Women Elite Novel: Epilogue

So, what do you think, dear reader? Was the Device real, fake, or ‘half-real’?

Let me help you with this difficult question.

In 1991, a movie came to the Czech cinemas, and this work is dedicated to this movie, trying to honor it, to remember it.

The movie was “Total Recall” (1990), with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the main role. I consider it as the ultimately best movie I have ever seen, and it won’t ever be surpassed. I was completely catched by this movie, by atmosphere, by events, by plot, by Mars, by mysterious mutant Kuato, who was a really scary creature, but so clever and inspiring, by visual processing, by the ingenious way “The Agency” chose to get their best operative to Kuato, leader of the Mars insurgents… yes, the movie got older today, some visual effects are outdated, but the experience and idea is still the best I have ever seen. I remember, that I visited the cinema four times, because I absolutely loved it. And yes, I wanted to live such a dream, as Doug Quaid did!

I was still too young to doubt, whether it was his all just his dream or not, but I didn’t care. I simply envied him, to experience such great adventure. And Melina, the girl of his dreams – she was captivating, so fascinating, so exotic, different, courageous, brave! Every man would like to meet a girl like her, and to be loved by her, it would be a fulfilled dream! It was a pure exciting pleasure, to watch the story of their love, not direct, but complicated, as the life is. But with a happy ending!

It strongly influenced me, what Kuato said to the main protagonist, who confessed that he wants to remember his past, remember who he was. Kuato said: “A man is defined by his actions, not memories. You are, what you do.”

I read many wisdoms since that time, but when I watched the movie recently, these simple thoughts reminded me, how the life should be lived, regardless if it’s just a dream, or not. But we all can make it a dream.

It’s an interesting coincidence, that in the recently released memoirs of Arnold Schwarzenegger, called matchingly “Total Recall”, there is a part, where Arnold talks about his nightmare, when he was making his big success in America. “I was so afraid, that one day, I will wake up eventually, back in Austria, my mother will tell me not to be late to a factory, and I will tell her: Why did you wake me up? Why did you spoil my dream? This was the nicest dream I ever had, and I wanted to know, how it will end!”

Life is just a dream… so make it beautiful!

Alan Svejk