Truth About Men: Woman In Red Brings Doom

Islam protects its believers against various forms of doom and damage in many forms. The ultimate protection in the only complete and perfected religion of peace is not only related to immense power of Almighty Allah and His angels, but also in the worldly sense, where the Islamic mindset, behavior and dress code prevents many bad things to happen.

Hijab, obligatory covering of hair and neck for woman, to hide her beauty in company of unrelated men, showing her modesty and obedience to Allah, serves to two purposes in sense of physical security and protection: first, the cover lowers natural male sexual aggression and eliminates risk of provocation to sexually-related attacks, just because a beautiful woman releases dark energy inside men around her, even unwillingly, thus jeopardizing the stability in the society and public order, not speaking about hijab as female physical symbol of Islam, making any attacker think twice about assaulting a Muslim woman, protected by Allah, by her family, particularly brothers, and whole Islamic community, Ummah, which can be, and will be ruthless in executing proper and strong retribution for assault or improper behavior towards their sister, as all Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other, so everybody can obtain quick and effective help from others members of the community.

But poor, miserable infidel males, who lack any protection, as they worship fake prophets and mere mortal women instead, will sooner or later get into unpleasant troubles, like following fool, who lost everything, just because of playing a good Samaritan and provider of shelter for fallen women.

Don’t Worship a Woman: Worship only Allah
Dont worship a woman only Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Or did he want to misuse her situation for his own welfare, or even artistic purposes? Because it’s hard to resist an easy prey, which literally falls into your grasp? Anyway, in the end, a woman in red brought him destruction. But maybe it was the will of Allah, to wake him up from his fake infidel dream.

The Infidel Dream
The Infidel Dream Islam Muslim Allah freedom peace destiny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

In the infidel society, allowing excessive freedom of relationships, including in sexual sense, you never own the complete favor, mind, heart and body of a woman, as there is always plenty of other male fools to choose from: easily, quickly and conveniently.

There is always some other fool standing behind her, lurking around her: particularly her ex-lovers, who left too deep marks inside her, still keeping certain magical power over her, or so called “male friends”, waiting patiently to misuse her weak moments or alcoholic intoxication to seduce her, as they feel deeply attracted to her, and you are only a temporary setback, as the fools are patient hunters, waiting for their prey nearby, always ready to grasp their chance for a “shot”, not regretting money, time, energy and effort, as they are obsessed… with her.

And infidel woman is weak: she will succumb, sooner or later, because she is not able and willing to be alone. She always needs to feel some male protection, to feel strong and balanced. She literally sucks energy from men, like a vampire with angelic face, the males are her drug and crutches, which is easy to obtain and easy to replace, particularly when she is still young and pretty.

Fashion Models Conspiracy: Illuminati Vampires With Angelic Faces Uncovered

And there will always be some fool, willing to lie down with her, so her opportunities persist, and she can still feel as a queen, even if her deadly competition, new female generations with fresh skin and flexible bodies, are coming in large, crushing her, her confidence, balance, and her old opportunities.

To have an “excuse”, to “justify” being “seducted” and to “succumb”, although she allegedly “not wanted”, she drinks, and alcohol makes an animal from her, whereas Allah is wise, forbidding consumation of such beverages to Muslims, so no fool can make such cheap excuses, regarding own behavior. In Islam, there is always full responsibility… but infidels want to escape their miserable lives all the time, thus using alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, spending money and many other temporary crutches.

Anyway, to let such an infidel, weak, unstable, unreliable, slut inside your home, can be risky endeavor indeed, fools.

Think twice before following your dark desires, disobeying Allah’s command, prohibiting extramarital sexual contacts, even too intimate proximity of genders! Allah always takes care of your welfare and protection, so those apparent limitations are not to oppose you, on the contrary, to protect you against Devil… which can have many forms, not excluding a woman, in red or other seductive dress.

He was a talented artist indeed, and he had to achieve some great success, as his vast spacious studio with enormously high ceiling, combined with apartment and decorated extensively with artistic pieces of high value, spoke for itself. Or he was possibly working for mysterious Illuminati, in their Arts division, as his king-size bed, which he used to execute pleasant intercourses with fashion models and female painters there, had an intimidating cover of massive triangle shape (=symbol of Illuminati)?

woman-in-red-bon-jovi-always-prince-romantic-illuminati-painter-artist-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsHe completed his artistic nature with his impressive looks, wearing long dark hair, to remind a romantic prince from girlish tales, not speaking about deep look of his dark eyes, persuading all sluts to succumb and spread their legs instantly. No bitch could resist, when he offered her, that he will paint her, that he will make her beauty and youth eternal, because sluts love to feel like a queen, the center of attention, moreover, if pampered with fizzy champagne.

