VIP Girls Need Love Too

Regardless if we were born into rich or poor material conditions, many of us still had to fight for love of our parents and family, to be accepted and valued. And VIPs have the same struggle, as you will see today… but fortunately, there are different kinds of love.

VIP Girls Need Love Too by Alan SvejkIt was just 15 months after that secretive meeting in the French Alps, where the foundation of that famous Corporation was established, when three key persons met there, to discuss the future of our world: Karolina, later Executive Director, Rudolf, later Business Director, and Clara, appointed deliberately as inconspicuous Senior Risk Analyst, to be able to execute some covert tasks of the organization.

Everything they planned went more than perfectly, yet faster, than bold Karolina anticipated. After a year, the Corporation was already well-positioned in the Czech VIP realm. Their original, stylish and glamorous fashion brand “Woman´s Destiny”attracted many female lovers of fashion, and the reputation and influence of the Corporation grew every day, far beyond Czech borders.

The Corporation literally sucked people, money and opportunities, and changed them all into gold: into assets, further spreading their fame and recognition. Every dollar was turned into two, all employees became the most devoted advocates of their beloved employer, shining the deep respect for the Corporation between their close friends and via the social media. And the Czech public listened to this dedication very carefully – a marketing research discovered, that the social penetration of the Corporation´s brand in July 2013 was more than 91% of the whole national population! It was absolutely unbelievable… those special PSY methods, the Corporation developed and widely used, proved their strong effectivity.

No wonder, that the top management decided to start the next planned phase of their fast growth to Czech Top 10, by establishing close connections with foreign Intelligence services, to be well protected from all sides and to have unlimited access to critical information and assets, when the company will start bringing unique technological inventions to life, shocking the world. And the Corporation found very original solution, how to attract spies from the whole world to their doors, and informally: by offering an interesting possibility of internships for the VIP decendants.

The richest worldwide families started sending their offsprings to learn about fashion branch and business not to France and Italy, like always before, but to Prague, because the employees of the Corporation had appropriate respect, and they openly pampered the newcomers, as they deserved and expected. The VIP kids wrote totally enthusiastic letters home, praising their internships, the unique atmosphere of the Corporation, intensive social life with friendly co-workers, exciting weekend mass trips to the best European clubs… the Corporation perceived them as welcomed guests, and she took care of them in all senses. It was not about money – it was about building deep and lasting personal and business relationships, showing respect, and deepening trust. And these are the values all VIPs appreciate the most.

The VIP parents were happy too, because many of the kids really got themselves together, they found some values in life, some purpose, new inspiring friends… they became better people! How couldn´t be these keen parents grateful?

You can imagine, what immense additional advantages it brought for the company. New powerful investors raised the liquid capital of the company to more than 20.000.000 USD – and it was the right time to multiply this money again!

However, the next “Security” phase had some serious risks. The management decided to play a big game with high stakes – and safety and security concerns had to be taken very seriously, all possibilities covered.

Because of the increased demand of the complex security services, both physical and cyber, plus for another covert purposes, the Corporation established their own international security agency, with subsidiaries in Washington, Moscow and Beijing – exactly at the right places, where they wanted to attract local security and Intelligence communities to their future operations, literally offering wide open gates for the foreign operatives, to be intentionally infiltrated by them, and manipulating them all to fight and bite each other, without knowledge, who really pulls the levers – from the middle, in the safe distance from all hungry wolves.

The Corporation became the bridge between West and East – and by their advantageous position in the middle, they collected many benefits and profits, exactly as they planned. Plus, they got the ultimate protection.

However, the top management had to count with various security incidents, endangering their highest interests. There is nothing as 100% security in the world, never, regardless how many fences, cameras and bodyguards anybody uses. So they were trained in advance, to be prepared for anything. What else could they do? They just closed their eyes, they directed their sights in front of them, they limited disturbing everlasting questions like “What if?” and they concentrated only on their mission to the stars and executing daily operations of the Corporation precisely. They became deliberately cold and full of ignorance, completely detached, even to their closest family members.

They did, what they could, to be ready for anything – but one day, it had to happen. And the incident came from the most feared direction – from the inside.

