We Will Fulfill All Your Dreams by Alan Svejk

Welcome to my new series, “The Diary of Denisa”, dedicated to emphasizing unique female business and military capabilities.

As I stated in my previous articles, there are no better assets for the warfare of upcoming future: the Unconventional Warfare, than women. But the same applies for business environment. Why? The reasons are simple:

1) Women less urge to control things. They are able to understand, keep and adapt to natural flow of things of nature and society. They are able to recognize the trends and right directions.

2) Women have more balanced perception of the world. They better understand the colors, that the world is not light or dark, but grey, always. To see positive aspects in apparently negative things is the key value for the right decision.

3) Women are more creative. Their ideas are perfect for the Unconventional Warfare, where thinking “Out of the Box” is absolutely necessary.

4) Women are more relaxed. It allows them to maintain calmness in many dangerous and risky situations, and to keep good and devoted spirit.

5) Women are less predictive and readable. Again, this quality is absolutely necessary for conducting the warfare of future, both in military and business.

Today, you will see women in action. Their prepared (fictional) operation is without any doubt excessively controversial. It will be just indicated in this article, but it can be revealed now already, that we are talking about allegedly biggest, most substantial Psychological Operation (PSYOP) in the history of mankind. Such a courageous plan is always very risky! And it will be up to you, the reader, to decide, if their approach to a controversial mission is suitable, or too risky!

The introduction was made in my previous article “The Diary of Denisa: Female Military Elite”, where you can find more about Denisa´s person and personal history.

So, prepare for the unexpected and unforeseen! This will be a challenging reading experience, where nothing will be simple and clear! This is the taste of the new world, with different rules… and with women in lead! The game for power starts!

I must note yet, that following work is a fiction, artistic creation. No persons, events or operations are real here.


It was sunday afternoon, and in a wood approximately fifty kilometers from Prague, a luxurious car occured. It rode slowly, the road was bad. Then, the vehicle stopped, and two women in sporty dresses got out. It looked like they visited this place to have a running excercise.

“We will go on foot from here,” the older of them said. “A beautiful forest, do you agree? So calm and peaceful! I feel so great! And you know why? Because soon, I will be able to leave for an early retirement! And you too! How old are you, Denisa, twenty four? This is what I call a career! After this operation you will have nothing more to achieve!

Just relax, because your life, it is a fulfilled dream of many! You are exactly on the right spot, where you always wanted to be! You were waiting for your big opportunity, like everybody, you were capable and persistent, you turned out well in the service of higher interests… and that is why you were chosen, to move your professional activity into a realm you never even dreamed of!

You know, these are the new times! Many things change. Boundaries are falling, not only between states. Because the private sector is more effective, it is authorized with important security remedies and state interests too. The operation, that will be realized by our Corporation now, it gets us not only respect of the state structures, but also their gratitude. It will allow us to influence public space, to change the fates of people of this country!

I am so happy to be inside, and I firmly believe, that you will be happy too, and you will perform the appointed mission with pride and courage!”

“I see things little bit differently, than you, Karolina,” Denisa replied, detached and cold. They were going between dense trees and they had to dodge between low bushes.

“Oh come on, Denisa! You have to understand, that we are in the same position, as you! We are also just the subordinates of the state, authorized with special missions, same as you! And if there is this big opportunity, what is so bad about a close cooperation of military and corporate structures? You, and us, together! That is great, how that apparently divided worlds can touch each other and together contribute to that noble effort, so our country will be well known in the world!”

“You don´t realize, Karolina, what you are playing with! You could easily start an armed conflict! Yes, your idea is great, the best! The biggest PSYOP in the history of mankind! Yes, the most important ‘Active Measure’ ever! Yes, that is all truthful, what you are saying to me, as a vacuum cleaner saleswoman! But you can´t think that the world will be just silent and jealous, that they will all come to us, begging us to be our good friends, if we will have so key and ultimate asset!

