The Will of Allah

“Whatever happens in life, bad or good… it was the will of Allah.”

Islam is a complete and perfected religion and the way of life, and this beautiful perfection, and the ultimate wisdom and love of Allah, who created it for us, can be recognized by countless small details, known to all believers, followers and servants of Allah, making their lives much simpler, easier, and thus pleasant and more enjoyable.

In the life of infidels, non-believers, living in the decadent Western postmodern society, all incoming events are to be thoroughly analyzed, and judged, whether these are good or bad, and this process is neverending and exhausting, as life brings changes every day, almost any minute, which results in constant changes of moods of kaffirs, up and down, and their eternal distraction.

No wonder, that many infidels are spending their whole life, thinking like “what if?” – what if this or that happened differently? Why did they this to him or her? Why this had to happen to him or her?

And all these thoughts result in unhappiness, and eternal complaining, as the egos of infidels are full of desire, how the things in life should be exactly, and if these wishes are not fulfilled, anger and disappointment comes, which is usually solved by consuming alcohol, commiting sins, succumbing to temptations, which should help to overcome the endless flow of bad feelings, remorses and regrets.

Unlike those eternally unhappy infidel fools, life of a Muslim is much more smooth and easy.

Anything happens, the only thing you have to do is to remember, that it was the will of Allah, as He created this world, and you. It’s Him who has full control of you, His servant and slave, and it makes no sense to complain, on the contrary: Allah knows the best, what is good for you, so anything comes, it’s a hidden blessing of Allah, and nothing more is there to add, so you can save the bad feelings and energy for doing good deeds, to make the world better, to worship Him.

In the practice of life, this change of thinking brings immense advantages, peace, and perceiving the life events as good, because Allah created you with love, and He has certain particular intention with you, leading you on the Straight Path, exactly to a place where your destiny lies – not where you dream to be, as your ego must mean nothing, if you are submitted to Allah, surrendering to His will.

Muslims then never forget to comment the events and news, and they do it automatically, without too much thinking: if they want to plan something for the future time, like a meeting, getting a new job, finishing a school, they never forget to add “Inshallah”, or “with the permission of Allah”, expressing their full acceptation of the fact, that it depends fully on the will of Allah, whether the plan or dream will be fulfilled, not on their wishes and promises.

Likewise, if some news come, preferably good ones of course, Muslims never forget to comment them with “Mashallah”, meaning, that “it was the will of Allah”, expressing again, that it was Allah, who created the event or miracle, not humans or coincidence.

Furthermore, every moment, there is a good opportunity to praise and thank Allah, for His wisdom and everything He does for you, which is made by saying “Alhamdulillah”, or “Praise be to Allah”.

Indeed, there is no other entity in the world, which is worth of saying such a thing: only Allah. And this is the reason, why the Muslims bow only in front of their sole master, and nobody else.

Only He should be thanked and appraised for everything you have. Not your wife or husband, who can make you happy, not your kids or parents.

Allah is above them all – you can lose all of them, all property, achievements and dreams, even health and life, but you can’t lose Him, otherwise you are lost in life.

Whenever you put any other entity before Allah, bad things will start to happen, as you will lose the right orientation in life.

You will be punished, you will suffer, but on the other hand, He is ever forgiving, ever accepting repentance. So take your lesson and remember, that submission to Allah is everything you need to do and to have in life, and you are the property of Allah anyway. Submit to Him, and it will make you free of all dependence on people, things or statuses.

Whereas the infidels need many things to be happy: money, house, love, friends, good job, success, admiration… for any Muslim, just to be under the wise command of Allah is an eternal source of happiness and faith in good ends of all affairs, which Allah will decide Himself, and only a Muslim is free of all burdens and dependence on things or other human beings, to make good decisions, whereas the dumb infidel sheep are heading to mistakes and tragedies (see The American Islam).

Oh, Allah: there is no one like You, and only You we worship, because you make us the best people we can be.

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Alan Svejk