When Infidels Play Gods: Corporate Technological Illuminati Conspiracy. Dangers Of Watching Movies. Technology Misuse Surveillance Orwell Analysis Behavioral Computer Information Data Mining

Surely, there is only one deity, it’s Allah, but corrupted infidels like to deny it, and persuade the dumb primitive masses of Western sheep, that mere mortals can be gods, all that obsessed, sick corporate rats with Stanford diplomas, those rumored Illuminati masterminds from Wu Corporation, who are not afraid even of committing various crimes, who think, that they are authorized to change the world, to become gods, who allegedly control life and future.

The famous sci-fi movie Prometheus (2012) from Alien series contains many strongly un-Islamic references, not speaking about distinctive metal cross, which main actress slut Noomi Rapace wears on her neck visibly, and it can be well seen in many close-ups, to promote deviated Christian faith (=shirk), which is closely related to many aggressors, criminals and murderers…

Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Islamic Spain Muslim Islam Allah Morisco Emirate Nasrid dynasty Morisco Iberia Spanish Reconquista Stronghold Alhambra Albayzin - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsDid you know, that in 16th century, the Spanish Catholic Church seriously considered even launching a regular genocide against so called Moriscos, it means Muslims, who remained in Spain, or rather Al-Andalus, after the last and betrayed Emirate of Granada fell to infidel hordes in 1492, as these crypto-Muslims were considered as dangerous fifth (Islamic) column by the new rulers, who originally promised maintaining full religious freedom in so called Treaty of Granada?

Those Muslims were given three “attractive” choices: either “voluntary” conversion to Christianity, or death/slavery, or expulsion, losing all property of course, moreover, the Muslims had to pay quite a sum of money for the “safe passage” to a port, as the Christian rats tried to make emigration harder for them, misusing them as cheap labor force, and to humiliate them yet more, so many of them were robbed, assaulted, their women raped on the way, or during the dangerous naval journey to Morocco or Turkey, which had to be also paid by Moriscos.

And these crimes are still not rectified, although times of Christian fame are long gone, and Muslims are slowly regaining their lost Al-Andalus back from corrupted infidel rule… but a new elite came to the scene of world affairs, those alleged “technology kings”, big fraudsters and maniacs, who think, that the world needs their sick technological inventions, only to enslave people with various electronice devices yet more.

As “Prometheus” was a movie with big budget, the authors could afford a very unique marketing campaign: creating very authentic and sophisticated corporate identity of so called Weyland Corporation (=based on existing Wu Corporation from Shanghai, China), which allegedly made many unique inventions, sending that big expedition onto a distant planet, where, of course, dangerous Aliens were waiting for them, to slain the fools until last one, together with so called Engineers, who were indicated as creators by human kind by some DNA mingling, or what complete infidel bullshit… it’s really strange, that Muslims didn’t protest in masses against such preposterous and insulting “explanation” of the origin of human kind?

Maybe even watching this sick movie in some big cinema with thick carpets, eating pop-corn and drinking coca-cola, like proper victims of consumerism, together with their corrupted infidel “friends”, who like to seduce them to various fitnah???

And why shouldn’t Muslims watch movies, and go to cinema? What is so bad and dangerous about movies? It’s well explained in this video by Abu Ibraheem Husnayn, a reputated British Muslim, known to make great persuasive da’wah, which is very easily understood, as he knows the kafir environment well, and descibes all dangers of it very precisely:

Anyway, a part of this very persuasive and professionally made viral campaign was several short video clips, who reveal so much about the sick world of infidels.

Peter Weyland's 2023 TED Talk Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs SHere, fictious Peter Weyland, owner of fictious Weyland Corp, makes his “famous 2023 speech” at TED conference, about his determination to change the world, and becoming a god, by creating artificial humans, for example. Who gave any such right to such a sick infidel rat?

“We are the gods now”… similar sentence ruined the famous The Beatles band, and its singer John Lennon died for it. If Weyland would really say that, no amount of bodyguards would protect him against religious extremists, willing to punish this ultimate insolence…

And there is quite a noise in the hall after this statement, indeed, but it’s fully possible, that Weylands said it deliberately, to create attractive media controversy, to get publicity and more investments of military-industrial complex into his company.

Also, it’s possible, that all loud noises at the hall (and/or at the record) were created and controlled artificially, using loudspeakers, because maniac Weyland wanted to have full control over the audience, and its reactions, not repeating the mistake of Arnold Schwarzenegger during controversial Mr. Olympia 1980 bodybuilding contest, where the winner was booed, so his victory was openly questioned.

Peter Weyland's 2023 TED Talk Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2However, there are rumors in the Islamic community, that Guy Pearce (playing Weyland) is probably a covert worshipper, supporter or admirer of Islam, as he smuggled repeated Islamic gesture (raised index finger) into his presentation, pleasing all Muslims, and setting the general message of his speech to a different level, that all this talk is just an infidel bullshit, but there is only one victor, ruler and creator: Allah.

Quiet Eye Noomi Rapace OCR biometric conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2Here, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) begs Weyland to let her work with him, she is sick and obsessed… like her world. Except the deviated cross on her neck, notice all that advanced OCR/photo polygraph systems in action, analyzing her face, analyzing her voice, emotions (setting levels of “Anxiety”, “Honesty”, “Determination”, “Fear”, “Excitement” etc.)…

Quiet Eye Noomi Rapace OCR biometric conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThey started with this shit already, at the airports, allegedly for biometric identification purposes, and for example, at the Emirates, they also scan iris, not speaking about India, where all the population of over 1.2 billion people has their biometric data scanned by law, using Chinese supplied advanced software and hardware of fully Orwellian abilities: All Seeing Eye, global Surveillance technology, and Wu Supercomputing, for precise data processing and analysis.

Global Mass Surveillance Electronic Private Data Processing OCR Optrical Recognition All Seeing Eye camera Monitoring Supervision Spying Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Wu Super Computing Data Analysis Processing Surveillance Autonomous Study Human Behavior China Chinese Supercomputer Vault Military Special Forces Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But why couldn’t these masterminds start analyzing emotions of all people, including you, sheep, for “additional safety of citizens”, allegedly to reveal drug mules, criminals with false passports, fugitives, smugglers, and particularly terrorists? And it will work just this way.

And who is the most terrible of them, in the contemporary, real world? Without any doubt, it’s that sociopathic American Jew, Mark Zuckerberg, operating FitnahBook. But he is just a pawn of other masterminds, and without any doubt, Weyland would be the same, only a front, a face, but still only a puppet.

So, infidel fools: these are your shining examples! Follow them, worship them, support them in elections, to get humanity into alleged paradise!

Wu Corporation: Rumors

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