation of Allah, your body and mind are gifts granted by Him only, always remaining the property of Allah… it’s a liberating feeling, bringing desirable simplicity into the present devastatingly complex world, where the objective truth can’t be found.

But with Allah? There is a simple, and pure truth: you are His servant, you have a purpose, and destiny: to worship Him, to do good deeds for Him, to try to please Him every day, every minute of your life. Any time you will remember Him, you will now, what is good and what is bad, so nothing can take you off the Straight Path. Who else could provide such ultimate consultancy? Or do you want to rely on yourself, on your weak self, an illusion, created by your mind? You will lose inevitably.

In that ancient times, when the first followers of Islam declared, that there is no god but Allah, it’s no wonder, that so much people followed them. It’s always better to worship only one god, than to bow in front of many of them… and Islam teaches people, that the only entity, worthy of bowing to, is Allah. Then, life becomes so much easier, simpler, you know, where the center of your life lies, so you stop being distracted looking there and over there, to be accepted, to be loved, by doing many concessions, losing your dignity, serving to many bad masters, and their malicious plans, using you as their fully disposable pawn.

But Allah? He loves you, and He wants the best for you, providing you the best advices, orientation in life, endless hope and unconditional love, He is always Compassionate, always Merciful, always accepting your Repentance, never leaving you, never disappointing you.

Allah means freedom, and the feeling of giving your body and mind back to Him, under His wise rule, is liberating. Alone, you are nothing: but with Allah, you become a tool of morality and truth, improving yourself, and the world around you, never having to look back, to feel pity and remorse of your past mistakes, and how others hurt you.

By accepting Allah, everything disappears, sins, mistakes, regrets: and the new start, leading to ultimate success, happiness and peace, comes. Who can give you such opportunity?

No one, except Him, as there is no other like Him. So worship Him alone, bow only in front of Him, and you will be guided to your destiny, finding absolute love and all the values you dreamed of in the process. You will have honor and strength, and the world will notice, coming to you, bringing many opportunities for you: at work, at love, at life.

With Allah’s guidance, you can take care of all your matters correctly. You will take proper care of the body, cleaning it constantly, as Allah loves cleanliness, contributing to health. You will take proper care of your mind, saving it from eternal analyzing, exhaustive overthinking, which destroys the Western society, every individual, bringing only stress and confusion, losing precious time, and then health problems.

With Allah, you simply adjust your direction at one point, and you follow, with trust and without doubts, so your mind becomes clear, fresh and healthy, you will be able to understand and evaluate correctly all events in life, without too much exhausting thinking. You will be free, and you will meet the absolute love you always searched for, in His warming embrace. He will show you the way, how to be the best version of you, becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Oh, Allah: You are the only master we worship and follow, as there is no one like You. Accept our prayers and good deeds, forgive us our sins, show us the Straight Path, and lead us to our destiny.

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