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During Monday morning, as soon as the Czech news shelves were flooded by a fresh Special Issue of Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, called “The Secret War” and impatiently expected by many, a massive wave of uproar shook the whole Czech society, as the issue contained most serious revelations about alleged wide covert operations of a classified Military Unit both home and abroad, forcing many to ask, whether the price of preserving freedom, national security and defeating terrorism isn’t too high, whether the national Army haven’t gone too far from any public control, and also, whether Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, haven’t become rather a tool of regular political warfare with unknown background and sponsors, far deviating from classic harmless gossip about VIPs and social celebrities like Monika Maresova, Martina Gavriely, Lucie Borhyova or Alena Seredova, and generally fashion models.

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAs could be expected, many politicians rushed with their strong proclamations immediately, particularly a member of Parliament called Miroslav Kalousek, also the chairman of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry, who always strongly opposed these covert and most advanced defence activities, including Counter Special Forces Warfare, controversial Gender Warfare and questionable counter terrorism efforts, which could be in fact supplying the terrorists with valuable information.

“I always asked, how could that barbarians from the Islamic State establish something as advanced as their own Gender Warfare unit?” the agitated Kalousek said during an immediate press confrence. “Somebody had to help them, I am telling you, and now we see, what is really happening! Someone wants the ‘War on Terror’, declared fifteen years ago, to continue forever, so the weapon manufacturers and merchants can have endless profit, and we now have proof, that our own Military could be playing in fact on both sides, becoming a puppet of multinational corporations, participating in infamous ‘military-industrial complex’, and helping terrorists to maintain their constant threat, so the defence contracts flow joyfully, sanctioned by the concerned Czech public.”

But wide public rumors surfaced immediately, that this particular issue of Heavy Slander can allegedly have the most unexpected, even shocking sponsor: the state of Poland, or the Polish Military, deeply disturbed and humiliated by infamous incident in Warsaw, which substantially worsened current Czech-Polish relationships, so the angry Poles decided for a ruthless counter move, using the Czech media as the means.

The mentioned international incident involved the Polish elite counter terrorist unit, GROM, challenged allegedly by the Czech Military, of course unoficially, to measure their mutual powers in a secret operation, in the sense of testing new Counter Special Forces Warfare (CSF) measures, developed by widely rumored elite PSYWAR (Psychological Warfare) unit of the Czech Military, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, whose mere existence was never confirmed neither by the Czech state, or the Czech Army, but it is widely speculated as a clandestine paramilitary formation, influencing the highest levels of the Czech state, politics, society and business alike, executing many various operations in both military and civilian environment, home and abroad.

The Polish side originally perceived the operation as a mere harmless test, which will fail, never expecting so devastating results, jeopardizing combat readiness of GROM, forcing the high command to exchange the unit’s leaders immediately, and to put a strict information embargo on this unsanctioned operation. However, the consequent extensive report by Polish MCS (Military Counterintelligence Service) reached the political environment in Warsaw eventually, and the official representatives were so distrurbed by the affair, that they decided to send a strict resolution of protest into Czech Republic via official diplomatic channels, complaining of ‘using unfriendly military diversion against a NATO ally’ and ‘illegal distorting of Polish territory and sovereignity by foreign elements’.

The Czech state, never informed about the covert operation, was totally surprised, not understanding the reason of such hostile act from Poland. Only after extensive investigation, using domestic Military Counterintelligence assets, the real background of the incident was found, however, in the end, both sides considered as the best result of the affair to call it ‘mere misunderstanding’ and to apologize each other for ‘not informing the opposite side about a standard military excercise’.

But journalists on both sides started sniffing already, cooperating widely in their own deep investigation, as they sensed a potential sensation, useful also for the political opposition in both countries, to gain social points before elections. Soon, the details of the operation were found, even using very shady means, including paid informers, infiltration into Military structures and stealing classified documents, and both national Armies were not pleased with this development, being forced to deny any such allegations and suspicions on official level, only supporting the public interest, outrage and mockery.