It was all about Rudolf´s daughter…

When the Corporation was looking for a suitable place for their offices, capable of accommodating their growing team and satisfying their high demands of luxury and comfort, they found a jewel – the whole top floor of an office skyscraper, with perfect view to all sides and unbelievably large terrace. In the summer, you could remove glass walls, and you could work in a summer breeze… and just few steps away, you could sit under a marquee, providing pleasant shade, the blue sky was all around, and you felt as a ruler of the whole beautiful city, Prague.

During clear weather, you could see all mountains at the national borders, tempting to travel somewhere far. But as an employee of the Corporation, you had no thoughts like that. You were happy and fully satisfied, where you were – it was the basic rule, that everybody went to work glad, happy and looking forward for the new challenges of the day. To be proud to be a part of the team, to participate in their unique business.

Relaxed atmosphere was combined with immense work performances. Everybody wanted to show the best of them. They were regularly motivated to challenge themselves. Not to compare with others – only to try to surpass themselves, their own limitations. And the company provided very extensive and efficient training, how to find internal reserves and unknown sources of power in everybody.

In other words, everybody loved to work there. And when Karolina spoke, it was something! The woman really knew, how to stimulate their people!

“Hallo, team!” she called into the open space. “Please, could you interrupt your work and come to the terrace? I have an important announcement, and you will like it!”

When they all gathered, she just watched them for a moment, prolonging the expectations and tension. She loved to play with her audience, and they loved it too!

“Let me announce you, that today, we welcome cordially three new colleagues in our team – Olya from Russia, Tao from China, and Michaella from United States. And do you know, why are they so important?

Olya, Tao, Michaella, please, come forward!” Karolina challenged the newcomers.

When they obeyed, and they stood in front of the relaxed crowd with a little bit shy smiles, Karolina said with pretended secrecy: “Does anybody know, how many people work in our company since this famous day? Who will guess correctly, he or she will get a lollipop, and instantly!”

Some numbers were guessed by the team, some of them intentionally exaggerated or lowered, to have fun, but smiling Karolina just shook her head.

“Today, our team has exactly one hundred people! After just 15 months since establishing our company, it´s now hundred of us. Many of you remember, when we started. It was around ten of us, if I remember correctly. Every department had exactly one person, can you believe it?

The owners of the company provided us with some modest initial capital, and they said – go, and show us, what you are made of! And we all went, we used the money well, and have a look, where we are today! People are coming, the best people of this whole country, and I am proud of everyone of you, of the great work you are doing here every day! After all, me and Rudolf selected almost all of you personally, because that is how we do it here! Diversity! Male and female essences working together, for the ultimate business success!

And nobody is more, than others. We work together, we fight together with our weaknesses, laziness, doubts, every day… but we all always know, that we share our professional lives with people around, and they share it with us. Nobody here is a solo player, nobody here is an unlimited master, who just issues orders and enjoys the work of others, nobody here misuses his or her titles and positions.

We all are on the same level. We help each other, and we believe in the same mission. And that is?” Karolina asked.

“Czech Top Ten… next year!” the crowd cheered.

“I am glad, that you remember it, team! Well, plenty of work is still in front of us, so let´s get started! Forget, what was yesterday! Tomorrow is the new perfect day for all of us! Use all your ideas, share them, discuss them, search for solutions! And next year – I promise to get tickets for the celebration of our success for all of you!”

The crowd cheered again, and Karolina kissed all three newcomers on their cheeks. Another people approached them, embracing them, shaking hands with them.

They felt like in paradise. In that moment, they perfectly understood, what was so special about the Corporation! It was one big family, and you always felt welcomed and loved there!

Family… this word crossed Karolina´s mind many times in the past day. After the small celebration was over, she searched for Clara, and invited her for a coffee, to the distant corner of the terrace, where nobody could hear them.

They drank peacefully, and the sea of ancient towers of Prague, bathed in sun, was all around them.

“You didn´t know, that Rudolf has a daugher, did you?” Karolina was interested.

“Absolutely not,” Clara admitted. “You think that she is a liability? That she can jeopardize our current operations?”

