The Public Interest

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to annual 40th meeting of our Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry, critical for the highest public interests,” the chairman, a member of Parliament called Cimbura, welcomed all participants of the meeting, but no one seemed too pleased, or excited. These meetings were usually only boring, a lose of time, to keep the face, to seem important for the voters, without providing any real solutions for the people, and higher interests.

But not this time, as the following events confirmed.

“Today, we will vote two times: firstly, to approve suggested program of the meeting, and then, a resolution will be prepared, and voted for, so there will be an outcome of our work,” Cimbura introduced the standard procedure. “You all received a draft of the program in advance, with three basic points to discuss, but if someone if you has some another suggestion or contribution, speak now.”

“Actually, I have one thing, and a very serious one,” another deputy, named Raska, said decisively and even angrily. “And it concerns you personally, mister chairman, and your eligibility to be present at a meeting, where the most classified matters of the state are commonly discussed! We all read today’s press, and there is a very nasty article about you in the tabloid media. Although I acknowledge, that this source is not too reliable, the information, contained in this text, really disturbed not only me, as I presume,” Raska had a look at his colleagues, and several of them nodded in agreement, those who had time to read the fresh press in the morning.

“Not again,” Cimbura said with disappointment. “How many times will explain to you, dear colleagues, that this particular tabloid media is only pure filth, lies, half-truths and manipulation? And there is a court proceeding running, to close the shop of ‘Heavy Slander’ once and forever, but I haven’t initiated the suit, and I don’t ever plan it, as I am only proud, to have enemies attacking me on all fronts, because it only confirms, that I keep doing a good work, I bring results and change, improvement for the people, who voted for me, who gave me their trust during last elections!

And this another nasty lie is only another attempt of my, and our common enemies to disrupt our work, and to damage our state! How long will we tolerate such treacherous attacks, and thus, jeopardizing higher state interests, even national security? I am telling you, the alleged freedom of the press, misused by these tabloid rats, it’s only destroying us all, in these complicated times, full of terrorism and public unrest, and we should think about limiting it, at least temporarily, but it’s not the matter of this particular comission, only my personal opinion, and the opinion of my poltical party.

Anyway, here is my clear reaction to the article, although to make any statement to such pure filth, fabrication and lie is under my personal level of dignity, so I will release only a very short proclamation for the media later, where I will present my opinion, that mister Navratil, the chief reporter of this gossip sinkhole and author of the article, really went under his professional standards this time, quite low already, writing a total nonsense, that I allegedly receive generous payments from the Chinese, to commit high treason!

And without any real proof, like always, quoting only some ‘unnamed security analysts’ and ‘well informed sources’! Does mister Navratil mean that C-class fashion models with noses white from coke, with whom he spents his evenings and nights? The man is losing control of his well known drug affiliation, I am telling you that!

I would like to remind you, that unlike many of my Parliament colleagues, I released the summary of my personal property to the public long time ago, and there is no update: I still own no house, no car, nothing, I live in a small rented appartment, as I rejected all financial or other advantages as a member of the Parliament, including service car and a spacious flat in a good quarter.

What should I do with those alleged millions? I don’t need to sunbath in the Caribbean, I serve to the public, this is my mission, not to make money. I was voted as a common carpenter, and when my public work will be concluded one day, I will gladly return to this work, using my hands and not mouth, happy to be out of reach of such poor creatures and vultures, as Navratil!” Cimbura said with open disgust.

“I must say, that I perceived this media attack not only as personal matter, but also against all what our comission represents,” another deputy, Mladek, took the word. “And I agree with colleague Cimbura, at least this time, that our matters have critical importance for the state defence, so the press should be forbidden from these diversive attempts to disrupt our important tasks. This is a Parliament, not a pub, where any idiot can start a beer brawl, as he likes! I suggest to the plenum, to ignore this affair, and vote for the proposed program.”

It was six votes for the proposal, two against, and one person refrained. “Approved, thank you,” Cimbura said with relief.

