Women Elite Novel: Higher Interest

Imagine, that you have to persuade somebody, who is in really high position. Not just talk to him or her and try it only, for a good feeling, that you tried. You need to persuade him or her right now, on the spot, and the person must change his or her stance immediately. You need to win, not to participate only. No Olympics rules are applied here!

With luck, you get close enough to a CEO of a big corporation and you’ll meet him/her in person, s/he’ll listen to you with attention, s/he’ll agree with anything you’ll say, s/he’ll smile at you, s/he’ll promise to do everything possible in his/her power… but nothing changes in the end. This is just a PR game, you leave the building satisfied, but you achieved in fact nothing, besides your good feeling and optimism.

Such outcome is not enough for Denise. For her most important missions, she needs results immediately, not just such false promises. So learn about her different approach, to complete those difficult challenges.

Not much is known about her. Allegedly, her sister serves in the Army as the crew of that highly classified hi-tech anti-aircraft laser weapon system ‘Avenger’, and she inspired Denise to join the Army career somehow, by bringing opportunity to study the women influence in the Military Affairs.

Whoever tries to get some detail info on Denise, realizes soon, that her life is hidden in the shadows, and she is well cared from the highest places. There are rumors, that she is the pampered princess and upcoming ace of the Military Counterintelligence, with the purpose of introducing new, elite generation of military females, which are fully capable of occupying the highest positions in the state security and military structures, including high-profile security operations.

Her style for arrangements is pretty simple. She approaches you very modestly, but longer you let her talk, she reveals the true nature of her mission – and believe me, you will realize very quickly, that she is not the person to play with, to mess with, and to oppose at all.

For example, Mathias Navratil, the CEO and head reporter of that famous tabloid magazine ‘Heavy Slander’, is well known as the man who knows it all, who fears nobody and nothing, who can’t be lured or cheaply bought. His work brings him serious threats every day, but he never dodges. He always makes only his own decisions.

But as the ancient Chinese warfare strategist Sun Tzu said: the battle is decided before the opponents close up.


“You said, Denise, that it’s all about some fashion model,” Navratil went right to the business. “So let’s make this short. This is what I can easily arrange, no problem. But you will buy our media advertisement, in the value of five thousand dollars. Of course, I will provide you an attractive discount for the advertisement. And you can collect the girl’s money later, her parents will be glad to pay for the media success of their beloved daughter, or she can get a bank loan, if she is earning already. I don’t care.

That five thousand is not a big amount today, better holiday somewhere in Costa Rica, nothing too exclusive. And it pays off! Who is at least once in life in the glare of stage lights, he or she is always the person people know, recognize, respect. Believe me, to experience this feeling just once, you’ll realize, that for five thousand, it is almost for free. Received value is impossible to calculate!”

Denise had no expression on her face. “I would rather give that five grand to you directly, mister head reporter, so your publisher won’t interfere into our business relationships. It is always the best to make a deal only with two persons. And we need not only your articles and place in your magazine, we need also your consultancy, participation, so you’ll take our matter for your own, not only as a craft, and you’ll make the best of yourself. Thus, there is a question, if I would give another five to your magazine, oficially, if you wouldn’t be in a collision of interests.”

Navratil was silent. He was not surprised. They tried this on him many times before.

“I can’t do this, sorry. This is not the right way, how the things should be done in this business, to keep decency. You know, I don’t have too much of honor in myself, and people know this well about me, but this is far beyond the border. Of course, if the magazine would be mine, I’d take your money and I’d be a friend instantly, as if the model would be my own sister. But today, in this conditions, I have to be a friend with my boss at first. No lousy five grand is enough to damage this relationship, you certainly understand.”

“That is completely natural thinking,” Denise acknowledged willingly. “Then it would be the best approach, perhaps, to give something directly to your good friend publisher, to help us to persuade you. To explain to him openly, that you are an asset, critical for the most important matters of higher interest,” she looked firmly at Navratil, who was a little bit freezed.

