Truth About Sweet Good Girl Like You: See Your Personal Tarot Cards. Reveal Unbiased Truth, You Know Anyway. Tarot Cards Never Lie, Humans Do. You Are: STAR DEVIL LOVERS. By Petronela Lorencova

Used Tarot Deck:

by Carl W. Rohrig

… considered to be banned by blessed EU heads like Federica Mogherini, as it possesses extreme spiritual power, which could liberate the sheep from the pen

Reading and Explanation provided by:

VIP Illuminati Occultist Elite
The Best European Witch, Extremely Powerful and Sexy

She enchanted even Middle East, when she became an integral part of…




for long time already, there is so strong desire inside you, to reveal the truth… about life, others, and yourself.

That desire is stronger than your sexual instinct, lust, vanity, and any else vice inside you.

The truth is simple, though: you are pure a witch with immense spiritual power inside you, but you deny it from many reasons, and the others see only another loser inside you, whom to humiliate and exploit… because you let them.

You can buy anything in this wicked corrupted world, including love: but truth is the commodity, which is hardest to obtain… except eternal life.

There is simply too much distortion around you: lies, deception, mistakes, errors in judgement, propaganda, media, advertisements pressure, omnipresent big PR games of masterminds, both in macro scale (corporate, political, military-industrial complex) and micro scale (your closest ones, including family, loved ones and “friends”)

But one day, your awakening must come, so the world can be changed… by you!

At least your world!

Today, you will face the truth, brought to you by unbiased tarot cards of the most powerful Rohrig Tarot Deck.


Card 1


It was the will of God, that you were born with the most special blessing: to be a female, an impersonation of the most powerful Yin essence, which is universally winning and prevailing, even preferred in Chinese philosophical and religious opinions… and China, Asia, those are real rulers of the contemporary world, not those corrupted weak Westerners, who are losing everything.

Indeed, to be a female, it’s a blessing, but also responsibility, even fear: you are a star, but you don’t shine yet, you are scared, and too much things are holding you back.

You deny your real nature by your daily actions, and as years are passing by, you live in invisible nets of weakness, defeat, denial and permanent mistakes, daily bad choices.

Still, you know, that you are special… only those weak miserable fools want you to be as miserable, as them, not to protrude above them.

If you show such a quality, you know, what follows: they know well, how to take you down, how to raise destructive doubts inside you.

You would like to escape from those rats so much, so you could shine… but you are confined, enslaved, imprisoned.

Where is freedom, you ask? How to achieve it, if this world doesn’t like stars, it likes only average common people, who live, eat and fuck like primitive animals?

In the end, you do that all too, and you feel happy, in certain way. But this is not your destiny: and only Tarot Cards can help you, to find the truth.

You are THE STAR.

There is so much opportunities daily, but you miss them, from many reasons, you evade them.

You shine, like a Sun, people are watching you with fascination… but then, the bubble of worship is ruptured, soon, and you are seen just like the other weak mortal fools, who mean nothing, who are mediocre losers.

And the reason is…

Card 2


Who is Devil? It’s not some distant imaginary fool from fairy tales… it’s your obsession, your inner demon, seducing you to bad things.

You have so much power inside you, but you don’t know, how to use it correctly, for your welfare, and the welfare of mankind… so you direct all that massive energy inside you into darkness, you follow your various vices and obsessions.

The Devil is your real lover: the one who never leaves, who brings you flowers and diamonds, so you love him… indeed, he is a perfect companion for days, months, years… for life of eternal darkness, where you live, and you pretend to be satisfied.

You are a perfect pair with Devil, did you notice? How only he can fill your emptiness?

But is it right? Is life about being seduced by Devil and bad things? Being dirty and corrupted… like all of them?

Devil crushes you indeed, you know that… he makes you miserable and average. He is stealing all your dreams and destiny from you… and you let him, because there is nobody else so powerful in your life.

The Devil says: “Follow your dark desires. Consume. Ignore. Obey… and you will be happy in my eternal embrace.”

Some say, that you are a slut, because you fuck with men, much, you love unprotected sex, to have your hungry pussy full of sperm, as it contains prostagladine, a hormone-based substance, which makes women happy…

But you are pure and innocent inside, only Devil seduces you to be dirty, bad, filthy bitch, a happy whore…

Is Devil your destiny? Is it love for life and death, like…

Card 3


Surely there is so much love and deep emotions inside you… you dream about perfect connection of souls, minds and bodies, and you know, that there is a MAN somewhere… you only haven’t met him, and all that other fools are just sucking energy from you.

But LOVERS, it’s also about your attachment to material things… you try to fill your inner emptiness with them, to get pleased.

It’s where all that money goes… but you not only consume them, you get attached to them, to physical things, possessions, food, intoxicants.

LOVERS is also your addiction: on things, substances, or people.

LOVERS also means being submitted, a slave, as the connection to other thing or being steals much of your liberty, and you accept bad energy from them, you let them to influence you, as they like, you open to their darkness.

Girl, you need to reconsider, what love means… because you make it rather destruction, as your dark desires can never be satisfied, satiated… unlike your life, they are unlimited, neverending.

LOVERS also means, that you two, connected, are scared, that the other will leave. You are attached, and it makes you weak, full of fear… and the other is afraid of losing you too.

You both become losers… you share you energy, vibe, and even destiny.

Girl, be more careful, whom you allow to your hip, and into your pussy.

But you are not able to be alone, there must be always a man besides you, so you can feel strong and secure… you use him as a shield, as a battering ram… but there is always a price to pay for his services.

You lose your female energy, when connected to him. He steals from you, secretly, and you think, that you are winning over that loser, that he is your dumb servant, who can be discarded and replaced any time… but he is Fire, it’s his essence, and you are Water.

You destroy him, and he destroys you…

LOVERS are often LOSERS.



Petronela Lorencova: VIP Queen Witch

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

Wu Corporation: Spiritual Occultism

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