“She is no angel, but she can be also very useful for us. Anyway, our Internal Affairsdepartment recommended to pull her back from the U.S., where she studied, so the company security can be tightened. We have to prevent the risky possibility, that the U.S. Intelligence services would use her to their advantage, turning her into their own asset.

Moreover, Rudolf feels himself, that he failed as a father, and he believes, that he could improve the relationship with her, by participating her into our business operations. I can understand his reasons… and from my point of view, as an executive of the company, this would be the best solution for all sides. But we would have to take control of her first.”

“You mean to persuade her, like the rest of our assets,” Clara was interested.

“We did this since the beginning, Clara. She is an adult already, and we will just offer her an opportunity to mature, like the rest of our VIP young assets. And as I told you, Rudolf has special interests in this matter, even personal. This is at least we can do for him, to help him to correct the mistakes he made during her education.”

“By using our Internal Affairs department,” Clara laughed. Since she worked here, she was used to absolutely anything.

“Yeah, that´s right! The parenthood is very complicated endeavor, as you can see! And there could be yet another advantage for us, if we would manufacture this small matter correctly – we could push the Ministry of Interior for a deeper cooperation with us, to be more perceptive to our interests.”

“You mean… to arrange a small incident, and to blame the Ministry as the culprit,” Clara was attentive suddenly.

“Something like that. And during this event, we could also persuade our newest asset to be more cooperative. This operation will be orchestrated by Internal Affairs directly, and their director will have total responsibility. But she fully understands the critical significance of this matter. And she promised to Rudolf to execute this as softly as possible.”

“If I can provide an assistance, just let me know,” Clara offered.

“Actually, I need you to have a look at one personal file, and make a PSY assessment. The I.A. suggested this individual to be used, but the last word will be yours, Clara. Don´t forget – it´s Rudolf´s daugher.”

One hour later, Lucie, 26, an employee of the I.A. department, entered Rudolf´s personal office, where Karolina and Rudolf were expecting her already.

She was there for the first time, and she was impressed by total minimalism of the room. On the wall, there was only one painting – a medieval knight on his reared horse, sword in his raised hand, prepared to strike, the heat of the battle written in his face, fighting men everywhere around. And there was an arrow at the left side of the painting, it seemed to be directed at the knight. Will it hit him? Who could tell, how this is going to end?

“Do you like it?” smiling Rudolf asked Lucie.

“It´s so… full of tension,” she expressed herself.

“There are two basic lessons I like to remind myself every day – firstly, that in this life, everything can collapse and even end in any second. We have no control of things. You can train for years, you can be a master swordsman and fighter, you can make it through a thousand battles unharmed, but then, only a single arrow, shot by some scared apprentice, just incidentally maybe, can end everything. So, we can´t expect any knighthood rules in the battle. Sometimes, an apprentice is more dangerous, than a king.

And secondly, when you are going to strike, you are the weakest, and your adversary will use this advantage.”

“So interesting,” Lucie exhaled, and she was captivated. But she remembered, that they called her here not because of an art exhibition. So she turned her green eyes to their superiors, declaring, that they have her full attention.

“So, Lucie… you´ve been working with us for one full year, and you have a proven record of excellent work performance,” Karolina went straight to business. “I hope that you are satisfied in our company? Do you like working here?”

“Very much, Karolina, thanks for asking! This is the life I dreamed of, always! I mean, to be at some good place, to be respected, and to feel, that if I will do my best, the company will recognize it.”

“Actually, it just happened! We would like to reassign you to a special and most important task in our VIP Executive Protection Unit. You have the right qualification for that, and you have our full trust. What do you say?”

“I would gladly accept this challenge!” Lucie confirmed.

“Well, there is something you should now, before you will decide,” Rudolf entered the conversation. “You would be appointed to protecting a person who is very dear to me – my daughter Milena. And you would have to move into our house, to provide constant supervision. Plus, to transport her to the school and back, to her English lessons, cultural events, meeting with her friends… for one full year.

Let me explain the situation. It´s August 2013 now, and my daughter is returning from the U.S. soon, where she attended a high school, to finish her studies and to pass her graduation exam here, in CZ. After that, she will attend an elite university in Switzerland, so your duty would be finished.