“Now, to our programme. After six months of full and thorough investigation, today, we should receive results from the domestic Counterintelligence service, regarding The Device, so we can provide a qualified, informed recommendation to the Parliament and the government, who will decide together, how to continue with this ultimately controversial, but without any doubt, a very epochal invention.

As you all know, in this time period, we had unlimited access to those secrets, of course under strict security precautions, so the classified research was conducted inside safe perimeters of two nuclear power plants: Temelin, and Dukovany. Now it’s time for captain Novak from the Counterintelligence service, you all know him well from previous sessions, to reveal their discoveries, and to answer three basic questions: first, is The Device really a time displacement equipment, second, should the Czech state continue in this questionable research, and third, should we provide this invention to our allies, or even third parties, for money, or even for free?” Cimbura asked rhetorically, and he challenged Novak to start the presentation.

“Thank you for the word, mister chairman. I presume, that you all expect clear simple answers, but the issue is too complicated for such simplifying,” captain Novak stood up. “I must remind you, that the people who created this invention, were masters of Psychological Warfare, deception, manipulation, misusing media, influencing public, deploying advanced Public Relations measures. As you all know, they used these PSY principles even to build their well known business company in Human Resources and internal processes.

The heritage they left to us, it’s like an endless mass of shadows and grey color, where the truth is hard to find, and thus, I have to say openly: our service needs at least another half of year, before releasing any clear answers. The reason is, that the state forbade us to conduct necessary field experiments, and without them, no proof can be obtained, I am afraid.

But I can express our stance to the second answer, whether the research should continue. The situation is this: after the Corporation was disbanded, we lost many scientists, as they refused to continue working on the project on the state payroll, as the wages they were offered were nothing in comparison with money and perks which another national and business entities were willing to offer them, not speaking about the kind of money and advantages those key people were used from their old jobs in ranks of The Corporation.

We consider this as a serious mistake, according to the critical nature of the invention, which could provide us large advance in developing sustainable, clean, and extremely effective armament, not speaking about wide scientific opportunities. Now, our competition, and not only NATO, but also potential enemies, they all have those scientists, and it’s more than easy to estimate, what is their mission under the new flags: to give the other parties the same advantages we once had.

Our numbers speak clearly: only 34% of original scientific team remained here, mostly because of her family ties. The rest of them is dispersed around the world, including non stable, even risky countries, who are threatening the peace and stability of the world, including Iran, and now sit firmly, also North Korea is in the game.

I understand, that you will reply, that the state has not enough money, to pay these people, who were literally seduced by our allies and adversaries alike, who knew their critical importance well. We warned you not to let them go, even for a price of limiting their civic rights, but you said: ‘We have democracy and open borders. Anyone can go where he or she likes’.

Well, in this case, it was much more serious than a simple brain drain. These people had plans for a project, who can be used against us tomorrow, destroying us, in fact they can turn our own weapons against us. And you know, that the enemy is willing to use force, as he excuses his behavior as ‘matter of self-defence’, like in that infamous ’18 Hours War’, and we lost this battle, I would like to remind you.

With this weaponry… there will be no war, we will be simply assimilated. We won’t fire a shot, as the enemy will never invade us with tanks and aircraft, like the last time. This is the face of upcoming warfare of the future, ladies and gentlemen, and we lost the initiative.

And regarding third question: we definitely advise not to share any information to neither allies, or enemies, neither for money, or free. Our state should continue the research with maximal effort, but realizing, how extreme importance it has for the state defence. The future won’t be about numbers of troops and classic military hardware, rifles, cannons and rockets: these wars will be fought and won using shadows and powers we are still not able to understand completely.”

“What is there more to say,” Cimbura sighed. “We lost the war, because of a treason in our own Military ranks, but we all know, that this unfortunate conflict began because of the invention, later excused by the enemy as ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’. You all also remember, that after The Corporation was rumored to be disbanded, we recommended to keep the personnel in one of our resolutions, but the Ministry of Finance said, that there are another, and allegedly more important interests, so they won’t release the money we asked. And now, look, where we are: even North Korea has our assets! Does it mean something, or will we ignore it, relying on our NATO allies and their military power, as the last time?

