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Disturbing historical symbol of weakness and defeat of Muslims, which Allah allowed, it’s was His will, when seeing their arrogance, feebleness and corruption… which continues even today.
Damned place of greatest humiliation of Islam and Muslims in the world history… eternal memory of bad choices, which created destiny of many upcoming Islamic generations, an eternal stain, which is hard to be rectified.
Alhambra Palace: cursed Islamic wonder of the world, whose arrogance insulted Allah, now used by infidels to insult Islam yet more, after they seized it in 1492, the worst year for Islamic history.

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1) The Old History
2) Symbol of Defeat
3) The Money Question
4) The First Impression

5) The Alhambra
6) The Albayzin
7) Isabel: Christian Bitch
8) Christian Infection
9) The Grand Mosque (Mezquita)
10) Hotel Alhambra Palace

11) The Jews
12) The Summary

The Old History

Since the initial invasion of Spain in 711, until the fateful year 1492, there was a flourishing Islamic land in Europe, called Al-Andalus, nowadays Andalusia (meaning the southern part of Spain). It all started with war and conquest, but through time, the wealth, luxury, convenience, bitches and pleasant climate corrupted these Muslims, so they became weak and tamed, becoming artists, doctors, scientists, instead of warriors, neglecting their military duties, mingling with infidel Christians too much, going against strict orders of Allah, written in Qur’an, not to take unbelievers as friends… and this behavior angered Allah.

And internal strifes, conflict and endless civil wars, backed and sponsored by Christian enemies deliberately, led this shining land to slow disintegration, and final defeat, destruction, annihilation, and humiliation of Muslims.

Once, the Islamic Caliphate occupied almost the whole Iberian peninsula, including Portugal, even trying to expand into France… but through time, the Christians steadily expanded their territory from the North… it was a big mistake, not to crush them completely, before continuing the conquest towards France, which turned unsuccessful. Fatal mistake of Muslims indeed.

In 1236, when Cordoba, the original center of Al-Andalus, was conquered by Christian forces, after the Caliphate fell apart into small “taifas”, easy to be conquered one by one, by infidels from the North… it was only a matter of time, since even the last Emirate of Granada, occupying the southern part of Spain, will fall.

Still, the last Emirate was able to hold for next 255 years, as even the Christians were not united, and the wealthy Emirate of Granada, protected by mountains and natural obstacles, plus using ingenious diplomacy, like paying the yearly tribute in gold to infidels, was simply not optimal target for easy conquest… such war would be long, exhausting and expensive.

All changed in 1469, when a critically dangerous union was established, by marriage between Isabella I of Castille, and Ferdinand II of Aragon… the weak Muslims didn’t break this union, and the final fall became inevitable, as Isabella I, a fanatic Catholic bitch, was devoted to exterminate Islam from Spain and Europe once and forever, backed in her aggressive effort by Vatican, which even considered launching a Crusade against Granada.

In 1482, the final Granada War started, by a raid of Muslim forces into the Christian town of Zahara… these raids were common from both sides of the unstable and dangerous border, but this particular move became casus belli, reason for declaring full-scale war.

The Christians had wide support from all Europe, willing to exterminate Muslims from its territory, whereas support from North Africa for Granada was limited, as the Maghreb countries were exhausted by endless civil wars too, meaning, that there was not enough men, to become soldiers, let alone to be sent into Al-Andalus, over the sea… moreover, Granada was in fact a commercial competitor of Maghreb, raising much envy and jealousy, because of their wealth… indeed, the Ummah became divided, and Granada became isolated, both politically and geographically.

Between 1482 and 1491, the final Granada War was fought, and the last Emirate, suffering with another civil war, animosity between father, son and uncle, changing on the throne, had its fate sealed, as Christians supported all three sides against each other cleverly, playing friends with them all, sending them against each other, supporting them even with troops, weaponry, money and sexy bitches, so they could crush each other… and the weakened Emirate, fighting both external and internal enemies, will be easily conquered in the end.

After Malaga, a critical port for link with North Africa, fell in 1487, as the relieving army from Granada never arrived, as the traitor son forced them to turn back, when he launched another insurgency in the city, the war was decided, together with Christian wide use of artillery, making sieges of walled cities easier, and plundering the land deliberately, using brutal scorched earth tactics, to make sure, that defenders will have no support from the countryside anymore.

By conquest, treason or bribery, one city after another fell into Christian grasp, until the sole Granada remained.

In April 1491, the Christians started their final siege. They even established a new city near Granada, called Santa Fe (=The Sacred Faith), to provide them a stable base of operations, for the final assault.

In November 1491, with citizens of Granada starving to death, and no help from Africa or Turkey coming, despite of desperate pleas of the last sultan, the Treaty of Granada was signed, meaning annexation of former Granada Emirate into the Spanish Kingdom.

