The Union of Beauticians

Although it was mentioned earlier, that the social elite of Western world are fashion models, the female elite can be found elsewhere: between beauticians.

These women represent the purest breed of feminity. They serve and help others to be beautiful, and their efforts are comparable to nurses, as the beauty is a critical quality for any woman, it’s written deep in her genes.

The beauticians are the most attractive females which ever existed in the world since the ancient times. They are balanced, stable, traditional, and marrying them can’t ever be a mistake. For any man, a beautician is the most suitable bride, promising a fulfilling, sustainable future, because these women care, and they can take care.

They take care of others – and they live for their families, keeping the eternal warmth of house fire, so everybody feels like paradise there. Raising children in this blessed environment will be the most precious gift the kids can receive.

The personalities of beauticians are simply special, and instead of promoting useless intellect and the overanalyzing Mind, they simply take care, they help others, it’s their mission. They are careful, sensitive, soft, kind, loving, caring. Yes, they are almost the only real females who remain in the Western world. And this is the quality that should be deeply appreciated, and these women widely respected by the public.

That is the reason why I, as a Czech presidential candidate 2018, decided to support The Union of Czech Beauticians (“Unie Kosmetiček” in Czech language) as widely as possible. I would like to marry one of them, for my own sustainable future.

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Alan Svejk