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In their endless effort to spread their strict, orthodox version of Islam, called wahhabism and perceived as alleged security threat by European Intelligence services, a new, powerful organization, originating allegedly from Saudi Arabia, well backed with oil money and wide influence in the Islamic world, decided to launch a new worldwide campaign, directed at Western women, called “The Superior Woman” (SUWO).

As the contemporary Western women are full of doubts, insecurity and fear from many reasons and circumstances, including massive media and peer pressure, and the Western world is crumbling, there was never a better opportunity to introduce a new way of life and thinking to Western women, inspiring them to leave their futile efforts of demanding and stressing professional careers, gender equality, high education and other failed, decadent and deviated Western social engineering projects of a collapsing Western civilization, in order to help them to find balance and stability in life again.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim convert fashion model Czech prague - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs OR

Suspected asset: Marketa Maryam Korinkova, a Soldier With Hijab

Accepting the religion of Islam by final submitting to Allah is offered as a simple way out of this endless stress and widely advertised, but nothing works better for this ultimate decision, than setting some right, shining and widely inspiring examples and recommendations, as Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called Soldier With Hijab. And Western women, highly insecure in their deepest nature, as the terrorists from the Islamic State know and misuse to their malicious cause, these women always look for some beneficial examples and inspiration, so they are offered an alternative and highly satisfying future for them, simply by claiming, that a woman needs Islam.

In deepest contrast with current emphasizing of women in the Western society, their inclusion into business, politics and social affairs, including strict gender quotas, this strategy goes completely different way, introducing them another perception of liberty, freedom and free will.

But instead of complicated intellectual explanations, “The Superior Woman” suggests her Western counterpart to return to her biological levels, including sexuality. The mission is allegedly to persuade Western women to accept veiling as the primary measure of dignity and securing protection against anti-female violence, which is on the massive rise in the Western Europe.

“The Superior Woman” uses simple explanation, that under rapidly changing social conditions of the Western Europe, influenced by massive migration crisis, it’s the most beneficial decision for any woman to adapt to these new times, in order to secure a sustainable life and future. Conversion to Islam is the most recommended, although gently: the most important is to understand new threats and take proper precautions.

As the West perceives veiling as lowering female position in the society, “The Superior Woman” explains, that the truth is completely opposite, and by veiling with a hijab, a woman receives many unique advantages in society and life, allowing to promote herself in the new social and economic environments with extreme effectivity and many benefits.

Veiling and thus complete avoiding male aggressive sexual behavior, showing respect to Islamic values and beliefs, means, that such woman becomes protected and blessed for advance in her life plans and goals, including many work opportunities in the tempting Islamic world, in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and of course United Arab Emirates.

Also, the factor of tempting secret, even mystery of a veiled woman, is emphasized. “The Superior Woman” suggests that instead of cheap and vulgar emphasizing of her sexuality, which attracts mostly unsuitable male individuals, more beneficial approach should be chosen to keep the distance and thus tempting the right group of potential partners for mating and a future together, thus avoiding many unpleasant encounters and endless hindering attempts to court her, forcing her to reject men and to risk their revenge, as an insulted male can be a dangerous, treacherous enemy, who can use also violence.

But no such traumatic experience happens, if a woman changes her way of thinking, and the way of perceiving herself, realizing her full potential, but also takes necessary steps to achieve a suitable, secure place in the new society, with rising influence of Islam every day, every minute.

“The Superior Woman” attempts to counter the ruthless Western media pressure, and to offer a final relief for affected women, who feel crushed by endless demands of the society, of their vicinity, and themselves. Instead of harmful obsession with her own ego, it’s suggested to submit to the superior force of Allah, which can provide both protection, freedom and sustainable future, even allowing desirable weight loss, a dream goal of many.

For many fragile women, searching for themselves for years and maybe the whole precious life, this final rescue and salvation from suffering is more than tempting. Moreover, this way, they can feel the utmost satisfaction of making a good decision, of joining a winning side, of “riding the band wagon”.

Everybody in Europe understands in these days, that European values, originally Christian, are in deep crisis, even collapsing. But accepting Islam offers more than redemption: it promises and secures balance of any human soul, rescue from endless doubts and insecurity. Only then, an individual can start a real life, real living.

“The Superior Woman” is directed not only at women themselves, but also to Western men, inspiring them to reject “independent” women in original Western sense, to demand another creatures, influenced positively by Islamic beliefs, in order to acquire a perfect mating female partner.

Although men are generally perceived as primitive and oversexualized, “The Superior Woman” attempts to become their counsellor in the hard task of finding a suitable female counterpart. Now, men can know, what to look for, and what to avoid: and millions of unmarried European women after their 30th birthday will lose yet more opportunities to start a family life, if an elite group of men will avoid them, refusing to start any relationships with them.

Under this pressure of all sides, plus promise of wide critical benefits, more than certainly will European women change their perspective and behavior, and later, inspired by leading public figures, they will voluntarily and easily convert to Islam, as for any atheist, recognizing and acknowledging of Allah as the only God and prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as His messenger is the most easy task to execute, and no assistance, acceptance or approving from other persons is necessary.

This is a highly attractive feature that Islam learns people: that no individual has to be dependent on others, if the first entity in his or her life is Allah and His will, and only then follow all others, including family, spouses etc. And this is the real independence, that was promised to Western women, but they could never free themselves from chains of seeking acceptance of others, and thus reinforcing their many insecurities.

Now, if a person submits to Allah for life, all persons in the world become only second in importance for any believer: there is no need to establish the first place, as there is always only Allah, the creator of all humans, animals, life and things.

“The Superior Woman” promises a new, different and improved version of independence, self-respect and dignity for women, liberating them from oppression and pressure from their families, partners, friends etc. Only with assistance of Allah, the real personality and firm character can be established, otherwise a woman will always look for protection by weak persons in her vicinity, which will disappoint her too many times in life, misusing her insecurity and eternal search for protection and acceptance.

Under his changed conditions and perception, a new woman, fully balanced, can finally find her destiny in life, including her love life and professional life. And for this achievement, recognizing Islam and Allah as leading forces in the world, not the worldly society and law, is a guaranteed way to desired freedom.

As Saudi Arabia is one of the new leaders of the world affairs, “The Superior Woman” is one of the most attractive export articles from the Middle East, bringing only good things to the West, in effort of correcting the current negative perception of wahhabism as a potential threat to Western society. But this way, Saudi Arabia can export their beliefs, packaged in attractive wrapping, in order to achieve wide acceptance and respect to their values.

Rumored executive assets:

Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel

Alexandra Pianka

Marketa Maryam Korinkova
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Fashion Model Czech Dubai UAE Islam Muslim Affair 12c - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Martina Gavriely
Martina Gavriely Playboy - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs 

Monika Maresova (see Under The Black Flag)
Monika Maresova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

Eman Ghaleb
(future leader of the Czech Islamic community, Yemen/Teplice. Recently acquired the Czech citizenship, so she can participate at the Czech political life, including right to vote, and be elected)
Eman Ghaleb Yemen Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs 3

Confirmed managerial asset:
Alison Doody
(responsible for overall SUWO operations worldwide)

Participating fashion brand:
Woman’s Destiny

Media Support:
NUSHI Fashion Magazine For New Woman

Women of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise Of Matriarchy

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