If you will accept this task, if you will do well, and my daugher will survive this year without any harm, falling into drugs or running away in a bad company, you will receive a bonus of 300.000 USD to your salary. Plus, you can expect another promotion, maybe we will send you abroad. So your future in our Corporation will be bright, be sure of that.

But as I said, you would have to live with us. I have many duties here, in work, you can imagine that, and I want to be assured, that when I am away, my daughter is safe. I don´t say, that you should provide her a company and entertainment – I just want you to be around, close enough to her, but leaving her some personal space, so she won´t feel confined.

She is… well, a little bit complicated person, as any adolescent. She is eighteen, and honestly, I didn´t do enough as a father, that´s the sad truth. Today, she blames me, that my relationship with her mother failed, that I wasn´t able to keep the family together, I don´t know. So I was quite glad to send her abroad. But she is returning now. And I would like to make a few remedies, if possible.

You could provide her a model maybe. To show her, what it means to be a woman, strong, independent, loving herself and feeling accepted, so she can have healthy relationships with the people in her vicinity, including me.

My girlfriend made the mistake of being too friendly to Milena, and she now despises her as a false person. So I need you to stay detached, and to make no concessions, absolutely never. She tries to manipulate people sometimes, to test their weaknesses, be prepared for that. But I think that she is a kind person inside, she just need to get orientated the right way.

You just fill your duties as Executive Protection Officer, and be there for her. That´s all. It´s too late to acquire a mother for her… she has to make it with her female friends, but I would like to support her as widely as possible. I am sure, that you understand that.”

Lucie knew, how risky is this endeavor. If she will fail… no, rather not to think of that! But life is about taking risks, she thought…

“We trust in your abilities, Lucie. There is nobody more suitable in our Corporation, Don´t be afraid, it´s human to make mistakes. Rudolf understands, that even if he would send hundreds of bodyguards to protect her 24/7, life is still about chances. He don´t want to leave his daughter alone, but also, he don´t want to hold her too tightly. If she will decide to run away one day… nothing could prevent it. Neither him, or you. She has her own will, and we all have to accept it.

Do your best, use your female instincts, and we will believe in luck together,” Karolina tried to encourage Lucie, who seemed to be hesitating.

And it helped. “I will be glad to do it, Rudolf,” Lucie said with firm voice. “Family is important, more than anything else. You were always nice to me, so if I can support you this way, as my superior, I will be there for your daughter, if necessary.”

“You are a real asset Lucie, thank you for your help! We have a free flat for guests on our grounds, with an independent entrance, so you will have privacy. I don´t want to make a slave of you. When Milena will arrive home, you will have your free time, the overall security of the house is very advanced, so she will be safe, and you can still live your life. We want you to be feel satisfied, relaxed, not to be stressed.

Now, what I need you to do first. Here is the address of a car dealership, where you will pick up the escort vehicle. It has some improvements, like bullet-resistant bodywork, windows resistant to breaking, special locks, and other custom-made passive security countermeasures. Get used to it, and in several days, you will start a defensive driving course, our own security agency will provide it to you.

Milena will arrive in the last week of August, so you have enough time to prepare. Good luck!”

Everything went quite well. Milena accepted Lucie´s escort without some serious objections, because in that VIP high school she attended, it was quite normal phenomenon. Almost no student used public transport. And Lucie was young and a woman, so it looked like a company of a friend, or a family member, nothing conspicuous and embarrassing.

Lucie met Rudolf´s girlfriend too, that fashion model, who worked in the Corporation also, but not in the offices – her work place was at the various parties for VIPs, where she built contacts and deepened business relationships.

To Lucie´s surprise, his girlfriend was quite nice to her, and she never showed any sign of jealousy. So she felt quite good living there, close to them. And as Rudolf promised her, she had her privacy. So she was satisfied. and she hadn´t to pay the rent somewhere else.

Lucie also listened to Rudolf´s advice, to stay detached from Milena. And it worked – the girl behaved quite well to her, she had respect.

On the work days, Lucie prepared the car for leaving at 7.30 in the morning. The school was just several kilometers away. When Milena had her school lessons, Lucie visited a nearby café, reading newspapers and also the professional literature, for further education. So the time passed her quite fast.