Indeed, Western sluts are easy and cheap to get, so they are not a valuable trophy, rather risky, infested generously with STDs (=sexually transmitted diseases), but it’s not their fault, as they were originally created as perfect creations of Allah. It’s fault of corrupted Western infidel values they were persuaded to follow, and adapt as theirs own.

Still, there is a chance for those girls to get salvation and become the persons they were intended to be: to be a Muslim, to submit to Allah’s will fully, to leave all false prophets, lies and corruption.

But also men need salvation. The mentioned artist maybe too, so the following chain of events was maybe created by Allah, to lead the fool to his destiny, to realize, what will happen without Allah in his life.

woman-in-red-3-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSo, with the intervention of Allah, he found the woman in red on the stairs of the house, where his studio was located, and where he lived his dreams, where he created his arts, using talents, given from Allah. And the girl, she was so cute! So innocent, although she hadn’t forget to expose her breasts, because if you have it, you have to show it! She was so fragile, and so cold, covered only with a purple scarf! You wouldn’t resist neither, fool. It’s Allah who likes to test believers and punish infidels.

woman-in-red-10-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt’s not known, whether they knew each other before, or whether it was just an occasional meeting: anyway, he offered her his jacket at first, as she seemed lost and cold, sleeping there, maybe waiting for him, as the only possible savior in her complicated situation, and then, he invited her inside, to be a proper dumb Christian knight, to be a good man, who deserves reward from a bitch (=sexual intercourse, ability to ejaculate his questionable legacy inside her).

woman-in-red-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsShe was immensely impressed with his impressive studio, indicating, that she was never been there before, and they didn’t know each other indeed. But you know the rules of life, first impression is always critical, it can draw a thick line between success and failure in any endeavor, or social meeting. And women, they are not logical creatures, they are ruled rather by emotions and impressions, trusting in their instincts, to distinguish a leader from loser between males, thus willing to sleep with the subject, and take the risk of being impregnated, if there is a chance for material security, provided by particular man.

woman-in-red-4-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, he played his typical game on her, or even routine. Well chilled champagne and glasses in hands, irresistible offer to paint her, as she is allegedly the most inspiring girl he had ever seen… the drunk bitch challenged him, to undress his shirt, so he did, revealing his quite well built, muscular corpus, arousing her strongly, so in a moment, she followed in undressing as well, he didn’t have to beg or persuade her, like some fool, and all ended in bed, under that big Illuminati triangle… that had to be an intercourse of century, because a woman in red will always suprise you with her unique skills in the arts of love! And if she feels, that you are a leader, that you ride on the “band wagon”… man, she will show you some kamasutra, to persuade you to release the resources you possess… for her, and potential offspring, which can be conceived just this night!

woman-in-red-5-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIndeed, with the painter and his strong “Yang” male energy, the woman in red forgot, that the same day, she had another man: a fashion model fool, but completely another type, a blonde man with blue eyes, dream of all teenage bitches, who was unfaithful with her flat-mate, or sister, who knows, who that other bitch was. But she was willing to sleep with her neighbour, maybe to damage the woman in red, to assure herself of her own feminine qualities? Or to commit some vendetta against her? Indeed, relationships between bitches are very complicated sometimes.

It was that dumb video camera, who caused all troubles and changed fates of people. Those fools found it exciting, to film themselves, even during sex, not realizing, how dangerous the surveillance can be, as other persons can watch the records, causing various consequences.

So, when the woman in red was returning from some shopping, she saw her boyfriend in very delicate situation with her female friend. So, she ran away… and she found relief in other male’s embrace, not hesitating to sleep with him the first evening. That was quick! Was she so filthy, or was he so seducing? Anyway, this is, how infidel life goes… and it brings consequences.

woman-in-red-6-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn the morning, the artist fool made very big mistake, leaving the flat, and letting her inside, so his one-night stand can sleep until noon, exhausted after sleepless night, full of love – did they know each other, so he could trust her… otherwise, to let an unknown slut from the street inside your home unguarded? Are you a fool? Or did love and excitement totally obscure your mind, fool?

