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While the male world is full of obsession for sex, money, power, conquest, war and violence, the female world was created as soft, full of emotions, tears, memories, sentiment, melancholy, pain, fear, eternal overthinking, analyzing, and sweet eternal girlish desire for an ultimate love, embrace and touch, which will be hardly ever satisfied, leaving a woman in curse, disappointed, in pain, as there is not enough noble princes to save them all.

Without any difference, both genders suffer in the confinement of their foolish minds and fragile egos, and they are led astray, if they are not submitted to the will of Allah, surrendering to Him, and getting ultimate protection, inspiration, lead, purpose, even salvation.

With Allah, you simply can’t lose in life, regardless of your situation, status, beauty, wealth, success of failure… with Allah, and only with Him, you can be free in this world, not confined by your physical vicinity, by the world circumstances, walls and people around you, but also in the spiritual sense, freed by the oppressing nature of your gender: and only then the real love can come to you.

The infidel men, they will die, or end in prison, as their obsessions will get them killed or jailed; at least, their world and thinking is much simpler. But a woman without Allah’s protection, who refuses to cover her beauty with hijab, to show her devotion to only one master, Almighty Allah… she is a beautiful dove, running in a dark forest like mad, hurting herself, suffering, and she will become a part of another miserable life tale, which misses a happy end: where are all the beautiful princes and their luxurious houses she dreamed of? Perfect outfits? Prada handbags? Caribbean vacations? Shiny cars? Success? Admiration? Appreciation? Fulfillment?

All is lost through years, and a woman gets old fast, losing opportunities to the ruthless competition of younger females.

Her eternal fear from being lonely, unprotected, isolated and thus endangered her with rape, leads her into the embrace of many questionable fools, who will be glad to release their sperm into her, but she has no overall value for them, and she knows that. On the contrary, if a man is too nice, too soft and devoted to her, she starts to despise him.

In this eternal madness without solution, any woman needs a stable point in her life, ultimate protection, leadership, inspiration, and also satisfaction: and Allah is the only one, who can grant all such features to her, as no man.

Indeed, women need Islam more, than men: they are the weaker ones, and no bold talk about gender equality of modern social engineers can change that.

If a woman should find what she is looking for in life, she needs to find Allah at first. Trust in the ultimate guidance of Allah raises the value of any woman thousand times.

And even with the ultimate guidance of Allah, she will be exposed to many temptations, to succumb to a man, to put a mortal fool in front of her Lord.

But any moment, when she realizes, that only Allah means everything in her life, while the other people and men are only replaceable mortals, it’s a victory, it’s a moment of liberation, and freedom. It’s only Allah who can satisfy all her needs, who can provide you everything you need.

Allah tests us often, as a Nigerian singer NNEKA (Nneka Lucia Egbuna, *1980) confirms in her breath-taking, heart-breaking song “Stay”, which also exposes the real face of female soul, torn most of the time, if she doesn’t have Allah. Fortunately, she found Him at the end:

The state of madness, is where I find myself
Freedom is helpless ’cause I’m captured within myself
It is all in my mind, the illusion
That your presence don’t count but it is a lie

Please stay, please stay
Please stay, I am begging you to say

I enter the dark, approach the silence
I have given and so I am empty
Can’t keep the tears from my eyes
You don’t know what I feel
You don’t know what I feel, what I feel, captive

The loneliness inside of me
Because I fell for you, you left me?
This world that I love and hate so much
This life in which I have lost and I gained as such

The music the fame, the evil the shame
The changes, the results, the aggression the insults
Still I wait I try to exercise the patience
And yet delayed I pray for you to see my conscience

Who would be there, if you left me Lord
I believe in your words ’cause your first and my last
Say it is a trial, say it is a test

I need to understand to overcome the rest
Got too many rivers to cross, to many things to see
So much pain to bear this misery
Oh Lord, oh Savior, let me drown in your love

Path of Islam: Towards Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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