My opinion is, that this operation should be cancelled, and thrown away forever! The risk is not large, it is vast! Not only for me, for you, for your Corporation, but for the whole country, for ten millions of citizens! That is completely unacceptable!”

“But that is just the question of view! The whole life is risky! And moreover – what if someone makes this operation tomorrow, instead of us? What we will do then? The same what you predicted will happen, but we will have no participation, we will be just a passive part! And that is what the higher places deny! They declared openly, that this time, we must be inside, in the middle of action!

What will happen, it will simply happen! But it will happen here, in our country! Not in America, not in Russia, not in China or anywhere else. Here! This entry into the chronicle of mankind will be made here! And nothing, nobody can change that!

This will simply happen, with or without you! The decision was made, the risk calculated! The conservative estimation of the profit is circa 30-40 billions USD in the first year, and it makes our 100 millions USD of the primary investment marginal. The risk of armed conflict is less than 15%. Our mathematic models solved many possible situations and as you know, we made many precautions, to lower the risk as much as possible! What can we do more?

And I repeat again – the problem is not about doing it or cancelling it! Sooner or later, some other entity will have this idea, and another side will hesitate less! So we can´t afford to think about cancelling, to hesitate! The fate is set now, and the cubes were thrown. We have last six days to prepare – and then, it will simply happen! No matter who will announce that news, but somebody will go in front of that crowd and this person will speak into all that cameras. It is inevitable!

But let´s talk about you! When you will think this through, you will beg me to allow you to be in this operation! There will be no other choice for you. If you dodge now, you will lose everything, and you will pity to the end of your life! You say that at least you will keep your integrity and conscience clean? Don´t be naive, Denisa! I am older than you, and therefore I know very well, how the bitterness from bad decisions tastes, if you miss the opportunities with your hesitation. And nothing can be returned!”

Denisa shaked her head. “If I could stop you, I would do that, without hesitation!”

“Oh, you can´t stop the course of life! You can´t change the fate. The higher places said clearly, that they fully agree, they made their qualified decision! Where do you want to report your doubts? To the people? When the public will find, what unique gift we have for them, they will love us, they will pray to us, they will be joyful! We can´t take this toy away from them! This will be ten times stronger, than the famous Velvet revolution in 1989! They will taste the future, how sweet and exhilarating it will be! With us, with our Corporation! We are here for them, to make their lives better! To fulfill all of their dreams! And yours too!”

“It is so beautiful, how carefully you think about my welfare, and the happiness of citizens too. You are fantastic,” Denisa said sarcastically.

“You are not angry at me, are you? Of course, that when you came to us, we knew during the initial interview, who you are and why you approached us, that you are from the Military Counterintelligence! But you must agree, that we were correct to you, and we acted openly! You got your task from your high command, and you came to us. Me and Rudolf were your opponents, and we were better than you. The team is always stronger, than a single person!

So we defeated you! It happens. You can´t always win. At least you could see with your own eyes, what are we capable of, if the team works together, and everybody performs what he or she has to. That time, you lost, and in six days, we will show the world, how capable, original, and innovative we are, and that we work with absolute effectivity. Who wouldn´t desire that? And you will be a part of that all, even playing a critical role! We had to break you in the beginning, so you could adapt to the new conditions.

Now, we will join forces, to make something big! To make something for the future, to negotiate better position of power for our country and citizens, and we will inevitably become one of the biggest players! We all have to do something with our lives, so we won´t feel pity one day, that we didn´t take our chances to make something unforgettable, when we were young and full of power!

Do you know how exhilarating is any revolution? Do you know, what will happen then? Just imagine all that emotions, that substantial change! This will be the best moment of your life, and not only yours! Mine, theirs! The whole world will stare at us, when we will bring our news into the light! It will change us all. Isn´t it amazing?”

The trees became rare, and a fenced opening occured. When the women approached the fence, they could see the warning sign:

“Military object – Entry strictly forbidden!”

