The Wish Granter

The current Western society relies on The Mind too much. It seems, that according to this postmodern ideology, the process of thinking and analyzing is a basic foundation of (successful?) life. They learn you to think about everything in life, avoiding your basic instincts, your real, almost animal nature, because you arose from the Mother Nature.

This approach has serious consequences. The power of mind is overestimated, and it brings much insecurity into your life. How can be your secret wishes fulfilled, using the mind? The result is only dreaming, out of reality. You live outside the reality, and the real life escapes you, as you escape it.

The foundation of The Corporation’s success was to avoid mind from the creative and decisive process. Instead of too much intellectual accent, we simply followed our instincts, and yours as well. For example, if we want to create a product for you, as our customer, without any doubt, we have to satisfy your needs. But we just went much further: to find an effective way to fulfill even your most secret dreams.

But this achievement can’t be realized by mind, by reading some clever articles. So, some hardware had to be brought into the game: and our “Wish Granter” is an ultimate invention, but still affordable, with clear and wide , even ultimate benefits for its owner.

The special alloy we developed together with the Military was already introduced, and it was also mentioned, that this material was necessary to manufacture The Device, the first operational prototype of time displacement equipment in human history. The basic demand was to have something extremely conductive, allowing data transfer at incredible speeds. But this special alloy has more use, than just in the branch of pure technology.

“The Wish Granter” is simply a small black fashionable object of pyramid shape, which looks like made from obsidian glass, but in reality, it’s a complex electronic device, containing three months supply of bioelectric energy for any human being. Using this device daily, or whenever needed, everybody can obtatin a valuable reservoir of necessary life energy, transferable simply by touch, but the connection and transfer goes through both sides.

You drain energy from The Wish Granter, and concurrently, your body signals the device your mood and feelings. The device is able to collect them via its advanced sensors, and the biochip, built inside, can analyze them with unseen precision. It’s a learning machine, with simple mission: to know you as nobody else, to understand you, to be there for you, always.

This way, you receive exactly the amount of energy your body needs. But it’s not only about energy: this energy is also modified, to fulfill your current desire. This way, your desire can be fulfilled almost instantly, plus your feelings of void and emptiness can be resolved, by delivering you what you miss, even if you can’t say what it is. But your body knows that, and The Wish Granter knows that too, as it was made to understand human feelings.

Inside our special alloy - Biochip can be seen

Inside our special alloy – Biochip can be seen

It could be said, that The Wish Granter is a miniature, a simplified version of full size Device. It brings a revolution into the personal welfare technology, because The Corporation is always ahead in satisfying the needs of our customers.

For just 100.000 EUR, you can find an ultimate power source for your body. Except the food, water and vitamins you need, the bio energy is also necessary, and if you are exhausted, by extremely high demands of common modern life, because The Mind drains energy from you ruthlessly, you need a way to get this desirable natural status back. In that moment, you are complete, full and able to fulfill your dreams yourself, with just a little help from our special technology.

The bio energy is made from a clean power source, our hydrogen fuse reactors, located at The Facility. This is a guarantee that this process is sustainable for the environment, and remember: you can obtain the same kind of energy as The Device uses for its special missions!

Available in limited edition in our flag boutique at Getraidegasse in Salzburg, Austria since Winter 2015. Packed in black matte box with carbon and titanium decorations, with detailed brochure about The Wish Granter’s development history and operational use, with high collector’s value.

Alan Svejk