The Truth About Middle East – Exclusive VIP series

The Middle East is the critical region for the future of mankind: including future of your own, that you care about so much.

The situation there is extremely complicated, and it’s becoming yet more complex, every day, far beyond any ability to understand.

Nobody expected such development. But it’s happening, and we need to make the most of it. But it needs understanding, good insights. And to get them, you need an information that is not to be found anywhere.

It all begun with my latest book “The End of Girl’s Dreams” (CZ), where an unprecedented study of the region, people and relations was published… and I decided to continue yet further.

End of Girl's Dreams by Alan Svejk VIP Affairs H

Using the most ingenious means of gathering information, including personal high-risk covert missions in Syria in hot combat zones, under weak and insecure journalistic cover, the mission is:

– Discovering secrets about their lands that even majority of Arabs and Israelis don’t know, including special measures of cultural warfare

– Realistic predictions of future events and actual trends, including upcoming changes in European Affairs, and how to make the most of immigration wave from Syria

– Deep analyses of whole Middle Eastern Affairs, including the overlooked but critically important

– High accent on Persian Gulf countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. How do they influence the future of the world?

– Details about possible future deployment of Czech Special Forces in Syria

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with key people for the Middle East: the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russian president Vladimir Putin (about Russian military intervention in Syria), His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates, about sustainable development of the region), high-ranked officers of Free Syrian Army, further less known but important players in Syrian conflict, a high-positioned member of Israeli Intelligence community, Turkish and Kurdish representatives, and the most unique: interview with a deputy commander of ruthless Islamic State, representing a global security threat, who reveals the bold plans of the terrorists to conquer the world, and much more interesting insights.

– Unique behind the scenes details of EXFOR Middle Eastern operations and first massive application of PSY weapons in the history of warfare.

– FUTURE OF THE WORLD WILL BE SHAPED AT THE MIDDLE EAST, and you can gain access to unseen details of this historically unique and ultimate change that will alter lives of us all

– Protect your family and your future by knowing the unknown, to be prepared and able to use related opportunities

Limited availability, only for subscribers. This special and worldwide unique operation in pursue for the most exclusive materials is extremely costly: to get into the right places, to provide necessary security cover in hot combat zones, to be able to get through hostile territories safely and persuade the right people to get the critical information, it needs a lot of money. Thus, the subscription is paid: the price is 5000 USD for a subscription.

Written by Alan Svejk, Czech Presidential Candidate 2018

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