woman-in-red-9-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, she repaid him really generously… except that sweet gesture, reaching for him, or the other man, beside her… who could tell, whom she meant? She was trapped between them both, and you couldn’t tell, who is in her mind right now, or after five minutes. But this is what woman loves, to be in the center of interest of fools, playing them just perfectly, to “prove their manhood”, that they are worthy of her favor.

woman-in-red-7-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWell, the dumb infidel bitch simply hadn’t better idea, than to call her “old” boyfriend, using artist’s phone, and to tell him to come into the studio (!)… yes, to the place, where she was unfaithful to him, with another man (!)… no, she couldn’t tell him to wait at the street, as those women are really sick sometimes. Let’s hope she at least made the bed, to look unused, to cover all the tracks of passionate night, and related evidence!

woman-in-red-8-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe “old” man came instantly, to retrieve his royal property again. And he was really not pleased, seeing the latest canvas, where he recognized his girlfriend… naked. Yeah, those are that sad moments, when male fools are getting violent, and human lives are in stake. But who invited him there? Who provoked his anger? She! And maybe deliberately, to make her foolish girlish revenge, which can have unforeseen consequences. This is, what women do… their paths to revenge are zig-zag, but in the end, they will humiliate you, they will find a way, how to damage you, using other man as their cat’s pawn.

woman-in-red-11-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWhen he found out, that someone desecrated his private garden, he became totally furious, with immediate thirst to destroy. So, he started demolishing the studio, not only the particular painting, which was stabbed with knife mercilessly, that even Islamic State terrorists would appreciate his swift moves. And he was really ruthless, like them, obsessed with fire, so he burned the whole studio down, using a spray can as primer. There was even a proper explosion, which could hurt and kill other tenants, or innocent bystanders on the street… just because one agressive idiot and his bitch, who was simply out of her mind, and she realized his true nature too late.

woman-in-red-12-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn the end, the blonde man got away unpunished for the crime of arson, and he even met the artist on the street, returning home, just to see the havoc, everything in flames, everything destroyed, his whole life… but such moments of apparent heavy losses are exactly those, when you find Allah, when you appreciate, what He does for believers, showing them the relativity of value of physical things in the world, learning them to detach from anything which passes: only He never leaves His believers, always listening to them, as He is wise, All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

Both men exchanged looks, like if they would realize, that they were sharing the same woman, but she is now gone, never returning to any of them, leaving mess and emptiness behind her, finding a new fool to make love with her and caress her, possibly emigrating to a distant land, to be far away from her past (bitches also like to trim their hair after such break-up).

Remember, male fools: you need Allah, because you are dumb, but He is the most wise, able to prevent many such accidents, mistakes and shame of yours.

What choice is there: to be an infidel, to sleep with sluts, or to walk on the Straight Path of Islam, full of rewards and advantages, not speaking about immense adventure, when life becomes really exciting, interesting and surprising every day, as you discover the perfection of Allah, and Islam, having a mission and purpose: to worship Him, as that is the reason, why you were created in the first place?

How many cheap sluts you need to fuck yet, to be satisfied? You will be never satisfied, always remaining empty, always full of thirst. And there is only one real way out of this circle of misery: to submit to the will of Allah, and to become His tool, executing His will without hesitation.

Love in Islam is different, and much more pure, as sex is allowed only in marriage. And it takes the whole man to conquer the heart of a Muslim woman, and to persuade her to marry him, but the reward is much more sweet and lasting, because you two have an important mission: to have as many children as possible, to participate in creating unstoppable army of Islam, which will conquer and liberate the whole world from slavery, misery, pain and oppression, bringind salvation to many, with the permission, help and blessing of Allah.

Make a good move finally, travel to an Islamic land, fools, to become wise, to meet Allah closely, in a mosque, to understand, what manhood really is, and that only He can give you such feature. You will see for yourself, how differently you will feel as men there, having more respect in the society, feeling simply better, not like in that EU decadent paradise, ruled by females and infested with social engineering, with water poisoned with estrogen, creating feminized monsters from you.

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Let all the filthy infidel sluts and their sick games for those other fools, and liberate yourself in Islam, as it’s the only way. Do something good for yourself, and become a part of something marvellous and unique: Ummah, the worldwide Islamic community, worshipping Allah, sharing values.

There is a new, better life, waiting for you, to be discovered. Maybe Islam is your destiny. Follow the guidance of Allah to the light.

It’s time to Answer Allah’s Call.
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Truth About Men: Allah Is Real Manhood

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