Behind the fence, there was a vast free space. Originally, it was a field maybe, but now, a low grass was planted, to hide motion sensors, infra cameras and possibly even anti-personnel traps. Several hundred meters from the tree line was a strange, low and masked building. It seemed just like an entry of an underground complex. On all four sides were well-placed bunkers, and their fire zones were open to full 360 degrees.

Karolina took a walkie-talkie and reported.

“Romeo two, this is Victor zero six. Approaching to the outer line from northeast. Read back for check. Over.”

“Victor zero six, this is Romeo two. Roger. We have you in our sight. You may proceed. Code Lima three. Over.”

“Romeo two, this is Victor zero six. Wilco. Out.”

“I was told that they have snipers deployed here. We don´t want to get shot by some cowboy, do we?” Karolina smiled.

“So this cost you hundred million dollars,” Denisa remarked. “And I would bet that the state contributed too.”

“If the world should believe, all has to be persuasive as much as possible, to become real. Every deception is based on maximum volume of truth possible. If you believe yourself, that your lie is a truth, you can persuade your surroundings with the power of your belief, that all is real. For that reason we need you. Even if you could think that a human will be a secondary asset here, in fact the human asset is the final reason, why the world will believe.”

“But this secondary asset pledged allegiance to the Constitution. And by participating in this charade, I could perpetrate the high treason!”

“Oh come on! That is nonsense! Didn´t they learn you something in the school? That is not how the rules work! The dynamics of the society is based on a common adversary, a collective enemy. Even if you would go to the other side, the state will always benefit and get stronger! The powerful enemy is more than necessary, and if the society wouldn´t have it, it would have to create it!

Only one feature is necessary – to be able to influence him, to manage him, to do exactly what is in the higher interest. Be strong, if necessary, to make a tension in the society, and force the security services to mobilize, for the protection of citizens. So you will rather receive commendations and medals, than an accusation of high treason!

After all, this part of the operation is under direct military command! Our Corporation has no control of this building, exactly as our mutual deal declared. So you will be between your people. You are formally our employee, but in the practice, you are still under your pledge and under the military command. You go where they send you. And they sent you here. They chose you, and they showed the total trust in you.”

Denisa still watched the object, so small on the horizon. She thought, what it will become for the future of the country? But it was sure, and now she could see it with her own eyes, that the Corporation was not joking. Yes, they meant it, and they planned to go all the way to the end. And the higher places agreed with that…

“I guess I have no other choice. I will have to trust the prudence of my superiors, and yours too,” Denisa admitted.

“This is how I like you! Well, any other questions? We have a work to do… plenty of work.”

“Yes, one question. Isn´t a problem that hundreds of people saw me in your corporation, and another hundreds saw me in the school where I studied? My friends, family, colleagues, even my ex-boyfriends? I am no ghost! What if somebody recognizes me?”

“Don´t be worried about that! We will use a special and distinctive make-up, we will change your hair, so even your own family wouldn´t recognize you! Moreover, you will speak only to a strictly limited group of people, with so high social positions, that you couldn´t ever meet them in the past! To the rest of the world, you will be shown, but from the protective distance and perfectly masked, for the obvious reasons. But we have to show them somebody, that is imperative!

Concerning the live broadcast and your performance in the media, we will arrange a digital alteration of your voice. After all, it is in our best interest, that you will confirm your unique position with all your appearance and persuasive speech.”

“You considered everything, as I see.”

“Yeah! Relax, take it as a game! That is why we will win this! We don´t push things, we don´t try to control everything, as our American allies do! Any control is just an illusion! So, let´s go there, and let´s have fun! This will be a great party!”

They went along the fence to the entry gate.

“Here, you will find your destiny, and you will become a part of history,” Karolina remarked. “But I know that you won´t step back. After you, Denisa!”

Continuation soon… “Ready for the Future?”

Alan Svejk