Of course, that many asked, what exactly those CSF mean, and whether these procedures and techniques are really so effective, or whether The Device was used instead of classic means Psychological Warfare, as Poland was a place of such testing already. But the classified documents, obtained by the journalists, clearly indicated, that there are much wider interests of this affair, far exceeding some small innocent nudging between the two neighbours, so the both sides and many individual entities could benefit in many ways: not only media and politicians, also power cliques inside both Militaries, advancing forward as another responsible heads fell, making place for various interests of weapon manufacturers and suppliers, etc.

It seems, that the primary interest here was China, or to be more exact, to create an effective UW (Unconventional Warfare) strategy to counter the Chinese Military (PLA), feared by NATO as a possible, and most powerful and dangerous adversary one day.

NATO Militaries always admitted, that they lack sufficient tactical means to counter mighty Chinese and their specific qualities and abilities, so apparently there was a demand to create such strategy, so the blessed Military heads could sleep better, plus, good money could be paid for bringing such an unique advantage, to bring new hope for the collapsing NATO, that potential Chinese threat can be contained silently and covertly.

It’s not known whether Special Unit C102: PSYOPS worked on the basis of direct assignment by NATO, or independently, rather promoting interests of domestic Military, to rise in the NATO ranks. However, a swift Chinese reaction can be expected, and many fear, that China won’t let this issue to just vapor. Unlike Polish side, they won’t send any loud proclamations of protest: they will work silently, to get to the information about CSF, to protect their forces.

The CSF was strictly forbidden to be released in detail, in order to prevent it from being seized and analyzed by foreign Intelligence services. But a well informed source from security environment claimed, that “… this is only a consequence of current obsession with creating more and more Special Forces units, and militarization of the Police forces. And now we can see, that these elite units are not invincible, as they pretended, on the contrary, they can be easily misused by the enemy.”

China made no comment about the issue, as it was fully expected, that Chinese never allow to lose their face, so they simply pretend to ignore the affair. However, it was reported, that Chinese Intelligence operatives in Czech republic allegedly intensified their effort to get highly positioned contacts in the Military and political structures, to create a safe net, which will catch the CSF details sooner or later.

The affair as a whole seems to have many winners, in Military, business and political levels, and many different entitites presented their gratitude to Heavy Slander and its Chief Reporter, Pavel Novotny, whose social power was yet inflated after this event. Although suspected from cooperation with many dubious players, Novotny and Heavy Slander team are appreciated for going beyond expected borders of journalistic interest, and the wide public is glad to have an ally on their side, informing them openly and thorougly about alleged state and Military conspiracies.

But this rising power of media can’t be expected to be overlooked by domestic Counterintelligence service, who allegedly investigate Novotny covertly, to discover his connections and affiliations, suspected to be from abroad, but the palette of possible suspects is so wide, that even experienced operatives are losing control, and Novotny is still in the game, in large, allegedly pampered by an unknown powerful entity, or entities, with interests unknown.

Novotny himself provided just a brief statement to the affair, quote: “For me, this work was always fun. But revealing all those nasty conspiracies, paid generously from the taxpayers money… I always imagine all that uniforms, who read our articles, realizing, that their heads will fall soon… it’s a pure pleasure. Better than coke, casual sex and champagne!”

Update 11/2016: another affair between Poland and Czech Republic leaked: there are rumors, that Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi organization from Teplice, are leading secret negotiations with Poland, regarding the Czech-Polish region of Silesia, with intention, to give this argued historical territory to Poland, allegedly to disrupt the Polish national cohesion, and dominance of the Christian religion there, as Silesia is quite heavily Islamized. And this fact disturbs not only Counterintelligence services of both countries very deeply. Could this revenge for previous Polish military incursions into Czech territory be organized by a clique inside Czech Army?

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Invasions Into Bohemia

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