Fashion Models in unrest. The Device needs a media face

All women with high media ambitions have bad sleep in these days. The reason is, that The Corporation, manufacturing The Device, that ultimately advanced piece of hardware, able to fulfill your dreams, announced their plan to find a new media face, who will represent this breaking change of world history.

Anybody knows, that the winner of the competition can expect anything and everything – money are just a number for The Corporation. After that infamous incident during NATO combat exercise in Poland, where a top Special Forces unit, exposed to The Device for several hours and literally running away from the training area, many states are eager to pay anything to own the military version of The Device, to be able to counter all security threats, to stay competitive.

The basic requirements are quite modest, so thousands of women participate in the selection. The Corporation allows them to have any education, any marital status, they demand only height between 173 and 181 centimeters (standard demand for a fashion model), and “willingness to be one of us”.

All women, who make it to higher rounds of selection, receive a financial bonus of 5.000 EUR and an offer of an employment in The Corporation. “This is not a casting, this is a sweet dream,” one of the women said after the event, happy and with smiling face, leaving with two female friends. “I met those two girls inside, and I am happy now, it’s good to meet new people. We will work for The Corporation. This is the new life I needed so much… every woman deserves a new start.”

The famous tabloid magazine “Heavy Slander” reported, that several publicly known fashion models are now totally different in their behavior and personality, more friendly and accepting others, helping disadvantaged people, simply they stopped being so selfish as before. The Device was used on them, without any doubt, but it changed them to be better people,” the chief reporter of the mag wrote, completely astonished.

To participate in a session with The Device was a part of selection, and very pleasant additional benefit for participating women – to get a place to use The Device is almost impossible, the waiting rows take years now, even for VIPs worldwide, as The Corporation want to keep the exclusivity of their creation.

“That rumors about The Corporation don’t lie,” a well known fashion model said. “They really fulfill all your dreams. I was not selected, but it was the best time of my life anyway… I want to work for them. This is my goal now. It’s good to have goals in life. I spent so many time just wandering from place to place, loafing, without any clear target… now I have what I was searching for so long.”

It’s well known and appreciated fact, that The Corporation doesn’t require the applicants to have some education or work experience – only so called “special skills” decide, so many people repeatedly attend in interviews. We bring you more detailed info on The Corporation’s selection process in this article: Inside The Corporation: Magic Land of Special Skills.

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