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Those American aggressors, imperialists, liars and warmongers always claimed in their omnipresent propaganda, that North Korea (DPRK), is allegedly a dangerous country for “world freedom and peace”, or rather for their geopoliticial interests, that DPRK is a part of so called axis of evil, together with Iran, and prior to 2003 illegal invasion there, with Iraq as well.

And you believed the filthy infidel American lies? The Americans simply can’t stand the North Korea, the only country in modern history, which fully resisted their endless neocolonialist efforts, creating obedient filthy dogs from whole submitted nations: in Europe, the treacherous, aggressive Poland is definitely the worst, the most dangerous for freedom, not Russia, as claimed by many Western rats.

Indeed, fools, there are many reasons to appreciate North Korea, and consider it a guarantee of world peace, instead of perceiving it as alleged evil, exactly as the U.S. propaganda planners want, deployed to brainwash you using corrupted mass media mercilessly.

Moreover, it’s all about numbers, so ask yourself: how many countries did North Korea invade since 1953? And how many Muslims did the North Koreans killed? ZERO (except the guerilla activity in the South, the puppet state of the Americans)… and probably ZERO.

And how many Muslims were killed by Americans in the last 16 years since preposterous, cheap and miserable 9/11 mega-fraud, after two illegal invastions into sovereign countries (Afganistan 2001, Iraq 2003), all that extrajudicial killings and torture, constant drone attacks with Hellfire missiles with plenty of civilian “collateral damage”, without any regards to international law and national sovereignty of other countries, after “famous” and “noble” murder of Muammar Gaddafi, celebrated by Hillary Clinton in the TV, fully backed by Americans, and after instigating wide unrest across many Islamic countries in 2011, to weaken the whole Islamic world? How many Muslims suffered? It had to be hundreds of thousands of Muslims dead, and millions suffering.

And by Israel, as Gaza and Palestine are still under their oppression, and poor cute squirrels of Jerusalem still await their liberation, together with Al-Aqsa mosque? Not speaking about famous Old Town quarter of Prague, which is allegedly under control of illegal, heavily armed, ruthless Jewish Militia SHALOM, backed by omnipresent Mossad of course, consisting of ex-members of elite Israeli Special Forces, whose don’t hesitate to push the trigger, for whom killing Muslims is nothing new, nothing surprising…

How is it possible, that so called People of the Book, mentioned in the Qur’an, are killing Muslims in hundreds of thousands, whereas those Asian ultra-infidels are NOT killing any Muslims, and anybody? Still, they are labeled as an ultra-enemy, who needs to be neutralized, eliminated, or rather annihilated?

This must be another big test of Allah, who likes to test His believers.

If the world peace should be preserved, if there should be a necessary firm dam against ever expanding, criminal U.S. imperialism, supported by treacherous Zionists of Israel, not hesitating to invade foreign sovereign countries, using questionable false pretexts and lies, to occupy them for years, to plunder their rare raw resources and to oppress their Muslim inhabitants, it’s necessary, that survival and thriving of North Korea (DPRK) will be secured…

North Korea is the only country, which proved unique survival ability even in isolation and under many economic embargos, thus it’s fully qualified and chosen, to become a shining example for other countries, who want to liberate themselves from the U.S. oppression and to acquire real freedom and human rights, to get rid of decadent U.S. propaganda and malicious projects of social engineering, organized and supported by USA for purposes of disintegrating of other states, for their easier conquest and control.

The wise people’s government of Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader, and firm determination of Korean people, to persist in their struggle for preserving freedom, their willingness to bring even ultimate sacrifices on the altair of freedom, are a big hope for the whole world and sustaiable future, but the American war criminals don’t stop clanking with the most devastating weapons of military-industrial complex, to remove the last remaining obstacle of their universal worldwide aggression, using extortion, bribery or violence, like those Christian criminals of bloody Reconquista of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain).

But like they failed to damage Muslims, they will fail against North Korea. On the contrary, all the attacks make DPRK and her people only stronger, acquiring many world symphatizers, supporting many important causes of freedom, like:

Providing crucial components and plutonium supply for constructing a nuclear retaliation weapon to the Czech Military: The Dark Sun, so aggressive Poland won’t be ever allowed to launch another military invasion against Czech Republic, like they did in 1920, 1938 and 1968. “If they will dare to do such intolerable crime the fourth time, they will be punished,” as Katerina Motovska, called Princess of Swords, the upcoming Minister of Defence with full trust of Czech people, promised mercilessly.

Supporting various freedom fighters in their righteous fight against oppression, like IFLA, Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), which established their IRG, Islamic Republic Granada, using North Korean and Chinese support.

Seizing one working specimen of The Device, a very questionable and dangerous invention of Western military-industrial complex, a time tactical weapon, to balance this new threat to world stability and peace

North Korea DPRK: Defender of Peace, World Future, Unification of Korea, Disarmament

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