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Czech Republic and Poland share not only common national borders, wide cultural Slavic tribe similarities, NATO and EU membership, but also very dramatic history, where both countries were overwhelmed and torn apart by various enemies, both internal traitors, and external aggressors, but the mutual relationships are stilll far from cordial and warm, as there are many controversial events in Czech-Polish history, unresolved and unforgiven to this day, with perspective of escalating the conflict in the near future, in political, religious, even in military sense.

The reason is, that a new, powerful, unpredictable and dangerous player entered the realm of highest level relationships between both states, disturbing both Czech, Polish and Russian Counterintelligence services, and deep conspiracy is suspected, as all participating sides have their own overt and covert interests in the disturbing affair, as the game for power and influence is endless and without borders, without rules.

concerned-czech-muslims-ccm-islam-allah-muslim-prague-czech-republic-teplice-middle-east-persian-gulf-saudi-arabia-kuwait-qatar-oman-emirates-uae-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt was Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi organization, originating from Czech Teplice region, who openly declared their effort to negotiate a very substantial change in national borders, concerning the conflict region of Silesia (Slezsko), which should be given to Poland, so the long dispute for this territory, lasting for hundred of years already, can be finally ended. But this strange effort is far from giving gifts to Christian Poland for free: indeed, the Czech Muslims even don’t try to hide their bold plan, to insert an Islamic dagger into the highly Christian country of Poland, so this territory can be a literal Islamic Trojan Horse in the end, suitable to disrupt the Polish national cohesion, related to Christianity and even reputated Polish nationalism.

But surprisingly, this controversial, even anti-Constitution effort from the angle of Czech national law, has many supporters on both sides, who feel, that both states owe something to each other, and past sins of each state should be finally corrected, or even revenged. It was Poland, a large country of 40 million inhabitants, whose military forces openly invaded smaller, just 10 million Bohemia three times in 20th century, in 1920, 1939 and 1968, together with other Warsaw Pact armies: and such events can be hardly forgotten, or forgiven, ever.

And now, Czech Muslims possibly want to take advantage of this complicated situation, in order to spread Islam and fame of Allah into highly resistant Poland, where Christianity is still extremely powerful and influential, not like in rather atheist Bohemia.

But how could Allah like and tolerate such unacceptable situation, if all lands belong only to Him? Islam is the religion, which grows all the time, new territories are gained, and all opportunities to spread the fame of Allah need to be used, such is His command, which devoted Muslims, submitted to His will only, follow obediently. And now, the potentially highly beneficial Silesia situation is offered as a gift from Allah to the Ummah, to test the believers, if they are good and capable servants enough, able to see and grasp a perfect opportunity to support their religion.

To understand this issue well, one needs to return hundred years back, when the independent Czech state was established in 1918, after First World War, and with permission of Western powers (and Allah), the Czechs received national territory, consisting of three historical lands: Bohemia, Moravia and part of Silesia, which was considered by Poland as rightfully theirs.

That was the reason, why the Poles tried to grasp the control of the Silesian region in 1920, using regular Military and armed guerillas, so the newly established Czech Army had to react in full force, dispatching combat units, and to suppress the uprising mercilessly, whereas Western powers intervened as well, forcing Polish assault elements to retreat, and to acknowledge current borders.

But Poles never forgot this humiliation, as they are known to be strongly proud and religious people, who are not willing to submit to any alleged wrongdoing. So, after twenty years, in 1938, when Adolf Hitler managed to conquer the Czech lands without any war, using weaknesses of British and French traitors, who sacrificed the Bohemia to rising Nazis, the Poles literally copied the German strategy, how to disrupt the Czech lands from the inside, and promote their interests: simply creating ruthless “fifth Polish column” inside the Czech state, which called for returning of Silesia to Poland and created wide unrest, even violence in the streets.

And yet before the shameful Munich Agreement was signed, Poland openly requested returning the territory, even issued an ultimatum, like Germans, and prepared massive military force, which invaded the southern neighbor just after the Czech border territories (Sudeten) were left to Germany, and Czechs had to leave them, together with their property, seized by occupants.

That was second Polish invasion into Czech Republic, but Poland couldn’t enjoy their territorial gain for too long: in less than a year later, they were invaded by Germany themselves, the Second World War was declared, and after quick Polish defeat, Silesia was occupied by Germans. Moreover, from the East, Poland was invaded by Russia, and Polish independent state ceased to exist for several years.

The utmost irony is, that after the German invasion into Poland in September 1939, many former Czech soldiers crossed the borders ilegally, and offered their help to stop Germans, only to be rejected by proud Poles, who claimed, although their defence lines were crumbling, that “they don’t need any foreign help, Polska will manage herself”. So much about Polish famed nationalism, one of the most reputated in Europe, and maybe even in the whole world.

After the war, Poland requested Silesia again (!), but powerful Russia, who now had full control of its new Communist satellite states of Eastern Europe, forced both states to accept the status quo, and to sign the final agreement, concerning national borders, in 1958.

In 1968, Poland joined other Warsaw Pact armies to invade Czech Republic, allegedly to “eliminate counter-revolution of Prague Spring”. That was the third time in just 50 years, when boots of Polish soldiers touched the Czech national territory and pointed their assault rifles at Czech citizens, and many Czech people remember this aggression to this day, perceiving Poland neutrally at best. But no loving friendship and Slavic brotherhood happens there: the Polish position is just slightly better, than Russian, in the eyes of Czechs.

