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As Estrogen Mafia spreads its omnipresent, massive and merciless tentacles of intellect, emotions and witchcraft into all sections of the society worldwide, so their Estrogen Conspiracy can succeed and matriarchy (=superiority and rule of women) can be established, allegedly for sustainable future of the human kind, many very surprising moves are made, as those women, who stand behind this immense rebellion, have high-quality Public Relations education from the best world Universities, and these bright, talented, pampered minds know exactly, where to hit, so the social impact will be as high and wide, as possible.

It seems, that they follow the strategy of CWEM (Cooperating Weak Effeminate Men), which was established during famous speech of the U.S. actress Bridget Moynahan in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during WWU (World Women United) Convention.

These clever female conspirators simply find issues, where also men have their apparent interest, and then, new “angle of view” is established, in open effort of revisionism of history and gender relations, to establish much more advantageous position for women, and also apparent victory for men, who seem and feel “more manly”… but in the end, those male fools are the one, who suffer and lose yet more of their vanishing influence.

In their latest surprising PR move, the WWU, together with AVAW (Association of Vietnamese-American Women) filed an official complaint against producers, distributors and administrators of intellectual property of an old U.S. war movie, called “Casualties of War” (1989, directed by Brian de Palma), complaining, that “woman’s behavior is depicted completely wrongly there, and it insults women with utmost seriousness”.

WWU and AVAW also announced their intent, to fight for their rights via upcoming court battle, with open Lawfare effort, to achieve banning of public presentation and distribution of this particular movie, unless the situation will be “resolved in an appropriate way”, and “proper explanation will be added at the beginning and end of the movie, to inform the audience about truth”.

Of course, that every fool understands, that some dumb insignificant fictious movie is only a substitute matter for sending a strong female message. Indeed, this is, how the revolution is made: from below, treacherously, indirectly, by hitting the patriarchal enemy from thousands of tiny inconspicuous wounds, making the violent BEAR (=symbol of manhood) to bleed continuously, until final victory of estrogen over the world.

You gave them education, you gave them rights, you gave them weapons against you… so don’t wonder, fools.
You support them, you admire them (Princess Ameerah al-Taweel)… so don’t wonder, that they take everything from you, making weak fools from you.
And don’t forget to drink poisoned water with estrogen.

The movie is apparently aimed at male sexual violence during wartime, particularly during infamous Vietnam War (1964-1975), where the U.S. war machine failed terribly in all senses.

It depicts a small squad of U.S. soldiers on a long-range reconnaisance patrol, which kidnap, gang-rape and murder a young Vietnamese woman, but the whole situation is more complex, depicting rather relations, divisions and differences in the squad, and primary contrast between a young “good” rookie (terrible and childish Michael J. Fox) and battle-hardened “evil” but manly sergeant (Sean Penn), who is the primary culprit of the crime, after the Vietcong guerillas killed his best friend, during an assault in a village.

(in reality, Vietcong would wait in ambush outside the village, as the revenge against the settlement could be merciless, like burned houses and summary execution or forced relocation of inhabitants, so VC would lose a base of operations and a support source)

It must be noted, however, that “good” is very relative term here, and any favor of the audience towards Fox, although he is alleged “hero”, falls quickly: females despise him as weak and whining, and males as unmanly traitor, who even aims a weapon at his comrades, to “stop the crime”, not willing to accept, that:


In any war, since the dawn of history, both sides are committing attrocities routinely and deliberately, as a part of PSYWAR (Psychological Warfare) effort, so it’s nothing personal, moreover, after the crime, Fox’s friend is killed after stepping on a booby trap, planted by Vietcong… but again, in reality, these booby traps are designed rather to injure, maim and cripple, not to kill.

(the enemy is not so merciful and humane, but an injured soldier of the enemy is simply more advantageous, than a dead one: he needs medical attention, evacuation, lengthy reconvalescence, and if he will return home crippled, without a limb, he will create anti-war sentiment, becomimg an ally of the enemy, regardless how preposterously it sounds).

Fox simply behaves and thinks like a woman, he doesn’t belong into war indeed… will such a weak traitor cover your back, when projectiles and shrapnels will fly, when the enemy will attack you with bayonet in a melee? The fool thinks too much, but in war, the only thing you have to do, is to shoot the enemy, shoot to kill. But those idiots philosophers… they are plague for any Military.

Anyway, after one member of the squad is killed, and the command cancels the passes into a town, to visit local Vietnamese whores and “relax” during sex with them, to release all “steam”, the tension in the sergeant reaches very dangerous level, when he announces to the squad with cold voice, that tomorrow, they will visit a village nearby, and “obtain” a woman for “portable rest and relaxation”.

He really means to kidnap her, and to take her with them on the patrol (!), which is really strange idea… but you can imagine, that this fact changes the whole rules of the game, and this is the primary reason, why feminist urban guerillas are complaining, as the kidnapped woman spends many hours with the soldiers before the atrocity against her takes place, so she can get calm, and start thinking rationally, after the first dose of complete shock, when she was kidnapped during dawn, from her shack, in front of all villagers, her mother tried to protect her unsuccessfully… however, under these relatively favorable circumstances, that she get time to think, in certain way, she has the option to influence the events to her favor.

