Truth About Men: King of Yesterday

The infidel fools really suffer in all senses, men and women alike. They are alone, cursed, weak and destroyed without ultimate guidance and protection of Allah, and their alleged decadent Western freedom consumes them alive, their minds can’t stop thinking about yesterday, about all what is lost, about favor of women who disappeared into another man’s embrace, leaving the fool in pain, unable to stop looking into rear mirror, to hunt what will never return: chances, choices and time, youth.

There is not better symbol of this neverending sad tale, than a song from repuated Spanish music group OBK, “Tu Sigue Asi” (Keep On Like That). Although this decadent music is strongly un-Islamic, it’s good even for a believer, to remind for thousand times, what ultimately precious he has, in comparison with those infidel miserable fools, who are too dumb to miss their chance for salvation, by submitting to Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, to discover real freedom and peace in life.

This song and impressive music video was made in 2000, but it’s fascinating even today: the visual style, the fast seducing pace of the song, the cut, quite graphic content, including naked bodies, and particularly Angel Andres, a Spanish male fashion model, playing the main role with persuasion, chosen for the part just perfectly, leaving deep impression and emotion, and making the song literally alive, raising desire in women and jealousy in men, as he is really handsome in general sense, even out of common human league.

In the music video, the main protagonist uses a powerful ingredient, his own past, to create a perfect vision of himself (=Angel Andres), so he is able to catch naive female sluts in a club into his nets, having sex with them like mad, to heal his inner pain and emptiness. But in reality, he looks like an old man, as a Polaroid picture proves, and in the song, he is challenged by OBK singer, Jordi Sanchez, to “end” this circus, and after he realizes his own foolishness and becomes disgusted of himself, he does “end” the comedy of his life indeed, by very unexpected, shocking and fatal way.

Let’s hope, that it was only a symbolic parable, the man found himself eventually, and changed his life positively… but there is only one real way for this ultimate achievement, to accept the wise leadership of Allah, and become a follower of Islam, the only perfected and complete religion of peace.

But men would give anything, to look like Andres Angel. Indeed, when he comes into a club, handsome, well-dressed, with perfect hairstyle and outfit, no wonder, that he catches all the attention naturally, and all the women around are willing to sleep with him, although he makes a poor principal choice in the end, no female fashion model, although other women are of acceptable quality… but that woman with short hair quite ruins the clip, same as the yellow car, which got old seriously, after that 16 years. However, maybe it was a purpose, to show, that if you are a loser, even owning Angel’s face and body, you will end with some B-class woman, as your own complexes and low self-esteem prevents your access to real “A” elite class.

estrogen-mafia-conspiracy-female-woman-weak-male-man-empowerment-social-engineering-media-fraud-publicity-ovulation-pheromone-h2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, this time, it’s not about women, like Estrogen Mafia. Here, the man decided his fate, or at least he did in 2000, when it was another time, and also women were different… indeed, they changed to something very questionable later, with all that social engineering madness, backed by completely mad females. But here, he is the entity, who decides his fate, who makes his choice, who decides his stance to the world, regardless how miserable.

It’s definitely something positive, it shows a real manhood, for a change, where women are only objects, not subject, which you worship and you are submitted to them, as you are weak, and you hope to use their power to save you from your weaknesses, curse and misery. Indeed, the world of genders is strange today, but what can decadent Westerners do? They play the game, dictated by the society, and ruthless media, including music industry, under heavy Illuminati influence.

Maybe the clip serves as ruthless reminder, how the world used to be long time ago, but cell phones, porn, Internet, video games, social media, miserable mothers and expanding women empowerment made fools of men, weak losers like boys from Abby, too dependent on females, who rule them, as they simply prevailed in the decadent Western world, supported by Illuminati conspiracy, UFO or who knows.

Or maybe it was natural development of the society, a test of Allah, so men could prove themselves? But most of them failed terribly, and that is what the present world looks like: men became soft, even adapting female pattern of behaviors, and vice versa.

Only the obsession with speed remains, as the first scene of the clip (speed meter with blood) confirms, together with a quote from Antonin “Tonda” Bautz, once a reputated Czech bodybuilder, who ironically killed himself in a car in the end: “Life is a highway, and at its end, we will all crush and die. If I ride, then I want to sit in a proper car with a proper slut beside me.”

Angel Andres was born in 1975, aged 25 at the time of the shooting of the music video. It means, that he is 41 years old now, and one can see his own aging, as the man is still active in the fashion scene of New York, so many of his present pics are available. And it’s pretty devastating, to see, what he has lost, in comparison with his shining youth, because you can be young only once. But women are in much worse situation in this sense.

Still, aging is painful even for men, and to cope with it, and the past, seems like a critical quality to survive, and prevail in life, plus to resist female tests, which reveal real nature of your manhood ruthlessly.

Or to accept Allah, and He will take care of everything, just believe in Him and miracles will happen, because only in Islam, there are no losers in the corner. It’s your choice, fools.

And don’t forget: PHE-AA, an ultimate product from Wu Corporation, halts your aging by using advanced scientific methods and secret Eastern medical procedures, so you can be young and alive maybe forever, at least in dreams of your highly satisfied mistresses.

Truth About Men: Allah Is Real Manhood

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