“Your publisher recently pursued certain state contract, in the value of one million dollars,” Denise continued calmly, “and he can get it. But someting for something: he’ll give us YOU. And I mean completely, until that degree, that you’ll receive our instructions and fulfill them without hesitation.

Another option is, to keep your publisher out of this, and all another people around as well, not to involve them into our little business. And solve this only between us. Five to you, and your help in our cause for it. No one else is needed. I would prefer this easy method.”

“I see that you really care of this matter,” the chief reporter tried to get some time, and he was thinking.

“Yes. This cause is very important, and your help as well. We want only the best man in media business, and we will acquire him, at all costs,” Denise explained.

“Madam, maybe you are used to get everything you want, everything you point at, with a packet of money in your cultivated hand. It’s attractive, really! Girls like this really excite me, I don’t deny this fact. But you know, I have this horrible feature: I never let anyone to force me to do anything. I get stuck, and nobody changes my opinion. I would say, that this unpleasant event happened right now.”

Denise said nothing, and left to the bar with Navratil’s young female companion, to get a drink. The journalist and Joseph Svejk were left alone, drinking the beer.

“Your boss is quite… persuasive,” Navratil tried it.

“She represents the higher interests,” Svejk replied with detachment. “And everybody must get of their way, no matter, how high in position. So don’t take this personally. If we need you now for the beneficial matters to the community, it has no sense to dodge. We are not enemies. But we can be, and you don’t want to experience that. She tries it the good way with everybody at first, she is quite a good soul, but if necessary, she doesn’t hesitate to apply various malicious twists.

Look, you’ll get good money and exclusive media materials, and your readers will be crazy reading them. You’ll give them, what they want… that is your personal motto, isn’t it? The competition will be lost and your friend publisher will be yet much bigger friend, counting the profit. We only need you to see the reasons of this, why we do it. Neither she, nor I have personal interest in this; we are just foot soldiers. But you are now one too. They watch us from above very closely now. If you dodge now, you go against them. And they know well, how to persuade anybody, to change his unacceptable, wrong opinion.

Just try to look positively at that all! Not that somebody forces you, pushes you, and you don’t like that, because you are proud, independent, and you have some higher position. But there are forces out there, and before them is better and right to submit, bend your head. Because they will reward you generously for your help. And if this will be otherwise, they’ll clean your head, and not gently. I don’t know, if this is fair, moral, right, but as I could understand in this special job, when the higher interests are in stake, things are taken care of very straight way.

You are simply the chosen. And they won’t let you go away now.”

“So you are in fact foot soldiers for a dirty work,” Navratil said openly, and maybe he even planned, what a great article this will be, that alleged state power tried to push him to the wall, to limit the independence of the press!

“But we all are!” Svejk replied immediately. “You also lie to the people, daily, and you write it publicly, you sign under that dirty stuff! And you are not ashamed of that! But the difference between us is substantial: our power is real. Yours is only symbolic, that you are that alleged seventh power. You can feel strong and powerful. But those people, they have connections. They got their blessing from above, if it’s necessary. Not oficially, of course.

But they have access to the key sources, even information not so quite public. So if you have some dirty laundry at home, believe me, they’ll find it, because they’ll search your wardrobe through, and then they’ll push you to the wall. You can fight, cry that you’ll write about this, complain, that you won’t let them do this! But they don’t care. It goes out of them. They have no emotions. They know no fear, bad feelings, remorses. And you only worsen your situation.

We won’t force you. But as I know her, right tomorrow morning you’ll have ‘by chance’ something nice waiting in your mailbox, concept of an article, which will be published in a rival magazine, and you won’t like that really, because the subject will be yourself personally, what bad, very bad things you maybe ever made, and you wanted it to keep secret. She is a machine, she measures fairly to everybody!

Hey, I am just a low servant there! But I have seen some things, so I am telling you, even if I am nobody in comparison with you: sooner you will accept this, better for you.”

Navratil started to admit, that he could withdraw from his moral values for once.

Alan Svejk