Wu Corporation – Internal Affairs (IA) Department

Handles all executive operations of Wu Corporation:
– CounterIntelligence (protecting corporate, industrial and trade secrets of Wu Corp., by preventing enemy Intelligence assets from infiltration of Wu)
– Active Measures (incl. forgery, orchestrating fake events, assassinations)
– Executes background checks and screening on assets, employees, operators, symphatizers, enemies, persons of interests, incl. digging dirty laundry in publicly inacessible Intelligence databases of any state, to provide unique ability to get control on any person, for purposes of extortion, bribery, social or physical liquidation
– Approximately half of the IA assets has previous Police, Intelligence service or Military employment history, including elite counter-terrorist units, Rapid Intervention Teams (SWAT) and Special Forces
– IA provides assets for VIP Executive Protection Unit and EXFOR Paramilitary SPECOPS
– IA assets have to file very extensive “Advanced Questionnaire”, much complex version of Basic edition

Wu Corporation: Wu Structure


Alan Svejk