Now, the issue is back on the table again, in large: and it exceeds just Czech-Polish relations, as Russia is willing to use any opportunity to weaken its close NATO potential adversaries, and particularly Poland, possessing massive Military, thus becoming regular threat for Russia, as Poles are known to be devoted followers of Western, particularly American imperialists, even participating in combat actions in Afghanistan widely, and agreeing with placing the U.S. “Patriot” defensive missiles on their territory.

Now, there is a subversive plan, how to damage Poland, simply by giving them heavily Islamized Silesia… playing just for Russian interests. So, why Russia shouldn’t support, or even covertly organize this effort? And Poland also has their important interest there… why should they reject wide support for CCM, ignoring the openly presented threat of incoming Islamization into their country? They would make a deal for Silesia for any price, even with Devil himself.

CCM was suspected to be a front organization of an unknown entity from the beginning, but there was too many potential organizers, particularly Special Forces of the Czech Army, to use Islamic affairs to promote Czech defence interests, including financial gains for hungry weapon merchants, connected to the Czech Military through infamous military-industrial complex, where particularly Wu Corporation from China plays the main role.

Where can be truth, in this deep darkness of countless possible conspiracies from left and right?

The Czech public is disunited about the issue, as current polls indicate. Some voices are saying, that national territory is indivisible and no losses, sacrifices or gifts are permissible, exactly as the strict Czech Constitution says. But other group agrees with giving Silesia to Poland, although from very different reasons, than Muslims.

“The region lost any economic significance for Czech Republic, as the coal supply was depleted there,” some citizens are claiming. “Now, Silesia  generates only problems in all senses, and unless the dispute will be closed once and forever, the Poles will be our adversaries, never forgetting what we allegedly owe them. Let’s give them, what allegedly belongs to them, and we can get very powerful ally, allowing us sustainable future. The overall relationships with Poland are good, except this nasty affair, which can’t be solved otherwise, than giving Silesia to Poles.”

Except this reasonable and rational approach, many angry Czech people, and allegedly even a clique inside the Czech Military, want to “make accounts with Poland even”, and to revenge mentioned military incursions of powerful Northern neighbour, so they present their overall support for this particular CCM effort, although in the same time, these people strongly reject Islam and despise general CCM goals, particularly openly declared Islamization of the Czech lands. But this affair is an exception, getting vast PR points for CCM, so it could be perceived as ingenious way, how to please and appease Czech public, gain sympathy, maybe even secret followers, symphatizers and followers, so Islam can grow in the end, such is the will of Allah.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWithout any doubt, the Silesian situation plays for CCM’s cards perfectly. The Czech Muslims are building up their political power, using two quite ingenious pincers: firstly, by ruling the Western Teplice region, which is quite easy task for them, as the Islamic presence in Teplice is massive, and rising steadily, backed by Saudi Arabia openly, including acquiring direct political power through their upcoming assets, like Eman Ghaleb, a shining Muslim female, perceived as future mayor of the city, not speaking about construction of a new, strongly impressive mosque with two minarets, one of the largest in Europe.

And then, there is CCM’s Silesian effort to the East, which is in the strange contrast with apparent CCM ignorance of Moravian region as whole, as no Islamic cells were established there deliberately. But Allah is the best of all deceivers, as Qur’an states, and He will always show the right path to His believers, how to reach victory, so Islam can prevail everywhere, in the whole world, Bohemia and Poland alike, so people and the world can find peace.

This is a big game indeed, and it’s hard to believe, that several Islamized Gypsies from Teplice, lacking any serious education, who represent CCM for the media, would be able to manufacture it themselves. So, who helps them, who gives them advices, and why?

It can be literally anybody, and vast conspiracy, leading to highest military ranks, can’t be excluded, as there was a Czech-Polish affair already, called “The Secret War”, concerning rumored “training exercise” between both military forces, which allegedly went seriously wrong, as Czech tabloid media reported, and Teplice, where CCM resides, is a critical Czech region today, hosting Czech nuclear armament and alleged elite Special Forces unit at a secret military base just behind the city borders, not speaking about Wu’s ultimate invention, rumored TDE, or time displacement equipment, the first time tactical weapon in human history, using also unprecedented brainwashing and constructed in an underground bunker in the mentioned base as well.

Once the Czech Muslims will gain political power, their first move will be the Silesia transfer, so the last fortress of Christianity in Europe can be put under siege. For this criticial purpose, Islamization continues in Silesia quickly, free Qur’ans are distributed in the streets, where various preachers invite people to Islam in masses, to reach salvation, to find God, to find themselves in religion.

Czech Silesia was once a proud region of coal miners, who were pampered by Communist government, but today, when the coal production ended, only misery, alcoholism, unemployment and violence remains. People need hope, and Islam brings it to them, plus important purpose: to become harbingers of Islam, to make their hijra, a sacred duty of Muslims, entering the Christian Poland, overcome all animosity, and promote Islam there.

The country of Poland is like Constantinople, the last city of Roman empire, today called Istanbul in Turkey, after famous conquest by Ottoman forces in 1453: and now, Islamic forces are massing near Polish borders already, such is the will of Allah, because all lands belong solely to Him.

The fight for religious dominance of Islam will be hard and long, as Poles are ruthless warriors, like Kurds, but Muslims don’t fear defeat, they fear only Allah. And with His permission, blessing and help, they will win.

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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