On January 2, 1492, indeed the most terrible date for Muslims, the Christians entered Granada festively, desecrating the city with crosses of their deviant religion immediately, including Alhambra.

This was the beginning of the end of Islam in Spain: although Christians promised religious tolerance, the Muslim elites relocated into North Africa, so the Islamic society was weakened, and in 1499, the mass conversion of Muslims to Christianity started, and there was no one to stop it.

The Muslims, probably after Christian provocation, launched their futile rebellion in Alpujarras mountains, only to be accused of breaking the Treaty of Granada, losing all rights, and they got the final choice: death/slavery, conversion to Christianity, or expulsion, which was made difficult for them deliberately, as they were used as a cheap labor force… and they allowed even this humiliation.

After 1501, all Granada became nominally Christian, Arabic books burned, mosques were destroyed, churches built instead of them. Any open practice of Islam forbidden.

In 1526, even Arabic language, names and customs was banned, but using bribery, the Muslims were able to postpone the effect of this order for forty years.

However, in 1567, it was made clear, that there will be no further delays and concessions anymore with this executive order. As their swan song, the Muslims, now called Moriscos, launched their final rebellion, led by Aben Humeya, again in Alpujarras, suitable for guerilla warfare, only to be defeated again, crushed violently, many of their women and children killed in massacres.

Between 1609-1613, majority of Moriscos were expelled, and Islam apparently disappeared from Spain.

Only to return in 20th and 21st century… in large, when immigration skyrocketed, and new mosques were built, after 500 years of shame and suppression.

Symbol of Defeat

Every year, allegedly more than 3 million people from all over the world come to Granada, Spain, to visit Alhambra Palace, the Islamic wonder of the world, its unique architecture, its significance of Islamic cultural heritage of Iberian peninsula.

But this tourist attraction is not established for promotion of Islam: more the Spanish infidel government repairs Alhambra, it’s only from two reasons: to make huge income from tourism, and to show the world, which advanced, flourishing civilization were the Spanish infidels able to defeat…

This is the reason, why the Islamic historical landmarks of Granada were quite well preserved, unlike in Portugal: to remind, what happened here, for upcoming centuries to come… and ironically, it was only the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte, which executed systematic destruction of the Islamic monuments, using explosives.

But the Christians just covered Granada with crosses, flooded it with churches… so the defeat will be well seen everywhere, and anybody visits Granada, will know about their big victory, and great blow to Islam.

The Money Question

Granada is in fact a small hole, there is nothing much to see… and still, it’s a fat cow, providing sweet milk of gold for Spanish government, the region of Andalusia and city of Granada, plus many entities, living from tourism: restaurants, hotels, merchants, and also various rats.

The greatest source of income is of course Alhambra itself: with not so modest entrance fee of 15,40 EUR for complete visit, if 3 million people yearly would pay this fee… it means 46 millions of EUR yearly here, like a clockwork… and Muslims don’t have a single coin from this royal income, although it was their money, their taxes, which allowed this corrupted wonder to be built, with immense costs.

This situation is shameful, and ignorant, passive Muslims, still weak and feeble, make no effort to receive righteous share from this money.

The First Impression

During Summer months, Granada is extremely hot, it’s a scorcher there literally, reminding hell: the temperatures commonly climb to 47 degrees of Celsius, reminding the Middle East.

In combination with very hilly terrain in the city, regarding historical landmarks and Albayzin quarter, this kind of tourism and vacation doesn’t seem too healthy, convenient or pleasant.

Still, foolish tourists come in masses in Summer, receiving brutal doses of UV rays, destroying their knees and legs on very uneven “medieval” cobblestones, used to cover many streets… indeed, legs suffer here greatly, and maybe it’s another way of Spanish rats, how to humiliate people, as the Christian quarter has nice even surfaces, pleasant for walking… only there is nothing much to see, and beggars are operating there widely.

The city itself can be divided into several parts: general modern Granada, quite large, which is hardly attractive for tourists, Albayzin (the Arabic or “Moorish” quarter), and Alhambra (plus its adjacent quarter, copying the visual style of Albayzin, although built later).

There is a lot of preserved Islamic monuments everywhere, including walls, ramparts, gates… but who knows, what is original, and what is (re)built for tourism. One can’t trust these Spanish rats, who do just anything for more money from tourism… even the allegedly Arabic homes of Albayzin are just 200 years old at maximum, and every second building in Granada makes false claim, that it’s “a renovated palace from Nasrid epoch”… dumb tourists love such PR lies!

The Alhambra

Every fool approaches this big arrogant bitch with greatest expectations, as massaged from all the tourist guides properly… but what is the reality?