After the lunch, when Milena came back, she either moved to a English lesson, or a volleyball training. Or home, to have some rest, and they travelled to the city later.

One day, Milena asked her father to visit a theater, and he agreed. So they left with Lucie at 18.30 in the evening, to make it in time.

But it was just a diversion by Milena. She actually went to the building, where the theater resided, but not to visit some cultural performance, but a Music Club, where some friends awaited her.

At eleven o´clock, Milena left the premises in a company of a young man. In that moment, Lucie knew, that the problems are starting.

“Hello, Lucy… You are sooo good friend to wait for me this long! We had a small party, you know… only a small one… several small drinks, so don´t tell my Papa please… and meet Martin, my new boyfriend… or I don´t know, something like that,” Milena was full of naughtiness.

Lucie was silent, and opened the back door of the car, so her client could get into the car conveniently.

“Martin lives on the same route, so we will take him home,” Milena decided, and kissed her new boyfriend with keenness.

“Sorry, Milena,” Lucie disagreed. “You know well, that this particular vehicle is only for transporting your person, eventually your family members. I have the full responsibility for the car and your security, you know that. No other person is allowed inside. Please, don´t make this harder for us both. Let´s go. You can meet Martin tomorrow, at the school. But we will ride home now.”

“What are you thinking of yourself? You are the same as everybody of them, you corporate rats… I hate you, and I hate my father, he is the worst of them all! Hey, Lucy… have you already visited his bedroom, darling? I can take you there… you want to make a big career, no? I can help you, and you can help my big brave Papa to be happy and relaxed! Ugh!

Martin goes with us, do you understand? I am the boss here, not you! I give orders, and you obey! Only one my word to my Papa, and you will have to work in a fast-food, because you will be banned everywhere else! So don´t play your hard game on me, you cow! And let´s go! Martin, get in!”

“Sorry Milena, only we two can go,” Lucie said calmly. “You know what? I will wait here, and you can say goodbye to your friend.”

Fortunately, the two young lovers were very concerned with tasting each other, so Lucie could make a call.

“I am really sorry to bother you this late, Rudolf, but we have a situation here. The client seems… tired and emotional, and she is a little bit… rude. I would like to ask you for your permission to send here a backup car. She doesn´t want to listen to me, so an assistance would be beneficial.”

Rudolf just had a romantic dinner with his girlfriend, and he wasn´t pleased. And he stated his opinion firmly.

“No, Lucie. Your request is denied. It´s your work to get her home, and you can manage that, I trust you. You don´t need anybody else for that. Improvise, show her some strength. You need to get a respect from her, and this is exactly the situation which could help you to achieve it. Understood?”

“OK. I will try… have a nice evening,” Lucie concluded the call, and she realized, that she is alone in this mess. Maybe her client was more sober already…

But Martin decided to show his manhood too. “Ignore that cow, Milli. Let´s get a cab. We don´t need her and that fancy car of your father! Let´s go to my place.”

“Great idea,” Lucie agreed. “I will go with you. We can have a nice party together, three of us…”

Martin realized, that she is harder person, than he anticipated. So he said goodbye and left.

Milena felt betrayed and humiliated. But she got into the car, finally.

Lucie was glad, that the scene was over, and she concentrated on driving.

After several kilometers, she noticed a red moving light in front of them. She took the transmitter.

“Hotel One, this is Tango Zero Four. I am stopping the vehicle to submit to a police check. Please, verify the license plates for me: Alpha Lima Golf, Two Nine Seven Three.”

“Plates are OK, Tango Zero Four. They belong to the Local Police district Prague-Four. Keep the line open, and inform us further,” a female dispatcher instructed Lucie.

“OK.. there is three of them. Tactical overalls, black berets. Standard equipment. The patrol seems legit.”

There was an exact procedure, what to do during a possible police control. So Lucie left the engine running, for possible evasive maneuvers or escape from a trap, and she switched to the internal air flow circuit, to prevent potential attackers from using sleeping gas. Of course, that locks were activated, and all windows blocked – only a driver´s one could be drawn several centimeters down, to hand over the documents.

