The sectarian heritage of OSHO

OSHO (or Rajneesh, 1931-1990, India) left a wide heritage for millions of followers of his wisdoms, helping them to find the sense of life, and to become happy and satisfied, as they always wanted. From all his quotes, it’s hard to select the most substantial, but the following one says it all:

“The mind is a great philosopher. And life is not a philosophy, life is a reality. And philosophy is an escape from reality; philosophy means thinking.
Life is — there is no question of thought. You can simply jump into it.”

Today, we think too much, we are trained to analyze everything, as our immensely complex world forces us to. But there is another way through life: to be in flow. Not to eternally fight with the world, life, events and people, not to defend from them all, but to flow and accept anything what life brings.

We often regret many things in our past, unable to move forward in life. Also, permanent feelings of uncertain future disables our ability to live in the present. But Osho’ daily quotes awakes us again, to find stability in life again.

No wonder, that Osho’s heritage organization, OSHO International, rumored to be a sect or a new age cult under surveillance of various security forces, attracts millions of people, even long after Osho left this world, who seek an effective help in highly complicated stages of their lives. Ruthless pressure of the modern tabloid media and neverending flow of disturbing news doesn’t allow anybody in the Western society to relax: but Osho offers totally practical wisdoms, how to enjoy your life the most, to stop losing time in your everlasting thoughts, doubts and overanalyzing.

Men and women can find their path to successful and satisfied destiny in Osho’s philosophy, which combines the best from all possible ideas, concepts and religions. And they can also belong somewhere, finding a firm point in life, where a relief can be always found, under any circumstances.

But Osho is still nothing in comparison with Allah and Islam.

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