So called Nasrid Palaces, the quarters of Moorish sultans, where all the sexy photos are coming from, and where the Christian bitches Isabel and Ferdinand entered, when the Emirate fell… these are overcrowded, blocked by standing tourist groups with guides, the access is strictly limited there, you have to enter them at exactly specified time, otherwise your ticket into this part of Alhambra is voided…

And except millions of repeating ornaments on walls, with the motto of Emirate of Granada, “There is No Victor Except Allah”… it all seems as an inflated bubble… not speaking about access to “Courtyard of Lions” with the famous fountain, which you can pass only by the walls, not allowed to appreciate it closely.

Ironically, the Christian “addition” of Alhambra, the Charles V palace, built in Renaissance style, which has interesting round courtyard, seems much more beautiful and balanced, unlike rough medieval shapes of Islamic Alhambra. Moreover, this palace hold all the museums, memorabilia and treasures inside, it’s calm and peaceful, as many tourists don’t come there… again, the Spanish rats know well, how to humiliate Islam, and to promote their deviated religion, their own legacy.

They even installed a big bell on the highest point of Alhambra, the Alcazaba, a military fortress… probably to celebrate their victory daily… together with Spanish, EU and Andalusian flags.

Second most beautiful part of Alhambra is definitely the Generalife gardens, where the Sultan’s bitch had her romantic living quarters, and he probably came there, to fuck her properly, to fill her with his sperm, to show his superiority over the sexy bitch.

Unfortunately, the Spanish bitches allow only limited access into the romantic Generalife pavilions… still, the gardens are really nice.

It takes some four hours to see all of Alhambra, and you may notice heavily armed guards of Securitas private security agency, even equipped with assault dogs… to humiliate Muslims again, as one canine patrol with a German Shepherd stands just in front of entry into Nasrid palaces, at the security control point, so even Muslims from Persian Gulf need to meet this unclean terrible animal, and very closely, on their way to the palaces.

Another way, how to humiliate Muslims, who came here to admire the heritage of their ancestors… unfortunately, now held by Christian bitches, at least temporarily, until the Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) will rise.

The Albayzin

All tourist guides are admiring this “Arabic” quarter, but the reality is much less romantic, even bothering.

Those streets are so narrow, crowded, blocked by exhibited merchandise of Moroccan merchants, who stand in front of their shops the whole days, and it all leads into quite steep hill, which makes anybody sweating widely.

Orientation in Albayzin is very difficult, not speaking about mentioned suffering knees and legs, particularly on the way down.

The Albayzin is hardly Muslim nowadays: it lives from tourism, and it’s full of drugs and drug dealers (smell of weed is everywhere in Albayzin), bars full of drunk people, running dogs and stoned hippies, playing guitars for money, arrogant artists from all over Europe… plus Muslims, who sell their junk food (kebabs are everywhere) and junk merchandise to dumb tourists, probably to support their families at Morocco, or even such causes of higher interest, like resistance of Gaza against Israeli oppression.

But there is also clever omnipresent Chinese, running supermarkets, open until midnight, or even until two in the morning, where all fools can buy something good to eat or drink, particularly famous local Alhambra beer.

Albayzin is full of Christian churches, so the Spanish rats can show, which religion rules here… but there also two mosques, described later.

Isabel: The Christan Bitch

Many Muslims hate this slut, Isabel I of Castile, who led the crusade against the Emirate of Granada, and Ummah… and she was allowed to win, as Allah wanted to punish Muslims for their sins.

She has a square in the center of Granada, where she has a big statue, sitting on the throne, and her male advisor is sitting by her legs… humiliation even for men.

Moreover, this slut gave her permission to Christopher Columbus, to take his famous “Indian” voyage, where America was discovered… this is the reason, why hundreds of millions of people of the world speak Spanish, almost the whole South America, and it also made Spanish Empire so powerful and wealthy. Where is all the money today?

The final meeting between Isabel and Columbus, where he got the green light, took place in recently conquered Alhambra, in April 1492… the world history was written here, as if the Emirate wouldn’t be defeated, there would be no voyage, and maybe even no America.

Christian Infection

As soon as Emirate of Granada fell, the Christians did just anything to cover the Islamic Granada with the symbols and signs of their deviated religion of Shirk (=association of other alleged deities to Allah).

Churches and similar Christian “decor” is everywhere… but it’s all empty and deserted. The church bells report time, but no one cares… faith is weak in Granada indeed.

Even Albayzin was heavily hit by this church infection: at Mirador San Nicholas, a perfect viewpoint, facing the Alhambra, which is just on the other side of the ridge, there is a huge church, now under repairs… and there is also a big Christian cross at the viewpoint, so Christians can show you, who rules here… but in practice, the base of the cross is occupied by an illegal merchant of some cheap bracelets, selling them to masses of tourists, visiting the Mirador.