“Good evening, madam, this is the routine police check. Documents to the car and your driving license, please,” a policeman asked. Lucie memorized his identification number.

She handed over all demanded papers, plus a Ministry of Interior´s confirmation, that this is a protected vehicle for transporting VIPs, so it has a special position and privileges.

Two police officers sat back into their patrol car, and checked all data, using their onboard computer. “I hate this alleged nobility, they think they can do anything, and they can get out of everything! Let´s boil them a little, and let´s have some fun! I want to execute full check of the vehicle! They will be pleased!”

“Sir, the documents are in order… maybe we should rather let them go. There are some rumors about this Corporation… people say, that it´s better not to cross their way,” the younger officer suggested.

“Oh, what do we have here? I thought that corrupted, cowardly cops are just in the movies! The law is valid for everybody, man! I say, as the commander of this patrol, that I want to perform the complete check of the vehicle, because I have a justified suspicion, that there are some important illegal things inside.. maybe even a suspect could be hiding in the trunk! I don´t care, whose vehicle it is! My duty is to check it, understood? Let´s go! And I want to see no hesitation, or you can say goodbye to your promotion!”

The younger officer followed, but he had really a bad feeling about this…

“I need you to get out of the car, madam, and to show me the content of the trunk for security check. And your passenger´s ID also, please.”

“With all respect, Officer, this is a restricted vehicle, as you saw in the papers. So no ID check of the passenger can be made, and also, I can´t step outside right now, for security reasons. If you want to perform a check of the vehicle interior, then I will call my colleagues to provide additional protection and also supervision.”

“So you won´t comply to my order?” the policeman asked coldly.

“Sorry, I can´t. Check the papers again, make some call to your superiors for confirmation. We don´t want any troubles,” Lucie insisted.

“I have to warn you, that I am authorized to use coercion measures against you. Do you still insist on rejecting my direct orders, as a representative of the state?”

“I am trying to explain you, that…”

The commander called his colleagues with gesture. “The madam here denies to follow our lawful orders. Get into the vehicle and arrest her for obstructing the law!”

“This is not a wise decision, commander,” the younger colleague whispered. “She used a transmitter, she is in connection with them. They are on the way here, and we will end in one big mess. Let´s release them, it would be a big mistake!”

“I am ordering you to smash the windows and open the doors. Now!”

“Hotel One, this is Tango Zero Four,” Lucie reported again. “I need a backup immediately. Safety of the asset is compromised, I repeat, the asset is endangered with immediate physical harm. Code Romeo Echo Delta.”

“Understood, Tango Zero Four. Our nearest unit is just two clicks from your current position. Hold on. Don´t exit the vehicle, under no circumstances! Cover the asset. Activate emergency countermeasures.”

“Roger, Hotel One. They are trying to break the windows with telescopic truncheons. Please, tell your men to hurry. Tango Zero Four out.”

The windows were suddenly full of webs, and the strikes made horrible. scary noise inside.

Lucie turned her head to her client. “This is just a misunderstanding, Milena. Relax. Close your eyes and get down, on the floor.”

The girl was really scared.

Lucie activated special strong warning lights and also the interrupted siren, so anybody around could see, that the occupants of the vehicle are in trouble, and the search party could locate them easily. Then, she moved to the back seat, and she covered the girl´s shaking body with a bulletproof vest.

“They will be here soon, don´t worry. You can always count on our Corporation. We never leave anyone of us behind. And you should see, who is your real friend in life, and what is your father doing for you, because he loves you,” Lucie said to the girl with loving, motherly tone in her voice, and she stroked the girl´s hair softly.

And then, she saw the final awakening in the girl´s eyes.

As you can see, they are really making it… what they started in the previous article,”Woman´s Destiny”. And today, we could see another details of their unique operations, how they made their way to the absolute top. It all breaks soon, in the next continuation, when their ultimate female asset will enter their offices the first time, without any idea, how that ultimate “Operation Naked Truth” will influence not only her fate, but also the world history.

Note: all depicted persons, events, subjects and organizations are fictional. This series is a part of my new book about modern Corporate and Military Affairs.

Download as PDF: VIP Girls Need Love Too by Alan Svejk

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