Anyway, Vietcong’s revenge for such an barbarian act would be completely horrific, not speaking about basic question: what to do with the raped woman “afterwards”? The sergeant doesn’t seem to be willing just to let her go back home, after he will be sexually satiated… the question is, whether the woman could feel this evil intention with her sixth sense?

She had to realize, that she will be raped, sooner or later, but it was only her advantage, that the soldiers didn’t do it immediately… she walked with them through landscape, quite long distance, and some soldier even gave her his rucksack, so she will carry it (!)… you would expect, that they will steal her, rape her, and release or kill her immediately, so she will hardly have any choice to influence her fate…

But those fools, they took her for a walk at first, and this is the reason, why the feminists disagree so strongly with her following behavior and events, as the woman could very easily do the right decisions, to save her life, and to minimize the damage… simply by changing her mindset and behavior from a passive defenceless victim, to an active element.

In the movie, when the sergeant finally starts “the act”, after many hours of postponing, the girl screams, like foolish, like if she would be surprised… but in reality, as WWU claims, all events would be completely different in reality.

The famous singer Beyonce, the media face of WWU, provided detailed explanation of feminist insights:

“We see very important scene, when the squad is relaxing during daylight, they make a break during long march, and they are discussing the crime, whereas the girl is watching them. They still leave her alone, before reachng that deserted shack in the jungle, which becomes the secondary crime scene.

Thus, observing the soldiers, she can understand the relations between the soldiers of the squad, superiority and submission between them, without regards to military ranks, and identify the absolute leader, who could provide protection for her.

Any woman, regardless of nationality, education, race or intellect, is equipped with very precise instincts and ability, to determine the alpha level of any man immediately. This measure has two purposes: first, to identify a suitable manly partner for mating, and second, to be able to make suitable choices, when she is in urgent need of protection and resources.

And we are speaking about battlefield here, not about common world, where other rules apply, with all the laws and police: in war, in jungle, it’s violence and ability to commit violence, to make decisions, who will be eliminated, which is the primary resource to seek.

So, she wouldn’t choose the weak, powerless Fox, but the sergeant instead: it’s the sergeant, who is deciding her fate, who can decide things, including my physical integrity and preserving my life.

Her thinking would be this: ‘If I will stick to the sergeant, who is presented as pure alpha-male, strong and ruthless, there is the chance, that only he will have sex with me, he won’t use the violence against me, and he will even protect me against any other assailant… not speaking about saving my life.’

The same events were happening in 1945, after the conquest of Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, where mass rape of German women by Soviet soldiers took place, with temporary silent agreement of their officers: it’s not only typical ‘ransacking’ reward for men, who conquered a hostile city, but also the means to humiliate the defeated nations, to impregnate its women with foreign bastards, to destroy national cohesion, to insert ‘fifth column’ into wombs of the enemy women.

Some of the German women, the more clever, simply followed their instincts, and sticked to the soldier, who raped them first, to make a beneficial business: ‘OK, I will sleep with you, as you wish, I will submit, but you will protect me, as your valuable devoted trophy’.

And the Russian soldiers really provided such protection, if persuaded suitably, willing even to shoot another ‘interested’ comrades… and these women were those, who survived, who didn’t collapse from the horror experience afterwards, just because of their different mindset of survival at first.

It was not the good will of Russian soldiers, which saved them… it was tactical female thinking. Even if you are physically weaker, you still have good chances to turn the situation to your favor, to assure your survival.

Rape is certainly bad, but gang-rape has to be avoided at all costs: more men means more probability of using violence or deviant sexual practices, causing vaginal bleeding, and more certain impregnation from more sperm samples… so, in such situation, it’s about choosing lesser evil to survive, not screaming like an idiot, even if you know, that no help comes, as you are in some wilderness, and they even beat you, like the Vietnamese girl in the movie.

But we insists: it was her mistakes, who caused it all… and we doubt, that she would behave like this in reality.

We insist, that the woman would see clearly, that sticking to the sergeant can bring immense situational advantages for her, and she has nothing to lose, on the contrary.

Maybe in the end, if she would comply, submitting to him, maybe he would let her go completely, even without sex, as the generous king would be awoken in him… just with her approach, when she would change from enemy to ally in his eyes. But only his.

She had so great chance to make the good decision… but dumb, cruel film makers denied it for her. They simply want to see us women only as screaming victims, not queens, who can survive any situation, even thrive in it.

If she would choose the sergeant, she would be using her sexuality as a weapon, necessary for survival, and she wouldn’t be raped, she would have in fact voluntary sex with him, so there would be no life trauma for her, as she would sikply do, what is necessary to survive.

This is our real face, and we want it to be known by all, even by rapists. From hunter, you can become a prey easily, because we will suprise you. We are not some screaming victims, as you want and expect. Be careful… and rather find another, less dangerous hobby.”

And regarding Michael J, Fox’s role, Beyonce provided this quite shocking statement:

“We despise the fool, and we don’t need him, or men like him. He is not the one, able to protect us. His weakness and hesitance would us only get into the trouble, we wouldn’t spread our legs for him even in real life, because we despise such weak ‘nice guys’, we only extract resources from those losers. Just have look at him, how miserable fool he is… only a desperate woman would do such a choice, but this was certainly not the case. Just compare faces of Penn and Fox… and you will understand.”

Estrogen Conspiracy: Dawn of Matriarchy

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

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