In any case, I thank you for your openness, captain. Another matter is, what to do with such very disturbing news? You suggested to continue the research, to hold any conclusions temporarily, and I agree with this approach. But still, you can share some insights with us. What is your opinion, even from partial information available: do we actually have a time displacement machine, or is it a fraud, a magic?”

“I wouldn’t dare to say, even under such accommodating approach, mister chairman. As you know, we have two types of The Device, partially overlaping with functionality: firstly, the PSY version, today in wide use for entertainment, education and even military purposes. Here, The Device is able to recreate any place or situation you desire to visit or experience, and you can imagine, how tempting is only this option.

The problem is, that to recognize between fake reality of this PSY version, and real visiting of the past, it’s almost impossible. There will never be a proof, as The Device influences human mind, and no one is resistant. After the session, you never know, whether it was a dream, created by The Device and its advanced software, or you actually experienced the pure objective past, unaltered and generic.

We think, that the only option is to restart the experiments, visiting places and events, which are not publicly known, so The Device, even with its enormous encyclopedic memory of knowledge of human history and events, can’t know them, and thus, it can’t fake them as precisely as anything else. But these experiments are forbidden: so I am afraid, that to find the truth, we have to restore the experiments, with purpose of testing The Device thoroughfully.”

“You know, that this decision was made irrevocably, with unanimous consent of all participating nations, excluding our country,” Malek entered the discussion. “But on the other hand, isn’t this resolution of the UN against our national security? Isn’t it even an enemy act against us? They block our rightful using of our invention, just to protect themselves, so they can hold their upper hand. And this is something I really don’t like, according to the fact, that they steal our scientists behind our back, to get the advantage.

Will the Americans keep this word, when they will possess the technology? Or any other state? No, they will conduct these experiments, no doubt about it. And the UN resolution will be only a piece of paper, which damaged our national interests seriously.”

The whole room was full of agitated comments, but Cimbura stopped them with a strict gesture. “So you are suggesting, captain, that it’s the matter of highest state and public interests, to execute these operations, am I right?”

“Exactly, mister chairman. This is what we need to fulfill our pledge to the homeland. Only the field testing, there is no other way. Our people spent months just researching it, we have tons of reports and opinions, but nothing really firm and sure,” the captain confirmed.

“And did you try to extract the information from former managers of The Corporation?” Raska was curious. “If someone, at least them should know the truth.”

“Actually, we maintain no contacts with Mrs. Rubesova right now. She rejected to cooperate, as she still perceives their invention as the intellectual property of The Corporation, and no warnings, that she could collide with national security by holding back the information, were effective. We have her under surveillance, but no progress has been made so far. It’s hard to believe but she is really just an owner of a beach bar in the Caribbean right now. Although she met with someone near Sunda Islands in Indonesia recently, during the meeting, she only confirmed, that there are no black sites, and she feels out of the game.

By the way, opening the Daniela Kyrova‘s sad case with this technlogy was another mistake, according to our opinion. But we know, that Mrs. Rubesova is not related with this event, it was another party who orchestrated it. But whether there is some covert reason and background, we don’t know: the particular entity is extremely hard to infiltrate.”

“Still, it’s not so good results for you service, if they are operating here, launching such questionable actions with support of the Military, and you still don’t know the background,” Raska felt a chance to make his name.

“Comments like this don’t belong at this meeting, domestic Counterintelligence is not a primary interest of our Comission,” Cimbura warned the colleague of leaving their field of interest. “Anyway, captain, if there is yet something, related to the case, please, inform us.”

“There is many pieces and splinters, but we still see no clear picture, I am afraid. What they, The Corporation, created here in three years… it will take years to understand, but we are working on it. However, if you want to help us and the state to regain control, allow us to use The Device. That’s all we ask,” the captain repeated his request firmly.

“That would cause an international outrage, and we can’t allow it, after everything that happened here,” Cimbura said with remorse. “The state won’t be willing even to send such request to the UN, which would be rejected anyway, citing the welfare and protection of mankind, and so on.”

“Then we are losing,” the captain concluded.

Continuation: The Black Site

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