The Watchtower of Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is the future of the Europe, and the Turkish society and culture are the most shining examples, how any state should work, implementing the holy Islamic values, beneficial for the mankind in all senses, anywhere.

It’s Allah who rules there wisely, worshipped by devoted masses of Muslims, and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan executes His commands the most obediently, so the president is admired and loved by the Turkish people, and appreciated by many others abroad. All crises are resolved, and the unity of Turkey is maintained, at all costs and sacrifices.

However, there are certain challenges for the Turkish state: the Kurdish question, and most importantly, the treacherous traitors from FETÖ, a malicious terrorist organization of Gülenists, working as a clandestine sect and directed from abroad, who wants to disrupt the Turkish way to sustainable future and happiness for all of their citizens, and more than 3 million of guests, the refugees from Syria and elsewehere, who were given a new chance by the generous state of Turkey, to find safety from all wars and a new life.

Europeans, watch southeast attentively, and believe, that from this direction, your hope is coming. Turkey is the only chance for the collapsing, weakened Europe, infested with poisonous alcohol, filthy pork, unclean adultery, and harmful social engineering projects against the nature and rational mind.

Europe needs Turkey, and she should beg Turkey to enter the EU, instead of playing a dirty game with the powerful neighbor for more than 50 years, when the membership was promised falsely, and delayed with thousands of excuses and fake reasons by the treacherous, corrupted European politicians.

But the Almighty Allah knows, when the best time for everything is. A deeper connection of Europe and Turkey is inevitable: for the benefit of both sides.

Praised be Allah, President Erdoğan and the Turkish people!

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Alan Svejk