Violent Incident at Mezquita de Cordoba 2010

There is an ongoing war between Muslims and Christian criminals, regarding Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita de Cordoba), located in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus), which had also a violent chapter
After infamous Recoquista, this mosque is literally unlawfully occupied by Christian forces, who use even violence to prevent Islamic worshippers from praying there, although the mosque was built by Muslims, and it’s vast, so there is no problem with sharing space between both religions. The mosque is used as tourist attraction, but Christians are using it also for religious purposes.
No pleas and requests help: the Catholic church insists on banning Islamic prayer in the seized mosque, allegedly to “prevent confusion”
In April 2010, a group of eight soldiers of Allah visited the mosque, put their praying rugs on the ground, and started praying loudly
Security guards, hired by mosque management, intervened, and the clash resulted in violence. Two of the guards were seriously hurt, and also police was attacked
The court however found no evidence and the case got cold.
Jihad for liberating the mosque continues, and deployment of Lawfare measures is possible.

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