But all this situation is only temporary, as Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), the legal successor of Emirate of Granada, is standing from ashes.

The Grand Mosque (Mezquita)

It took twenty years of effort, as resistance of locals was extreme, but a mosque was built at San Nicholas hilltop in 2003, a breaking point at the history of Islam in Granada.

This mosque was constructed by Spanish Muslim converts, using money from Persian Gulf, and it gives her a very special status.

There are two mosques in the city: the “Morroccan” Taqwah mosque, located downstairs in Albayzin, which is closed now, as complex reconstruction works are running there.

The Grand mosque is located just perfectly, facing the Alhambra at the other side of the ridge, where the stream of Carrera Del Darro flows… just besides the aforementioned huge Christian church.

“So close, and still so far away”… the local Muslims make no effort to conquer Alhambra back from infidel hrasp. They pray, they do their (tourist) business, they fuck their women… and poor Alhambra still awaits her final liberation.

The mosque is quite small, although called “grande”… but it has beautiful calming garden with great view of Alhambra, and many infidel tourist fools enter this garden, not realizing, that they are in fact inside a mosque area.

Inside, there is a copy of Cordoba’s mihrab (=a niche in the wall, facing qibla direction, towards Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the spiritual centre of Earth)… and Cordoba is another very painful historical lesson for Muslims, as the Christian rats built their church just inside the Grand Cordoba Mosque, desecrating it completely, and even nowadays the Muslims are not allowed to pray there.

The mosque’s atmosphere is questionable: many Muslim tourists are coming here, but the locals seem very passive in highest interests of Islam, even the Imams, leading the prayer… sometimes it seems, that it even bothers them. There is no enthusiasm… even the carpet is dirty, not well cleaned

The mosque has no Qur’an in English language or at least Arabic transcript available, so without advanced knowledge of Arabic, visitor fools can’t participate at group Qur’an reciting, taking place between Monday and Friday, after evening Maghrib prayer.

Also, the mosque doesn’t provide sufficient amount of Islamic dresses (jubbah) for Muslim tourists, who come in short trousers and generally unsuitable attire, but willing to pray there, to worship Allah.

Overall impression is rather disappointment… poor Alhrambra will be hardly reconquered by these weak, passive, indifferent Muslims… only their women promote Islam, by wearing hijabs in public.

Still, when this mosque was built, it changed history. It only doesn’t fulfill its full potential… of Islamic revolution.

Hotel Alhambra Palace

Who knows, what ingenious Islamic conspirator asserted the construction of this immense fitnah, just besides the Alhambra palace’s walls and park, to create a “competition”?

It’s huge, it’s a dominant, it’s illuminated during the night, and many tourist fools even think, that this hotel is the Alhambra itself.

But at least some good news for Islam in Granada… why should poor sick Alhambra, ruled and controlled by Christian infidels, who stole it from Muslims, who desecrated it with their church and bells, dominate the city?

The whole quarter is under control of Alhambra Palace, probably owned by some devoted Muslims from the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait… indeed, they are doing more for Islam, than anyone else.

The Jews

Granada is not only Islamic and Christian… even the omnipresent Jews had a certain historical role here, and it must be reminded, that they were the first religious group, expelled from Spain, or forced to religious conversion, immediately after the Reconquista was finished (=fall of Granada Emirate), by so called Alhambra Decree (issued in Spring 1492, by that bitch Isabella I).

Why such a radical move? Probably because of Jewish wealth, money… the overall Jewish persecution in Europe is definitely connected with very simple reason, and it’s Jewish gold.

Those Jews are certainly capable businessmen and merchants, it brings them fortune, so many rats hate them, envy them, because of their money, their successful businesses.. and it’s the easiest way, how to damage your enemy or competitor, by calling them subversive elements, which need to be expelled, or liquidated, as money means power and influence.

At the beginning of any war, any conflict, any crime, any persecution of any group, any person… there is often only money, nothing else, except love, in some cases.

Anyway, Spanish kingdom feels, that it owes to the Jews, because of this brutal expulsion and immense theft, so the ancestors of the Spanish Jews were offered the Spanish citizenship, raising demands of Muslims (Moriscos) for similar concession.

The Summary

1) The Spanish kingdom, Junta de Andalucia and the organization, managing the Alhambra, must be persuaded to share the proceeds from Alhambra entrance fees with Muslims, and not less than 1/3, using intricate legal warfare (Legal Jihad, or Lawfare)

2) Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), the legal successor of Emirate of Granada, must be officially declared, and to take control of Granada and Alhambra

3) Alhambra Palace, when regained from infidels, should be demolished, stripped of ornaments, or changed to a hospital, or other useful object of public welfare, not a place of worship of corrupted rulers, who built it, angering Allah with their arrogance.

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