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Traditional Saudi society under siege of Social Engineering Conspiracy and imported decadent, corrupted novelties, created by Shaytan and his infidel Western assistants
Princess Ameerah al-Taweel
: main local subversive element and bad example for Saudi women

She participated at establishing of the first law office solely for Saudi women’s rights: executing Lawfare by female conspirators from EGPD urban guerilla and World Women United (WWU) to conquer Saudi Society. This effort has a hidden task in disrupting axis of Islamic power, possibly backed by Zionist elements and/or Chinese Conspiracy, to achieve Chinese Global Dominance

Treacherous infidels from the West infiltrate Saudi society, executing forbidden activities, like revealing home life of Saudi women through publicly seen photos, taken with open sexual connotations, revealing their unveiled seducing bodies in quite seducing poses, allegedly to “liberate them” and to “show their different side”

Saudi Arabia: The Desert Dream

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